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[#오늘의방탄] 오늘로 <화양연화 pt.1> 활동이 끝이 났습니다ㅠㅠ 이른 사녹부터 팬미팅까지 함께 해주신 아미들 조심히 들어가시고! 다시 돌아올 때까지 미아 되지말고 꼭 방탄 안에 있기로 맑은 맹세..🙏

[#Today’sBangtan] Today is the end of the promotions for <The Best Moment in Life pt.1>ㅠㅠ ARMYs that were with us from the early morning’s recording until the fan meeting please go back safely! Until we comeback again, don’t become a lost child, make an oath that you will stay with Bangtan..🙏

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Mysterious Dolls

21 porcelain dolls on bamboo stakes were found at Bear Creek Swamp in Alabama. They are all wearing different dresses and all their faces have been painted white. Autauga County Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger said authorities tried to contact the timber company that owns the land, but no one got back to them.

The Montgomery newspaper reports that it has been a rite of passage for groups of teenagers to enter the swamp at night to look for monsters or creatures that are said to roam the swamp.

Bear Creek Swamp is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of a mother looking for her lost child. The dolls are thought to be part of a “ritual” local teenagers do to summon the “spirit.” 

‘We are the Chibi Gems.
We’ll be cute every day.
And if you think we can’t,
We’ll be cute anyway.’

Ok I was honestly really nervous about posting this and excited at the same time. I have never really been good at drawing anything humanoid but I am really trying and this is all I have so far…hope you all like it, I worked hard… Also I had to make the background a color otherwise Pearl would have been invisible

Name: Alexander Blake
Species: Human
Occupation: Witch/Warlock Hunter
Age: 38
Played By: Hera
Face Claim: Jeremy Renner

“There’s no such thing as ‘good witches.’ There are only dead witches and witches I haven’t killed yet.”

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. In Alexander Blake’s case, greatness was most definitely forced upon him when his adoptive family attempted to kill him. The Blake family consisted only of Alexander and his mother, a woman devoted to her faith. This faith was passed down to her son, both through name and beliefs. But this faith in God did not protect the family from harm. Orphaned at only nine years of age, this trouble-prone child lost his mother after her 6 month battle with cancer. With a non-present father, Alex became the newest addition to a small Connecticut orphanage. A rebellious spirit, the young boy didn’t stick around to wait for his new family to find him. Instead, he went out looking.

After a day out on the streets, he began to realize the flaws in his plan. He was cold, hungry and scared. Salvation appeared to him in the form of a young couple, who bought him a meal and provided comfort. Upon realizing that the child was an orphan, they took him in, no questions asked. His new home seemed almost too perfect, seeing as there was already a room prepared for him. Ecstatic, Alex figured that this had to be the work of God, sending him two angels to look after him. That was the last time he believed in miracles. During the night, he woke up to hushed whispers and his new parents explained that they had to go on a little walk. He sleepily followed and was led to a large stone where the corpse of a young boy lay. The couple tried to explain that they needed to kill him to bring their son back. Terrified, Alexander lashed out, stumbling aimlessly through the woods until he passed out from exhaustion.

Not a single cop would believe him when he tried to explain that satan’s warriors had tried to kill him. Alexander then lived at the orphanage until he became 18 and by then, he had done all the research he needed. His main priority was now to eradicate the people who dealt with the dark arts. Physical training became a daily task and Alex killed his first witch when he was only 20, although he did break four ribs in the process. He made a few accomplices through the years but none of them lasted very long, either abandoning him or ending up dead. Still, every hunter he met was a vauable resource for more tips, tricks and information. His witch hunting left him with many lasting scars and diminished faith. In his mind, anyone dumb enough to mess with something as dangerous as witchcraft deserved to get their head cut off. Evil or not, history always repeated itself and everyone eventually fell prey to the lure of power. Before they’d get the chance, Alexander would be present with his shotgun. Following lore after lore, he was finally led into the state of Massachusetts and to the town of Ashkent Creek.

Character Facts:

  • Personality: Resourceful, Devoted, Clever, Loyal, Humorous, Stubborn, Distrusting, Sarcastic, Pessimistic, Impulsive   
  • Alexander’s devotion is in some way fueled by his mother and the name she gave him, a biblical name meaning ‘defender of men.’
  • He’s pansexual and demiromantic.
  • He suffered from vague ADD as a child but as it went unnoticed, he had a hard time studying which still comes back to bite him in the ass from time to time
  • Only the people closest to him are allowed to use his full name, for strangers it’s just Alex
  • He has no idea who is father is since his mother refused to share that information. A part of him still itches to know the truth. 

Skills & Abilities:

  • Handy with weapons, especially crossbows, shotguns and handguns.
    Well-trained; strength and stamina both above average.
  • Some experience with mixed martial arts. 
  • Extensive knowledge on witches and lore (although he sometimes has a hard time recollecting the facts he’s studied)
  • Faking official IDs
A Thought

It’s funny to me that for all of Xavier’s whole “let’s gather together like minded mutants to achieve our mutual dream” thing, he never actually manages to recruit any new mutants during the entire original run.  (That is, pre Claremont and Giant-Sized X-Men #1).

He certainly TRIES, but the Blob turns them down cold.  Pietro and Wanda join the Avengers.  And Cal Rankin is just a douchebag.

Basically, over 70-odd issues, there are only two permanent recruits to the team: Lorna and Alex.  And both of them join while Xavier is faking his death.

He only actually manages to recruit new members when it looks like he might have lost his entire child army (except Cyclops) to a cannibalistic island.

I’m just saying: Xavier’s a little skeevy.


He is a man of best intentions. Yes, he is a villain for the movie purpose,
but is his theory wrong? It is, but horrible things have come from the best
intentions. He goes about it the wrong way because he is snarky and is a
man that demands respect rather than earns it.

But in my mind, Hoskins is a man who has two daughters and a son. He
can eliminate them ever going to war with these raptors, these things they’ve
created at InGen, so they can stop causalities. Maybe he even lost a child in
war, or a family member/friend. That makes people bitter, makes them crazy. 

Am I saying he was right for doing what he was doing? No, but villains are
humans. Hoskins is human. It is much more terrifying when our monsters in
cinema are actually just scared human beings like the rest of us with the best
intentions in mind for their worlds.

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i couldnt care less about what other people think off sasuke, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and since the manga doesnt point out any kind of sexuality openly then everything is valid, i just think that when you go into the pro tag and say that most of the fandom doesnt understand a character you should expect this kind of reaction

Personally I do agree though, that many people in the fandom DON’T understand Sasuke, and many also choose to sort of sweep under the rug his many actions of wrongdoing to preserve the sanctity of the ship
Which I don’t agree with, because choosing to ignore a character’s actions is misunderstanding that character.

Sasuke is one of my top absolute favorite characters and I can freely admit, that I don’t fully understand him

I understand the point Rem was trying to make though. I have some background in psychology and what he said did make sense to me. Sasuke was traumatized as a child and lost his family, and without any treatment his emotional and social growth was stunted and there is an imbalance with him and Sakura, as she had a childhood that included that stimulation and enrichment since she had her parents. That doesn’t make the ship bad in that regard; it acknowledges a flaw that makes the ship believable and human

As for Sasuke’s sexuality, I headcanon him as asexual, but there’s nothing in depth for it for me

Rem consulted friends who are asexual to ensure he wasn’t being offensive or making incorrect statements, and a good handful of the people upset about his bit on asexuality were the same ones flaring up against ace Sasuke because they assumed it meant we all thought Sasuke was sex-repulsed, which was entirely not the case as asexual people can and do have sex there’s a group on the spectrum that is sex-repulsed but not all of them

And Rem even said he expected backfire for his essay, because while he doesn’t actively ship SasuSaku, he does like the characters and I think he does support the pairing, but for some sasusaku fans that isn’t enough and they work to snuff out any who might break away from the “sasusaku is flawless and no one may say otherwise” mentality.


BTS OFFICIAL tweeted (July 5): (trans )“ [#Today’] Bangtan] Today is the end of the promotions for ㅠㅠ ARMYs that were with us from the early morning’s recording until the fan meeting please go back safely! Until we comeback again, don’t become a lost child, make an oath that you will stay with Bangtan..🙏” _______________________________ ©bts trans #bangtansonyeondan #방탄소년단 #bts #btsarmy #armybts #防弹少年团 #Rapmonster #Jin #Suga #Jhope #Jimin #V #Jungkook #leader #Bangtan #bangtanboys #goldenmaknae #bulletproofscouts ™FaceBook: ** Twitter/ Tumblr/IG / : @bts7thcafe


Puddles and Spatz had been friends ever since the green Inkling had mistook Puddles as a lost child, when really she had been waiting for her big sister, Blot.

Today, Puddles was supposed to be watching Blot in some turf war matches, but was told to stay home and rest when Blot discovered the young inkling wasn’t well. So Puddles was sitting in bed, sighing, watching the TV. She was bored, disappointed, and lonely.

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The Lost Child (Handmaid’s Theme)

Could you imagine being bought up around no one of your own species, having no lusus and constantly being told you have a dead end existence? Never being able to make friends, to be intimate with anyone before you’ve time traveled away and they’re gone? And finally when you can meet someone who acknowledges that you exists, its too late and you die.

You’d feel lost too…

I’m the words you could never speak.
I’m the storm in your mind that will never calm.
I’m the darkness that consumes you.
I am the light you can’t find.
I’m the sins that you always come back to.
I’m the happiness you desperately sought far and wide for.
I’m the voice in your head, leading you in all sorts of directions.
I am the little bit of sanity left in you.
I am the faith you lost as a child.
I am the hope you have yet to abandon.
I’m that book you threw at the wall, because “it just didn’t make sense”.
I am the angel you gave up on.
I am that demon you welcomed.
I am what you can’t get enough of.
I am what makes you sick.
I am all that you think about.
I am everything you want to forget.
I am the good and bad in your life.
And it’s tearing us both apart.
—  anonymous