if you are a decent human being, you won’t make this about hating DC movies or glad that Zack is gone or glad that Joss is taking over or whatever other shitty unimportant thing you want to make it about.

the only thing that should matter here is that a parent has lost their child, a family has lost their loved one - there are ACTUAL REAL HUMAN LIVES that’s affected here, it’s not a story, not a tale for entertainment.

people making jokes and only caring about the film, know that you are not good human beings, know that your soul is rotten and ugly.

this is not a time to throw your hate around, this is not a time to compete who is better director and who has better films.

Zack Snyder lost his child, he is leaving a film so he and his family can grieve, let him do it - you’ve got no right to judge him for that. And if Joss Whedon is willing to step up and finish the post production for him to see this project across the finish line, then that’s good.

If there should be any narrative around this news - it should be that Zack and his family deserves our condolences for his loss, and that it’s good of Joss to step up and help his fellow director in finishing the film they all worked hard on.

My condolences to Zack Snyder's family

I know y'all love to be assholes and shit but leave this man and his family the fuck alone, he has just lost his daughter to suicide. Leave him alone, stop bringing up fucking Justice League and Joss Whedon none of those things fucking matter when you have just lost a child! God this is exactly why I hate the fucking Internet, this man has given and given and given..he created this entire universe and y'all shit on him all the time even in his time of grieving and he still works his ass off to give you all the most accurately, modernized, relatable superhero films ever. I know he won’t see this but Zack, Deborah my heart goes out to you and your family and Autumn may you Rest In Peace love. Zack I appreciate everything you have done for me as a DC fan, you have a very beautiful mind and creative imagination and I am very sorry for your loss.

@ people in manchester: im hoping with my whole heart that everyone at the arena is safe and will make a quick recovery, hearing the news completely shook me up
also this may not apply to many people who will see this but ive heard that there are 50+ children who have been separated from their guardians at the holiday inn in manchester, so if you or your child is lost, please make sure to go there

also jus a lil rant..why are people blaming ariana for the tragedy that occurred today? i see some twitter and tumblr users claiming that “if ariana didn’t hold the concert none of this would have happened”..first off. no. second off. NO. third off..NO. today started off as just a normal day for both her and her fans; they woke up knowing that later on in the day they were performing in front of a crowd of fans / going to see someone they stan. in no way did any innocent fans know that today would be their last. and neither did ariana. this could’ve happened at any concert, by any artist, at any time – not just ariana grande’s concert on may 22nd, 2017, in manchester. so please, i beg of you, instead of pushing any blame on anyone but the creators of this devastating event, send your hearts out to the families who have lost their child today. to the friends, who lost an amazing soul. to anyone grieving or standing in the hospital hoping the person they’re waiting on is alright. to the tons of kids standing in a holiday inn because they can’t find their parents. and to all of manchester, who we should all be praying for. thanks

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You see, mom, tho I am glad Mon-Ew's ass is off the show (even if I believe he's gonna come back at some point, sadly), I dont like that they sent him away with Kara still liking him. I want her to realize what poor life choice she made when she decided to date him. I dont want her mouring his lost.

well you see, child, at least they didn’t make him look like a hero, which in my opinion is great because he did not deserve to look like one. He left Earth the same way he left Daxam, on a pod to save his ass while his people were (rightfully in this case) dying. So once again, a coward :)

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Hello, Sorry for the random ask, but I was wondering what you thought of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas? I just watched it after being pressured by a friend who claimed it 'really helps you to sympathise with what went on in WWII'. Actually, I didn't engage with it at all. I didn't like that it focused on a Nazi family, and I didn't like that it tried to make us feel for them. And that ending. Am I supposed to feel bad that the little Nazi boy died too? That they lost a child too? Eff that.

Like I get the message about hate being taught and youthful love over coming. But I agree it seemed to focused on the Nazi family. I felt bad the boy died but I had so little connection to the family that I had a hard time trying to feel bad for them. It’s a very goyish reach for sympathy and reminds me of the ‘don’t punch Nazis talk to them’ crowd tbh.

Favorite highlights of live action Beauty and the Beast

• They stuck to the beginning of the original story where Belle asks for a rose and her father gets lost and finds a fire and food in the castle.

• “Mama said not to move because it might be scary. Sorry.”

• Belle called the castle home.

• LEFOU! Everything about him was great. He got character development, he had some fantastic lines, his low key flirting with Gaston, his singing!!! I love my boy.

• Lumiere dabbed. Twice.

• It was beautiful. Oh my god the castle made me absolutely melt and Be Our Guest was breathtaking in live action.

• Lefou booping Gaston on the nose.

• How during the song Adam sings he’s climbing higher and higher so he can still see Belle.

• When Adam found out Belle liked Romeo and Juliet he was like “ew no not that book here have my entire library so you can read something better that that filth”.

• I really like how Gaston in the beginning wasn’t that bad, but as the movie went on he got darker and darker.


• We finally got an explanation as to why no one remembers the castle and the prince and why the servants were cursed too.

• The guy who can’t remember what he lost in the beginning is Mr. Potts and the minute Mrs. Potts called his name I was shaking my friend next to me because oh my god he “lost” his wife and child.

• ADAM. I’ve loved Adam since forever and he’s still so great in this version AND HIS SONG ABOUT BELLE WAS SO SPECTACULAR I COULD FEEL HIS EMOTIONS.

• Cogsworth & Lumiere are still an old married couple and I love it I love them.

• I know he only had a few lines in Be Our Guest, but Cogsworth’s singing voice was amazing

• Adam’s eye makeup in the beginning that made it look like he was wearing a mask if he stood in the light just so.


• Lefou has a bite mark from Gaston on his lower stomach and when my friend and I saw it we practically screamed because how exactly do you get a bite mark in that spot if you’re not doing some kinky bedroom stuff.

• The line “there’s a beast on the loose there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monsters released” had me so shook put that on my gravestone I fucking love it.

• It’s sweet and cute and beautiful, but when it gets dark it gets DARK, like, goddamn.

• I loved the detail of whenever a petal falls the castle crumbles further and the servants become more like the objects they are.

• Adam’s beast growl at the end when he’s a human again that, tbh, was really hot.

• The guy who, instead of freaking out when he was put in a dress and makeup, grinned and walked away with his hips swishing and totally owned it.

• That same guy and Lefou dancing together ohhh my god I think I started crying they’re so fucking cute Lefou and his cross dressing boyfriend 5ever.


You guys hear about this young couple in Cincinnati that both committed suicide literally just a few days ago? I came across it on Facebook and I find it so sad how ignored black mental illness is. These kids were depressed and neither of their families took it serious, all they had was each other and when Mercedes, 19y, killed herself (April 20th), Markeice, 20y, followed 2 days later(April 22). Markeice even went as far as posting a Facebook live video minutes before he died saying his goodbyes to everyone and wrote a long suicide note on his page but they didn’t get to him in time. From what I’ve been reading in the condolences is, Mercedes was pregnant with Markeice’s child and really needed her family support, they gave her the opposite. When she died, her family blamed Markeice and denied him access to her funeral. He was devastated that he just lost his partner and child on top of being blamed by her family and treated as such. He ended his own life 2 days before her funeral service. May this young couple and their child rest in peace and may we all remember to pay attention and listen when one of our fellow brothers and sisters come to us with any mental situation and take it as seriously as possible. This could’ve all been prevented if they were taken serious and actually listened to. R.I.P Mercedes Shaday and Markeice Brown 🙏🏾👼🏾


T H E   T R U T H   - EXO’rDIUM Opening VCR

It is hard to know, what is true or what is false.
We all believe what we see with our eyes.
So people do not believe each other, fight each other, and hurt others.
But this is why we are so special.
However, we people, are sometimes very dangerous.
We care about each other, but we also hate one another.
When one’s truth collides with other’s truth, so many things gets destroyed.
Is that why?
This is the reason, why we have them.
From now on, I will tell you from when they existed, and where they are.
And the truth lies all around us.
The nine stories that I will tell you from now on, is the truth that people did not know.

(please click on the gifs for the story behind it)