A Coffee Cup

Touken talk. It happened. It was amazing. Many cried, many died. But I’m here today to talk about the sudden zoom in on this coffee cup. The first, more simple reason is that Ishida is emphasising that Kaneki has become comfortable with the conversation and has set it on the countertop, no longer drinking from an empty cup so he doesn’t have to answer Touka’s questions.

The second reason relates to what Touka is saying as we see the cup, and it ties back to the original series and the manager before her.

‘Anteiku’ was named after the antique coffee cup that Yoshimura saved to one day have coffee with his daughter. He created Anteiku in the hope of creating a home for his lost child and of one day seeing her again, but sadly, Yoshimura’s cup was smashed to pieces and his reunion with his daughter took a darker turn. But where the old manager failed, the new one succeeded.

Touka waited for Kaneki to return for years and created :re with the intention of giving him a home. Focusing on the coffee cup between their hands, as Touka talks about how she feels when he leaves her behind, calls back to Yoshimura’s cup and reinforces the parallels between the two managers.

Yoshimura never got to drink coffee with Eto, but here Touka is with Kaneki once more, after all this time. The old manager would be proud.

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Dear secret admirer~ "demons run when a good man goes to war Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war friendship dies and true love lies night will fall and dark will rise when a good man goes to war Demons run, but count the cost The battles won, but the child's lost" -Doctor who

2p England: You like Doctor Who too, poppet?? I know you probably didn’t expect lil old me of all people to like the program but I do enjoy it.


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@juminvweek day 7: Spring

featuring sassy pose Zen RFA

 A beautiful day for the oldest friendship in RFA. They decided to celebrate it together, Seven being the one that organized everything (the proud hacker is proud) despite Jumin’s complains.

this took forever and the background took even more than forever and I’m so late. I’m sorry guys, but I hope you’ll enjoy it