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Rowan had said that he had needed to consummate his marriage with Aelin that night, in order to make it official, and we already know Aelin isn’t taking contraceptives. What if she leaves pregnant, but ends up losing their child after being tortured (what will most likely be everyday) by Cairn? Rowan would have lost another child to Maeve, and Aelin would feel broken inside.

If that does happen, I just expect Aelin and Rowan to survive this goddamn series and kick both Cairn and Maeve’s (hell, even Lorcan, that son of a bitch traitor) asses across the bloody map.

Naruto final fight. Just a thought:

It really is the climax for Naruto’s character and the final moments of Sasuke as trying to deny and cut his past bonds. 

When Sasuke loses his temper and starts screaming at Naruto, it looks like Naruto is the adult in this “conversation” and it shows how much he has grown, from being that little kid who wanted attention to understanding how to calm down a little lost child in a supermarket because he got separated from his mother after she said she wouldn’t  buy him a toy. 

And that is the point. Sasuke is stuck, he is stuck in a manchild state almost. He doesn’t want to let go the little Sasuke who spent days at the lake feeling sad, angry and helpless. He says he wants to cut his bonds with his past, but he is doing the opposite. He is letting his past drown him. That’s why he wants to kill Naruto, that’s why he can’t accept love in any shape in any form.

Naruto understands him fully: the loneliness, the death of people so important to him, the anger,  that thirst for revenge, the helplessness, the desire to be lonely wallowing in sadness. It was a matter of taking that step to end up like Sasuke. But Naruto is a fast learner and he had great teachers, mentors and companions who taught him enough to continue with his conviction: from Iruka (the power of understanding) to Kakashi (Never leave your comrades behind), from Jiraiya (Take life easy there’s plenty of it) to Tsunade (Hope is the last thing you should lose), from Shikamaru (The show must go on for the new generations) to Hinata (one love, one heart, one goal, for the ones that are already gone), from Sakura (All you need is one person you can confide) to his parents (love is the only thing that will keep a famiy near). There’s more but I could go on.

This final fight is the application of what Naruto had learned and why his conviction remains unshaken. Naruto knew this wasn’t the real fight,     he understood that should let the crying kid throw fist, scream and rebel flailing his arms on the ground because he is not getting what he wants, Naruto was one of those children after all. 

The desperation on Sasuke in the final moments is precious he is coming to sense and he doesn’t like it. I have to give hats off and a standing ovation  to Sugiyama because his voice acting was superb during these moments. 

PS. I love this series so much from beginning to end to sequels, I know you can tell, but I have my reasons to, so leave me in my lalalanarutolandlalala. 

Emmerdale did a great job yesterday, connecting characters in parenthood, even those that have lost a child, especially those that have lost a child, Brenda and Genie, Megan and Robbie, having Cain playing with Kyle, who lets face it he never sees but the loss of his step daughter affecting him so greatly he needed to be with him, chas’ mention of being with Aaron if she could, vic in the arms of Diane and that heartbreaking moment Vanessa ran to just hold Johnny! And then that last scene, gut wrenching, watching moira breakdown like that, but I’m so glad they had Cain there in the end. Besides the obviously this is why I watch this show the human connection, the acting, the writing, the production, the direction, all of it was spot on yesterday!

anonymous asked:

I find it so funny that ant*s claim they love original trio and yet they want Luke to be the shittiest father ever who either abandoned his own child on Jakku or had one night stand with some random woman and didn't know he even had a child, they want Leia to kill her only son and Han's death to be absolutely meaningless. I feel like with such "fans" those characters don't need haters.

I think these kinds of fans only see Kylo from their own perspective, not the perspective of the characters they claim to love. They often can’t see Kylo/Ben through Leia’s eyes (as a lost and sorely missed child) because they are too focused on him as the evil villain who murdered their hero, Han Solo. People are very deeply invested in the Star Wars characters, and that means they take things like Han’s murder very personally. I’m sympathetic to this, of course, but find it smothers discussion (which makes many online arguments very frustrating). You can’t get very far with a debate when one side won’t be swayed from ‘HE’S A HEARTLESS MONSTER WHO NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN!’

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.