Objectifying a nude woman on Radar as art? Really?

The offensive Tumblr Radar “art” of a woman, her legs spread wide open and one breast showing, but not her face, making her a thing to emphasize masculine prowess (really? a women genitalia as a basketball hoop? how 7th grade can “art” get?), is beyond offensive. 

Be honest @staff, would you also reblog painting of a man with his legs wide open, his genitalia hanging and his sphincter exposed, perhaps as a beer bottle holder for a lovely woman basketball player? That is art too, no?

Disgustingly misogynist. 

@staff & @support, you seem to want to tank Tumblr on purpose as a way to cut your losses. 

and then i’ll go

Shepard lays on her back and looks up at the stars. She wonders how long its going to take Kaidan to fall asleep tonight, or if he’d stay up all night plagued with the same horrible thoughts in her mind.

A quick drink, and then I’ll go.

A quick drink hadn’t really been a quick drink. They’d had maybe half a drink before it turned to stripping off clothes slowly, and wandering hands exploring their favorite parts of one another. It was easy to forget that the world was falling apart around them when Kaidan took her in his arms and carried her to the bed, kissing her all over, and loving her the way that nobody else could.

Her throat swells and her eyes water. That was the last time. There was no way she was walking away from Cerberus or the assault on Earth with her life. There’s no more time for them, not as a couple. Just goodbyes, deaths, loss. Expecting anything else is futile. She thinks of losing him for just a second and can’t handle it. 

She turns to him, and slides her arms over his body. He’s still awake, probably thinking the same thing as her. He grips her hand and pulls it to his lips for a kiss. He’s never going to make love to her again, or hold her at night with the same carelessness and love as before. He’s already holding her like she’ll slip through her fingers.

Hot tears drip onto his bar chest and he leans over to kiss her. 


“I’m sorry,” she gasps.

He shakes his head and swallows. “It’s okay. Really. C’mere.”

He turns on his side and takes her close to his body. He’s warm, and feels like home, and for a moment, she forgets that this is the end. All that matters is him, and her, and them. The world can fall apart around them, but she believes they can stay standing.

“This is it for us,” she whispers.

He hesitates, and pulls her into him. “Never. One day, we’ll have nights like this where you don’t have to worry about what comes next. We’re almost there. So close, baby. Just hang onto that, okay?”

He kisses away her tears and moves to her lips. It’s a long, sleepy kiss, and she prays that there’s millions more of these in her future. For him, maybe she can hang on.

And then I’ll go.

“Don’t go,” she whispers.

Kaidan rests his forehead against hers, and nods. “I never will.”

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Why is Walking In The Wind a sad song? I've never understood the context of the song, but i love it alot x

I hear it as a song about the loss of a loved one and as a reminder that even when they are gone it doesn’t mean the memories you have of them are lost. 

My Mom has early onset alzheimers and for me it makes “You will find me, In places that we’ve never been, For reasons we don’t understand, Walking in the wind” even more emotional.  Because there are so many memories and moments in my life that I want to be able to share with her but I won’t be able to but I will be thinking of here and seeing her all along the way.


                                              Not all ghosts haunt.
                                              Some keep you company 
                                              until you can trust the living once more.

                                                                                            — N.S.H. 

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Since 11 hours passed and there is no hope you weren't overflowed by requests, I'm not even going to try a writing prompt, but can I push my luck and try asking you something has been in my mind for a very long time? Among the amazing GAVG characters you are developing, one that I really perceive as the ultimate victim is Karai (I'd love to chat about her more but 500 words max): she is undeniably lost, but I was wondering if you plan to give her some kind of redemption in the eyes of her family

Oooh, this is a fantastic question, thank you so much! 

For all that I’m writing an AU of TMNT 2012, I’ve actually been somewhat surprised that my Karai has mirrored the show’s in a few ways – namely her complete loss of agency, and her manipulation at the hands of a really despicable creature. 

(2012!Shredder started out as a loving, if stern and exacting, father to Karai; he trained her well, he gave her power, he trusted her – all of that’s tainted by the how and why of him becoming her father, but there’s no question in my mind that Shredder loved Karai. He probably thinks he still does, but his behavior since…halfway through season two, (though it started to sour long before that) has destroyed him as a father figure, and turned him unequivocally into an abuser.) 

The key difference between 2012!Karai and GaVG!Karai, though, is that GaVG!Karai was never considered part of the GaVG family. She’s Splinter’s daughter, and the turtles are his adopted/distantly biological sons, but there’s no familial tie. None of the turtles look at GaVG!Karai and say “hey, sister”; they see her, at various times, as an enemy, an uneasy ally, the person who broke their father’s heart, and the person who sold out GaVG!Leo. 

(I’m so sorry, Leo.) 

It’s largely a question of semantics, the space between “our sister” and “our father’s daughter”, but that’s the central one that I’m working with in GaVG. 

The rest is going under a cut, because it’s getting long and also because the next bits may be rife with spoilers for Gates of Summer.

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So I thought Roman’s loss at BG was a result of his suspension and it didn’t bother me that much ( actually I expected it ) but then he lost again at RAW to an NXT darling which makes it seem more like he’s being punished even more from the McMahon family.

This pisses me off not because Roman is being punished but it is overkill. Brock failed 2 drug tests because he took steroids and no punishment. No one knows for sure what Roman took but he’s being treated like crap. What makes it worse is that he doesn’t turn heel. His character acts like a gracious loser and walks away. Are you kidding me?!

Roman Reigns is as Corey Graves said a certified badass. A badass doesn’t take a loss with a good attitude. A badass gets angry, beats up people and breaks shit. Creative is just being lazy with Roman’s character like they’re doing with most characters.

Don’t know how long this losing streak will last but I will watch because I love Roman. I just want them to make it more interesting.

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in hatasoup who is icarus and who is daedalus pls answer for science

icarus, ofc, is soup (chasing after the dream of being able to protect all of his loved ones after the loss of mitsuba) and daedalus is prince hata (watching his parents being killed in the war to take earth and now watching soup lose himself to his fierce, almost manic obsession with protecting the ones he loves)

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in Him. In fact, he is in my life every day. I am guided by him. I would very much like you could believe him.You ever prayed?:)

No, I have never prayed and never intend to. I have respectfully bowed my head when others have prayed around me during situations such as the one minute silence, for the loss of soldiers during the war. However I myself have never said a prayer. I fully respect your beliefs, and I’m so glad that you feel so guided and loved by somebody that you believe in. But I’m sorry, I do not believe in him. Please respect that, as I respect you.

Of Bats and the Forsaken

read it on the AO3 at

by rredhoods

There was no love loss between the Bats of Gotham and one Jason Todd, but there were nights where they could all put it aside. Or all the times Jason follows his barely beating heart, and the one time he falls to pieces willingly; unofficially titled ‘8 Times Jason Saves a Bat (and 1 Time the Bats Save Jason)’

Words: 2880, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Italy’s Under-19 squad suffered an unfortunate loss as they took a thumping at the hands of France during yesterday’s Euro U-19 final.

Nonetheless, we are still very proud of the team. The future is bright for these young ones, and there will be plenty of time for them to win several medals in the future. 

Ragazzi, siamo orgogliosi di voi. Grazie per tutto quello che avete fatto, e vi vogliamo tanto bene.

This is your life now | Foot verse | Hockeyvigilante

Nobody was quiet sure of why or how this little boy could of have survive….he didn´´ even had brun marks !

But the more intressting quastion was of why the Shredder decide to keep this child. It wasn´t out of pity, it wasn´t because of his love for children.

 Hell no. 
Shredder couldn´t care less about this child - but who could you better form then a little child? And if he would fail , he woudl die and who would care about this? Nobody….at last not yet.

Casey Jones, a young boy at the fragil child of the age of 9. Taken everything away as his home was burned town could now do nothing more then what the foot soldier were to tell him…either way this - or death.

“ Come on, MOVE! “ one of the soldier scream, lossing his patience with the child. Thsi child was so stupid, didn´t even understand the easy of basic.

“ STAY UP STREIGHT ! “ he shouted again, moving torwards the black haird child, he was jsut about the grip the child onto his neck befor his advice was making a sound which made the soldier grin.

“ Come on…stay up child, there is a sparring partner waiting. He came all the way form japan - just for you” 

I was willing to give him so much. My time. My emotions. Maybe more—but those are notions I dare not utter without foresight. I know I would have gone to the ends of earth for him had time forged the connection needed to do so. I would have given him more than I should, more than I had to offer.
—  who’s at a loss? the one who offered? or the one who rejected?
Chapter 494

So you’re telling me

That after around 50 chapters of fighting, tooth and nail, to the bitter end, for their lives, for their future and those they love, against the Spriggan 12, whom they had mostly defeated

They are back

At square fucking one

After people fought, lost their magic power, were mortally wounded, and were put through pain almost worse than Tartaros, after they were put through loss and supposed death 

After all of that

All that has happened

Nothing mattered

All of their efforts were in vain


I won’t accept it. I won’t accept it. Nothing could have been in vain. Their tears and blood, it couldn’t have meant nothing but the Spriggan 12 coming back. 

Please…don’t tell me….

When the tears flow

Shedding tears openly
And weeping like Niagra Falls
Is the only way to let grief out
Don’t hold onto tears at all,
For tears are not for saving
So don’t go trying to fight them back
Emotions are something that we should never lack.
Be brave enough to show your pain
For everyone to see that you are not devoid of love compassion and humanity.
For when we cry an ocean it helps to assuage the hurt
It helps to cauterize the loss of a broken heart.
So don’t be fooled by others who say that tears are a sign of weakness
For those who do not let them go are prone to emotional bleakness
They are repressed and fear the fact that letting tears flow will make them less
So they end up living a life that is completely love oppressed.
To afraid of letting go or letting anything in
I feel sorry for these people and hope that they one day begin,
To see that sharing grief and sorrow is not an act of the weak
But understand it is something good
That frees the human spirit.
For freedom from the pain and hurt and this outpouring of our love
Helps those all around us who feel they’re suffering to much.
It helps with sharing empathy shows them we’ve been there too
But found a coping mechanism
That ensures that we don’t lose,
The battle with this harsh cruel life as it sometimes appears
And helps us find the beauty and love just behind the tears.

—  fauxcroft

get to know me [3/20] favorite female book characters: juliette ferrars (shatter me) ♥ i spent my life folded between the pages of books. in the absence of human relationships i formed bonds with paper characters. i lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; i experienced adolescence by association. my world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. i am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction.

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Hiya, this has nothing to do with your au, which I love by the way. I'm trying to uninstall undertale so I can do a pacifist run without any effects of the genocide route I just finished, and I can't figure out how. After looking around on steam and Google for a few days, I'm at a loss. Have you guys ever tried to do this? Do you know how? Ive got it running on a Mac through Steam.

…I’m sure there is a way, but I’m not the one to ask about it.

Another. Another new morning shadowed by an umbrella of terror and loss and violence and tears. How many more? What do we do when we feel ourselves running out of words for what keeps happening? I do not know this, but I think we must simply not run out. When we stop speaking out for the need for love and grace in the face of hatred and terror, the terror wins, the hatred can spread, watered by our numb apathy and desensitized aching fear. There is one solution to all this, there has always been one, and it is love. Love is our weapon and love is our shield, and now, more than ever, we need to give it away, freely and unafraid. I don’t know what else to do, save this, so I will love, and I will not run out of words, no matter how many more mornings I wake, shadowed and heartbroken, ashamed of what we are doing to one another. I am sorry, for all this.