The last seed…

Finally got to see The Lorax movie last night, and it was Seuss-tastic! The character designs and animation were so whimsical and captured the world of Dr. Seuss so well. I admit, the Once-ler and his story made me want to laugh and cry multiple times.

Here’s my contribution of fan art for the movie – the Once-ler discovers the last truffula tree seed. Drawing a long-limbed figure was harder than I thought it would be! Still, he and his suit were fun to sketch up.

This is where I am a dick and say, ‘its just -a- tree.’ Its not all of them, yet. Just one. Don’t tell me that a tree has never died in that forest before. Way too over dramatic in that scene and I find it rather ridiculous.

M'kay. I am done with my rant. :3

PS. I am about saving the environment and stuff, but it was -one- tree!