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Random prompt: Ressler and Liz making out and Red catches them... ;)

His palms are not sweating and the back of his neck doesn’t feel like burning with embarrassment. No, of course no, why would they?

It’s not like someone just caught him making out with Liz on the couch.

(That someone being Red.)

It’s silly because he’s a thirty-something FBI agent, he shouldn’t be embarrassed like a teenager but he can’t help it.

Red is looking at them from the door, one eyebrow raised, the fedora on his left hand and a look of "Seriously? This is what you do when I leave you two alone for five seconds?" on his face.

(It really feels like he’s back in highschool and has been caught by his girlfriend’s father.)

Liz, who is still on top of him, her hair tickling his face and her checks with a light hint of pink (which makes him feel better because it’s obvious he’s not the only one embarrassed by this whole situation), looks at Red annoyed.

(Ressler doesn’t want to think about how he must look right now. His tie is long gone, maybe lost behind one of the cushions on the couch, half of the buttons on his shirt are undone, as well as his belt, and he’s pretty sure he has hickey and teeth mark on his neck. The fact that Red just caught him like that is mortifying because he’s sure he’s never going to hear the end of it.)

"Do you mind?" Liz says, pointing at the door.

"As a matter of fact, I do,” Red answers, walking into the room and leaving the fedora on a table.

Liz rolls her eyes, but doesn’t move an inch from where she’s sitting on top of Ressler. Not that Donald wants her to move anyway, so no complains from him.

"You know I don’t have money problems, Lizzie," Red says, getting closer to them and moving his arms while speaking. "But it makes me incredibly mad that you are making me pay for a four bedrooms suite when it’s obvious we only need three.”


"My dad, our vacations as a kid, we drove everywhere-South Dakota, Florida. But you, I look at you and all the places you go and I’d just like to do that once. Plus, I think it’d be fun. I feel like we might have a good time."
"I’m screwing with you! I was born in London, but I’ve never been on a private jet. Anyway, I clock out at 5:30. I’ll need to stop by the house, grab a shower, feed the turtle. I can have a bag packed and be wheels up by 9:00."


This still gets me….every, single, time. 

"All Too Well" TS Grammy’s 2014

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