The Battle Tree—Where Strong Opponents Await!

Somewhere in the Alola region, you’ll find the Battle Tree: a place where those Trainers who have completed their island challenge—or who are strong enough to have done so—battle one another. All of the Trainers you can encounter at the Battle Tree are strong. It seems you might even encounter two battle prodigies from the Kanto region…


。゚✶ฺ. Vampire Makeup .✶゚ฺ。

I thought it would be a great idea to post a Halloween makeup post every day before Halloween from today on (*´ ˘ `*) ♡. This one was a vampire look that I did a while ago. It’s not so spooky but rather a more classical look with my own little twist to it ʘ‿ʘ. I also filmed a YouTube tutorial for it if you’re interested in recreating this look for this years Halloween.

YouTube Tutorial :

Please let me know what you think about the Halloween post idea (*´∀`*)?

PS: The beautiful white wig is from Evahair
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Red and Blue confirmed….Ash is confirmed from the demo….what kind of a weird canon world is Sun and Moon taking place in? Does the demo count as canon? It has to, right? We get ASH-Greninja….

chaoslaborantin  asked:

I read "Cruel Beauty" after your recommendation and enjoyed it a lot. I like how the author doesn't cling too close to the original story and allows her characters to be selfish and mean. Ignifex reminds me of Irial from "Wicked Lovely" ;-) I'm only bothered Miss Hodge doesn't follow the Mediterranean setting all the way (including POCs, architecture and clothing) and places Arcadia in Britain instead. But in my head, the story takes place in the south still. part 1

I started “Crimson Bound” once I finished and I admire Rachelle even more. She’s strong, clever, trusts herself and yet she has to deal with her guilt. I want to ship her with Amélie, their hidden feelings for each other seem so obvious. Back to “Beauty and the Beast”, have you seen the French movie from 2014? I enjoyed it very much, espeicially the casting. (Léa Seydoux <3) I like it better than the Disney movie, which wasn’t my thing. part 2

That was my favorite part of Cruel Beauty, too! I’ve had  weak spot for unlikeable characters since I was a teenager, because it always felt so refreshing to me, when so many other characters fit nicely within the lines. Wendy Mass did an awesome job with this and I loved her books as a teen. They’re contemporary and not fantasy, but I still recommend them (A Mango-Shaped Space, Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall, and Leap Year). And you’re totally right, now that I’m recalling! Ignifex is a lot like Irial. I do wish that we’d gotten to see more of their ever after, but overall I really enjoyed it (especially how she maintained the dream prince from the original de Villeneuve version with Shade). Good points about the Mediterranean elements, though I always kind of had it fixed in my head as set there and not in Britain. Perhaps I missed some references to Britain that indicate it’s set there.

I think I actually enjoyed Crimson Bound even more, though for some reason my first read-through was interrupted. I remember feeling like it was slow at first, but then the second half was like a mile-a-minute. I did not see the twist coming with Erec at all. Plus, having a background in medieval studies, I adored the references to France in the Middle Ages and during the Court of the Sun King. Also, the gender-swapped “Girl Without Hands”? Amazing. It’s definitely on my list to reread again very soon! 

I have seen the 2014 La Belle et La Bête, and while the movie was beautiful, I didn’t love the romance between Belle and the Beast. The backstory behind the Beast was interesting, but the plots seemed to get unnecessarily tangled in the end. I think they tried to add too much to the story and didn’t focus on what’s important about the fairy tale. I did enjoy it and it was very pretty, but it wasn’t my favorite take on the story. 

I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying Crimson Bound and liked Cruel Beauty! If you’re looking for another other recommendations, I’d try East by Edith Pattou. It’s a retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon and I devoured it the last time I read it. :)