Dan Howell with his fingernails painted (inspiration)

Black painted nails and natural curly hair. (+ black eye-shadow and red ends)


hi it me again c:

as you can see, I am very very very vERy wrecked for min yoongi in this photoshoot… the first pic is me thinking abt school next tuesday and the other pic is me after I studied SATs just now ;___;

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Alyson is such an avid crafter that she converted her Los Angeles home’s guesthouse into a space for her and her kids to be creative. (X)

AMBER “Ranting Monkey” EP08 Preview

지난주, KCON 에 참석하기 위해 LA로 떠난 엠버✈️ 이번주에도 공개되는 열일하는 엠버 in LA 제2탄! (※옆으로 넘기면서 봐주세요※)              

I got my own name tag. It’s official! (제 이름표도 달았으니, 이제는 정말 공식적인 거예요!) #BuzzFeed #Interview’

I haven’t seen this side of me for a very long time. (저 이런 모습 정말 오랜만에 보는 것 같아요-) #대기실 #준비중 #mommy #매니저오빠

I’m gonna go look pretty on a red-colored carpet. (레드카펫을 위해 예쁘게 단장하러 갑니다✌️) #매력뿜뿜 #엠버 #AMBER

Okay, I’m gonna go!   (저 이제 나가볼게요!) #싱어송라이터 #ShakeThatBrass #Borders

그리고 Vyrl에서 특별히 공개되는, Behind the Scenes with AMBER #1 “출처: Leon Tang (insta: ywywmlt)”

Behind the Scenes with AMBER #2 “출처: Leon Tang (insta: ywywmlt)”

Behind the Scenes with AMBER #3 “출처: Leon Tang (insta: ywywmlt)”

Behind the Scenes with AMBER #4 “출처: Leon Tang (insta: ywywmlt)”             

Chapter 4

Liz stepped out of the car, bag of McDonald’s in hand, tossing the sack of grease to Ressler.

“This stuff is disgusting,” she had gotten him his usual. Big mac extra cheese. Large fry. Bottled water. Red was appalled when she rattled off his regular order without pause.

“What? We run around all over, we don’t all have time to eat on our private jet.” She had chastised Red on the way over.

“Have you talked to the family yet?” Liz pulled her jacket straight, approaching the large black SUV her partners had taken.

“Waited on you,” Ressler’s eyes cast over to Red looking with disapproval.

“What the hell took you so long? You left at least an hour before us.” Samar ended the call she was on and tucked her phone away. She wasn’t in a mood for play. Neither of them were. Liz had never been late before, suddenly she felt guilty.

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20 with Chris Evans :)

‘’Babe, how does this one look?’’ You asked to a very bored Chris, showing the maroon dress you currently had on. You guys were attending to the premier of the Infinity War together and you wanted to find the perfect dress to look great on the red carpet, you were Chris Evans’ date after all. Chris sighed lifting his head up from the phone, only to have his jaw dropped. The dress you were wearing was a tight short dress, the front was pretty modest but you were showing a generous amount of back. Chris’ reaction made you satisfied. ‘’How would this be for tonight?’’ You asked twirling around. ‘’It would be perfect. You just need less clothes.’’ He flirted. You let out a fake gasp. ‘’Is that the way to talk to a lady Captain?’’ You asked innocently. You hear him chuckle behind you as you made your way to the dressing room. ‘’If you’re a good girl, I’ll show you how a lady should be treated when we get home.’’