Just got on Twitter and saw that my one true loves, (sorry 1D) the Jonas Brothers, are trending. You best believe I shot out of bed to go look for my red fake ray band sunglasses, convers, and vintage jonas brothers t-shirt! I’m so ready if this is happening.

Even have my jonas brothers tumblr account url saved and ready to be used for the return.

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(Note: this iconic vine joe made was at my 3rd & sadly last jonas brothers concert. )

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I think you’re being a little too dramatic about Jungkook, and it’s disappointing as I thought you were a reasonable person. I know Jonghyun’s death has impacted us all greatly, but that doesn’t mean we should start assuming JK is suffering from mental illness b/c of a couple of ambiguous looking redness on his arm or a song he covered. JK clearly enjoys melancholic songs so this isn’t too out of the ordinary. Can we let the guy breathe?

I’m talking about mental health in general, my previous post was not directed at anyone in particular, but to anyone who might need it.

And to be quite honest I think it’s a topic we don’t talk enough about. I’m not assuming anything about JK, but given the circumstances it’s not a stretch to think that he might have been affected by this, especially given his nature. So I don’t think it’s wrong to show our support just in case and in general, at least wasted concern is still concern. I’d rather take that than regret.

But if that makes me unreasonable in your eyes then I guess I’ll take it.

red queen smiles with her name in her teeth
& in this dream-soft lighting / this weeping smog,
she looks like a princess from another story,
one with evil queens & stepdaughters lost
in woods / woods full of eyes haunted, horrified
(home). red queen smiles & you think of how
mama wants a china doll where china means
porcelain, not gold / wants a peach girl, white
flesh blushed rose on baby-soft cheeks. mama
wants what the west calls snow white / but here,
red queen looks like you with her soot-dark
hair & warm skin pale in moonshadows. looks
at you with midnight eyes & doesn’t ask you
to stay, but beckons with hands dripping garnet
(mama named you for jade) under cloud-cover
twirling into smoke-rings for this / this love once
like merry-go-round, sugar-spun silly down the
rabbit hole into wonderland. this never-fading
scarlet, binding. every fairy tale is a one-way trip
but you never want to leave (her) anyway.
—  no princess │ abstractedfocus

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William stomping over to Damien and frowning, and Damien wondering what he did to piss him off. Will says "Why do you make me warm and fuzzy inside? Why are you causing me to feel butterflies in my stomach? Why do I want to kiss you?" And Damien just goes beet red and looks away, mumbling something about love, and has to run out of the room because William has only felt parental and sibling love and he just doesn't know what LOVE FOR ANOTHER MAN IS.



damien is just so done with him

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this isn't something important you need to look at or anything, but I need to share something that happened to me ;o! so there's this guy in some of my classes, he looks EXACTLY like 707;; red hair and with glasses! every one of my friends ship me with him and idk why because they don't even know what mysme is.. that led everyone to thinking I had a crush on him.. SO one day I was doodling a picture of SEVen and everyone thinks I was doodling that one random non-fictional redhead and gosh smh :c

Smh, they just don’t understand. He looks too much like Seven!

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Frisk: red eyes, murdery sinnamon roll. Chara: red eyes, murdery sinnamon roll. So yes, they do appear similar.

I mean do they look related? 

Every red eyed person isn’t related anon oh my god-

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GIRL YES. The other albums were good but FOUR literally came out the cut and blew me away. That album is why I get so mad when people say that 1D only made cookie cutter pop music. Maybe that was the case with the first two albums but they showed so much progression in FOUR!! Like lyrically, sonically, rhythmically, everything. I will defend that album until my last breath because it’s the best one and it’s so! fucking! underrated!!!


anon 3: uan was a cute attempt but anyone who thinks its worth anythin more than a pat on the back is WRONG! tmh was fun, all teenage-y and bubbly. good era. MM pushed 1d and i wont lie, u’ll catch me jammin to those songs all night. MITAM is an emotional album but its got none of 1d’s upbeat arena jams and ya the songs on there r refined but m*rch 25th is all i think of. FOUR?! ALBUM OF THE CENTURY! CATCH ME SCREAMING, CRYING ND BOPPIN ALL IN ONE GO!!! ITS THEIR BEST !!! I WILL DIE STANNING FOUR

u 3…… are my ppl Wow YES 2 EVERYTHIN