Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
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Look at this boys color nowadays 👏👏👏 I’m so proud of him💙💙💙

(His water isn’t dirty fyi- I use tannins in it now. And partially bc of his tail. There’s nothing sharp and he doesn’t bite it, I think it’s cause it’s so heavy and big rn but I’m working on keeping him comfy. Soft water, gentle filter flow, live plants, etc. I spoil this boy. Don’t worry guys 💙)

anonymous asked:

What do you use in ps to make ur gifs look so sharp 🤔

these are my sharpening preferences:

however I sometimes need to adjust the amount for different types of scenes and/or depending on the video quality itself. oversharpening is a huge NO, however, because going overboard with it can make your gifs look even grainier and overall not very good. I personally don’t like anything over, say, 300% because, simply put, it almost always looks just plain bad. also, how you color your gifs can definitely make or break your gif, because the coloring can either help make your gif look smoother, or it can increase the amount of grain and noise and make it look even worse, despite the sharpening. so experiment with different techniques and perhaps look up a few tutorials on how to color different types of scenes, my personal favorite blogs for that are @itsphotoshop and @chaoticresources! good luck :)