Lone Rat and Cubs

my favorite thing about Splinter is how he’ll stop at nothing to protect his new family and do something with the second chance he’s been given. that’s such a beautiful message: finding a new purpose despite everything you’ve lost.

In case any of y’all were wondering, this is what Splinter’s book has to say about the turtles’ namesakes:

Donatello: “Italian renaissance sculptor, lovingly nicknamed as “Donatello” by his bubba. He created a sculpture called “David”. Uh. No, it’s not the marble one that you just thought of. It’s the other one. That bronze one. You know! Anyway, let’s not rub salt into his wounds.”

Michelangelo: “Much like Leonardo da Vinci, he was a Renaissance man. Ha, get it? Never mind, but he was a sculptor, a painter, an architect - you name it! He was probably given a pretty good cook. Oh, and remember that marble “David” that you thought of before? This guy is the guy who made it. Poor Donatello. To be on the same page with the guy who took his thunder.”

Raphael: “I have just done a quick math in my head and determined that this poor guy died when he was thirty-seven. Thirty-seven! In that short span of time, he frescoed the Vatican Palace amongst other things. In comparison, I have done nothing with my life. Way to rub it in my face Raph, you overachiever.”

Leonardo: “None of these other fools have anything on Leonardo. This guy is the definition of a Renaissance man. Or one could argue the most productive bored person ever. Can you imagine what it must have been like to live back in those days? Me: “I’m so bored, Mom!” Mom: “Ugh, just invent something! I’m busy trying to not die young."”



Maaan, I’m sooo pumped for this episode, they’re all so cuuuuuute. And I don’t care what people say, Greg Cipes making Baby Mikey noices is just amazing, fight me.

Sooooooo, I’ve been on vacation in Croatia for the last week and I’m finally back! Didn’t draw much BUT I’ve been working on something else. I’ve planed out what I’m gonna do for Apritelloweek 2017! I have a theme for each day and an idea on what to draw for every day as well. I think that the stuff I came up with is actually pretty fun and I think all you shippers will love it!
Oh, and I even got 1-2 AU-kinda thingies I wanna make as well but dude, my summer break is almost over and I still gotta do stuff for school! Uuugh, not enough time!