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And just like that it’s on, it’s so on and Kageyama can’t even be embarrassed about how predictable he is, whatever, who cares, his jaw is set and he’s determined, stalking toward Hinata with his fists balled at his sides while Hinata grins at him smugly.

Words: 1974, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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  • Degenerated
  • The Lone Rangers

Day 16 of Fictional Band February 3: the Lone Rangers!

The movie Airheads stars Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler as idiot rock band ‘The Lone Rangers.’  All they want is for a record studio to pick up their demo but nobody’s digging it.

So they do the logical thing - take a radio station hostage with realistic water pistols until Rebel Radio plays The Lone Rangers’ music.  They may get the contract - and the girl - in the end, but not without a jailhouse performance a la The Blues Brothers and even releasing a triple platinum album, “The Lone Rangers Live in Prison!”

Today’s song is 'Degenerated,’ originally by Reagan Youth.  The Lone Rangers’ version was performed by Jay Yuenger and Sean Yseult from White Zombie with Brendan Fraser’s vocals.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything but does Steve Buscemi look the part or what?  Fraser and Sandler still look like Fraser and Sandler to me, but I think Buscemi totally nailed the metal thing.

Oh and yeah, the oxymoronic nature of their name totally goes over their heads!

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“It’s so clear she’s into me.”

The gag reel is the best thing about this movie, tbh


This, all day, in my head. Before everyone starts raging: I know is a Reagan Youth song, I know they tweaked the lyrics and added the solos, but damn it to hell if this doesn’t rock more than the original. I prefer this version, deal with it.