quality--trash  asked:

Heyho new pal ~ 2, 4, 37 and 154? (if you don't mind me asking that many)

2: Age

I’m 15 years !!

4: 3 things I love

The witch aesthetic

The concept of music

My dogs!!!

37: Tattoos and piercing I want

Piercings -

Second lobes



Vertical labret??




Tattoos -

I’ll hopefully get my star sign on my left shoulder soon

I’d like a sleeve on my right arm, with a deer on it

And the alien emoji :^)

154: Something I fantasise about    

Making it in the music industry lmao

Art by Yoshikawa Miki,she used to be one of Mashima senseis assistants but now she has a manga of her own (Yamada -kun to 7 nin no majo ,i really love it as well),she drew Juvia to celebrate the ten year anniversary ^^She really looks stunning and i lobe the boots !


Boyfriend introduced me to Freakazoid, which was a WB series that would take far too long to explain here.  So far, my favorite part is this musical number, which I slowly realized during first viewing was an insane take on Hello, Dolly!  I think I might prefer it to the movie version, if only because Barbara Streisand’s place is taken by a super-villain named The Lobe.


I take a lot of selfies now. I know it annoys people. I know people assume I’m full of myself & conceited. I’ve spent my entire life hating myself. Hating the skin I’m in. Hating my weight. Hating what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Feeling ugly & unattractive….

Not anymore. I’m coming to love myself. I can finally look at myself & feel like I am handsome. I will not stop. I don’t care how much it annoys or makes people uncomfortable. I’ve spent to much time hating myself. I’m going to love myself.

Ps. I’m drunk right now. Lol.