Favorite Christopher Deaths Ranking

1. Being so angry at Gabriel deWitt for scolding him for dying all the time that he trips down the steps and breaks his neck.

2. The cat knocking a curtain rod down, and it stabbing him through the chest.

3. Feeling so peevish that when he starts a fire with magic he accidentally lights himself on fire.

4. Feeling lonely so he stands on the top of a tower and accidentally falls off.

5. Getting hit in the head with a cricket bat.

When you finish The Pinhoe Egg and you turn to pick up the next book in the series and you realise that you can’t. It’s finished. You’ll never learn how Christopher and Millie fell in love. You’ll never find out what Cat does with his dwimmer, or what kind of Chrestomanci he’ll be, or what happens to Janet when she grows up, or whether Tonino and Cat stay friends as adults.

You’ll never travel to a new world with their strange magic, because there will never be another story. All you can do is go back to the beginning, and start reading them all over again.


Aaaand here they all twenty-one of my chapter heads for The Lives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones! It took a long time to go through the chapters and pick which scenes would be best for each head (ones that get you excited and curious for the chapter but don’t spoil it). I’ll re-do the type eventually (because my lettering is atrocious) but I’m pretty happy with these. 

For bigger versions:





I’ve been reading the Chrestomanci books by Diane Wynne Jones and I’ve just read Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant and The Pinhoe Egg

So have some digital and sketchbook doodles! At top Cat things from Charmed Life (also featuring VerySerious!Chrestomanci!Christopher) and then a bunch of doodles from Lives of Christopher Chant. Just Christopher and one Millie.

I want to draw some stuff from Pinhoe Egg, like Marianne and Cat in the attic but I’m so busy ;_;


Sketches I did for my story illustration assignment (The Lives of Christopher Chant). This is before I got ahold of a copy of the book so my drawing of Christopher stealing Throgmorton is pretty inaccurate. BUT this is the first Tacroy I’ve really been happy with! He’s such a cutie. I want to pinch his cheeks.