Imagine your OC eating pie underneath the dining room table, as Thanksgiving family madness happens around them.

Dipper frowned. Thanksgiving was going fantastic; Mabel had invited Soos and Melody and all seven of their kids over, and between the horde of children running around, the knife throwing display Candy and Wendy were giving, and the whole raw turkey he had gotten to stay physical for the night, Dipper was having a grand time. 

But someone was missing and-oh.

Dipper stepped into the kitchen, the table abandoned and covered in a small mountain of dishes. He peeked under the table and yup-

“Hey Little Fighter,” Dipper said gently, crawling under the table with Willow. “Everything okay? Is your bubble holding up?”

Willow nodded.

“It is Uncle Dipper. I just-”

Dipper smiled sadly. “It’s a lot, I know, and you needed a break.”

The second grader nodded, sending her braids flying around her head.

Dipper snapped. “Hey, know what will make you feel better?”

Willow smiled. “What Uncle Dipper?”

He snapped again and the pecan pie from on top of the oven appeared between them both.


“Uncle Dipper, Mommy and Daddy haven’t said it’s desert time yet-”

“Well you got to listen to me too, like you do with Grunkle Stan yes?”

Willow nodded.

“Well, I say that we are going to have special under the table pie now.”

Willow giggled. “Are we going to use our hands?”

Dipper, who had already began to dig in with said hands, paused.

“Yes. Yes we are.”

(When Henry thought to look for them an hour later, he found them asleep with distended bellies and an empty pie tin between them.)

anonymous asked:

Dipper's attempt to make the game appealing to Mabel and Stan really wasn't that great, was it? I mean, I think it's obvious that they'd be okay with a mix of math, imagination, and risks, but Dipper just made it seem like it was nothing but a math game. I also don't think he ever clarified that it's not a game where you compete against other players, so that may have been another reason Mabel didn't want to play. Dipper's definitely better at math, and it's hard to have fun knowing you'll lose.

Kinda harkens back to Little Dipper in that way, doesn’t it? ;)

But yeah, Dipper was just plain awful at explaining it, it’s no wonder Mabel didn’t wanna play. Even Soos told him he made it sound “nerdy”.

here’s a stan and mabel bonding montage requested here by anonymous!


one of those things I was actually going to color but didn’t have time to 

I was thinking about the Parapines/Little Mermaid thing again when I remembered Eric has a dog. This is a problem. Norman doesn’t have a dog. What do I do. It was then that I remembered the dead raccoon

Anonymous said: Dipper and Mabel are running through the Fearamid while Stan and the others cause a distraction, trying to find Ford before the final implementation of the Resistance’s plan to bring down Bill. They find their grunkle sitting slumped against the wall, asleep or dead they can’t tell, chained to the wall by a glowing blue ring around his neck and covered in numerous injuries from Bill trying and failing to get the way past the barrier out of him. The twins run to him,

calling his name worriedly despite the danger, and he stirs. They smother him in a big hug, both crying with relief and worry, and he hugs them back despite the pain and confusion. They explain that they’re there to rescue him, and when he chides them for taking such a big risk just for him, they explain to him that he’s family, he’s theirs, and no way they’re letting Bill have him. Ford, tearing up a little, hugs them again before whispering a soft thank you. 

You wrote me a thing and made me cry. I’m still crying. This is fine.