Ascendence Au

Ok so me and @the-space-prince99 came up with this Au awhile ago and I wanted to share it.

So basically it’s the Transcendence Au, expect Bill and Dipper were in a relationship. Dipper /tries/ to save Bill but ends up absorbing him and becoming a demon.

After years and years of loneliness, Dipper— now Alcor, decides to go visit another dimension.

There he finds a Bill who had gone through something similar to him. In that universe Dipper was the one in danger, so Bill tried helping him and ended up absorbing him. As a result, Bill became a human with one blue eye and one brown, with blonde/brown hair and such.

When the two first meet, the first thing they do is hug because they’ve both missed each other /so/ much. After staying with Bill for a little bit, Dipper decides he wants to stay in that dimension with Bill.

And everything is happy and adorable and just IMAGINE the headcanons 💕

Today at work I saw a little boy wearing a Dipper Pines hat. He couldn’t have been older than seven or eight. I told him that he was a dead ringer for the character, and he really was. His face lit up when I said that. He told me that he had been cosplaying the character for a while. I could tell that he was really dedicated to cosplaying, and how much he really loved the show. And it was such a joy to see.

Hmm (A Little Morbid?)

I find this interesting….

2012: the twins turned 13 years old 

2013: 14

2014: 15

2015: 16

2016: 17

so currently the kids are 16 years old. In 2012, Mabel said they had one year left until high school. So they were freshmans in 2013? Edit: they will be starting their senior year after this summer so they are not graduated as I originally thought, but Ford would still be on them about college I feel like. He’d be like “it is never too early to prepare for college” and “best not to procrastinate such things” (Thank you anon for pointing this out!)

So Dipper and Mabel would be starting their 3 months of summer right about now. Wiki says in 2012 Stanley pines was 59 (as was Stanford) so right now he’d be….63….and supposedly Stanford will die from a heart attack at 92 (whether that was B.S. or not on Bill’s part). 

So basically from the year 2016 Ford has 29 years left to live. Yikes. So the Twins will be 42 when Ford dies in the 2045?   

The typical life span of a livestock pig is 20 years and piglets are normally sold around 6-8 weeks old (42 - 56 days). so Waddle will die sometime around the 2030′s I guess. So waddles will die and then ford will die only 15 years later? Yikes. Poor Mabel.  


one of those things I was actually going to color but didn’t have time to 

I was thinking about the Parapines/Little Mermaid thing again when I remembered Eric has a dog. This is a problem. Norman doesn’t have a dog. What do I do. It was then that I remembered the dead raccoon