BEST DRESSED 2013: Male:

SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun - 

Jonghyun has crafted a completely unique and very personal style this year, that is current, striking, stylish and fresh. Sticking to his self-confessed favourite colour combination of black and white and combining masculine, hip-hop influenced street pieces with witty, cynical yet smiling references to high fashion, luxury & fame and surprising, feminine touches, Jonghyun has looked fantastic time after time. Typically, Jonghyun makes brands like Hood By Air, KTZ, Nike, Chrome Hearts and Givenchy his own by teaming them with Air Jordan or Yeezy sneakers and a pair of very feminine, delicate sunglasses by a luxury line like Chloe or Chanel which contrast pleasingly and strikingly with his strong jawline and masculine features. Earrings have also worked well for Jonghyun this year - he has stretched his piercing into a plug and this affirms that masculine/feminine, street/luxury interplay that has become such a hallmark of Jonghyun’s style in the last year.