NCT As The Boy Next Door

Taeil: He’d be the shy neighbor who wouldn’t really look at you when you first moved in. Sure he’d drop by once with his parents to welcome your family to the neighborhood but after that you would be the last you speak to him for a while. But when school starts you’d see him walking home and you two would awkwardly wave at each other before running back inside. But you’d know the real outgoing Taeil when you see him dancing to a song next door. You two would make eye contact and he’d pretend like it didn’t happen. He’d clear his throat and wouldn’t speak to you until he catches you dancing to a song and would catch up to you on the way to school before teasing you about it. 

Hansol: He’d be very kept to himself and wouldn’t go out a lot. It seems like he would be the only one that didn’t leave the house and sometimes you’d see a brown haired boy coming in and out of his house. But when you did see him, you’d give him a smile and he’d try to smile back but would look a bit shocked or in pain to be outside. Nevertheless, you really wanted to get to know him better because you were almost curious as to what he’s like. One day, you forgot your house keys so he let you stay in his house and you two had a three hour discussion on anime and pokemon, you were sure you fell in love that day.

Johnny: He’d be the boy that grabbed everyone’s attention with his charm. The second you moved in next door, your parents adored the boy who brought them sweets and welcomed them. At first you thought he was a little too much but came to love him when you heard piano being played and you glanced next door at an open window and found that he was the one playing. He’d walk to school with you, resting his arms on your shoulders as you two walked and would tease you often, but deep down he just thought you looked cute when upset and would even carry your books for you if they were too heavy. 

Taeyong: He’d always look frustrated or annoyed so you were a bit intimidated by him at first (and also because he played his music really loudly, this annoyed you). So you were surprised to see him sitting in your living room one day, talking to your parents one day. Apparently he was dropping off a welcoming gift and you were shocked at how respectful he was and when he smiled you were unsure if it was fake or not. But you found out how kind he was when he first offered to drive you to school so you wouldn’t have to wake up early and take the bus. Those drives of course would sometimes lead you two to hang out after school and/or grabbing lunch together and from there you’d find out how sweet and caring he really is.

Ten: He’d be the loud neighbor, you weren’t sure if he knew what peace and quiet was. He’d always be playing a song and would sometimes even do it outside. It would be 8 am and you’d be woken up by his loud music as he danced to it in the backyard. You weren’t sure why he did that but you didn’t really complain either because his dog would escape to your side of the fence and you didn’t mind at all. Plus he always had his best friend Johnny around and that boy would always wink at you. He also snuck out a lot to parties and sometimes he’d even throw rocks at your window and ask if you wanted to come along, and you’ve never turned him down.

Doyoung: He’d be the one who always looks pissed with the imaginary ‘no trespassing’ or ‘leave’ signs. You were scared to talk to him at first but when you had no choice but to drop things off your parents wanted to give his parents you met him for the first time, just as you thought he was intimidating. But he was also really nice…? He looked mad but the second he saw you, a smile appeared on his face and he welcomed you in. The second you saw his smile though it felt like time stopped and your heart was beating faster because it was just so cute. After all that though, you two wouldn’t really see each other except when you were in your room. Sometimes you two would be by your windows and see each other, hoping it wouldn’t be awkward young avoid each other until someone makes eye contact. 

Jaehyun: He’d be the boy who always threw parties since he liked having people around. His parents weren’t home most of the time so he got away with it. Your parents though would get frustrated at times and would even threaten to call the cops, but every morning when your parents would discuss it during breakfast you’d stop them because he invites you to these parties. He makes sure you get down safely from your second story house and since you are his neighbor you’re always invited. One time you stayed over for a night and things got a little wild. But you also know that you can turn to him whenever you needed someone to talk to and you two would sit by your windows talking for hours about the world.

Yuta: He’d be the boy you thought was too cool for you. You’ve seen him around school but has never talked to him because there wasn’t anything to say. But one day, you got locked out of your house and there he was, making his way home. You weren’t sure what to say so you two kind of just stared at each other for several minutes until he sighed, and told you to grab your things before welcoming you into his house. You weren’t sure what to say so you kept quiet as he did his things around the house but when he noticed you weren’t moving, he invited you for a snack and would kind of admire how shy you were. Usually, girls were all over him at school but you kept your cool and he knew from then on he’d have your back always. 

Mark: He’d be the sweetest neighbor ever, he’d always ring your doorbell and invite you to hang out with his friends or would ask if you wanted to stay for dinner when you two are working on school assignments after school. During the summer, you two would climb all the way up to the roof and talk or just stay by the balcony and set up a lil tent there or just your blankets and have sleepovers. It was so easy talking to him, and you knew you could tell him anything. Sometimes you’d catch each other preparing for school and smile at each other through your windows before running downstairs to meet with each other. 

Jeno and Jaemin: They would be the neighbors that never gave you a break. You lived in between both of them so all of you guys got along easily. It was Jaemin’s ideas to have walkie talkies and when he wanted to hang out or couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night you’d hear the familiar static noise. They were both friendly and funny but one was friendlier than the other and one was funnier than the other. They were the best companions you can ask for, always having your back no matter what. They always made you smile and days were never boring when they were around. Sometimes they’d help you sneak out of the house or just steal your food. 

WinWin: He’d be the one you’d find just standing in the sun with no one beside him, but later you found out he was just doing morning exercises, stretching outside. You hated to admit it, but sometimes you’d stare as he went through his stretches, in awe at how perfect his proportions were. He usually left for school before you, and you’d walk behind him not knowing how to say hi. But one day, you two would be late and rushing out of the house. Without really having a choice, you two take the bus together and you find out that he’s a bit shy. But because he was kind you wanted to get to know him better so you talk to him about school work and one fine afternoon while he was at your house you bring out some pork belly for lunch, and let’s just say he came over almost everyday from then on. 

Kun: He’d be the neighbor who’s voice you’d always here. You could be walking outside or walking past an open window in your house and you’d always hear him talking, singing or playing the piano. You didn’t complain of course it was music to your ears. One day after school, he invited you to a little fair in the city. You went of course because you thought he invited other people, but it ended up just being you too. You found out just how much he likes street food and how nice he was. You were sure you fell in love that day and from then on you two got closer and would even start walking to school together. He would also invite you over often and you found out his parents are the best cooks in the world. 

Donghyuck: He’d be the neighbor that would always end up in your house even though you didn’t even invite him over. You’d just be coming down to get breakfast to see him already sprawled on the couch watching your favorite show without you with your food in lap. Your parents thought he was an angel but you knew it was all part of his plan to replace you. You two always fought over the stupidest things and you wondered why you were even friends sometimes, but if anyone at school or just in general tries to make fun of you he’d make sure to teach them a lesson, that was his job and his only. 

Chenle: He’d be the boy you wondered was even in the right neighborhood. He was different from everyone else, he was always wearing something fancier and you were unsure if you were cool enough to be friends with him. But when you spotted him on the swings alone, you took a seat beside him and introduced yourself, trying to be brave. He’d say he knew who you were, being in the same class and all and you would ask him what was wrong, and he’d tell you the stress his parents are putting on him to be famous. That was the day you found out who Chenle really was and would always have his back no matter what. You’d invite him to your house often, to let him get away from the fame and be stress free for a bit. Since you had his back, he always had yours and along with that your own supply of his calendars and merch. 

Renjun: He’d be the one you’d always find waiting for you by the house steps when you went out for the day. He’d be resting his arms on his knees as he waited for you but would jump to greet you when he sees you. He was an angel that your parents adored and you two had house keys to each others houses. Most of the time, during the later hours of the night you’d see him leaning on his window or sitting by the windowsill if he wanted to talk. You’d see what he wanted to talk about of course but sometimes he’d wonder if he was bothering you with his troubles but it didn’t bother you at all. You wanted to help him out whenever you wanted and a lot of times both of your guys’ parents would find both of you asleep on the window sill, arms out stretched to each other as if you could hold hands from that far. 

Jisung: He’s the boy that would climb trees and and even have a tree house of his own. You were a bit envious and were too shy to ask him if he wanted to hang out but one day when he catches you looking at it, he’d invite you over and a beautiful friendship would bloom. He still seemed too cool for you though, even at school but you knew how dorky he can really be. When you found out his favorite food and movie you’d bring those along to the tree house and you two could spend hours in there. One morning both of your parents became worried when both of you guys didn’t come home only to find that you two had fallen asleep in the tree house with the movie still playing and your hands filled with candy.
Te tengo en la mira (a Reaper76 Fanmix)
A playlist for Reaper76 with only spanish love songs
  1. Estrechez de corazón (Los prisioneros)
  2. La vuelta al mundo (Calle 13)
  3. La tortura (Shakira & Alejandro Sanz)
  4. Trátame suavemente (Soda Stereo)
  5. Si tu me quisieras (Mon Laferte)
  6. Uyuyuy (Pedro Piedra)
  7. Desde que te perdí (Kevin Johansen)
  8. Tiempo (Miranda!)

Hope you like it!

Feels Like Home

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Part 1 - New Beginnings

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,505
Warnings: smoking, mentions of underage drinking, language
A/N: Ah! Part one of my new Dean series. This is a high school AU and it was supposed to be a mini-series but my outlining got out of hand so it’s a full length series now (i need to relax with these I swear haha). It’s based on the song Move by Luke Bryan, give it a listen if you’d like! I really hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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