isak and even being cute + domestic bc that’s all i rlly want in life ( @josteninski)

  • they have to cook for vilde’s group so sometimes even comes over and forces isak to help him bake
  • isak never helps
  • he mostly just sits on the counterand watches and makes bad puns
  • but this is after they’ve made up but before they’ve had the “what are we” talk so they’re definitely a thing but not Dating. not Going Steady
  • and this is the first time they’ve really hung out since the Fight and its v light and casual
  • even always laughs but sometimes he’ll mock getting offended like “you’re useless!! why don’t you ever help me?”
  • and he’ll put one hand on either side of isak and lean in and he’s tall enough that they’re nearly at eye-level even tho isak is on the counter
  • and lean in and tease a little bit more and isak will kiss him to shut him up
  • and at this precise moment eskild chooses to walk in
  • he makes fun of them ofc but he’s so happy that His Boy is in a loving relationship
  • and he makes the obligatory “isak is so lazy” comment and even is a little shit so he agrees with him and they jab isak together and isak acts SO OFFENDED
  • he’s like “i cannot believe….the people i trusted….would treat me this way….”
  • at one point eskild’s like “you’re lucky he’s your boyfriend, isak. you guys are cute together’
  • and walks out
  • and even’s like ”“did u hear that??! we’re cute together! do u think we’re cute?? am i ur boyfriend?? im ur boyfriend right??”
  • isak is like END MY LIFE NOW PLS AND THANK U
  • they’re cute n i love them


Here’s Heather McNamara! Our favorite Suicidal beach blonde baby~
She’s such a cutie I swear.
I loved drawing her so much! Her little bow ponytail gave me some trouble tho cause i’d accidentally make the pony tail too big lol.

Everyone draws her like an innocent baby but ya’ll forgetting she was just as bad a bully as the other Heathers? She gets redemption yes but i don’t really like how people kind of ignore how she almost got Veronica date raped and helped the other Heathers almost prank Martha. But I feel her bullying was more like when a ditzy person does a bad thing and doesn’t completely understand the consequences of their actions. Still. mean tho.

One of my fav songs in the musical was Whine all night/Shine a Light (Reprise) cause WOW! It’s so crazy! “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!”. It’s so aggressive and really shows how anxiety and suicidal thoughts work.
I wanna make an animatic of it one day.

Anyhoo enjoy~

i just finsihed watching “train to busan” and it was so good!!! even tho i was screaming how much i hate it bc it destroyed my heart lol.

[minor spoilers ahead ?!]

but dude .. its so refreshing to have a survival movie where helping people was put in a good light, and being selfish was bad. the whole gritty “hh only live for urself thats human nature” is so bleh. this movie had me crying so hard & made me care sooo much for the characters.