tatianathevampireslayer  asked:

cosima for the character thing!

Do I like them: 

what a fuckign nerd this one is yeah?? i love her so much tho <3 if i had to share my whole ass with another character it would be cosima. delphine gets one cheek and cosima gets the other [x]

5 good qualities:

  • shes compassionate
  • shes devoted to the ones she loves
  • she’s kind
  • she offers to help others even when she herself is in need of help
  • she always tries to keep the situation at hand in a bright light

3 bad qualities:

  • she can be too trusting (as seen with delphine in season one)
  • she can act impulsively rather than calming down and assessing situations
  • she tends to push herself to the limit and beyond and its not good for her health

Favourite episode/etc: 

probably 4x05 or the one where they infiltrate brightborn bc she looks so good?? plus cosima being dorky and on a secret mission lmao




sarah and cosima.. they work so well together and love each other so much but like?? to me its sisterly/best friend love not love love


team science mega force is more of a brot3 tbh so yeah i guess that counts?


scott/cosima in a sexual means… saw that once… rinsed my eyeballs with bleach afterwards

Best quote: 

“I’m Cosima. The real Cosima, not the one who kicked your ass, or whatever.” 


cam @starconfetti have so many headcanons but most of them revovle around hsau and her (bro?)lationship with evie lMAO

send me characters?