which everymanHYBRID character you should fight
  • vinny:the man is a beacon of angelic light and goodness, there is not a bad bone in his entire body. were you to lay a hand on vinny you would instantly be cast out of society for being as cruel and unjust as you are. how dare you even think about fighting vinny. how DARE you.
  • jeff:he's probably fit but like 90% of the time he's laying prone in the dark listening to emo music and ignoring important plot elements so just. slap him around a little. you have the advantage and he probably won't put up much of a fight. fight jeff.
  • evan:evan is small but mighty and not afraid to die with nothing to lose. he hit slenderman with a baseball bat, what do you think he'll do to you? why would you want to fight him anyway, what has he ever done to you. do NOT fight evan.
  • alex:alex has enough to deal with and fighting him would make you a bad person, but he is very tall and his movements are probably slower, so if you're fast enough you could probably get a few good shots in. so fight alex, i guess, you monster.
  • HABIT:just because you want to fight him doesn't mean you should

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Ok so I don't really know if this would... fit with his character or not but I feel like (when it's summer time of course) Geoff likes to go out when it's really late, but still warm out, and just wander around because everyone is asleep and

Everything is quiet and peaceful except for the occasional, rare car passing by and maybe he’ll find a place to sit and just think, or scrape together some change to buy something from a 7-11, or just wander around until the light of dawn starts to color the horizon. (Got carried away oops)

Lovesong!Geoff headcanons are the way to my heart. Yes he would absolutely do that. He finds amazing things and frames them with his hands and imagines the kinds of photographs he would take if he had a good camera. He finds rock walls to sit on and smoke. He sits still and waits for something to happen. It’s part of what he hates most about Washington–it’s too cold. Alabama was never too cold to do it, even in the middle of winter.


Cutscene Quality Keyweilders 


At least my mom and dad and my friends will know the best part of my choice, the most I’m allowed to tell them. They’ll know I chose you, and they’ll know we’re together. They’ll know I’m happy, wherever I am. I think that’s the best I can do for them.


The Signs as My Chemical Romance Lyrics
  • Aries:"This hole you put me in,
  • Wasn't deep enough,
  • And I'm climbing out right now.
  • You're running out of places,
  • To hide from me."
  • Taurus:"If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep.
  • Never let them take the light behind your eyes."
  • Gemini:"Sing it for the boys,
  • Sing it for the girls,
  • Every time that you lose it,
  • Sing it for the world."
  • Cancer:"I spent my high school career,
  • Spit on and shoved to agree,
  • So I could watch all my heroes,
  • Sell a car on TV."
  • Leo:"Everybody pay attention to me,
  • I got the answer,
  • I got the answer,
  • Street walking cheetah with a capital G,
  • So get your hands up."
  • Virgo:"And if you could talk to me,
  • Tell me if it's so,
  • That all the good girls go to Heaven."
  • Libra:"And I'll keep on making more,
  • Just to prove that I adore,
  • Every inch of sanity."
  • Scorpio:"If there's a place that I could be,
  • Then I'd be another memory,
  • Can I be the only hope for you?
  • Because you're the only hope for me."
  • Sagittarius:"Fall on your tongue,
  • Like pixie dust,
  • Just think happy thoughts,
  • And we'll fly home."
  • Capricorn:"If you marry me,
  • Would you bury me?
  • Would you carry me?
  • To the end."
  • Aquarius:"This ain't about all the friends you made,
  • But the graffiti they write on your grave."
  • Pisces:"The amount of pills I'm taking,
  • Counteracts the booze I'm drinking,
  • And this vanity I'm breaking,
  • Let's me live my life like this.
  • And well I find it hard to stay,
  • With the words you say,
  • Oh baby, let me in."

It’s 3am we’re in McDonalds and they’ve closed the loos for cleaning. Random dude needs a piss. Staff take ten minutes and three keys to open the disabled loo for him. Then a lady shows up needing to go and he gentlemenly allows her to go first. Then when she’s done the dozy thing shuts the door behind her. He almost cries. The staff look lost. I wander over and unlock it for him (the locks on dis loos are universal and if you’re crip’d you can own the key). He looks at me as if I am an angel. ‘HOLY FUCK, THE MAGIC KEY MAN, THE LORD OF THE KEYS’ he screams. When he’s finished he offers to buy me something; when I defer he babbles for minutes about how THE MASTER OF THE MAGIC KEY MUST BE REWARDED. So I cave and get a black coffee, which he takes to be the secret of my wizardry, once again proclaiming me his master. He then returns to his girlfriend, looks her right in the eye and says with the most pride I have ever heard: “If you need a piss I know a guy.”


 No one taught the boys how to cry so at any time that once thoracic, Carolina blue heartflood swam up, threatened to drown each adam’s apple, they shoved knuckles so far thrown their mouths, their pupils dilated to dying Cepheids. They made dams tagging one elbow into another in a daisy chain of ulnas, they sat on dark-fucked piers watching the Chinese fishing nets rise from the water’s shattered chest, knicked Marlboro lights from cursing uncles, spat out pirate shanties to fill the gaping wounds of orphaned potholes. The boys grew up at the speed of bamboo trees; same willow bent; same excruciating pain when they got under your fingernails. They whetted their spines into tar-tipped arrows; learned how to hug and hunt from a squad of fleatown mutts in the redlight area. When the boys asked their fathers about girls, they were handed a still-hooked, wriggling fish, a kitchen knife and a bottle of bejois brandy.At night, the boys snuck into the only trumpery cinema where the usher knew them because he was one of them. Slouched on the skeleton of each cheap seat, they watched chiffon-draped breasts rise and fall against the pastel saris as if poori breads at their mother’s greasy woks. During the interval, they ran forensics on the history of each stain – this : semen, this : sweat, this : tobacco. Tears leave no trace, the boys giggled as they carved the incorrect spellings of their names next to exaggerated pictures of their teen cocks on the back of each drooping chair. Outside, the vendetta of rain pummeled each thatched roof till it gave in. The boys huddled under the temple’s haggard staircase, at a distance lightning needled through a panic-bullied cow, lifted it up for inspection – a diamante or a clove of white garlic - & slammed it back to the ground. The boys pushed their wet faces close to each other, a sharp vinegar dissolving their guts – each a corpse of shame, each a mantra for mourning.

Scherezade Siobhan

[ENG SUB] WGM Gong Seung Yeon & Lee Jong Hyun couple ep. 4 English Subs FULL (We Got Married episode 266)


Seung Yeon and Jong Hyun - Japan Vacation Continues

The two continued their Japan vacation by taking a train to Nagoya, where Jonghyun had rented a traditional Japanese dwelling for them to stay in. They took pictures and got closer on the bullet train ride. Jonghyun decided to make a move by asking for Seungyeon’s hands to tell her fortune. The response of everyone around?

They arrived in Nagoya and entered the room, but were shocked when they arrived. There was only one bedroom with the beds in the center. Seungyeon hesitantly asked if they are sleeping here tonight. The two changed into yukatas and washed up, both showing their no-makeup faces. When the lights went out, what kind of things happened?

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PART 1  | PART 2 | PART 3 |

Consecrating a Ring

Here’s an old consecration ritual for a Witch’s Ring - traditionally, a ring of significance which was worn for power during ritual. This would be lovely to do near Litha, as the element of fire will be at the forefront of the day.

Take your ring (be sure it is metal, or another non-flammable material), and place it on a metal chain. Gather a middling amount of cedar wood, and light it in a shallow, non-flammable pan - as always, have a bag of sand on hand in case, to put it out. The fire should curl up just over the top of your shallow pan, but not reach the edges (if this happens, you’ve got too much wood!).

Swing your ring through the fire on the chain, keeping your hand centered. As you do this, observe the flames around, through, and in your ring. Know that as your ring heats, the cedar purifies it, and the flames give it power.

Once you’re done, lift your ring by the chain up towards the moon in thanks. Place it on your altar until it cools, or alternatively lightly dip it in water with salt (be careful, as this may corrode some rings). Your ring is now ready as ritual jewelry!

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50 for narry. i trust you completely

50. Writer’s preference - baaaaad idea. but thank you!


“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

He has to scream to be heard, rain smattering against the ground and thunder roaring through the air to create a barrier between him and Harry, the street that is separating them spanning out like an endless ocean as Niall impatiently puts his hands on his hips.

“It’s, what, six seconds between each lighting and the following bout of thunder?” he shouts, very indifferent to the concert they’ve got the following evening as his voice cracks a little from the effort. “Which means we’re a rough mile away which in turn means that your hair is gonna get fried soon.”

“Think the buildings are gonna take the hit, Nialler,” Harry shouts back, less forceful, slow and steady. Niall didn’t think he was listening - is pleasantly surprised to find out that he’s got the power to break through Harry’s daze no matter what he’s caught up in in that distracted mind of his. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

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Nate Maloley Imagine for Jeanine

You whip your head over at Nate, causing him to smirk and turn his eyes back to the road.

You have been catching him staring at you four times now, and you started to get self conscious.

“What?” you asked, letting out a small laugh.

He smiled, turning on his blinker and swerving into the other lane. (a/n; like me yo)

“Nothing, you’re just beautiful,” he replied, watching your cheeks turn light pink.

“Oh, than- WE’RE HERE!” you cut yourself off, pointing to the sign that read ‘Disneyland.’

“Woah, woah babe. You almost jumped out the window,” he grabbed your hand, laughing.

You smiled as he drove in and parked in the lot.

After a long, hot walk, you both finally got to the entrance. He paid for your tickets, and you walked in swinging your intertwined hands.

“So what first?” He asked, but you were already pulling him over to one of the rides.

One of the employees told you that there would be a two hour wait from where you were. Nate let out a groan, and tried to convince you to do something else.

“But babe, this is my favorite,” you poured your lip, trying to hold back a smile as your wrapped your arms around his torso. “Please?”

He sighed, rolling his eyes playfully. “Fine, but only because your cute Jeanine.”

After about an hour, you were bored from the line moving so slowly.

“You wait here, I’m going to get some Mickey ears,” you told him. He chuckled and pulled out a twenty, handing it to you.

“I want sparkly ones,” he joked. You smirked and snaked your way through the gates that formed the line.

Ten minutes later, you came back holding two pairs of ears.

“Here you go Skate,” you put the sparkly ones on his head. “Aw, you look you cute.”

“You don’t take sarcasm very well, huh babe?” he grabbed your hands and pulled you in for a quick kiss.

Six hours later and a very tired Nate, you dragged him by his hand to the beach that was right by Disneyland.

“Hold on babe,” he stopped you, “stay here.” You nodded and sat down on a bench as he walked over to a small Disney shop on the board walk. You took this time to check your phone, and he came back a couple minutes later. He had on a grey sweatshirt that said ‘I’m her Mickey’ and he held out a matching smaller one that read ‘I’m his Minnie’.

“Oh my god, these are so cute!” You squealed, getting up and hugging him. You pulled the hoodie over your head and looked down at it. “I love you,” you told him.

You both continued walking towards the beach as he had his arms wrapped around you.

“Somehow I’m sure they’ll both end up being yours,” he told you, looking down.

“Hey, I love your hoodies,” you laughed.

You slid off your shoes once your reached the sand, taking off running.

“Race you to the water!” You yelled at him, as he caught up to you and scooped you up over his shoulder.

“P- put me, down,” you managed to get out in between fits of giggles. As soon as you knew it, your back hit the warm water and you fell under the surface. He dived in next to you, and you splashed him once you resurfaced.

“Idiot,” you muttered.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot, right?” He asked, grabbing the back of your thighs and hoisting you up. He twirled your around in the water a bit.

“Right,” you confirmed, pressing your lips to his.

“I love you so much, Jeanine,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against your once you pulled away.

“I love you too, Nathan,” you smiled, running your finger through his damp hair. He closed the gap I between you again, ending the day perfectly.


a/n; i know i know, this sucked & wasn’t my best. but i hope you somewhat enjoyed it (:

but if u would like a personal imagine, please leave a few things when u request;


•physical description (optional, just makes it more personal)

•personality (optional, just makes it more personal)

•scenario/idea for the imagine


preference ideas; OPEN

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have a great day/night my loves. and just know that if u ever need someone to listen or ever to need to talk/rant or just need a friend, im always here for u. love u all ♡

Jack Johnson

-this is fluff. fluffy fluff. like this is so cute. AWE jj is just IYUJLETF  AWEE okay hope you enjoy-

“Babe, toss me the Hot Cheetos.” Jack says to you. You and him were having a day to yourselves. He’s been working really hard lately and Gilinsky thought it was a good idea to let you and him relax together. Of course you agreed. “Mmhm.” you say grabbing the bag, taking a few out before handing the bag to him. “Thanks (y/n).” “Yup.” you replied with a smile. He grabbed your hand, interlocked your fingers with his, and kissed the back of your hand. 

“You know I love you right?” He said. “Of course I do babe. Why?” You turned to face him. “I don’t know.. I just feel like I don’t tell you enough.” He says looking down. “I really do love you (y/n). Like I don’t think you understand.” His eyes filled with passion. You loved when he got like this; his cheeks red, his pearly white teeth glistening in the light, his voice cracking, his eyes a deep shade of blue. You was so in love with you. He’d babble on about it for hours if you’d let him. 

“Everything about you, (y/n), makes me happy, from your hair, to your smile, to your big beautiful eyes, everything. You are absolutely perfect. I have no clue why you picked me out of all the men on this earth, but I’m incredibly happy did…” He paused looking down at his hands, twiddling his fingers. “I love you.” He said simply. You leaned into him, kissing him. “I love you too, Johnson.” a tear falling from your eyes..


The feeeellsssss omfg i love jack j so much. request imagines? i’ll get to you asap ♥ 


Day 15: The Siren Drum

As the room begins to clear out, you lean into Smith as she starts to gun around the corner and whisper to you. “If we go this way, we might be able to catch her-”

“I already got it.” You mutter into her ear, and as she whirls around in shock, you pull her closer. “Which way is the courtyard?”

She points, but stands with her painted lips agape as you take her hand and lead her and Rider out the back of the manor and into the courtyard. A few guests have opted to come out this way and stroll until the first course is called for, but other than that there is not much of any note. You scan the horizon as the sun continues to set, lighting up Glass City in a glow of greens and blues that echo across the endless canals. It is beautiful, yes, but what are you looking for?

As you remain dazzled by the sight, you hear a muffled pounding begin in the distance. There is thumping not unlike that of some sort of drum, but with more tone and more synth - is it music? There’s enough rhythm infecting you for it to seem that way. What the King of Chalices said about sound - about music, she was a musician, wasn’t she - strikes you and you immediately start heading in the direction of the source of the noise.

“Hey! We shouldn’t go too far!” Smith races to catch up with you as you peel off, and you shake your head.

“We’re supposed to be guided by the sound. There’s music over this way, can’t you hear?”

Rider, ever the loyal companion, stares at you like you’ve lost it but complies with your command. You briefly wonder if Smith is about to abandon you in favor of the party, but whether she comes knowing that she won’t get far without your abilities or she comes for your sake, she half stomps, half runs towards you.

“Well, be careful…” She grabs your hand and you slow down just a bit, for her sake. The music can wait.

It gets louder, but it does not get louder fast - you make your way through several aquatic gardens and through the manor gates and onto the street before you can even get a true sense of what the song sounds like. It is highly digital and heavy and you can nearly feel it before you can hear it. It echoes through the glass cobblestones like a siren call and you can practically feel the atmosphere split around you, the stuffiness of the upper courts give way to something more real, something more primal…

It is almost half a mile until you come to the clearing, and it is dark by the time you arrive. The clearing is a massive island, you can see from up on a hill, surrounded by sunken-in canals - the real sea is in the glowing neon lights and the mess of twisted, tangled people washing over each other to the beat of the heavy drumming. You are on fire and mellow as water at the same time, a dull flame and a crash of ocean water at once.

“A rave…” Rider is the first one to name it, taking your arm as he studies the wash of dancing teenagers aglow beneath the flashing lights.

Smith stiffens. “It’s Glass City’s kids. All their parents are at the dinner, I bet you anything. They might not be friendly.”

“They won’t notice us.” You assure her as you start down the hill, waiting for whatever you’re supposed to find to materialize. True to your word, the sea parts to envelop you with little concern for who you are once you approach and you feel both Rider and Smith (you hope) cling to you as you submerge into the sound. You push your way through as the music - now complete with melody, voices, harmonies, with the life of the drum at the core - rocks you, until you can come to somewhere with a clearer vantage, emerging with a breath for air.

“Something’s going to be here.” You shout to your friends, screaming louder than the base, screaming louder than the world around you. “The King said so. This is where we need to be.”

A drunk girl throws herself in your direction and Rider catches her as gently as he is able, escorting her back into the arms of her friends as he stays on high alert. Something in his eyes looks more nervous than usual, however - you can see it every time the strobe lights up and you look in his direction. You just wish you knew what he was looking at.

Then, Smith seizes your arm. She turns you around in the crowd and points, and as the base drops and the rave lights up, you see what she sees - Waite, with their unmistakable glasses and hair, is far off with a group of younger kids in a clearing.

“Hey!” Without thinking, you tear off towards them, yelling their name - they do not seem to notice you, but separate from the kids and start to walk off alone. You barrel through the crowd again, moving disjointed and disoriented teenagers out of your way without much thought as to whether or not your friends are at your side. There is something about the energy here that intoxicates you and you can’t help but feel the world spin - but the Six of Pentacles is in view and you cannot let them out of your grasp, not again…

Waite is still walking, deaf to your cries, and you marvel over how their pace can still outdo your rush when you feel yourself getting dragged to a stop. Rider has grabbed onto your shoulders and his expression is terrified - he starts to pull you off into the opposite direction and back into the crowd.

“No! This way!” You pontificate wildly in Waite’s direction but Rider shakes his head, his eyes lit up in fear - he yells something that you cannot make out. He gestures you back towards him and when your feet stay planted, the crowd sucks him in and away.

“Rider!” Your heart starts pounding, but he doesn’t seem to come back for you. You turn and see that Waite is nearly out of your line of sight entirely.

Looks like you, again, have a choice.

Day 15 Spread: Your Consequences

This challenge can be done either from the perspective of you for yourself, or you as a character. This challenge may be done for someone else if desired.

Guest spread by the wonderful teapot-heart-scales. Her blog is great and she’s also started coming up with some really cool #tarotpocalypse headcanons re: gender identity, sexuality and disability. Thank you for contributing! 

1: Where have your actions led you so far?

2:  Where will they continue to lead you if you do not change your course?

3: What other paths can you take?

If desired, you may vote here to influence the Diviner into following either Rider or Waite. Voting will close at 8 PM EST 4/17. 

#Tarotpocalypse Master Post

The Beatles Sentence Prompts
  • “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
  • “I’m sorry that I made you cry.”
  • “I’m just a jealous guy.”
  • “In my life, I love you more.”
  • “She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry.”
  • “I wanna hold you hand.”
  • “Do you want to know a secret?”
  • “Do you promise not to tell?”
  • “Living is easy with eyes closed.”
  • “It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out.”
  • “You’ve got to hide your love away.”
  • “I read the news today, oh boy.”
  • “I saw the photograph.”
  • “He blew his mind out in a car; he didn’t notice that the light had changed.”
  • “I’d love to turn you on.”
  • “Got a good reason for taking the easy way out?”
  • “It took me so long to find out.”
  • “Please believe me, I’ll never do you no harm.”
  • “You never give me your money.”
  • “I’ve just seen a face, I can’t forget the time or place where we just met.”
  • “I want all the world to see we’ve met.”
  • “Life goes on.”
  • “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.”
  • “Here comes the sun.”
  • “Do you need anybody?”
  • “I want somebody to love.”
  • “Does it worry you to be alone?”
  • “Imagine there’s no heaven.”
  • “Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”
  • "Carve your number on my wall."
  • "Think for yourself, cause I won't be there with you."
  • "Half of what I say is meaningless."