Fucket List

fwb series

Your friends with benefits relationship with Calum had only lasted two days so far but you knew this was the best decision you’ve made in a while. All of your friend group was scheduled to go to this silly concert on the cruise ship you were on. You and Calum both were dreading going because it honestly sounded like the most boring two hours ever. You were currently walking beside Ash and his girlfriend talking about the amazing dinner you just had when Calum comes out of nowhere and whispers in your ear.

“What do you say we make tonight interesting?” His smirk told you that maybe this concert wouldn’t be so boring after all.

Of course Cal somehow got a seat right next to you and when the show began the lights dimmed out and you immediately felt a hand on your thigh. You didn’t want to just give in to his wants so you tried to move your leg further from his hand just to bother him. However he wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, he squeezed your thigh and slipped his hand under your sundress. Another one of your great decisions was bringing tons of sundresses on this cruise, it allowed for easy access and that was all you wanted.

He kept teasing you by drawing shapes with his pointer finger all around your upper thigh for a good ten minutes. Then when he made sure the music got really loud, he snapped the band of your panties against your body. Right after he slipped a finger underneath and began rubbing your clit.

You were so shocked he actually was touching you in public in front of everyone, when he mentioned making it interesting you thought you’d just go to the bathroom or something. It felt so dirty knowing that you were getting off while all of these people were sitting around you, anyone could be watching. After a few minutes of him rubbing you, you’d had enough teasing.

You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’ll be in the ladies room if you need me.” Quickly, you stood up and got out of everyone’s way as you made your way to the bathrooms. You expected to have a few moments to yourself before Cal came in so it wasn’t so obvious but as soon as you shut the door it was burst wide open.

He immediately pushed your back towards the wall and put his lips to yours, he was harsh and fast. He was exactly what you needed. His hands soon came up to the straps of your sundress and slid them off your shoulders. He tilted his lips back to catch his breath and let your foreheads rest against each other. For a few seconds he just watched his hands move across your skin, shoulders, arms, hips, until finally he focused back on your face and cupped it to pull your lips back to his. After a quick kiss he then slid your dress down all the way and stepped back to look at you.

“Baby girl you’re just so pretty I can’t help myself.”

“Then why don’t you do something about it?”

This was his cue to jump on you again, he continued at his fast pace and continued undressing you until you were completely naked. He started rubbing your clit again and could feel how wet you were. His smirk sent sparks up your spine and you started to pull at his tshirt.

“It’s not fun being naked alone, join me.”

That was all he needed to rip his shirt off and begin unbuckling his pants. When he was finally naked you both reached for each other and started making out again. Both of your pairs of hands were wandering all over each other’s bodies. Yours landed at their end location first. When you first grabbed Calum’s dick he let out a very frustrated groan. You started rubbing him down and he lost all control. His head leaned back and he had his arms wrapped around you, clinging to you. It wasn’t long before he started whispering dirty things into your ear.

“Wait baby, wanna cum inside that pretty pussy.”

You slowed down and he grabbed your hips to sit you up on the bathroom counter. He lined himself up with you and kissed you while he rubbed up and down your slit with his head. You couldn’t help but whine, you were so tired of the teasing.

“Cal please I need you I wanna feel you inside of me I just need you so bad please.”

That was enough for him, he slipped himself inside of you and you both immediately moaned out. He quickly picked up the pace, you had to grab onto the counters to keep from slamming into the mirror behind you. Cal was fucking you so good you couldn’t help but be so loud. You bit down on his shoulder to keep from having security come knock on the door. Both of your moans and groans were becoming louder as you got closer to your climaxes.

“Fuck baby you’re so tight around me feels so good. You like when I fuck you like this yea? I’m so close, gonna cum all inside of you.”

Calum’s dirty talk was quite possibly the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. Just by those words you were set off and started clenching around his cock. You let out an even louder moan as you gripped onto his shoulders to keep him close to you. He kept rocking into you during your orgasm and you saw stars. He came soon after you and then he pulled out and you guys caught your breath while pulling back on your clothes.

“During a concert, that’s a new one for the list.”

“Oh so there’s a list now?”

“Of course it’s titled “Y/N and Calum’s fucket list.”

You just rolled your eyes and sighed at him before exiting the bathroom to see the concert was actually over. Whoops.

this is a call out post to this bitchass mosquito in my room. come out of hiding and fight me how u gon hold up against a chunky heel motherfucker!! I’m bringing out the big guns and what do u got??? an annoying buzzing sound and a very strong upper hand I am TERRIFIED

Imagine #49 Potential Love (Max Domi)

I was so nervous. Today was not only my first day at a new job, but my first time interviewing a professional athlete. I had just taken a new job out in Arizona working for a local newspaper. I was truly going to hit the ground running, as I was supposed to interview hockey player Max Domi. My boss wanted a piece on young professional athletes living in the city, to shed a light on the “hip” places to hang out.

I was supposed to meet Max at an upscale restaurant at 4 o’clock. I got to the restaurant first, so I grabbed a seat on the patio so I could see him coming.

“Hey, I’m Max, are you Y/N?” He asked, walking up to the table.

“Yeah, I am. It’s nice to meet you. Have a seat.” I said, shaking his hand and motioning toward the chair across from mine.  HE nodded and took a seat.

“I’m really sorry I’m late. There was more traffic than expected.” He apologized as he glanced through the menu.

“No worries, It’s literally only 4:03. You’re not that late.” I said with a laugh.

He smiled. “I just have a thing about being punctual. I feel like it’s disrespectful to be late, especially for something relating to work.” He responded.

Damn, what a stand up thing to say. Maybe he wasn’t your typical athlete.

“I can understand that. I’m the same way. You care if I get started?” I asked.

“No, go for it! What are we here to talk about today?” He asked, taking a sip of his water.

“Well, kind of a strange topic. What we are looking for is to really learn about your favorite places to hang out in the city, and just what you like about living here.” I told him.

“Well, probably the same places you hang out and the same things you like about living here. All the young people really hang out in the same places. We seem about the same age?” He questioned.

“Yeah we are about the same age, you’ve got a few years on me though” I said with a smile, getting lost in his eyes. I snapped back into things when the waitress came over to take our orders. “But I’m actually new here. I just moved out here a few weeks ago, so you’ll have to fill me in on where to hang out.” I finished after we placed our dinner orders.

“Ahh, new in town. I see. What brought you out here, if you don’t mind me asking?” He asked.

“I have some family out here. I’m originally from Boston, I just finished up law school at Harvard. My cousin hooked me up with this job, it’s just something to hold me over and pay off my loans and get a real job at a firm.” I said, playing with the straw in my water glass.

“Wow, a smart girl, I like it.” He said with a smile, making eye contact with me. I blushed. “But about those places to hang out..” He continued. He listed off several places and I wrote them down.

“Well, I think that’s all I need. Thanks for your time, I know that was kind of a weird set of questions.” I told him, trying to wrap things up.

“No problem, you’re welcome. Are you opposed to staying and hanging out for a little? We should order some dessert and keep talking. You’re pretty intriguing, not going to lie. I want to know more about law school.” He said. I smiled.

“Yeah, that would be really nice. I’ll stay.” I answered, relaxing back in my chair and picking up a dessert menu.

“okay, so we are getting chocolate cake and I want to hear your life story.” He said with a laugh.

“Alright, that’s fine. But I want to hear your story too, Domi.”

He rolled his eyes. “Alright, fine. I don’t think mine will be as interesting as yours.”

“I doubt that!” I laughed.


We stayed and talked at the restaurant for about 3 hours. Everything from our families to our favorite color. We had such a nice time together.

“Would it be okay if I got your number? I’d really love to see you again. I had a great time tonight.” Max said as we were leaving.

“Yeah, definitely. You’ll have to show me around the city more.” I said, punching my number into his phone.

“I’d love to. It’s a date… say tomorrow at 4?” He proposed.

“How about 4:03 to be exact?” I joked.

He let out a laugh. “Okay, perfect. 4:03. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”

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A knock on the door woke Noel from his sleep, which wasn’t much of a surprise as his insomnia had been acting up again– any real sleep he got was light and often restless. He slowly got out of bed and padded over, shirtless and messy-haired, wearing only a pair of black boxer-briefs, and pulled the door open. Seeing the petite blonde standing in the hallway caught him off guard, but he ran a hand through his hair and immediately let the door fall open a little more. “Stella,” he said, almost a question. “Are you okay? What time is it?”

REQUEST: Hi, could you write a seb imagine in which he is 120% smitten with y/n and loves cuddling and kissing her and gets insecure about being away from her, maybe afraid she’ll leave him?


One word that always went through your mind when you thought about being in the position that you were in.

The contact of his warm skin on yours. The feelings that you got whenever he would tighten his grip on you or move closer to you during the night out of habit.

You woke up earlier than Sebastian did that morning. The sun had just rose and it was casting light into the bedroom. The weather was supposed to be beautiful.

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Stealing Stars (bucky x reader)

request: hey can I have a Bucky imagine where the readers dad doesn’t approve of Bucky because of his dangerous past? you can figure out the rest, love your writing thanks!

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

a/n: i got way way way carried away with this one because i loved the idea for the request so thank you for sending it in! keep them requests coming guys!

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@iselwinshadewind @asapannie

The stars above the buildings of Washington D.C sparkled in the sky like a thousand flickering bulbs, each of them lighting and dimming as they shined against the blackness of the night. A soft shiver rolled over you as you stood on the rooftop of your apartment block, your hands clasped around a molten cup of sweet coffee but the rippling cold that wavered through the air was slowly making the warmth trickle from your body.

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Harry Thoughts #5

Cheering you up

•Preparing your favourite meal before you get home

•Lighting lots of candles and diming the light for a cozy atmosphere

•Welcoming you with a big hug and lots of kisses with a few, I missed you’s in between

•Telling you funny stories out of his day

•A cuddly bath

•He even got a lush bath bomb before you got home

•Cuddling on the couch with your head in his lap and his Hand in your hair

•Starting tickle fights when you start to fall asleep

•Telling you his worst “knock knock” jokes

•Showing you pics that he took of the boys while they weren’t looking

•"Babe, look at this video of that cute little puppy"

•Blowing raspberrys on your neck when you try to nuzzle into his chest

•Weirdly dancing with you in the living room to really old songs

•Inviting all your friends over for a long needed suprise sleepover party

•Karaoke session, where he sings extra badly to make you laugh

•A bike riding tour through the park nearby

•Making flower crowns for each other

•"You should wear them more often babe, make you look like a princess"

•Treating you to a huge ice sundae

•Old-fashioned make-out session with lots of butt grabbing before bed

Schooling Pride: Part 23

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It was dark out pretty early, but even so Ellie had gotten a late start.  It was about ten thirty when she parked mom’s car outside of the highschool, under one of the lights. It might be her hometown, but that didn’t mean she was gonna be stupid about it.  Bathed in the bright halo of pale yellow-white, she stepped out, regretting the lack of snow again this year.  It sucked, but it only seemed to snow like once every three years or something, anyways.

Maybe there’d be some when she got back to school.

Shoving her hands in the pockets of her coat, she started trudging across the small parking lot, eyes fixed on the sky overhead.  Even with the lot lights, she could still see the stars.  She’d missed them, it was nice to be away from all the light pollution and noise, even if ironically, she already missed that too.  

“Well, I’ll just have to live in both places one day.”  She decided out loud, wandering up to the darkened front entrance to the school.

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Assumptions - Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you make a Shawn imagine where he gets jealous because he thinks theres something going on with y/n and Nash?!

Requested by: Anon

“Nash!” I shout, running through the crowded room.

“Y/n!” He yells back, throwing his arms out, inviting me in. I run into his arms as he twirls me around. “It’s been forever! How have you been? You look well.” I smile as I let go of him.

“I’ve been really good! I got to see some family last week which was fun! But otherwise it’s same old, same old. What about you? How’s acting going?” Nash’s face lights up.

“Y/n, it’s what I was born to do. I can just feel it. Everything feels so right now, I feel like I finally found where I belong. It’s just,” he runs his hand through his hair, letting out a soft sigh. “I’m finally doing something I love.” I embrace him into me again.

“I’m so proud of you.” I murmur into his chest. Nash lets out of throaty laugh.

“My, my. Would that be Shawn Mendes, right in front of my eyes?” Nash jokes, shaking Shawn’s hand as he gets closer.

“The one and only.” He laughs, wrapping his arm around my waist protectively. And it begins. I sigh to myself. “So Nash, y/n and I’s anniversary is coming up soon. We are going to be having a small party. Do you want to come?” Nash shoves his hands into his pockets and throws me a small smile.

“Of course, just text me the details and hopefully I’ve got nothing on.” He looks into the distance before throwing a wave in the air, clearly seeing someone he knows. “Um, I just saw Gilinsky and Johnson arrive so I’m going to go say hi, I’ll see you two around.” Nash quickly walks off, causing me to roll my eyes, I already know what Shawn is going to say.

“Y/n, care to explain what just happened?” Shawn asked, clenching his jaw.

“I would love too, Nash and I just saw each other for the first time in six months and we were catching each other up with what has been happening in each other’s lives and then you,” I pointed my finger in his direction, “Walked over, opened you’re mouth and acted like a complete ass!” I yell, but no-one but Shawn could hear me.

“And how is inviting Nash to our party making me an ass?” Shawn replies, getting angry.

“You dragged out the word anniversary, like you’re reminding him that we’re dating.” I take a deep breath. “We’ve known Nash for three years now, and we,” I point between Shawn and I. “Have been dating for almost two. Nash knows we are dating, so you don’t have to keep reminding him about it.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t cling to him like he just saved your life then maybe I wouldn’t have to say it.”

“Oh give it a break Shawn.”

“Is there something going on?” Shawn looks over at Nash and back at me. “Between you guys? Do you need to tell me something?” I roll my eyes and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Shawn, I am not dating Nash, for the past one year and eleven months I have been madly in love with you and only you. Please don’t forget that, I will never, never in a million years, leave you for your best friend.”

“I feel so dumb, I have a bad habit of assuming things. Honestly, let’s just forget this stupid argument ever happened.”

“What argument?” I wink, pulling his hand over to the dance floor.

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4 o’clock (Part 1)

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: angst, fluff, bestfriend!AU

Word Count: 5′570

Summary: A conversation that solely happened at 4 o'clock, or having a best friend at the other end of the country sucks.

a/n: It took me nearly three months to finish the story. I hope you like it. I’ll post the next part tomorrow.

Originally posted by jungkooz

Part 2 / Part 3

4 A.M – Tuesday

The night was chilly and the early spring air made you shudder slightly. You wrapped the blanked you brought with you, tighter around your shoulders and held your hands to your mouth, to blow hot air on your frozen fingers.

The light got brighter and sunrise was just around the corner. You sat in your favourite place, under the bridge near your house. You always came here when the world didn’t work in your favour or you just needed a place to think.

The clouds were a light blue and stud out to the still dark sky. It made the water shimmer with a slight silver touch and you heard the first birds to start their morning musical.

Your sleeping activity has not been like this for the last couple of weeks. It was rather normal right now and you didn’t actually understand yourself what brought you out a two o’clock in the morning.

Your thoughts were too loud. You couldn’t stand staying in your warm bed all alone any longer. So you got up. You grabbed a blanked, your phone and your notebook, but you couldn’t get any writing down. Your mind was too messed up.

And now there was something itching in your fingertips as the clock was ticking to four in the morning.

You picked up your phone, searching for a contract info and your finger hovered over the calling button.

He probably was asleep.

Even though he told you to hit him up whenever you could not sleep, when your thoughts threatened to eat you up, you hesitated, not wanting him to be annoyed by you. Also you hadn’t actually had something to tell him.

Of course there was this undeniable wish of hearing his voice, but you also wanted him to tell you to go the fuck to sleep.

Out of boredom you opened the Facebook app instead and scrolled through your feed, without actually recognizing the pictures your friends uploaded, until his face looked right at you. You recognized the picture, since you were the one who took it.

It was a few weeks back when you last saw each other. You had spent a beautiful night together, just walking around and talking. So when he told an especially funny story and couldn’t help himself to laugh out loud, you thought he looked too cute with his bunny smile and snapped a picture with your Polaroid. He afterwards pleaded that he could keep the picture because he thought he looked ugly in it, even though you reassured him that he looked handsome as always.

You grinned to yourself, when you saw, that even though he made such a big drama, he now had it as his profile picture.

Your smile became even wider when you read the caption.

I want to go back to this perfect night <3 was written there.

You clicked the like button and scrolled on, but your thoughts were still on this night.

You hadn’t seen each other for months. He obviously had a busy life with his school liabilities and your life wasn’t any less exhausting with your two part time jobs and university. But one day you just missed him too much so you packed your bags, travelled through the country and surprised him by standing unannounced in front of his door.  

You were too deep in thoughts, that when your phone vibrated in your hand, you startled and let it fall on your lap.

And you were even more surprised, that a he once again was staring at you from your phone, this time from a weird selca he once sent you when you felt down. His name was written over his forehead and it took you a second to realize that he was calling you.

“Jungkook, why are you calling? It’s four am. You should be sleeping!” Your voice was rough, considering you hadn’t used it since the early evening, when you talked to your roommate.

His chuckle was also rather hoarse when it sounded through your phone right into your heart and you felt home.

Having a best friend at the other end of the country was probably the worst thing in your life.

Jungkook had to move to Seoul four years ago when his father was transferred there. The memory of the day he left is still fresh in your brain. You had cried so much and only calmed down a little when Jungkook pulled you in a tight embrace and promised you that you’ll always be his best friend and that he’ll call you as soon as they arrived. He kept all of his promises, but you could not say that you don’t miss him even if you did talk a lot.

He cleared his throat. “I could ask you the same, Y/N” his voice was deep and full of sleep and you laughed. “I couldn’t sleep. What is your excuse to be awake at this hour, sweetheart?” you heard the grin in his voice when he called you by the pet name he only uses at times when he has something on his mind. There were a lot of little things that Jungkook did and you were the only one who understood all of them, and vice versa.  

In the moment you wanted to answer him a police car drove by, the sirens screaming loud in your ear. You put your hand over it to muffle the sounds. “You’re not a home?” Jungkook sounds surprised and it was only then that you heard water rushing through the phone, which could only mean that he himself wasn’t at home either.

“No, I’m at the bridge” you said. “Where are you?” you quickly asked him. You knew he knew what the bridge meant to you. He’s been here with you countless times. He’d listened to your pains and fears enough to understand what it meant when you were at the bridge.

He seemed to hesitate. When he answered a short “me too” you understood very well that he also couldn’t sleep because something was threatened to eat him from the inside.

“I actually thought about calling you just yet. But I thought you were asleep and didn’t wanted to wake you up.” You sniffled. The air got even colder and you wished you had worn one more sweater to accompany the two others already wrapped around your shoulders.

“No, sweetheart you know you can always call me. I would never be annoyed by you.” Jungkook sounded as if he would fall asleep any minute and you barked a short laugh again.

“Well it was nice hearing your voice anyway. I think we kind of have a telepathic communication though. But I’ll go home now. It’s getting cold.” You sniffled again.

Jungkook chuckled lightly. “Yeah me too. How long where you there anyways?” “A little bit over two hours.”

You packed your stuff and made your way home.

Jungkook stayed on the phone till you opened the door to your apartment. You didn’t talk much but it was nice anyhow to know he was here being worried about you. When you whispered a bye into the phone to not wake up your roommate he mumbled a “sleep well, sweetheart” back and you heard the tired smile in his voice.


4 A.M – Thursday

The phone rang three times before you heard the soft click and Jungkook hummed sleepily. “Did you know that if you ever get attacked by a crocodile you have to dive deep down into the water?” “What?” Jungkook sounded dazed and you figured that this time you really did wake him up from sleep.

“Yeah, they are short-sighted so they won’t see you that well in the probably really dirty water.” You talked very loudly on purpose and grinned to yourself when you heard Jungkook groaning.

“Why should I ever get attacked by a crocodile?” Jungkooks sleepy brain didn’t comprehend your jumpy thoughts well and you just laughed to yourself and decided to change the subject.

“Sorry to wake you up, mate. My brain was screaming once again and I figured the only way to shut it up was by giving it what it wanted and that seemed to be hearing your voice.” The hours that you spend awake where you should’ve slept made you extremely honest, but you had no time to feel embarrassed because Jungkooks sluggish laugh let your thoughts wander to one night too many weeks ago.

He had called you right around the time when you wanted to go to sleep. He was laughing but he couldn’t tell you what was so funny. He was just laughing and you were laughing with him for nearly twenty minutes. Afterwards you had Taehyung on the phone who told you that they found old pictures of Yoongi and Namjoon, while they cleaned up their dorm, which did not explain a thing but you let them be and went to sleep.

Jungkooks laugh was one of those things that always made you feel better and hearing it now made your stiff limbs sing.

“What is going on?” Jungkook was still chuckling and you too where now snickering.

“I don’t know actually but I had so much work on the computer to do today so I think I’m having way too much energy to sleep.” Even though you just said that a yawn slipped over your lips and you heard the grin in Jungkooks voice when he mumbled a “liar”

Nothing felt as easy as talking to Jungkook. It didn’t matter what you’d talk about, where you are or what time it was. It always felt as if you finally could say anything you wanted and didn’t have to feel ashamed of your feelings. So when you told him a lot of random stuff Jungkook just listened. You sometimes heard him chuckle or puff out a breath. He asked the right questions and so you just told him about your day, Hayi your roommate, your work and how your dad won’t stop bugging you about visiting them soon.

At one point the line got too quiet so you called out his name. There was no answer and when you listened closely you heard Jungkooks deep breaths that indicated that he fell asleep on you.

You panted out a breathy laugh and murmured a “geez this kid” before you ended the call and turned to your side.

This wasn’t the first time this happened. Jungkook always put you first, listening to you when you needed him even if he was as tired as he was apparently right now.

When you woke up the next morning you had four new text messages.

Jungkookie: oh my god… I’m so sorry

Jungkookie: I fell asleep

Jungkookie: I’m such a terrible friend.. please dont hate me now

Jungkookie: …what did we even talk about?

You chuckled lightly and messaged him back. Even though it sucked him being that far away, he clearly made up for it.


4 P.M – Sunday

The sun shone warmly on your face as you sat outside the coffee shop. Today you took a much-needed break from your studying and enjoyed the warm spring weather with a coffee and a good book.

The tables around you were packed with people who had probably the same thought as you. Some of them were working on their laptops others were just chatting.

There was a street musician just across the street. He played mostly Beatles songs and you happily placed your book away and closed your eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the music.

You nearly dozed off when your phone vibrated next to your still steaming hot cappuccino. You rubbed your eyes and stretched out your arms before you reached for your phone and answered the call.

His voice filled your ear in a long whine and you felt yourself smiling right away. “Y/N, I’m so bored!” Jungkook sounded muffled as if his face was pressed in a cushion.

“What are you doing? Please tell me something, entertain me.” “Are you alone?” you asked with an amused chuckle. “Yes, the others went out to eat but I already ate. Now I’m all alone and no one is here to talk to me.” Jungkook was still whining cutely. “What do you want me to do? I’m not doing anything either.” It had been a long time since Jungkook behaved like this, like a spoiled child. You found it amusing. “Liar. I can hear people talking around you.” “Well yes, I’m in a coffee shop. I wanted to read actually, enjoy the sun, but the warm weather made me sleepy, so I was just dozing off when you called” you explained.

“Hmm” Jungkook didn’t sound convinced. “Read to me then” he commanded.

“Oh come on, people will think I’m some kind of weirdo if I read to myself here in the coffee shop.” Now it was your time to whine into his ear. Jungkook couldn’t help but silently smirk when he imagined your typical pout you always wore when you sounded like you did now.

“Oh hang on I got an idea” Jungkook called out then. “Remember Friday the 13th two years ago?”

“Yeah of course I do. You had me this close in believing in ghosts.” You scoffed angrily.

Jungkook just laughed at the memory. It had been a Friday in autumn when Jungkook was visiting you. You had strolled around till the early hours of the morning. At some point you made it to a nice little park in your neighbourhood and Jungkook started to tell you ghost stories. Even though you are not that easily frightened the long hours of the night and the adrenaline made it much easier for Jungkook to have you scared and when there were weird noises and he left you alone you nearly shit your pants. Jungkook thought it was hilarious, you didn’t talk to him for two days straight until he stood in front of your house with take-out and your favourite movie and didn’t want to leave until you accepted his apology. You’ve afterwards needed some time until you could finally go to the park again, but that’s something you never told Jungkook. He would probably laugh at you again.

“Why don’t you go there? There are never a lot of people who would see you reading to yourself” he now said and you heard the mocking smirk in his voice.

“Yeah your right. That’s a good idea.” You spoke plainly not wanting him to hear that you didn’t actually wanted to go there alone anymore. But with Jungkook in your ear it wouldn’t be that lonesome and scary anymore, so you grabbed your coffee and book and slowly walked the few blocks down to the small park.

You asked Jungkook about his day and he told you that he made plans to meet up with a few old friends from Busan in the next days. He sounded really excited about the upcoming reunion. You were happy for him, because he told you a lot of times he was quite lonely with only having his roommates and family around him. He was never that good in making friends, so when he met Taehyung and Jimin in high school, he was inseparable from them. In university his friend-group expanded with four more guys. A year later they decided to move in together. You’ve been to his dorm after that and you had to admit that they were really tidy for seven guys living together.

His hyungs were there whenever you could not, but you knew, even if he did not tell you, that he still misses his friends from Busan.  

When you made it to the park no one was there and you sat on a bench in the far end. You took a sip from your coffee and began reading out loud to him. It wasn’t something you did often and because of your nervousness you got a lot of words mixed up. But when Jungkook hummed and sleepily said it was okay after you said sorry for the may be 10th time, you became more sure of what you were doing.

It was a funny book and Jungkook laughed in your ear when you made different voices for the characters. He was an animated listener and you could have sworn that you heard him swallow a sob when the book took a sad turn.

You completely lost track of time and when you heard voices over the phone, which indicated that the others came back home after lunch, you already read to him for more than an hour.

“What are you doing?” you heard Namjoons voice over the receiver and Jungkook sounded sleepy when he answered: “Y/N is reading to me from her fantastic book.” You grinned to yourself when you heard the other boys starting to ask him questions and demanded to speak with you. When you heard Jungkook disclaim that you are his best friend and that they should fuck off, you laughed out loud and it ended in a cough. Only now you realized that your throat was dry from the reading and you took a big sip from your now cold coffee.

“I think we should end this now or you’ll lose your voice” Jungkook said and you heard the sheepish grin in his words. The voices of the other boys had disappeared. Jungkook had probably withdrawn himself to his room.

You cleared your throat. “Yeah probably. I should go home too anyway.”

“Good and please tell me how the story ended. I’m dying to know.”


4 A.M – Wednesday

There was a never-ending dark hallway. With every door you opened there was more blackness that came upon you. You screamed for help but no one answered you. You were all alone.

Then the scenery changed. You had opened one specifically heavy door and now you were in a big room and there was a small window on the other end. You ran towards it and saw people standing there, talking to each other, laughing. You punched against the glass and screamed until your throat hurt, but none of them listened, nobody cared about your desperation. They just continued to talk, slowly turned away and began to walk in the opposite direction. You cried out. Your knuckles were bloody from the punching and slamming.

Once again you were alone and the darkness began to crawl over you. It was pitch black and all over again you were in the dark hallway with no ending.

There was cold sweat on your forehead when you awoke from the nightmare. Your heart was beating hard and you panted loudly.

There were tears pooling in your eyes and a sob fell from your lips.

Your fingers were clammy when you searched for your phone between the sheets. When you got a hold of it you searched for the contact and clicked the call button before your mind really understood what you were doing.

You shivered when you waited for him to pick up. When he finally did and you heard the familiar humming of his voice you let out a breathy laugh, followed by the tears, which were now streaming down your cheeks. “Jungkook” you managed to say, your voice sounded broken. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Jungkook sounded alarmed and you heard rustling when he sat up in his bed.

“Nothing. I-I’m sorry. I-“ You tried to collect your thoughts, running your hand through your hair. “I just had an awful dream. Sorry I shouldn’t-I shouldn’t have called. It’s not important.” You nearly hung up again, but then Jungkooks voice called through the phone. “No sweetheart, it’s no problem really. Stay, tell me about it, or not. I’m here if you want to talk.” His voice was full of sleep and sounded so warm, so you took a deep breath and wiped away your tears. “Why don’t you make yourself a hot cocoa and tell me what you dreamed about?” Jungkook still sounded worried but hearing his voice calmed you down, so you did as he told you, got up and went to the kitchen.

The hot cocoa was a blessing for your messed up thoughts. Jungkook had been quiet. He just asked you if you wanted to talk and you said not yet, so he waited until you were ready.

But now when you sat here on the chair in your kitchen it sounded so childish. “Ah, I’m so embarrassed. I don’t even know why I called you.” You let out a dry laugh and Jungkook too was snickering lightly.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Tell me what the dream was about.”

“Well, I was alone in a dark place and I couldn’t get out. No one heard me. No one helped me. I-I just felt as if I would be left alone forever and no one would even miss me.” Your voice once again broke at that.

This was probably one of your biggest fears. Nothing was scarier to you then imagining that the people you love would just leave you. That was probably why you hated hide and seek when you were little. You always thought the others would get bored searching for you and just leave.

“Sweetheart you know that if you would ever disappear I would search all over the world to find you, right? I wouldn’t stop until I found you and I would never, never ever forget you.” Jungkook sounded so serious and you just laughed because you felt so stupid. Even though it was just a nightmare, it had made you so emotional.

“Thanks Jungkook” you sniffed. You chuckled lightly when Jungkook spluttered and yelled, “You’re not crying again are you.” “No, no I’m not. Thanks I’m feeling a lot better.”

Jungkook hummed pleased, then he cleared his throat. “I understand your fear. I actually dreamed about something similar just a few weeks ago.”

“Really?” You were quiet surprised that Jungkook told you this. He never liked to talk about his fears. He never wanted to seem weak.

“Yeah. I was imprisoned in a room with nothing more than a bed. I was all alone with nothing to do and it had me going crazy. I was screaming a pounding against the door but no one heard me, no one came.”

You were quiet for a second. The only sound you heard was the kitchen clock ticking, it was now nearly five am, and Jungkooks soft breaths.

“I would come look for you” you mimicked his word from earlier. “A world without your ugly face would be really boring” you joked. Jungkook laughed breathlessly.

“Yeah that’s probably true.” He yawned and you felt the soft warmth of sleep once again crawl in your eyes.

“We should probably go back to sleep” you suggested.

“Probably” Jungkook yawned again. “I’ll call you again in the morning.”

When you crawled back into your bed the stern scent of fear that was in the air when you woke up, sweaty and afraid, was gone and left a warm feeling. It was a good idea to call Jungkook. He always helped you calm down.


4 P.M – Friday

The door smashed closed when you forcefully kicked it. You threw your bag on the couch and didn’t even blink when it fell down with a loud thud. When you got yourself a cold drink out of the fridge you were still cursing under your breath. You hadn’t stopped doing that since you got out of your university.

Nothing went right today. It started with you sleeping through your alarm and coming late to your first lesson. Then you had the first break in the morning and wanted to enjoy a coffee, but of course the lid had to pop off and you ended up ruining your shirt. You had no time to go home and change so you had to walk around with your coffee stained shirt the whole day. And then there where all those little things that only annoyed you more. Your hair tie broke, your computer turned off when you were writing an assignment, your pen case fell on the floor in the middle of a busy hallway and you had to crawl around to gather all of your pens and because you were late in the morning you forgot to bring money so the only lunch you could eat was an apple and some dry crackers.

Now you sat on the kitchen table, your head in your arms and a loud sigh falling from your lips.

The anger was still boiling in your chest.

When your phone vibrated in your pocket you looked up and pulled it out of your jeans. It was Hayi.

Hayi: Clean up the kitchen. I’m out tonight.

You groaned annoyed. You looked around and your premonition was confirmed when you saw how big of a mess the kitchen was.

Of course it hadn’t been all Hayis doing but most of it was from yesterday when her friends had been visiting. It made you even more furious that you now of all days had to clean up her mess.

You took your phone to call and tell her that you would definitely not do her work and may be vent some of your anger on her, but before you could even search up her name someone was calling you.

“What?” you barked into the phone and were met with a familiar chuckle.

“Did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

“I’m not in the mood for your jokes, Jungkook-ah” you sighed heavily when you let yourself plop on the couch.

“Oh wow, what happened?” Jungkook sounded serious but even now you could still sense the smile in his words.

“I hate the world” you called out with exhaustion. “That’s a bit dramatic” Jungkook answered and you let out a breathy laugh. “Do you know those days were everything just goes wrong? Everything sucks and you have the feeling everyone is out to get you”

“Too well” Jungkook sounded tired. “Why you had one of those?”

“Exactly! It was the worst.” Jungkook let out a dry snort at the theatrical way you talked.

“I hate getting up early and assignments and hair ties and coffee and roommates” you ranted “Wait on second thought I love coffee but anyway…” Jungkook laughed at your last sentence and now started to rant too. “Well I hate when food falls on the floor, or when you hit your elbow, or the feeling when you have to go to the toilet really urgently but there’s no toilet around.” Now it was your time to laugh.

“I hate barking dogs and people that get to touchy and nightmares and getting stains on your freshly washed shirt and people that take me for granted” you continued your list.

“Ouch yeah that’s the worst.” Jungkook was still chuckling. “Why who takes you for granted?”

“Hayi” you said contritely. “I mean I love her but she’s just an awful roommate. I always have to clean after her and she always takes my stuff.”

“Ah come on, she’s not that bad, right?” Jungkook snickers and you know he’s right. Hayi was one of your best friends and there was more than just one occasion when she had helped you through your school or work stress or your heartbreak or family dramas and she had been there every time you started drunk crying because you missed Jungkook so much.

“Yeah you’re right,” you said then “And I really love her pancakes.”

“Yeah me too” Jungkook added “but it had been too long since I last ate them.”

“Next time you visit I ask her to make some for you.” You were smiling, anger long forgotten.

“We’ve talked too much about the things we hate, tell me about the stuff you love” Jungkook now suggested and you could already picture him sitting on the phone with one of his weary smiles.

“Hmm, Well I love coffee, like I said,” you started with a smile “and kittens, bookstores and cinemas and dancing in the rain and water fights and pizza and music and-“ “You” Jungkook interrupted you. “I love you”

You were speechless for a second, not knowing how to answer that, feel about that, and Jungkook laughed. “But I also really love music and traveling” he continued and you were laughing again.

Once again it was so easy. Talking, that is. And when you said your goodbyes it already began to darken outside and your stomach rumbled.

When you finally ended the call the door jumped open and Hayi came in with a heavy looking plastic bag. She looked gorgeous like always, in a velvet dress and heels. Her black hair fell in curls around her pink cheeks.

“Hey there” you said tiredly and smiled at her while she took off her shoes “I thought you were out tonight.”

“Change of plans” she then said and let herself fall next to you on the couch and grabbed the TV remote. “He was a douche. Here I brought take-out. Knowing you, you probably haven’t eaten anything since you were talking to Jungkook.” You looked up from the boxes you took out of the plastic bag that Hayi had laid in your lab.

“How did you know I was talking to him?” you asked.

“I heard your flirting from outside the door,” she answered dryly.

“We were not flirting, just talking,” you murmured and Hayi gave you this look of pity, as if she knew you were lying to yourself. She always had it on her face when you talked about Jungkook. You learned to live with it but it still annoyed you sometimes.

Later that night when you were curled up next to each other on the couch and had to fight sleep to finish the movie you were watching you murmured: “He told me he loves me” and Hayi just looked at you for a moment and then stretched out her hand to hold yours.

It was nice that Hayi was a friend you didn’t need to say everything out loud to, because you yourself didn’t know yet what it meant to you when Jungkook said he loved you.


4 A.M – Sunday

When the phone rang your brain was still in a sluggish haze and it took you a moment longer than it usually would to realize that something was wrong.

Jungkooks voice sounded hoarse and a little bit broken when he called out your name. You sat up alarmed and pressed the phone harder against your ear.

“Jungkook?” you murmured, your voice still raspy from sleep. “What’s going on? Are you alright?”

You heard Jungkook clearing his voice and the worry was like a sick feeling creeping up your throat, when he was quiet for too long. “Sorry. Um-Yeah, I’m all right. I just- I wanted to hear your voice actually.” You hated this. He sounded so vulnerable.

“Bad day?” You hated yourself. You didn’t know what to say to stop Jungkook from hurting. Why was he hurting anyway? You hated to be oblivious.

“Yeah, kinda… but it was nothing to severe don’t worry.” Even though Jungkook sounded as if he was feeling better already you heard the lie in his words. Something was completely wrong. Something he was not telling you.

Jungkook was not someone to keep secrets from you. Even if he hated to seem weak, he always had no inhibition in telling you all of his deepest feelings, the sad ones too.

“You sure? We can talk about if you want to.” You tried to be considerate. You didn’t want to pry any further if he didn’t want to tell you.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Sorry I woke you up and I made you worry and-“ Jungkook coughed when his voice threatened to break again and the fear was sitting in your throat.

The silence was unbearable and hurtful and you once again felt as if you would be sick.


“It just hurts.” His voice was quiet, barely more than a whisper and you sat here shock still not knowing what to do, what to say.

“What are you-“ you started but Jungkook once again cut you off.

“Never mind. Sorry I really shouldn’t have called you.”

There were tears in his voice.

“I’m sorry. I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” And before you could answer him or call out to him the line went dead.

You sat there for what felt like felt hours, not moving. The fear for Jungkook sat like a stone in your throat and made breathing nearly impossible. Tears had started streaming down your cheeks at some point but when you finally moved your hand to wipe them away they were already dried. You did not understand what happened to your best friend. He had never been this devastated. Your thoughts were a mess.

The sky was had already began to brighten when you fell back into an uneasy doze.

You woke up when your phone buzzed with your alarm. The sky was grey and sad and your temples hurt with a headache. You still felt sick and when you turned around your shoulders where aching. You felt as if you never went to sleep at all so you pulled the blanket up to your chin and once again welcomed a now dreamless sleep.

toomanycrushesx  asked:

Sehun firsts, please. If it isn't too late.

In the order that they would happen.

Holding Hands: On your first date. You’d be walking and he’d grab your hand so that “you don’t get separated”, his fingers slowly and tentatively intertwining with yours. His hands would be really soft and warm and it would just be a perfect fit.

Kissing: As confident and flirty Sehun likes to act he’s be totally shy when it actually came to dating, at least early on. He’d want to kiss on the first date but would get cold feet. In fact it probably wouldn’t be until your third or fourth outing that he finally got the courage. It was just a quick, feather light peck that didn’t even really feel like it actually happened, but his cheeks would be a rosy red as he said goodnight.

Cuddling/Making Out: It would happen at the same time. You’d cuddle up against him while watching a drama and waiting for your takeout to arrive. He’s get more distracted watching you than the show and when you noticed this, he’d capture your lips in a heated kiss you weren’t entirely prepared for but not about to reject. Things got more heated, his arms around your waist as his tongue explored your mouth. It would have escalated further had it not been for the arrival of your food, which made you stop because priorities man.

Pleasuring Him: He’d honestly probably be the one to suggest it. He was tired and stressed out and horny as fuck and didn’t have it in him to fuck you, but he still wanted to get off. With warm cheeks you would do what he told you to, one of his hands buried in your hair, the other stroking your face as you pleasured him, soft and slightly hoarse moans slipping past his perfectly sculptured lips.

Sex: You guys had been waiting for “the moment” but you really weren’t trying to find it. It just sort of happened, a peck escalated to his tongue poking past your lips, to your clothes on the floor and Sehun on top of you as you lay back on the couch, his lips burning as they travel from your neck to your chest to your hips, but never lower. All it took was one slender finer ghosting along your core making you shiver before you turned into putty that he could toy with until he grew bored.

Pleasuring You: Sehun is kind of a selfish man when it comes to sex, and giving oral isn’t something he enjoys doing often. When he goes down on you, though, it would definitely be a treat. There would be no really reason, he would just feel like making you squirm and whine as he stimulated you past your breaking point, bringing you to ecstasy again and again until he’d had his fill and then some.

being alive

a vampire!Harry drabble inspired by Sondheim’s “Being Alive” that got a bit out of hand

It’s around the third club of the night that Liam apparently lets the AB positive get to his head, and he starts spewing nonsense like he thinks he’s got a daytime talk show on the telly or something.

“You should shack up with someone, mate,” he declares, completely ruining Harry’s attempts to make eye contact with a decent-looking woman across the room who looks like she’d be easy to woo into the back alley.

Harry glares at him dangerously, his eyes flashing red under the strobe lights. Liam isn’t fazed by it, just grins with his fangs poking out where anyone could see them. Harry has to keep himself from physically forcing Liam’s mouth shut. For a centuries-old creature of the night, Liam is surprisingly daft and childish. Harry, on the other hand, is the perfect level of aloof and disillusioned, full of wisdom and bitterness. He might’ve left Liam years ago to go about his business alone if he didn’t feel like he owed his life to the man. Liam had found him when he was just a few days old, mind shrouded in a haze of bloodlust and pain, and taught him how to deal with the thirst, how to take just enough from several people to leave all parties involved alive. Just because he’s resigned himself to at least a few more decades of companionship with Liam doesn’t mean that he’s learned not to be irritated by him.

“You’re mad,” Harry intones, removing all trace of emotion from his face. It’s best not to react when Liam gets on strange fixations like this. It’s all over much faster if Harry doesn’t play along.

“I’m serious,” Liam insists, dropping his fist a bit too hard onto the tabletop. Luckily, the music is so loud that no one notices the slam. “You need a lover, Styles. Someone to take on romantic walks during the day and make love to at night.”

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Enjoy some happy surface fun times.

Storm Cuddles - Philip X reader

Originally posted by furysound


“Y/N, I’m here. It’s going to be ok…..” 

Philip said, his hand gliding down your back as he held you close to his chest on your bed. You took a deep breath, trying to calm your breathing. Ever since you were a child, thunderstorms always terrified you. Tonight, however, was the worst storm in a year


You felt your heart beat almost burst out of your chest as the thunder boomed from outside your bedroom window. You violently shook as the light flashed and Philip squeezed you closer to him. 

“P-Philip, I’m s-cared,” You said into his chest. He ran his hands through your hair and rubbed soft circles down your back. 


Your breathing got rapid and Philip began to rock back and forth with you, trying to calm your nerves.

“Shh, Y/N I have an idea,” He said, pulling away from you for a second to reach over to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and grabbed a pair of headphones. 

He turned back to you and pulled you into him once again. He put the headphones on you and plugged them into his phone, playing a soft and gentle rhythm

She’s constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling

You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the acoustic melody of the song

And the funny little faces she makes can’t help but be appealing

You felt the light rumble of the thunder outside, but the music seemed to drown out all your worries. You opened your eyes and looked up at Philip. He was smiling down at you, still holding you into his chest

She loves to ride through the town with the top down
Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin

He brought his lips to your forehead and peppered slow kisses all over your face. You let out a shaky breath as you felt your heart beat slow down, your nerves finally calming after what seemed like an eternity.

You closed your eyes again, drowning in Philip’s touches and the music. Your breathing returned to normal as you felt yourself begin to doze off. Philip continued to hold you close to him, his embrace successfully lulling you into a sweet and comforting sleep.

He always knew what to do

Seth Rollins x Reader - The Smile on my Face

“Babe wake up… We are about to the hotel…” Seth gently shook your leg. Your eyes fluttered open under the traffic lights that shone through the windshield. Rubbing your eyes and removing the hood on your head you could make out the town that neighbored your hometown. Butterflies filled your stomach at the thought of being back home. It was bittersweet to come home. You got homesick often but there were reasons why you left in the first place. Seth kept his hand on your leg as he navigated on the road toward the hotel you two were gonna stay in until you made the visit to your parents. You would stay at their house but you didn’t want to hear them bad mouth Seth both to his face and behind his back. You loved your fiance and that was that mattered. You wanted to start a family with him and you wished that your parents understood that. 

You plopped down on the bed beside Seth and cuddled up with him despite your freshly dampened hair. “Whatcha up to??” You say in sing song voice as he puts his phone down and lays his hand onto of yours that laid on his chest. “Laying here with a beautiful woman.” He grinned as he played with the diamond ring that you wore proudly. “Can we just skip tomorrow and stay here all day?? Don’t and say we did??” You offer with a huff as you think to the dreadful day that would be tomorrow. “Babe we can’t skip our own engagement party… It kinda defeats the purpose… And besides Paige would be so pissed.” Seth chuckled a bit imagining your maid of honor pitching a fit right there infront of your whole family. “I just don’t want to listen to my parents gripe and moan… Its like the retired from their jobs just to annoy me…” You sigh throwing your freshly shaven leg over Seth’s waist. “I love you (Y/N).” Seth kissed your forehead as he ran his fingertips along your leg. “I love you more.” You snuggle closer to his warmth wanting to sleep to take over your restless mind. 

The next morning Seth has to literally drag you out of bed so you would be in time for lunch with your parents. The car ride to your house Seth was awfully quiet in the passenger side. “What’s on your mind??” You turn the radio down as you pull in to your parents drive way. “I just want to make you happy… And with your parents hating me like this… It doesn’t make you happy…” Seth turned his head to you defeated. “No no no no no… No more talk like that… You are marrying me and not my parents… My parents are just butt hurt over the fact that I am marrying someone they didn’t hand pick and groom themselves.” You slung your seatbelf off and shift in the driver seat to face Seth. “Do you love me??” Your question catches Seth of guard. “Of course… You’re the best thing to ever happen to me… You’re my better half.” Seth took your hand in his head. “And that right there is all I care about.” You peck him on the lip and say a quick prayer before getting out of the car to face your parents.

Right as you all sat down for dinner the rude comments began. “Where are you two going to live??” “Seth it is soo nice of you to dress up for lunch today.” “Again where is it you said you went to college??” “Oh okay and how long are you planning on being the road…” “What about kids?? What will they think about about having both parents on the road.” You slam your chair back knocking it over as you stood up. “QUIT WITH THE STUPID QUESTIONS!!” your breath was almost ragged with rage. “(Y/N) (S/N) what has gotten into you?? This behavior is not how we raised you… Must be the company you are keeping these days…” Your mother gave Seth a side ways glare. “Look you two… I am happy when I am with Seth in living hell when I am with you two… Get the picture??” You throw your napkin down and grab Seth’s arm. “Come on… We will see you two at the engagement party tonight… I gotta go call Paige about some details… I hope you two are happy and enjoy the rest of your lunch.” You storm out of their house as Seth thanks them for lunch and gives them an apologetic smile.

“If you keep brushing your hair like that you’re gonna look like Steve Austin.” Seth chuckles from behind you as you drag the brush feverishly through your hair. “I can’t stand their attitudes… They think I am the one who needs to calm down and sort things out… Bull crap they are the ones acting like children…” Seth rests his hands on your shoulder from behind and begins to dig his fingers into you skin. You melt under his touch as the tension eases out of your body. Seth places kisses along your shoulder and neck as you close your eyes in bliss. “Someone seems tense…” He smirks catching your eyes in the mirror. “How about help you with that…” He growls as he picks you up bridal style and carries you to the bed. You giggle as he throws you on the bed. 

Paige borderline tackles you as you and Seth walk into the party room she rented out for the special event. “Look at you two.” She gushes as she continues to squeeze you. “Look at us?? Look at all this you put together for us… This is way too much…” You hold her out at arms length giving her a playful glare. “Nothing in this world is too much for my sister and brother in law.” Paige wiggles her eyebrows and smirks. “Come on introduce me to some people… I barely know anyone I invited.” Paige laughs as you two walk around greeting guests Seth close behind you to shake hands and accept congratulations. You grab a quick bite to eat from the bar of amazing food Paige had spoiled everyone with while Seth talked to a few of your childhood friends when two hands came in front of your eyes. “Guess who??” You spin around expecting a retaliative or close friend but found Dolph Ziggler… Your parents pride and joy as well as your ex-boyfriend. “Oh my gosh you came…” You force a smile as he gives you a hug. “Your parents called me last week asking me to come by and see everyone since its been so long.” Dolph explained with a casual smile. “That is fantastic.” You fib looking over his shoulder to find Seth hoping he would feel your distress. “Is that Dolph I see??” Your dad’s voice called from behind you. “Oh my gosh sweetheart its been far too long.” Your mom hugged Dolph tight smiling brightly. “How have you been??” Your dad continued on as he clapped his hand down on Dolph’s shoulder. You tuned out their mindless conversation as you begged Seth mentally to stop talking and get his butt over to where you were trapped. “Oh my gosh Dolph I didn’t know you were coming…” Paige gritted through her teeth as she budged in between your mom and him. “We invited him.” Your mom proudly announced. “Thank God you did.” Paige smiled weakly and grabbed your hand. “I need you over by the gifts… A few unattended details.” Paige rambled pulling you away from your personal hell. “Thank you.” you clung to her air for dear life as you two left your parents to gush over their crush Dolph. 

Paige clinked her champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. You linked fingers with Seth as you two listened to Paige thank everyone for showing up and talked about how she couldn’t be happier for you and Seth. You pulled Seth behind you as you walked over to Paige to give her a hug and to speak while you had everyone’s attention. “I just wanted to say thanks to everyone again like Paige just did for coming out here today to celebrate with me and Seth…” You smiled up to Seth who looked a bit uncomfortable. “A lot of people here don’t really know much about me and Seth since we are always on the road with our jobs and because I’m kinda quiet when it comes to personal things… But I think it is only fair for everyone to know why this is really a cause for celebration…” Seth squeezed your hand and gave you a hard stare as if to ask if you’ve gone crazy. “Me and Seth met at a party when were both flat out drunk.” The party goers gasped a bit at this bit of information as Seth’s cheeks flushed. “We didn’t do anything crazy… We just both ended up spilling our whole life stories to each other… Turned out we were pair of sob stories… And who better to consolidate in with than someone who has their own demons… Seth didn’t cower away from me when I told him I had depression… No this man right here took it to heart and made a point to keep up with me… He would ask in private how I was doing and always made sure I was feeling okay… He wouldn’t tip toe around me like most people… No this wonderful man right here treated me like anyone else and showed me love despite my weakness… I knew he was the man for me when I found a notebook in his dufflebag full of little notes about what had made me actually smile on certain days so he could do them again when I had one of my bad days… Seth Rollins showed me what love and effort was in a relationship… Seth is the smile on my face… And I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to marry him…” You slung your arms around his neck and planted a huge kiss on his lips as half the partygoers clapped an the other half were still in shock of what you just relayed to them… You didn’t care though… You felt like a million bucks getting all that off your chest. 

You Seth and Paige said good bye to the last guest at the end of the night. You let out a deep breath and leaned heavily against Seth who shared a high five with Paige. “Operation Engagement Party is complete… Next is Operation Paige takes a five day nap and then onto Operation Bacholrette party is a go…” Paige teases as she hugs you two good bye. “You did a brave thing today…” Seth rubbed your arm as you continued to lean into his muscular side. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery all over again.” “Again??” Seth raises his eyebrow up in confusion. “First time was when you asked me to be yours.” You smile as Seth blushes a bit at that comment. “(Y/N)” You tense up a bit at the sound of your mother’s voice. You slowly turn around only to be met with your mom as she dabbed her misty eyes. “Momma…” Your face fell. “Sweetheart we had no idea…” Your dad pulled you for a hug as your mom cried a bit more. “If we had any idea what this young man has done for you… We would have never said anything like we did before… We had the wrong idea about you two…” Your momma pulled a surprised Seth in for a hug. “You are the miracle we wanted for our daughter…” Your mom kissed Seth on the cheek as your dad patted him on the back. “Son… you have our blessing to marry our daughter…” Seth lit up like a Christmas tree as the words sunk into his head. You couldn’t help but run into Seth’s arms at the good news and share a kiss as your parents smiled at each other. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and a bigger than you to @cutester for the request and for being patient while it took way too long to write and post… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

Too Real ; Mingyu

He’s more than just pixels on a screen.

Word Count: 1.4K

(a/n): what !??!?! this isnt a bts scenario?!?! ok suck it up i like other groups too my dude and i kinda rlly like mingyu….like a lot. so here, have this mingyu thing :”)))

1. train

The only traveling you really did was the forty minute bus ride to your mum’s every now and again when you miss that simple motherly affection or when she needs you to help her out with computer problems (Mom’s, right?).

So, it’s hard to believe that you’ve got a ticket in your hand and a suitcase in the other, dragging it across a linoleum floor that lead you to the entrance of a train that would carry you off to another set of eyes that longed to see the light within your own.

Needless to say the thought made your heart beat faster than the speed at which the train carried you off at but in a good way; an unbelievable, inequitably, undeniably good way.

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It was dark and stuffy in that damn closet, and one way or another, fumbling for a light switch, you bumped into Sam. And things got even more “stuffy”. Your lips gently graced each other’s, and his warm and firm hands held you by your waist, and the hunt completely slipped your minds. 

You heard a click of the door, and you both jumped back, in a fighting stance. There stood Dean, dumbfounded, green orbs popping out, glistening with curiosity. “Well, we took care of the ghost,” Dean stated. “Not that… you two were paying attention,” he walked away with a proud smirk, muttering to himself, “go Sammy.”