Halloween scenery.

Aries: A vampire’s manor. Exciting. Filled with a cluster of bats, old portraits, a long red carpet leading up a wooden staircase, a strange iron smell…

Taurus: A cozy house open to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Lively laughter of children, smoky scent of mist, carved pumpkins. Familiar.   

Gemini: A witch’s house in the middle of the woods. Enthralling. Fireflies illuminate the spot, audible rustling of leaves, wolves’ howling.

Cancer: Old abandoned asylum. High pitched laughter, weird red scribbles on walls, oil lamp light, hidden passages. Metallic scent. Nostalgic.

Leo: A pumpkin patch. Scarecrows hang around and so do hoards of crows. Smells like cinnamon. Crescent moons, lantern light. Dazzling.

Virgo: A forest. Tall trees that smother sunlight, orange/red leaves flurry on the ground. Poisonous mushrooms forming circles, fairies, gentle streams.

Libra: A proper mansion in a forest overgrown by wild roses. Sweet scented candelabras brighten the skulls decorating the place. Lovely.

Scorpio: A candy shop filled with caramel-apples, cake pops, liquorice… cats often stroll around. Homemade decorations, hazy candlelight, sugary scent.

Sagittarius: Inside a witch’s house. Warm by firewood, a black cat on your lap, soft sounds of a kettle boiling. Magic spells and odors of zany herbs.

Capricorn: A werewolf’s domain. Fire wood scent. Silver light of moon brightens the spot. Buzzing silence, cracking branches, fresh breezes. Lively.

Aquarius: A haunted house full of filmy ghosts. Gentle noises of creaking wood. Streaks of moonlight pierce the shrouds of darkness. Hazy.

Pisces: A graveyard filled with ancient tombstones, misty grounds, the frisky scent of dead leaves… Moonlight lightens the place. Magical.

Lady of the Lake

Atticus sat on a particularly large stone, gazing down into the lake, smiling. He reached down and touched the surface to create a pattern of ripples. In response, from the silt and gloom, a black-hued creature, vaguely human in shape, arose. Large, pupil-less green eyes peered up. With a smile full of sharp, pearlescent teeth, the creature playfully bit at the surface, as if inviting Atticus to reach down again.

“I am so proud of you,” the villain said. “How many heroes have you caught with your lady of the lake routine this month?”

The monster made signaled ‘7’, winked, and swam away.

“So proud,” Atticus murmured, mostly to himself, watching the waters settle, the algae soak in the last of the dying sun’s light. Fireflies and will-o-wisps rose from the lake and surrounding forest before he left.

Seventeen as simple lovely things
  • Seungcheol: Late night summer walks,leather jackets & turtle necks,warmth,smell of the ocean
  • Jeonghan: early morning light, black coffee, watercolors, snow, bamboos
  • Joshua: vanilla scented candles, ripped skinny jeans, messy hair, picnics
  • Junhui: rain falling against your window, the scent of new books, blueberries, frosting
  • Soonyoung: stars,drinking hot chocolate on a cold day,late night sleepy conversation
  • Wonwoo: haikus, old jokes that are still funny, long hot showers, chocolate
  • Jihoon: gardens, flowers, listening to music on the way home from work/school, art, fireflies
  • Seokmin: the scent of freshly cut lemons, fairy lights, cherry blossoms, cotton candy
  • Mingyu: black and white portraits, forests, stars, puppies, soft fuzzy socks
  • Minghao: frosty grass on winter mornings, sunsets, decorating your home for Christmas
  • Seungkwan: getting drenched in the rain, baby animals, sunrises, soft blankets
  • Hansol: the scent of fresh ginger, fruit, butterflies, cold wind on a hot day, carnivals
  • Chan: walking through warm grass barefoot, journals, the natural wake up call of birds in the morning

burning documents

it’s dark and we’re chasing fireflies.  our minds buried in the sounds of the forest. trying to remember how to be whole again –

as if our molecules reassembled together from our ashes hacking quantum mechanics on checkerboard floors.  there is no such thing as matter; it’s all empty space and frequencies, and what are we but sparks of divine light in the eternal darkness?  our DNA like computer codes trapped in a digital neoprene and our soul completely minimized.  

i set my judgment asleep, since there is no you and me and none of this really exists.  we’re all rays of light generating from the heart of the same sun, so why do we fight?

it’s just an illusion, maya.  no different from a dream.  the highest realm of demons and the lowest realm of angels – we’re the in-between.  the way mother earth explodes with love through volcano eruptions we’ve been shattered into pieces and taught our problems can only be resolved through self-destruction.