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I learned about Thomas Sanders via Paint’s channel and I have not had enough of this wonderful human being. He’s too precious for this world. Lots of love Thomas!!!!! @thatsthat24


As a nation in the grip of Quaid Fever, you’re no doubt aware of A Dog’s Purpose – an upcoming film about a lovable canine quantum-leaping into various dog bodies. And since dogs can only reincarnate as other dogs, the apparent “purpose” is an inescapable torment cycle of servitude for their human masters … a batshit philosophy seemingly practiced by the filmmakers themselves.

For those unaware, the hard-to-watch production footage shows a scared German Shepherd unwilling to dive into rushing water in order to shoot a “heroic” river rescue scene, only to be shoved in and ultimately pulled under the current. Accepting that the dog survived, and that the footage is out of context and edited, it’s still more than safe to say that this dog “appreciation” movie won the People’s Choice for Most Ironic Dick Opus.

As expected, the backlash was swift, and this story about an immortal dog voiced by Josh Gad won’t be a box office powder keg after all … thanks to the moral outrage of a public seemingly unaware that this shit happens all the goddamn time.

Why The ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Video Is Just The Beginning

🎀 Master list of sweet sorority photo poses! 🎀

Sorority sisters love to take photos and sorority sugar loves these CUTE poses!


The Faux Conversation:

The Glitter Flurry:

The Elbow Clutch:

The Scenic Landmark:

The Circle:

The Legs In The Air Don’t Care:

The Sand in Our Toes:

The Flag Unfurled:

The Happy Hands:

The Straight Arm:

The Boot Scoot:

The Square: 

The Chalkboard Crush:

The Wall Sit:

The Timeless Squat:

The Shirt Showoff: 

The Arm In Arm:

The Tummy Tuck:

The Perfect Pair:

The One Leg Lift:

The Air Born:

The Just Hangin’ Around: 

The Sorority Sign:

The Blowing Bubbles:

The Pyramid: 

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