Client: So I took your advice, and I’ve been getting more exercise. And I’ve gotta say, I feel like my life is really turning around.

Therapist: Wonderful! Tell me more about that.

Client: I’ve been playing Pokémon Go.

Therapist: And how has that been for you?

Client: Well I joined Team Valor–

Therapist: I’m sorry, I think I’m going to have to refer you to someone else, due to a conflict of interest.

multi-bear  asked:

wait wtf the fuck since when has alterac nazis been a thing? and better yet, why? where the fuck are they getting that inspiration like what the actual fuck

THIS IS WHAT I WONDERED but apparently, it’s been a thing that gross people have been doing lately. Some of them are like “we’re not Nazis!” as they have names like “Third Order of Alterac” and Nazi imagery on their sites and others are more obvious like “Alterac Nationalist Party” and I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU CAN RP SO MANY THINGS WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE THAT THING LIKE JESUS FUCK RP A VAMPIRE WEREWOLF OR SOMETHING OR A CAT GIRL WHY ARE YOU GOING STRAIGHT FOR “IMMA NAZI”??????!??!?!?

sulay kiss day (2013/08/17)

wow!!!! (ft. carrot kai…… side note but kai and sehun are probably the two biggest sulay shippers in exo LOL) CUTE RIGHT!? tbh it looks like yixing does this all the time!! or that he waited his whole life to do this……… derp, i’m getting emotional and we’re only on the first picture o gosh ;; but anyway yixing’s eyes are CLOSED !??! oh my god …. how genuine !!!!! :’) 

i’m sobbing…. they look totally married ;0; it looks like yixing is giving suho a kiss before suho leaves the house or something LOL “honey wait!! before you leave!! *kisses suho*” okay now i’m imagining blissful sulay living together and it’s too cute i need to take a moment to breathe …

this is the sweetest photo collage in the world !!!!! suho wrapped in yixing’s arms is MY AESTHETIC !!! ♡

ok this pic is such a pure and cute sulay interaction .. i mean… look at how in love suho is with yixing!! suho loves yixing!! wow!!! 

the way that suho looks at yixing!!!???!! eyes of affection!! admiration!! love!!!!!!! *edits hearts in front of his eyes*

okay done!! XD

yo they look MARRIED!!! they look so close!! how can anyone doubt their love for each other????!!! they were both born to meet and love each other!!!

yixing’s lips are always like that… always ready to kiss suho no matter what 8-) yixing loves being with suho so much !! (they both look so good here…. gahh)

once again, they look so married ;; the way yixing looks at suho ;0; their love for each other is MUTUAL !!! okay??? okay!!!! >:D 

// i just wanted to caption these pics… i really love these pics!! 8-) 

// TL;DR sulay is so cute im gonna cry !!

- lily ^_^

The Dragoon’s Curse: Life After the Dragonsong War (2)

He wanted to reach out and strangle someone.  Or if he was more honest with himself, he wanted to reach out, grab someone, and just beat them into a bloody pulp.  Or skewer them.  Skewering sounded better.  It was cleaner, they were in Dravania, plenty of places to hide a body- Unable to find words, Reinhardt just stared at the scene in front of him.  He and Arsene were facing down another first-year dragoon, and behind him another member of their unit was helping bandage the injuries of two more first-years.  Or in this case, splinting broken limbs…

“What…in the seven hells…?” Arsene finally spoke, his voice sounding strangled.  Good, he could speak for the both of them; because Reinhardt knew if he opened his mouth a fight would be breaking out.  

“It was an accident! I swear to the Fury-it was just that!”

“How does an accident end up with Tiorie and Riomort breaking their legs?!”  Arsene exploded.

“Tiorie broke her legs, Riomort actually has a broken hip-”


“It’s not that bad! There’s a healer at Tailfeather-we can get them there, patched up, and with you two helping, we can cover…”  The other dragoon trailed off, shooting Reinhardt a nervous look.  Reinhardt continued to stare, his brain trying to process the amount of stupidity that he was currently witness to.  

“What possessed you to play the fruit-skewer game?”  He asked flatly.  The tall trees in the Dravanian Forelands had plenty of fruit hanging from their branches. It had become a game among the dragoons to see who could jump the highest and impale so many fruit on their spears in one go.  The unofficial/official record holder was still Estinien Wyrmblood, nobody had been able to beat his score as of yet.

“You two were running late, we got bored-”


“He’s not going to find-”

“Of course he’s going to find out, you moron! He’s on patrol near Tailfeather right now, you imbecile!” Reinhardt snapped.  The other first-year dragoon paled, his eyes widening.

“I…I thought he wasn’t coming!” Reinhardt facepalmed.



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