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by all means, tell us.

all right. okay. thank you so much for allowing me to speak of this, my friend……….

we all know that johanna is like. completely blunt and even rude a lot of the time. and that’s a very important part of her character, how she uses her boldness as a defense mechanism and how she’s probably just a brutally honest person anyhow.

and that’s totally great. but!! also. also……..

she’s also like. a really good person. let me tell you why i’d trust johanna mason with my life. (i’m going to be digging into book canon and movie canon, because movie canon has certain visual stuff about jo’s behavior.)

johanna motherfucking mason, badass extraordinaire, gives a damn about the greater good. not to say that she’s constantly donating to charities and being everyone’s (or anyone’s) friend, but she’s still good. she gives a big fuck about freedom and justice and a super huge fuck about seeing the man who killed her family, and so many other people’s families, get taken down.

and she is willing to give her life for it.

i mean, really, before the quell, she essentially volunteers to give her life to the rebellion, ‘cause she’s obviously on their side, even if katniss doesn’t see that at first. johanna knows rebellion secrets, she knows the plot, and she goes into the arena knowing well that she’ll probably die. that alone is a huge risk, but look! there’s johanna, going into the fucking deathtrap for katniss everdeen and the rebellion.

another reason that she is a good person is, though it’s a bit rare and very subtle, she cares. she cares a lot. she cares about finnick, very likely her friend for years, when she asks him if he’s okay after the jabberjays. she cares about katniss, who she’s only known for a few days, who she still gathers water for after that same event. like, sure, she also (emptily) threatens to rip katniss’ throat out at some point, and she’s a violent lil fucker at times, but her amount of caring seems to be equal to her amount of anger.
&, of course, not too long before the jabberjays, after the whole spinning cornucopia thing, johanna also comforts katniss by giving her some pats on the back. very subtle but very cute and also very important to show that johanna is a caring person. you know, underneath all of those layers of sharpness and anger.

then, johanna again sacrifices herself for katniss & the rebellion when she gets that tracker out of katniss and gets picked up by the capitol, only to get literally tortured for her involvement in the rebellion. but johanna, badass motherfucking johanna mason, doesn’t tell the capitol anything. she holds in those secrets, those valuable, valuable secrets about the movement to bring the capitol down. she hides the truth to the point that she’s absolutely traumatized and terrified of water. even then, though, she doesn’t tell her torturers anything

she gives so much of a damn that she’s willing to sacrifice herself and get tortured for katniss, the rebellion, and the greater good.

she’s mean, yeah, because horrible experiences & trauma can do that to a person, and i imagine she wears hostility and anger like armor, but… at the same time, she tears up when katniss gives her something to remind her of home. she’s probably very tired and sad and homesick on the inside. and she probably has been for a long time. but she has still continued to fight for so long & protect what matters to her

johanna is wonderful and Extremely Dedicated and i would definitely trust her with my life. i would trust her with absolutely anything tbh

Ok but Lexa is like this dramatic lil heart eyes mama bear nerd but then she turns around and kills a man in the blink of an eye and it’s like oh yeah she’s also a terrifying badass warrior babe but also at the same time it’s like “Clarke did u see that are you impressed??” I love this character so much I will never get over my adoration for her

I just really want either a reveal fic (or hell, even the actual reveal!) to be Marinette running out of time and transforming back while fighting an Akuma and still fighting out of costume because of what Tikki said, because she is still Ladybug with or without her costume (preferably with only chat around but what are the odds)

and having Adrien not only realize who the love of his life is but to really see Marinette kick ass since she’s badass either way (even if she doesn’t always feel like it)

I just really want this, okay


 Some neck / head life drawings. 

I’m re-learning how to draw guys. I developed the bad habit of drawing only using my memory. A good drawer should be able to draw from life by using his memory BUT most importantly his eyes. Luckily my new life drawing teacher made me realise how I spend too much time watching what I draw than watching the model and that I should strengthen the connection between brain, hand and eye to a point where I don’t need to watch every line my pencil does. YO this is hella hard but I’ve seen her nail a 5 min pose by looking at her sheet  3 times.

 That’s hella badass and I want that skill on my Pokemon card right now. 


Kick-Ass Chicks: Becky Goebel

Hailing from the land of maple syrup (aka, Canada) comes this total badass, Becky Goebel, who lives life on the edge of her Sk8-Hi’s. She rides motorcycles, goes on snowboarding adventures, and starts trends one Good Charlotte trucker hat at a time. We caught up with this firecracker to learn more about how she became a merchandiser at Vans, and her personal mantra for living life Off the Wall. 

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favorite moments
  • “You came back for me” 
  • “Please just shut up and let me save your life” 
  • her look of absolute relief and adoration of him 
  • classic Stydia banter about “the plan” 
  • “Stiles, run” (i.e. she cares so much about him) 
  • Stiles catching Lydia when Natalie tased Tracy
  • Natalie’s badass momma moments
  • “Just look at me. You’re gonna make it through this” 
  • Stydia cuddles in the back of the car
  • literally thinking they were gonna kiss like ten times
  • the fact that Stiles brought her back from death
  • “He saved me, mom. Stiles saved me.”
  • his proud look 
  • the way Lydia looked at him
  • the entire last 20 minutes
  • “I’m not paying for the windows”

Big brother Michael giving Peggy’s fiancé the side-eye, like ‘check out this fuckin guy, you’re gonna choose him over adventure?’ made my night. He didn’t have much screen time, but he still managed to speak for pretty much everyone when he told Peggy not to settle for a life that wasn’t for her. Michael knew that Peggy wanted to be the knight who saved the day, and he did his best to give her a chance to do so. Michael Carter knew what Steve Rogers would later find out: Peggy Carter is a total badass. I did not ask for these Carter siblings feels, but I’m drowning in them anyway.

No Pairing/Family/Friendship - Masterlist

This is mostly put together by the amazingly wonderful @onceuponasaltcircle who you should go and shower lots and lots of love on<3

No Pairing

Memories- The boys are hunting the spirit of their little sister

Apple Pie Life- You had a perfect life before you started hunting.

See You Next Time- You are basically a badass.

Motel Demon Hunting- The lights are all out.

Satan Spawn- The daughter of Lucifer helps Sam and Dean.

Food Fight- The Brothers fight for your attention.

Never Change- Dean’s daughter gets bullied.

Shifter- The blind little sister gets caught.

Saved My Ass- Homeless Sam needs a push to get help.

Should Never Be- Dean’s sister is pregnant in a djinn dream.

Chance Meeting- You meet the Tran family in the supermarket.

Merry Christmas- Christmas should always be celebrated.

No-one Should be Lonely- Team free will cheers you up.

Competition- High School battle for your attention.

Beautiful, Inside and Out- Comforted after a rude rejection.  

Play for Both Teams- A drunken coming out story.

Best Birthday Ever- Birthday celebrations with Team Free Will.

Sick- The Winchester’s little sister is sick.

Feel Normal- Dean underestimates the power of makeup.

I Won’t Miss Any of You Bitches- Sam and Dean protect you from bullies.

Driving Killed the Video Star- A blogger dies in a car crash.

Big Meanie- Dean is 3?

Sibling Difference- Sam takes advantage of how small you are.

Fast Friends- Hunters’ children bond.

What do you mean, no Halloween- You won’t let the brothers miss this holiday.

Wreck- The Winchester’s little sister accidentally crashes the Impala.

Escape- Hurt by your own family, saved by the Winchesters.

One Weakness- You have extremely ticklish feet.

Safe Now- The Winchesters rescue a young kid.

Just Dance- You all play dancing games all night long.

One Second- A member of the family is hurt.

Christmas Sprit- You won’t let the Winchesters miss out on Christmas.

Case- Hunting on Christmas?

One Day I’ll Have Have a Lawn Like That- Christmas tree envy.

For Them- How can you celebrate Christmas without Gabriel.

Your Hands are Useless- Trying to keep presents a secret.

Tis the Season- White Christmas.  

Snowball Fight- Playing in the snow.

Like a Family- You want a real tree.

Oh, Christmas Tree- You pick out the tree.

Christmas Wonderland- Decorating everything.

Gang’s Back Together- Cas comes for Christmas.

Gingerbread Men- Christmas cookie madness.

Christmas Party- Something pretty for the holidays.

All Out War- Nerf Guns with the three Winchesters.

Red- Scared out of you mind, saved my the Winchesters.

The Club- Sacrifices made for Team Free Will.

Our For Yourself- You follow Sam and Dean.

Underestimated- You don’t need a hero.

Our Secret Organization (Part One)- The boys want to know how you defeated so many vamps.

Blast From the Past (Part Two)- Your old boss finds you.

Friends Like This- They find out about your self-harm past.

Solo- You fight better alone.

The Right Choice- The Winchester’s little sister has to kill her boyfriend.

Good Thing- The Winchesters’ little sister gets in trouble.

Shopping Trip- Team Free Will fluff in flower crowns.

The Greater Good- You have to kill your older brother.

Big Secret- Team Free Will is a little jealous of your boyfriend.

Any Excuse to Escape Chemistry- Who knew textbooks were weapons

Nothing Will Ever be the Same (Part One)- Heaven and Hell fought for you turning you into something new.

Control (Part Two)- The plot thickens.

The Fighter (Part 3)- He promises to fix you.

Instrumental- The boys find out you can play the flute.

Artemis- The Winchesters’ little sister is not impressed by Crowley.

Ever the Optimist- The brothers find Jess’s little sister injured.

Square- They took your hunt and you are pissed.

Choices- They didn’t know you were an angel until you were gone.

Not Every Day- They would never forget your birthday.

For Old Time’s Sake- You hunt together.

Surprise- Apparently the brothers aren’t used to small females.

You’ve got to be Kitten Me- You are turned into a kitten on a hunt.

Luck Dragon - Dragon!reader’s peaceful life is interrupted by a bunch of hunters.

Wires Crossed - They think you’re guilty, you think they’re guilty, and the police think you’re all guilty.

Uphill Climb - You have unnaturally coloured hair, but when the three of you get dumped back to your teenage years, they see your roots for the first time.

Big Adventure - You end up babysitting a four year old whilst on a hunt. It could only end well, right?

Close One - You sneak out on a hunt alone and end up horribly injured.

She’s Always A Woman - Dean realises that his little sister isn’t so little anymore.

Pot Luck - You get stoned at a frat party and end up being the most adorable stoner ever.

Real Family - TFW save you from an emotionally abusive family.

A thought that may seem random

If the Wizarding World ever put on a production of The Winter’s Tale, Professor McGonagall would be an amazing Paulina. 

Various names Zoro and Sanji have called each other, translated here.

tl;dr: Sanji has, at certain times, called Zoro by name, but Zoro has never referred to Sanji by name. 

But why?

Headcanon: Sanji perceives Zoro more on a human level (i.e. versus a monstrously strong, larger-than-life, hedonist macho badass) than the other way around.  This is stemmed from him witnessing Zoro at his most vulnerable state, as he was humiliated in his complete and utter loss to Mihawk at the Baratie.

Zoro, on the other hand, has never seen this emotional exposure from Sanji.  (For example, he was not present for Sanji’s backstory, his departure from Baratie or even his awkward admission that he was born in the North Blue.) 

He knows he can depend on Sanji in a fight, but otherwise, finds him to be very silly.  In Zoro’s defense, Sanji can be hard to take seriously sometimes, (which, at this point, could all be a smokescreen for all we know,) and the occasional validation of this drives Zoro to keep his distance most times.

However, in light of the recent chapters, I’m really hoping this will change.  (i.e. I may have a Bartolomeo-level fan explosion if Zoro calls Sanji by his name.)

Sins of the Father Thoughts...


First and foremost I would like to start with: 

Oliver Queen has now proposed to Felicity Smoak three times. He has now surpassed Diggle on the proposal scale. Life cannot be better… 

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Well it could… and while my love for Olicity is attempting to overshadow anything and everything else I am going to try and break down this episode and what it means for moving forward.  That attempt will be under the cut, but I am going to celebrate a little more… 

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Agent Carter

I’ve seen quite a few complaints about Peggy’s back story in the most recent episode, a lot of them mentioning that it doesn’t line up with who she is now. This, my friends, is called character development.

Peggy wasn’t born a confident badass, she was born an Englishwoman in traditional times. Of course her mother wants her to be a lady and her fiancé wants her to stay away from danger. She has been conditioned her whole life to ignore and hide who she eventually became, and it took a nudge from the person who knew her best to remind her that that person is pretty great.

As far as being a woman in society goes, I’ve never met one who at one point or another didn’t have insecurities or hide parts of themselves because the world wasn’t ready for it. Eventually, we all figure out our worth, as Peggy did, and go on to believe in ourselves so others don’t have to. But first, yes, it does take a little help from the right friends and family to say being who you are is okay and hiding it is plain dumb. We all need a shoulder to lean on and an encouraging word every now and then.

Not to mention, in Captain America, Peggy tells Steve she knows what it’s like to have all the doors closed in her face. At first she accepted that, but then she re-grew that amazing backbone of hers and kicked those doors down. In conclusion, I love knowing that Peggy started from the bottom now she here, just like the rest of us.

lol it’s one of those nights again……u know, the ones where all i do is cry about korrasami

things we learned in EP 18

•they have an understanding that they both have kwamis
• ladybug is a badass but tbh we all already knew that
•adrien is actually quite concerned as to why marinette is so scared around him
•he’s also a sly little shit u know where marinette lives don’t deny it
• maybe possible to be akumanized more than once??
•marinette babysits regularly for manon
• they also appearently play dolls regularly with marinette playing herself
•papillon is so confident in his abilities even after failing so many times tbh get a life dude
• manons mum works with the tv company that caused (what we know of) the first akumanized person
• chat
• we know you know
• u quite possibly saw marinette talking to her kwami okay,,,, you saw her saying that Alya was lady wifi tho there was know possible way she could know that unless she was there aND THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE DURING THE FIGHT WAS CHAT AND LADYBUG??
• ladybug could quite possibly fight the Akumas on her own and now chat knows that for sure even after that entire episode on teamwork ladybug went against five people and now I’m kinda hoping for chat/adrien self esteem issues episode
• also chat is a sly little shit
• that is all thank

“Do you need a hand, love?”

@mrleozombie as Hook from Once Upon a Time!

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Lexa meeting Sky People for the first time

[Meeting Kane who is willing to sacrifice his life his people]

Lexa: Kinda overdramtic but I like him. I can work with that

[Meetig Jaha who is willing to kill what he believes to be a crippled girl]

Lexa: I am going to the beat crap out of that punk ass bitch

[Meeting Clarke Griffin who just made a badass comment about  burning three hundred of her warriors alive]

Lexa: ♥‿♥ oh no she is hot

[Meeting Abby Griffing who clearly hates her]

Lexa: Hello new mother in law!

[Meeting Raven who hates her and clearly wants her dead]

Lexa: Nice!!!!

[Meeting Bellamy who won’t stop sniffing after Clarke]

Lexa: Now that’s a prime candidate for a suicide mission!

[Meeting Octavia who is again trying to fight someone thrice her size]

Lexa:  Yup. Indra is going to adopt her

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I definitely don't think they'll be interrupted because posey said “You’ll see Scott and Kira’s relationship grow even more,” “You’ll see them be more intimate with each other. You’ve seen them be cute and awkward, you’ve seen them save each other’s lives and be all badass, you’ve seen their dates get interrupted multiple times, but now you actually get to see them be really intimate and grow up with each other."

“you’ve seen their dates get interrupted multiple times, 

but now you actually get to see them be really intimate and grow up with each other.“

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But oh yes, I tend to agree with you, anon, I ain’t all that worried tbh. But I’m gonna still prepare for the worst, y’know? Just in case. I really do not want another 4x11 with some dread doctor or the beast or theo randomly busting in through the window. I need full justice done to this scene. FULL JUSTICE.