’’What is your favorite part about playing Regina?”

  • "Whether it’s kicking ass, breaking hearts or being vulnerable — those are equally great aspects of this character and really fun to play. I love playing “badass bitch.”  I think that’s fun cause you get to exercise it on screen and get it out of your system, whereas in life, you’d probably lose a lot of friends and loved ones. (Laughs) It’s extremely therapeutic to get that stuff out through a character and not get in trouble for it.‘‘
Peter’s not coming, darling.
You can latch the window and take the white ribbons from your hair,
stop sleeping with socks on and packing going-away bags.
Whispering the names of the lost boys will not hasten them to you.
Clapping your hands is no enchantment.
There is magic, though, in lining your eyes,
and spells to be cast in sharpening your tongue.
Come to me, darling, and I’ll show you how queens carry themselves.
I will teach you how to wrangle womanhood and tame it into a lapdog,
to recognize pirates without their hooks and rapier them with words,
to say no to heartless boys who need mothering
and make peace with stern princesses and jealous faeries.
I will help hide away childhood in the gilded cage of your ribs,
where it may blossom and thrive in the wildest part of you.
Here you will never grow old, never die.
Here is your Neverland, laced through your heart like corset strings,
tied up tight into a ribbon no span of years can unravel.
—  "To Growing Girls Who Dream of Neverland" by S.T. Gibson

Sam + gods (requested by sammyatstanford)


star wars: the clone wars meme | (9/10) characters Cad Bane

"Cad Bane at your service. I’ll take on any job…for the right price."


Darkness Killed The Light | a swan lake inspired fanmix {LISTEN} or {DOWNLOAD}

"It’s about a girl who gets turned into a swan and she needs love to break the spell, but her prince falls for the wrong girl.. so she kills herself."

Running To The Sea
, Royksopp Ft. Sussane Sundfør / Dead In The Water, Ellie Goulding / The Road, Hurts / Riverside, Agnes Obel / Bachelorette (family tree version), Björk / Secret Door, Evanescence / She’s Dead, My Personal Murderer / A Swan Song, Clint Mansell (instrumental) / Vesper, David Arnold (instrumental)

DREAM CAST — Odette (holliday grainger), Darek (richard madden), Von Rothbart (joseph morgan), Odile (alexandra breckenridge)

Lady!Hades and Persephone from The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer

aka the only telling of the Hades/Persephone myth that matters 

You really should not underestimate my ability to argue with you about the fact that if Red and Ash Ketchum ever met they would become really good friends.