in the summer after his junior year, danny goes to flight school to get his pilot’s license. his instructor is surprised at how well he understands flight, driving with an XYZ axis mindset, and how natural danny seems in the air despite never taking formal training before. they say he’s a natural when they talk to the fentons when they pick him up (he never got a driver’s license, but that’s not gonna stop him from not getting his pilot’s).

Cisco, my idol, my fave (besides Barry of course)

TFF badge: Kenny Kitsune

This was done a couple of days before Texas Furry Fiesta (TFF), when I was at the hotel on Dallas downtown, just sightseeing around waiting the convention started.

I received a message from Kenny, telling me he’s also attending TFF, and he wanted a badge for the event by me. It was unusual that I accepted it, but I was really happy knowing the fact I was going to know this fox, that I accepted, and even if I was on vacations, I did this one night on my hotel room, and laminated it on an office depot a day after.

Proably I won’t repeat that (to accept a badge commission just few days before the con, spending time in other city), was very rushed. But I liked the result, I could have the pleasure to met Kenny in real life, I receive some balloons by him <3

On this badge he just turned his plushie fox into a pool toy with his Inflate O-Gun.

Traditional: pen and markers.

Im not exaggerating when I say work makes me want to die.

Also thinking about graduating is great because I’ll have less stress as in my weekly work load, but tbh thinking about starting my new job makes me want to die as well.

It’s not that I don’t like the work, I HATE the environment and I’m really upset that I accepted a position before I fully knew about the shit I’d have to deal with and I feel backed into a corner.

It’s making me feel really insecure, like I chose the wrong profession and that I’m not good enough.

Idk. I hate life right now.