Hey everyone, just a reminder that yesterday the supreme court decided that its unconstitutional for the police to look through your phone unless they have a warrant, EVEN if you are placed under arrest.

HOWEVER, the police CAN search your phone without a warrant if given verbal consent and they AREN’T required to tell you that you can request that they get a warrant. It’s up to you to know your rights, so PLEASE PLEASE reblog this so we can spread the word!


As part of the #NotJustAGun campaign, we’ve been sharing examples of why the right to bear arms is so important. From giving students in Bangladesh the ability to demand their right to free speech to helping LGBT people defend themselves from bigots. 

Now, we want to know why gun rights matter to you!

Let SFL know why you’re standing up for the right to bear arms by posting a photo to any social media account with the hashtag #NotJustAGun and help us change the debate on gun control once and for all.

Dear College Students...

1. There is no such thing as “my truth”. There is only the truth.

2. Freedom of speech is more important than your feelings

3. Your feelings dont matter when it comes to discussing facts.

4. You dont have the right to impose your will on others.

5. Someone saying something you find offensive is not equal to violence.

6. Criticizing a religion is included in freedom of speech.

7. Being opposed to homosexuality is included in freedom of religion.

8. Social Justice is corruption of justice.

9. The concept of a “safe space” is garbage. You are an adult. Please be able to handle an offensive thing like an adult.

10. Taking tax money from Peter and giving it to Paul is theft.

11. You do not have a right to anything that involves you taking something from someone else. Ex. Health Care

12. Socialism is garbage.

13. People accused of rape have a right to a fair trial.

14. Encouraging concealed carry and self defense is not victim blaming.

15. You dont have a right to “feel safe”.

  • Right-winger:Leftists are just glorified statists! They want constant wealth redistribution and big government to fulfill all their needs!
  • Engels:The modern state, no matter what its form, is essentially a capitalist machine -- the state of the capitalists, the ideal personification of the total national capital. The more it proceeds to the taking over of the productive forces, the more does it actually become the national capitalist, the more citizens does it exploit. The workers remain wage-laborers -- proletarians. The capitalist relation is not done away with.
  • Marx:All forms of the state have democracy for their truth, and for that reason are false to the extent that they are not democracy.
  • Luxemburg:There is no democracy without socialism and no socialism without democracy.
  • Kropotkin:Where there is authority, there is no freedom.
  • Black Panthers:All power to the people!
  • Right-winger:.....
  • Right-winger:.....
  • Right-winger:Why would Learn Liberty lie...? =/

Minimum wage laws suppress competition and transfer monopoly and monopsony power to large corporations. These laws subsidize large corporations by insulating them from competition from smaller competitors and start-ups that are less able bear the increased costs of labor. If we want to increase the poor’s standard of living we must start fighting for free markets and deregulation instead of unemployment and corporate welfare.


What is Anarchism for Beginners Pt 2: Beliefs and Goals

This is all from Infoshop’s An Anarchist FAQ. If you have any questions, please message me directly/go into my ask box so I don’t clog everyone’s dashboard.

What does Anarchism stand for?

Anarchists place a high priority on liberty, desiring it both for themselves and others. They also consider individuality to be an important aspect of humanity, however they also recognize that individuality only exists as a social phenomenon. Outside of society, individuality is impossible since we need others in order to develop, expand, and grow. The making of a human being is a collective process which involves both the community and the individual to participate.

In order for individuality to develop, anarchists consider it essential to create a society based on three principles: liberty, equality, and solidarity. These principles are interdependent shared by all anarchists. Liberty is essential for the full flowering of human intelligence, creativity, and dignity. The loss of liberty would stifle innovation, lower personal responsibility, enforce conformity, and produce mediocrity. Liberty is a joke without equality. There can be no real freedom in a class-stratified, hierarchical society riddled with gross inequalities of wealth, privilege, and power.  The best freedom you have under capitalism is choosing your own boss. Finally, solidarity means mutual aid: working voluntarily and cooperatively with others who share the same goals and interests. In a society such as ours built as a pyramid with competing classes aiming at the top, we live in a “dog-eat-dog,” “dominate or be dominated,” and “everyone for themselves” type world. Where there is competition mixed with individualism, there can be no solidarity.

For anarchists, real wealth consists in things of utility and beauty, in things which help create strong and beautiful bodies and surroundings inspiring to live in. Individuality and ideas grow and develop within society, in response to material and intellectual interactions and experiences, which people constantly analyze and interpret. Anarchism, therefore, is a materialist theory, recognizing  that ideas develop and grow from social interaction and the individual’s mental activity. Therefore, anarchism bases itself on the power of ideas and the ability of people to act and transform their lives based on what they consider to be right.

What is the Essence of Anarchism?

Anarchists are against all coercive and/or hierarchical authorities such as mayors, presidents, bosses, prime ministers, royalty, capitalists, cops, etc.However, we are not against experts who are particularly knowledgeable, skillful, or wise, though we believe that such authorities should have no power to force others to follow their recommendations. We believe that no human has the right to dominate another because domination is inherently degrading, demeaning, and oppressive. Put simply, the essence of anarchism is free cooperation between equals to maximize their liberty and individuality. While being anti-authoritarian, anarchists recognize that human beings have a social nature and that they mutually influence each other. We cannot escape this authority, nor should we.

To be really free is to allow each one to live their lives their own way as long as each allow one another to do the same. Anarchists seek a society in which people interact in ways which enhance the liberty of all rather than crush the liberty of many in benefit for the few.

Why Focus on Liberty?

Because human beings are thinking creatures. To deny them liberty is to deny them the opportunity to think for themselves, which is to deny our very existence as humans. Freedom is a product of our humanity because it’s in our consciousness of self. We act differently than most because we desire to act freely. The craving for liberty and self-expression is a very fundamental and dominant trait. Only in freedom can we learn to think and move on our own and develop bonds with others. All of which serve the foundation of a normal and healthy social life. 

Liberties, being socially produced, do not exist because they have been legally set on paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habit of the people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace. One compels respect from others when one knows how to defend one’s honor as a human being. For this reason, we support the tactic of direct action. We have as much liberty as we are willing to take. Direct action calls for the open defiance of, and resistance to, all laws and restrictions, economic, social, and moral. It requires integrity, self-reliance, and courage. It’s the application of liberty used to resist oppression in the simplest and most direct way.

But freedom requires the right kind of social environment in which to grow and develop. Such environment must be decentralized and based on the direct management of work by those who do it. For centralization means coercive authority (hierarchy), whereas self-management is the essence of freedom. For this reason, anarchists are opposed to capitalism, statism, and the private ownership of the means of production.

Do Anarchists Favor Organization?

Yes. Without association to anything, human life is impossible. Humans thrive in groups but die alone.  The anarchist sentiment to organization is that all members should have a hand in the collective work and should not be mere tools in the hands of a leader. Granted, yes, leadership qualities are important and can be useful for a number of topics and situations. The best person on a subject should logically be the leader and you should follow the leader’s suggestions.  However, we anarchists do not promote the blind following and absolute control of a leader. The leader shouldn’t be a freeloader at the expense of their comrades. And the mark of any good leader is knowing when to follow. Free association implies that anyone can freely join organization and freely leave.

However, anarchist forms of organization do not have a “head” or one face that holds together the entire group. We organize in the ways that replicate the society we want to achieve: decentralized, organic, and collectivized–powered by the hands of all the people who participate in it. Therefore, we organize based on direct democracy (self management) and federalism (multiple groups based in different places, focus on different things, but share a core cause while interacting with others).

As Alexander Berkman puts it: “Any one who tells you that Anarchists don’t believe in organisation is talking nonsense. Organisation is everything, and everything is organisation. The whole of life is organisation, conscious or   unconscious … But there is organisation and organisation.   Capitalist society is so badly organised that its various members suffer:   just as when you have a pain in some part of you, your whole body aches   and you are ill… , not a single member of the organisation or union   may with impunity be discriminated against, suppressed or ignored. To do   so would be the same as to ignore an aching tooth: you would be sick all over.”

Do Anarchists Favor Absolute Liberty?

No. We don’t believe anyone should be able to do whatever they like because some actions deny liberty and safety to others. The freedom to murder innocent people isn’t freedom. The freedom to sexually harass isn’t freedom. The freedom to express racist opinions isn’t freedom. The freedom to do unjustified destructive acts to others, most personal properties or the environment is not liberty, but oppression. And some acts are entirely unforgivable regardless of circumstance and regardless who it is directed to. If something or someone enacts, represents, or glorifies oppression or destructive acts, it deserves to be taken down and smashed immediately.

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Link to Pt 1: Definitions


   The TRUE problem we are facing nowadays is that people dont even know how to DEFINE capitalism, so if they see any fucking problem they just blame “Capitalism” thinking of it as an evil foggy concept.
   If a socialist reads this, I want a definition of capitalism, and then explain to me why a system which can’t be accounted for any deaths is inferior to a system which has a history of killing 100+ millions.