Bunker 018: Zancig (Survivor!), Nerve + more!

Bunker returns to it’s home this Thursday at the Liberty Social to belt out some techno in the back room. This week we are joined by Survivor! co-big cheese Zancig, Nerve who will be performing a rare DJ set, ACM who will be performing live and Adrian Bell. Doors open from 10 and close, well, when we say so! Join us :)

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HTRK - 2013-02-15, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC

This set was HTRK’s warm-up for All Tomorrow’s Parties, which was fittingly the next day. I went along since I knew I’d miss HTRK’s set at ATP due to a clash with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. There were no support acts for this show, just DJs.

Brief(-ish) review: This gig was actually a little bit of a fizzer. It was scheduled hideously late, with doors at 10pm and HTRK rather unhelpfully giving their start time as “somewhere between midnight and 1am, no earlier than midnight”. At a few minutes to midnight, everybody suddenly shifted to stand expectantly in front of the stage. By 12:20pm, people were drunk, dancing to the DJ, and very much ready for HTRK to start. The vibe in the venue was really good. By 12:40, people were getting frustrated and certainly weren’t dancing much. HTRK didn’t start until a few minutes to 1, by which point everybody gathered up the front seemed frustrated, weren’t dancing, and had lost their buzz.

The first few songs didn’t come across too great. Very regimented, sparse, lacking either the depth of their studio versions or the spark of live performance. I think it was partly because the vibe in the room was a bit deflated. From “Poison” onwards things came to life - Jonnine Standish’s vocals were just as good live, and Nigel Yang was doing some pretty impressive work blurring and washing out his guitar sound. “Synthetik” was probably the eerie highlight of the night as Standish repeatedly intoned “perfect… successful…”, and the closer of “Body Double” improved on the studio version. I still couldn’t escape the feeling that something was missing, and that for possibly the first time in my life I decided that I preferred an artist in studio to live. HTRK get a very distinctive, layered atmosphere on album, and even in a venue with the ideal atmosphere for their music it was hard to recreate.

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