On the one hand, I get really irritated with many modern “apolitical” hippies who have absorbed so much neoliberal individualism that they think all of the world’s problems can be solved with positive attitude and good vibes – they are removed from all socio-political reality and tend to float in a bubble of economic privilege. On the other hand, I’ve become kind of disillusioned with much of the left’s resistance to adapt to different material conditions – we are not going to win over the working class of today with 1917 larping and newspapers heavy with Marxist jargon (at least in much of the Western world, which is what I can personally speak for). I make these complaints both as someone invested in hippie/raver subculture and as a leftist committed to world transformation beyond class society; the merging of these two traits was a driving force behind this blog, as I wanted to help reinvigorate a cultural-political connection that’s been seemingly dormant for decades (and is only starting to revive as of recently with the solarpunk movement). 

It’s a real shame that Murray Bookchin came down so hard on what he described as the “mystical” elements of environmentalism and feminism, because I feel as though an aesthetics revival is overdue on the left – especially within social ecology. Not everyone gels with the “mystical” vibes that Murray was criticizing (most won’t, in fact), but to categorize all cosmic yearning into the same box as the aforementioned neoliberal hippies is a tad reductionist. There are those of us who crave story, purpose, color, and other such “mushy” shit in our worldviews; there’s nothing inherent to anti-capitalism that demands that we rid ourselves of these cravings. In fact, I can’t stress enough that they are intensely useful to the cause. 

I’ve gone into more detail on this topic in a @leftist-daily-reminders post that outlined my support for a “dual power” tactic – we need to create parallel institutions for the people of the world to pour their support into, adapting the language and aesthetic choices to the given area. I also support intentional communities that try to break away from society and consciously present an alternative to laypeople. The class struggle should always be firmly about putting power into the hands of the people, and that will mean diversity in the details. Diversity in the details, united in anti-capitalist purpose. I’m not suggesting that we revitalize a solarpunk/Starhawk aesthetic where it doesn’t apply – just that there are many places where it will apply and that we on the left need to be more open to a unified front with it. Rather than coldly refusing to engage with any positive visions for the future (”The socialist society of the future will be built by the people of the future; we shouldn’t anticipate the details.”), we need to be enthusiastic in our visions for the post-capitalist future. After all, how else are we going to get the people on the train without a clear picture of the destination? (or at least a relatively clear picture of the destination, beyond just “communal control over the means of production”)


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@motorcyclegirlfriends  sorry but homophobia, racism, etc. don’t need intention. discrimination happens with or without “i didn’t mean to.” the harm happened anyway. the cast portrayed blatant ignorance towards the fandom. not knowing about the impact of wlw ships and lgbt+ rep in media when you are an actual actor / actress on a show with a huge lgbt+ fanbase and canon gay and feminist stuff in it since season 1 is nothing more than ignorance and even ignorant towards comic book history and meanings and the literal context for this show. or why else would gail simone also raging about this shit?

they knew about supercorp for months now and to imply they only reacted that way because they don’t know about any lgbt issues on the matter is not only far reaching and a contradiction against their own half ass ally claims but furthermore an excuse to some straighties who cannot get over themselves because some fans are rude / annoying because their favorite ship isn’t gonna happen in canon. it also undermines the fact that fans are (mostly) rude because of the ongoing racism, homophobia, abuse and sexism in the show and against the characters, the female lead in particular. they have every right to be rude towards any of the people on sg responsible for the horrible writing and white straight male self-insertion and supremacy fantasies that was season 2 and probably not stopping in s3. if the actors on that show are not able to divert the emotions from fans from the content and statements these emotions and critics carry then they are just ignorant straighties portraying internalized homophobia and misogyny. 

the context for what happened is the constant mistreatment of wlw and lgbt+ in general (as in fans, actual content in the media and actors_actresses) and the ongoing unsolidarity from (mostly white) straight women who fail to solidarize with other women because of their internalized sexism, (racism) and homophobia called heterosexuality. (i’m a bit salty, but i mean it 80% of the time). it’s a fact that there will never be such a thing about a straight ship while romantic dynamics between two women aren’t even recognized (let alone represented in canon) because women don’t get to have any agency and freedom from the male gaze when it comes to desire, sex and love. and to further add to the context: please consider everything else happened and said on these two days from the cast members for one minute.

if you want to interpret the situation without the given context, fine, but don’t tell other people what’s homophobia and what’s not and don’t tell us to give the cast a free pass just because you are able to let this disrespect slide. we all know that homophobia and heteronormativity is real life canon all the time but that is why we seek a safe place in tv shows and fiction and can expect that actors and actresses are doing their job in a professional way. 

yes we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from all/most of them but this doesn’t deny the fact that some of the cast members behaved like lesbophobic shitheads and didn’t even react in a respectful and empathizing manner afterwards. this alone is harmful enough but please leave me alone with that patronizing splaining of the sdcc2017 shitshow. 


The African-American uprising known as the ‘Detroit Riots’ began on July 23, 1967. 

The rebellion was sparked when the local police arrested all of the attendees at a social club due to it not having a license. The mass arrest of the 82 African Americans inside the club enraged the on looking local residents who shortly after began to throw stones and bottles at the police officers.

The rage against another case of police injustice soon developed into a full on uprising in which shops and businesses were looted and set on fire. The president at the time, Lyndon B. Johnson, authorized the deployment of thousands of state troops to try and extinguish the protest. 43 people lost their lives, the majority being Black people shot dead by police and National Guardsmen.

While official narratives portray the event as a “riot” and paint the looting and cases of arson as random attacks, the socioeconomic and racial context cannot be denied. Black people had long been discriminated against in Detroit, and the mass arrest of the Black revelers served as the breaking point. Martin Luther King Jr said that “the riot is the language of the unheard.” The Detroit Uprising of 1967 was exactly that.

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1 of 4 Women’s March know Terrorists or Terrorist sympathizers

Feminism is 2017

A convicted Palestinian terrorist and a key figure of the recent Women’s March will be deported from the United States after accepting a plea bargain that allows her to escape a prison sentence.

Rasmea Odeh will be stripped of her U.S citizenship and forced to leave the country and return to Jordan after failing to disclose to immigration authorities that she had been imprisoned in Israel for committing two terror attacks.

just to make a post in english about this: my issue with breeding animals is not if they are well taken care of or not, or if their characteristics make them suffer. I don’t care if a breeder has the best conditions possible and their animals are thriving - we just do not have the right to forcibly impregnate an animal that doesn’t even have the ability to consent and is completely dependent upon us. in an ideal world, we wouldn’t even have “pets”, because the fact that we want to spend time with animals does not justify us keeping them. just as humans, they deserve bodily autonomy. ofc they cannot live on their own in the world as it is now so since we brought them into this situation, they have a right to be taken care of, but we need to stop breeding more of them. 

Hey so if I were to be part of a D&D web show/stream dealio would anyone be I retested in watching it? It would be similar to Critical Role in length and “seriousness” I guess, as opposed to like TAZ. I think atm we might start in a two or three months, so I don’t want to get anyone overly excited for more D&D content I just kinda wanna gauge interest.

I’ll probably be running a tumblr for our group, and since there are 11 of us there will actually be two groups, two DMs, and then two shows. It would benefit people who watch both as there are bound to be player/character crossovers and they do take place in the same setting.

But yeah I guess just like drop a reply if you might be interested I guess? Or a like? I don’t really want to spread this around too much as it’s in the early stages.

If you unfollow me because I’ve started publicly supporting the prolife movement, know that I don’t think you or anyone else is a terrible person for having an abortion. I don’t think you’re a murderer, because I know that isn’t the intention behind most abortions. I don’t support it as a choice, because it shouldn’t be one and it’s violent and there are so many better options that lead to life rather than death. I don’t think that the death penalty, cutting people off from welfare programs, euthanasia, or war is morally right either, and I’m doing my best to have a consistent life ethic.