There’s an anti blog that has compiled a list of “Larry debunks,” and because I like to stay honest, I read through them. Here’s what I can tell you.

  • Anti’s are usually “pro” another ship, typically Narry or Zarry
  • The most notes they had on any post was 492. 60% of all of their debunk posts had less than 100 notes. Most of them were reblogged with tags like “narry is real.” 
  • 80% of the posts were debunking shit from 2012 and 2013 that nobody believes is real anymore, including Larries
  • None of the posts were thoughtfully organized or convincing
  • A disturbing number of posts tried to debunk Larry by comparing it to Narry and then still concluded Narry is real
  • There were 3 blogs who did all the debunking

Basically, 3 antis, all of them Narries, are living on anxiety and offerings to an altar featuring Bullshit 1.0 and Elounor tweets.

Here’s what 1DHQ and antis want us to think the fandom looks like:

Here’s what the actual make-up is like:

1DHQ has created a narrative predicated on the concept of the silent majority, overly insisting that nobody believes in Larry, that anyone who does is deluded and antagonistic, when in reality, the antis are the vocal minority. The update accounts, supported by the 1DHQ machine, perpetuate this on a fan-to-fan level. It’s why Twitter can be so vocally anti at times.

Significantly more fans and casual observers can be classified as neutral than larrie or anti. As the curve trends to the larrie side, the antis will get increasingly vocal and vicious, but they have little to no real support. The fandom is a bubble. We exist in a vacuum where the sides appear to be clearly divided, but that’s not the case.

Don’t be fooled. Antis are not the majority. Larries aren’t even the majority. But the Larries are growing and the antis are shrinking. That is why the antis are fired up right now.
Lawmakers Host Public Trans-Bashing Session
At a legislative coffee this weekend, South Dakota lawmakers paraded their biases against transgender people.

Several anti-LGBT bills are swiftly advancing through the South Dakota legislature, two of which directly target transgender people for discrimination. Though national conservative groups are certainly playing a significant part in promoting the legislation, there is apparently plenty of transphobia among lawmakers for them to work with.

Never forget there’s no such thing as ‘humane slaughter.’ I never saw an animal clicking its heels going to the slaughterhouse, saying 'Yippee, skippy, I’m going to be a McDonald’s burger tomorrow!’ There is always fear in their eyes. They know exactly what’s going to happen. So for anyone to claim there is such a thing as 'humane slaughter’, well, that’s the greatest oxymoron in the world.
—  Howard Lyman, former 4th generation cattle rancher turned vegan & activist

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda. The so called “Bernie Bro” was the “Obama boy” in 2008. This is a tactic used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to discredit Bernie Sanders supporters.

Time for Hill to dump Bill

If Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t give her husband the political boot, she risks losing progressives, says columnist and USA TODAY Board of Contributors member David Person. “If Mrs. Clinton plans to continue touting her progressive bona fides,” Person explains, “she must account for her husband’s political legacy.”
Bernie Sanders is Keeping Martin Luther King's Dream Alive
Like King, Bernie has spent his entire life fighting for the poor and working class.
An Open Letter To Gloria Steinem On Intersectional Feminism - The Establishment

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You’re not alone in adopting an approach to feminism that overlooks intersectionality. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that when you try to change history’s second most enthusiastic capitalist party, it usually ends up changing you. Princeton scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s new book From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation analyzes this dynamic in detail to explain why having “Black faces in high places” hasn’t made life all that much better for ordinary people of color.


I am an illustrator and I have been collecting and illustrating the proverbs of White Middle Class Liberals for a year now and finally compiled them in to an Alphabetical Anthology. It functions as an educational tool and a fun way to clap back at every day crackery. if any one is interested in it you can find it here.…/…/the-alphabetical-anthology-of-white

The book is bound on really lovely card with heavy weight cartridge paper pages and printed locally.

If you enjoyed White Boys or Fear Brown Queers you will love this book.

As well as being a funny and insightful read it is a lovely object to hold.