if the “male brain” and “female brain” theory is true (it isn’t) and socialization isn’t real (it is) then that means that males are innately more violent, more likely to rape, more likely to murder, more likely to abuse, etc just by their mere existence and not by any outside forces.

what do you suppose we do to combat that, then? it seems to me like the only way to irradiate male violence, if that theory is true, is to throw all males into a black hole and live in a female-only utopia. afterall, men are innately evil, right? 🙄

the scientifically proven fact that there is no gendered brain, only socialization, is a lot less of an extremist stance. we don’t have to kill all men to change the world, we just have to change how society views women and therefore how males are socialized. idk, that seems a lot more moderate to me. so why do misogynists so loudly reject a scientific fact that actually partially works in their favor?

Since the Black movement had been the nexus for social activism would an attack on the Black movement have the same generalizing effect? This was a multi-pronged strategy that included physical repression of the movement through the use and expansion of the policing state; an ideological attack on poor and working-class African Americans as undeserving, lazy, and violent; and eventually the cultivation of a functioning Black middle class that could politically discipline poorer African Americans while also rehabilitating the idea that everyone could prosper in the United States.
—  From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor

Huitaca is a goddess of the Musica people in the Colombian Andes. She is the goddess of the arts, witchcraft, sexual liberation, and in some records, the moon. She was an incredible beauty who enjoyed life, pleasure, and games. As punishment for rebelling against Bochica, the founding hero of the Musica, she was turned into an owl.