What liberals in Massachusetts see!
(this is just a joke (kinda) don’t get your liberal pants in a twist)

So, my brother is staying with me for a few days and we were talking about recent movies and this happened:

Him: they’re making so many shitty movies these days. Have you see. What they did to Ghostbusters?

Me: … I haven’t seen it yet but I heard its good. What’s wrong with it?

Him: they turned it into a man-bashing movie! Chris Hemsworth is the only man in it, and he’s a moron with no character development?

Me: so… He basically plays the role that women have played in most movies since the dawn of time?

Him: that is not true! What about romantic comedies? Besides, the movie totally tanked at the box office because it did so badly. No one liked it! And they are still planning on making another one!

Me: well, it didn’t break records like the Avengers, but it did pretty well, got really good critical reception, a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I’ve actually only heard good things about it it, so… If they’re still going forward with more Batman Vs Superman despite how terribly it did, why can’t they expand this universe? It’s so important for women and young girls to have representation in this movie genre in a way that shows them kicking ass in a way that has nothing to do with how attractive they are!

Him: batman vs Superman is different, it’s an established universe, not a social experiment! You sound like a Tumblr social justice warrior.

And that’s when I realized that one of those people who angrily posts in Reddit forums about how women are ruining Ghostbusters and their childhoods by shooting ghosts in the dick had found their way into my home. On the plus side, I proudly owned my Tumblr social justice warrior label and he looked just as appalled.
Ready Or Not, the Black Movement Enters a New Stage

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

The rulers sense that something has irrevocably changed in the psyche of Black youth, that the imperative for dignity and self-determination — never quashed — is now active, excited, volatile, and ready to make the oppressor pay a price. Ready to “sacrifice,” as Gavin Long put it a few days before his death. 

When a Black beauty queen, the former Miss Alabama, calls Micah Johnson “a martyr,” we know that the movement’s values — the values of the Black Radical Tradition -— have been internalized by a broad strata of the Black public. When it becomes difficult to get the average Black person on the street to denounce Bros. Johnson and Long, then you know that a Rubicon of a kind has been crossed.

The Black Lives Matter phenomenon is energized by the system itself, whose very mission provides the rationale for Black resistance. If there is to be even the barest beginnings of a state of peace, it is the cops, the enforcers of the ruling order, the occupying army of the supremely white 1%, that must stand down — not the movement against police repression. The occupation must end, and the Black community allowed to provide its own security — which would be a natural state of affairs in a country that was not in a one-sided state of war. But that would mark the surrender of the mass Black incarceration regime that was installed in response to the mass Black movements of the Sixties, a regime so uniquely vicious and pervasive that one out of every eight prison inmates on the planet is a Black American.

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i wish all the liberals in the world would realize that long lasting, long-term systemic change requires more than “spread love!” “we need unity! why can’t we all get along!” “we’re all one race!” like bruh that surface level shit isn’t going to solve anything and we’re gunna need something a lot deeper (read: overhaul of the capitalist system) if you actually expect anything to change

What is neo–liberalism?

Neoliberalism (or sometimes neo-liberalism) refers primarily to ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism. These include extensive economic liberalisation policies such as privatisation, fiscal austerity, deregulation, free trade, and reductions in government spending in order to enhance the role of the private sector in the economy.

See also

- at the Republican National Convention
- everyone’s waiting for Donald Trump’s Undertaker like entrance
- it’s finally starting
- Back light LEDs are on
- a figure walks out
- but wait it’s not Trump
- oh my god
- it’s small about 5'0 ft and has long spiked hair going down
- the speakers turn on
- crowd goes fucking wild
- Knuckles is the fucking Republican nominee
- every emotional person in America, no, the world is crying
- all Hillary supporters now are republicans
- Knuckles wins the election
- Knuckles the Enchidna is president of the United States
- world peace
- all is good


I don’t normally say that? but everyone is talking (shaming people) about how the Congressional elections are SO IMPORTANT - but nobody is educating folks on how to go about it.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


What if you do your homework and find that all of your reps are terrible? what then?

Well? Run for office! Why the hell not? Because at the end of the day you - even without any political experience? you might just be overqualified.

It’s been one day of the Republican National Convention and so far we’ve seen:

-The platform, which calls for (but is not limited to) banning women from the military, and advocating conversion therapy for gays (which is considered unscientific torture by many)

-representative Steve King from Iowa, who basically asked on national television, what contributions to civilization have non white people made?

-An underwear model who spoke to the entire convention about President Obama being a Muslim and how that’s apparently inherently a bad thing, even though there are no religious tests to begin with for any public office because of this great thing I like to call the constitution

-Melania Trump apparently plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama and (ironically) receiving a standing ovation

-Mike Pence, the literal candidate for the second highest office in this country basically saying Mulan was a liberal conspiracy made by Disney to positively promote women in the military (it wasn’t), the idea of which he disagrees with apparently due to women’s provocation to being sexually assaulted in the military

Please, don’t let these people near public office