Don’t believe the pre-election hype that Trump is a uniquely bad Republican. 95% of what he has done the other Republican candidates would do all the same. I still believe that if it was Ted Cruz we’d actually be even worse off.

As the resistance forms, we must remember that we are not just fighting against the singular idiocy of Trump and his administration.  The right has been building up to this moment for decades and now is the time to confront it with a unified mass movement.

On days where you find love is not winning, try fighting with compassion and understanding, not with violence. You will find times where your heart sinks, where evil may be victorious and your liberal heart beats alone. Do not give up, do not get angry, fill yourself with power, positivity and understanding. The world cannot push down what is right, the light will shine again, if only you will hold out for it.

liberal hearts by Amy Kennedy


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Funny thing is, I don’t think Milo is necessarily a bad person.

He’s just a sad unhappy and not-too-bright guy who can do nothing anymore but lash out at liberals and try to shock them. 

And was too naive and silly to realize he fucked up really, really bad by saying what he did

America’s right wing only want to shock people these days. That’s the problem. 


The next great lesbian migration will be to “The Good Fight”

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Milo Yiannopoulos Full Press Conference 2/21/17   

This was a political hit job.  Reminds me of the Trump Tapes during the election.  They had this on Milo and were waiting for the right time.  So when Milo was invited to CPAC, the dinosaur GOP Elites couldn’t stand the idea of a new conservative like Milo, who doesn’t walk their thin line, showing up so they dropped the podcast.

We know the Democrats are evil, but now the Republican Elites are showing their ugly faces, and that it is a Uni-Party system. They are all so desperate to dig up any kind of dirt to bring us down.

  • self-defined "moderates": I'm against hate of ANY kind. That's why I advocate for the safety of Nazis, fascists, etc.
  • reasonable person: Do you advocate for the safety of LGBT+ people, women, Muslims, Jews, racial minorities, etc., aka the innocent people who are the victims of hate crimes by the people you defend?
  • self-defined "moderates": Wtf no I don't care about those people