Fighting against trump’s neofascist baboonery without purging the Dem. Party and The Left of Thrid Way neoliberalism is akin to training for a marathon while refusing to treat your pneumonia.
Protester sets himself on fire at Trump's Washington D.C. hotel
The man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect's looming inauguration. Witnesses said he yelled 'Trump' as flames 'ran up his back' shortly before 9.30pm.



It is angering and saddening how many “liberal” Democrats in power have adopted the corporate schooling philosophy of DeVos over the years. Cory Booker, Rahm Emanuel, and many others need to be confronted on this before we lose public schooling forever… 

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Question? That article, is it really trying to blame trump on liberals(instead of the racists, and people who fell for his snake oil, you know the people who voted for him)because liberals didnt find another way to be liberal? (im sorry i couldnt finish reading the article, it started spewing such horse shit i had to stop [like how they said "tax and regulation should be limited" and "public services should be privatized" were neoliberal ideas even though those are painfully conservative ideas])

Neo-Liberal and Liberal are not the same thing.

Neo-Liberalism is a strain of economic thought based on the laissez-faire economic liberalism of the 19th century. It is a common strain in both parties, Democrat and Republican. This is because neoliberalism is a system favored by the Wealthy not just here but across the western hemisphere as a way to further increase their monetary gains (in the UK for example, it is often referred to as Blairism). 

Since both parties are financed by the wealthy, neo-liberal ideas make their way to both sides of the aisle. 

Neo-Liberal ideas include things like increased immigration, free trade, lower taxes on the wealthy and fewer regulations on businesses. If you notice, those policy positions are split pretty evenly between Democrats and Republicans. That way no matter who is in power the wealthy get some of what they want.