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hi To préface i appréciate that ur not under any obligation to be a spokesperson for The subject so u can ignore this guilt free if u want I won’t persist But if u don’t mind i wanted to ask How you’d sum jesus up as like . e.g. a nonbinary middle eastern socialist revolutionary etc And how u’d back that up with context From the new testament and stuff , just because i struggle sifting thru stuff to find details And it’s something i know i believe but often can’t talk about confidently

here are some solid articles for you about how

  • god both embodies and transcends all conceptions of gender (x and x)
  • jesus was a brown-skinned middle eastern jewish man (x)
  • jesus’s values and teachings align with socialism (x and x and x)
  • jesus was a revolutionary (x and x)

hope these help root you in a place of firmer context! all my blessings xx

When I was a young child it never crossed my mind once that I would be shamed for trying to be accepting and caring about other people and their differences. 90% of conversations go like this lately.

*reads a post about a Muslim girl being attacked for wearing her hijab*

Me: “Poor girl. What is wrong with people? She wasnt hurting anyone.”

85% of commenters: “She’s in America. She needs to dress like it. Go sit in your safe space you lazy, libtard, millennial.”

Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong or that this isnt true. This is what society is like today its like some fucked up alternate universe.