Trump is likely to lose Election 2016, but Republicans are likely to keep their House majority and stonewall Hillary Clinton because she’s a female Democratic President who beat their preposterously unqualified and terrible nominee. It’s uncertain which of those Clinton characteristics makes Republicans angriest, but the GOP’s inflated House majority of Tea Party hotheads is America’s eternal problem. The only comfort will be in watching Paul Ryan struggle with the House Freedom Caucus.
The outsized influence that small, typically Republican states have in the Senate stalls the liberalizing, democratic, and Democratic trends of America without actually being needed for bipartisan protection of small states. This means that the rural communities of small states have a disproportionate voice in our government and politics. As a point of reference, the US Census Bureau found that cities are home to 62.7% of the population, but make up only 3.5% of the nation’s land area (which helps illustrate why the House is so disproportionately influenced by large areas of sparsely populated land).

so many of my genderist friends who don’t know I’m gender critical will reblog posts on my main about how you shouldn’t tell women to kill themselves, threaten violence against women, use misogynistic slurs, etc etc no matter how much you disagree with them but then @ me on this blog or reblog my posts from this blog with #lol go choke bitch #kill yourself #terfs are cunts

so which is it 👀

today on the radio I heard these two DJs talking about how apparently millennials prefer liquid soap to bar soap and somehow this means we’re all lazy because we don’t want to take the time to lather up our hands with bar soap???? (obviously it has nothing to do with hygiene reasons or just, like, personal preference?) and I swear for like the first two minutes of this rant I fully thought they were joking and then I realized they weren’t and I was SO CONFUSED




Do yourself a favor, and watch all of these.

@Regrann from @incitingideas - They’ll laugh in your face if you portray the bigger picture of what’s happening #CognitiveDissonance #anarchy#America#freedom#legalize#decriminalize#liberal#democrat#conservative#republican#politics#libertarian#government#history#Statism#hacktivist#endthefed#warondrugs#ostracizecops#LaissezFaire#linux#BlackMarket#SilkRoad#programming#SoundMoney#Constitution#AllGunLawsAreInfringements#TaxationIsTheft#PoliceAreGangs#incitingideas

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