so i went to a japanese bookstore with my friend, and bought my first manga! it’s sakurahime kaden, aka the legend of princess sakura by arina tanemura c: i got volumes 9 and 10 (since ive read scanlations online but they stopped at chapter 32) i love it c: volume 9 has prince aoba on the cover and rurijo on volume 10

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Color: Jade-green
Food: chicken soup with rice
Smell: Blockbuster Store smell 
Movie: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Genre of Music: if it’s good, then it’s good
Texture: fur
Time of the Day: 4:00pm-9:00pm
Day of the Week: Friday
Celebrity: Hugh Jackman
Drink: Orange juice 
Precious stone: Jade
Animal: Tigers
Flower: Sakura blossoms
Video Game: Legend of Zelda: twilight princess 
Fruit: Orange 
Vegetables: broccoli 
Shop: Macy's
Fashion Style: jeans, a cute top and flats
Boy’s name: Alberto
Girl’s name: Kimie
Potato Chip Flavor: Green Tostitos 
Meal of the Day: Carrots
Ice cream flavor: coconut 
Soda: Sprite
Popcorn: Extra butter
Season: spring
Month: May
Word: Dude
Disney Princess: Belle
Insult: your mom
Eye Color: Chestnut Brown
Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake
Candy: Ferrero Rocher
Restaurant: As long as there is meat
Language: Spanish and English

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