12 days into the new year, 353 to go

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution, maybe you didn’t. Either way, you probably deserve to feel happy and encouraged in this new year. Consider adding a hearty dose of encouraging, kind animals to your dashboard.

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Reportedly features badly drawn things, yet this bee is not bad at all. This bee’s message is both positive and realistic. Cool.

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This Tumblr has a whole tag dedicated to motivational animals. Listen to this sloth. Don’t you dare hurt their feelings.

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Even more positive Animalia. Maybe it’s an otter. It’s at least a cousin of the otter. Maybe it’s a polecat? Could be a ferret. Let’s not get caught up on the details, let’s just enjoy this long mammal. 

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ET sat down with Demi Lovato to talk about her latest Fabletics collaboration with Kate Hudson, and why she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

This is Us is such a beautifully written show. Its obvious and it shows that the creator/writers have this show planned out. I’m not trying to be mean but I think other shows should take some notes from it. I watched the latest episode with Kate and Toby dealing with the miscarriage, and it was so sad but so beautiful how it was written. If you haven’t already seen This is Us, I strongly recommend it. It is beautifully written, beautiful character development, it is well acted. I can’t recommend it enough.

Halloooooo everybody. God I feel so AWFUL with this sore throat I’ve had since Sunday. Thought I’d cheer myself up a bit by showing you guys my October Book Haul, which I know is pretty late haha. I finally got myself a copy of Lord of Shadows (STILL. NOT. OVER. IT. 😭😭😭) and Six of Crows from @nbsalert’s #nbscutprice2017. Ink & Bone was a total steal from @angelmarksmnl, and I got the Monsters of Verity books from this sweet new online store, @acourtofbooksph! So happy with all of these, and it’s cute how they all seemed to color coordinate. #latestpurchase tag tagged by @whatsername_reads, thank you! 😊❤️📚👍🏻😍📖👏🏻

Bonus minisode release: “The Revenge of the Janus Beast”

Our latest minisode, starring Kate Jones (voice of Rita) and Noah Simes (voice of Nureyev) as your favorite two-faced monster, is out on iTunes! (It may take a while longer for it to sync to the main page, but it’s already visible to subscribers, so make sure to subscribe!) While you’re there, remember to leave a review–can you help us hit 60 reviews by the time we release the penultimate Juno episode of the season in two weeks?

Oh, and speaking of the next episode…you’re going to want to set aside some time to listen to this one. It’ll be a doozy, but worth it, we promise. See you on October 25th for “Peter Nureyev and the Angel of Brahma.”

I'll Wait - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Request : Hey could you an imagine about Liam and the reader break up? Can you do the break up like Scott and Allison in season 2. Thankyou x

Being Stiles younger sister meant that you had to be involved into the werewolf business as well, whether you liked it or not . Many a times you had to be dragged along with Stiles and Scott because your dad worked late nights at the station and your over protective older brother and his best friend didn’t think it were safe to leave you alone . Because of this, you’ve snuck into a gay club, been paralyzed by a kanima , gotten in trouble several times with your father because of the law and almost been killed by Peter and Kate .

The latest was having to keep and I.E.D werewolf under control and dealing with a supernatural hit list. Whilst helping your idiotic brother and his equally idiotic friend break the news of the bite Scott’s new found beta you couldn’t help but fall for him along the way.

Liam had also felt the same way, and the feelings were proved to be mutual when you were revealed as his anchor . Stiles was a bit shaky on the fact that you were dating Liam due to the fact that he was a were wolf with I.E.D and could explode on you any minute but let it go when he realized how much you both loved each other and how much he had cared for you.

But things weren’t always meant to be perfect. You loved Liam deeply, and besides the fact that someone was willing to pay people to kill so much of your friends and other supernatural creatures things were going great. But you didn’t want this anymore . All you wanted ever since they freed Jackson from being the Kanima was to have a normal life . A normal life like the one you had before Scott was a wolf. The only fear of getting hurt was if a boy broke your heart.

That’s why you had to end it. End the fear of being hurt, so that you could live a normal life for as long as possible even if you had to lie to yourself to live it. End things with Liam. The only person who has kept you sane, happy and made you feel so loved .

Explaining everything to Liam, your voice couldn’t help but crack in between. You dared not look him in the eyes knowing that you’d cry even more . “ I can’t-” “Its okay” he soothed rubbing your back “How is that okay? Liam I’m trying to break up with you” “I know ” he hummed gently grabbing your hand an interlocking his with yours , his thumb rubbing small circles on yours “I know , but I can wait” Shaking your head no you pulled your hand away from his and stood facing him “ I can’t ask you to do that for me . I can’t make you wait . ” “Your not asking me , it’s my choice . I choose to wait on you Y/N . You want to live a normal life for now, that’s fine . I can wait, because I love you. ” He murmured standing up and placing a hand on your cheek and looking down at you lovingly . Breaking into a small smile you leaned in and kissed his lips softly and shortly resting your forehead on his “ I love you to Dunbar” you whispered, breaking away from him and walking away .

A/N i hope it filled your expectations somewhat ! Thank you for the requests . Please leave some more (:

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"i know we’ve been broken up for a while but i still have those concert tickets and you’re the only person i want to share this with"

Castle slows to a stop in front of her door, releases a deep breath he’s been holding since he boarded the plane (hell, since he bought the plane ticket) before he summons the courage to knock. He shouldn’t be here, should be giving her space, seeking his own, but it’s been nearly three months since he’s seen her last (well, nine weeks and three days – still too long), and really, his reason for coming tonight is a necessary one.

He can hear the click of her heels on the hardwood floors inside as she approaches the front door after his three unsteady knocks to the surface, can hear the moment she realizes who’s on the other side as she comes to a stuttering halt. But the locks shift and click and a second later, Kate Beckett is easing open the front door of her DC home, assessing him with a frown slashed across her lips and a crease in her brow.

“Castle?” She states his name like a question and Rick tries to muster a smile for her, doesn’t think he’s very successful if the ripple of concern through her murky brown eyes is any indication.

“Hey,” he tries for cheerful, for casual, as if he isn’t still heartbroken and devastated over her.

“Hey?” she returns, her head tilting to the side in continued confusion, the waves of her hair tumbling over the shoulder of her sophisticated blazer. “How – what are you doing here?”

Rick swallows, hopes she can’t notice his nerves in the persisting dimness of the evening light.

“Listen, I know we’ve been broken up for a while now,” he begins, watching one of her eyebrows rise, but it fails to hide the bloom of apprehension through her gaze. She probably thinks he’s come to try and win her back (not that he would mind if that were to happen) and wow, it hurts to see on her face how much the idea of that terrifies her. “But I still have these-” Castle withdraws his purpose for coming from his jacket’s inside pocket and holds the two concert tickets out for her to see. “They were non-refundable and I didn’t know anyone who’d want to take them off my hands, but personally, I still want to go and there’s no one else I’d rather share the experience with.”

Kate hasn’t managed to avert her eyes from the tickets, the troubled furrow of her brow only continuing to deepen.

“You – you flew all the way out here to ask me to come with you to a concert?” she gets out, something like grief clogging her voice, not even surprised.

“Well,” Castle shrugs, lowering his hand to his side and forcing her to finally look up, meet his eyes. “It’s – was our favorite band. And – and friends go to concerts together all the time, so I just thought we could too.”

“I – I’m not dressed,” she murmurs, scraping a hand through her hair and glancing down at her work attire. She still made a gorgeous FBI agent.

“Show’s not for another hour and it’s a short drive,” he points out, tampering down his hope before it can rise. He hates feeling hopeful these days; it only makes the inevitable letdown hurt worse. “I can wait, if you want.”

I’m still good at that.

Beckett bites down on her bottom lip, chews on the flesh contemplatively, and Castle has to cast his gaze to the ground before his blood overheats.

“Okay,” she decides, reluctantly, and opens the door wider for him to come inside. “But it’s not a date.”

“Come on, Beckett,” he teases, stepping inside and surveying what had once been a familiar space for him to coexist with her in. It has a strange form of sorrow spilling through his chest to realize that the place looks almost exactly as it had the last time he was here – a maze of boxes still consuming the majority of her living room, the walls still bare and impersonal, the entire house blank and depressing. “We went on plenty of ‘not date’ dates before we were even together, remember?”

Kate rolls her eyes, but his attempt at humor seems to put her at ease, the evidence that they can still joke and banter a comfort, and Castle sighs in relief. He really had not expected this to go even close to well.


Richard Castle is sitting on her couch again, lounging in her home (for lack of a better word) as if nothing has changed while she gets ready to go to a concert with him, her ex-fiancé. God, what is she doing?

Kate purses her lips and paints the streak of black eyeliner along the lid of her eye, a darker shade, a more severe stroke than she would normally wear. She had forgotten all about the concert they had snagged tickets for months ago, mere days after they had moved her into the new city, the new place, when he had been trying his hardest to make DC feel like home for her. Work has taken up all of her time and she’s been grateful for the long hours, the exhausting demands of the job; it’s kept her mind off of Castle, off of the ache that’s resided in her chest since the last time he had left her here. An ache that throbs fiercely through her sternum now.

Kate inhales a long breath through her nose and runs her fingers through her hair, tousling the locks a little before she snags her leather jacket from the door of her closet. It’s been so long since she’s actually gone out, late night dinners with coworkers her only form of sociable activity as of late, and it’s exhilarating to spend twenty minutes getting ready like she used to on those silly date nights he always imposed. It’s exhilarating just to have him here again, if she’s being honest.

It’s also terrifying.

But Beckett faces down monsters for a living, she can attend a concert with the man she used to love. Still loves.

Shit, she’d take the monsters over this any day.

“Ready to go, Castle?” she calls from her bedroom as she flips off the light switch, strides out into the living room to find him slumped on her couch with a novel from her bookshelf in his hands.

“I leave you alone and you resort to Patterson?” he scoffs, flipping through the competing bestseller’s latest release, and Kate represses a grin as she steps forward to snag the book from his fingers, drop it on the coffee table.

“Haven’t had time to read much of anything, actually,” she informs him, swallowing past the lump in her throat when his eyes finally rise to see her, growing wide and electric blue, stalling him in his stand from the sofa. “We should go, if you want to be there before the opening act.”

“Oh, yeah,” he mumbles, shooting up from his spot and quickly sidestepping her from the door, dodging cardboard pyramids along the way. “I took a cab from the airport, so did you want to-”

“Yeah, cab’s fine,” she replies, retrieving her keys from her purse, locking up the door behind them as they step out onto the pavement.

She doesn’t miss the stray of Castle’s hands towards hers before he thinks better of it, flexes his fingers into a fist and pins his knuckles to his side. Kate sighs under her breath, shoves her hands in her pockets to ignore the tingling in her fingertips, yearning for the embrace of his familiar warmth.

Just a few hours, that’s all she has to get through, and then they can both go back to being… broken.


The outdoor concert venue is crowded, but the expanse of the lawn extending from the stage offers enough space for movement, for Castle to stand beside her without having to be pressed against her. Not that he would have minded that either.

Kate – much to his pleasant surprise – is bubbling with anticipation beside him, occasionally bouncing on the tips of her toes to see above the heads of what had to be a couple of hundreds before them, to catch a glimpse of the stage. It’s even more wonderful to witness once the opening act emerges, has her swaying against him, their shoulders bumping, and a smile claiming her lips as she absorbs the invigorating energy surrounding them.

But before the band they came to see takes the stage, there’s one more artist, a guy with a beanie hat and an indie vibe as he begins to play his guitar, the rhythm of his songs catchy, the lyrics thought provoking.

“Oh, I love this song,” Kate informs him over the dull roar of the crowd, clutching his arm when a passerby knocks into her, but even after she’s righted herself, standing tall on her feet once more, she doesn’t move away.

‘In My Veins’, of course, is the song she loves. A song about heartbreak, about being unable to let go of your lover, a song that destroys him the longer he listens, especially when the woman who comes to mind with the words is standing right beside him.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Castle states, but Kate’s fingers curl into the crook of his elbow, her attention no longer on the concert happening on stage, her eyes staring up at him.


She doesn’t speak but for the sole utter of his name, her fingers tightening in the sleeve of his jacket, and it’s okay, it’s fine, he can still play this off.

“What’s the matter, Beckett? Want to dance first?” he attempts to tease, slipping his hand to her waist, but Kate steps into the embrace of his arm, drops her forehead to his chest and releases a hot breath against the fabric of his shirt while he’s left without oxygen in his lungs.  “Kate-”

“I knew this would be a bad idea,” she gets out, barely loud enough for him to hear, but he catches the words, feels them glance off his cheek once she lifts her head.

“We can go,” he states immediately, his hand rising of its own accord to stroke along her spine, trying to soothe, making it worse for them both. “We can just leave now, I’ll drop you off at your place, and I’ll-”

“I don’t want you to leave again,” Beckett replies, nearly shouting, having to raise her voice to be heard.

But she may as well have whispered the confession because she is the only sound his ears can hear, that his brain can register.

“You - what?”

Kate shakes her head and snakes her arms around his neck, the heels of her boots placing her just an inch away from eye level with him, but close enough to rest her forehead against his, to seal the length of her body along his for the first time in months, to tug his heart straight out of his chest.

“I hated it the first time,” she admits, quieter but still loud enough for him alone to hear, and Castle splays his hands at her waist, drapes his palms at her hips and holds on. “It’s just – all wrong like this.”

“Is this your way of saying you miss me?” he asks, a grin crawling up to stretch across his lips, and Kate’s lashes flutter against his skin as she rolls her eyes, but then she’s angling her head, leaning in to ghost her mouth over his-


He doesn’t stop kissing her until the song is over, doesn’t let go of her until the concert concludes, and doesn’t leave the city until she eventually decides to go with him.


Just felt like I needed to take a moment to geek out over some of Kate Bosworth’s latest looks–from keeping her crown as Queen of Coachella dressing (none of that crop top silliness; that Etro jacket is !!!) to navigating the streets in a sunny Lilly Pulitzer x Target shift and Stella McCartney flared denim overalls, Bosworth is killing the style game.

I love working with that little dog. He’s the reason the movies work so well, if I’m honest. He’s the chillest dog. He’ll do whatever you want, to the point where I’m like ‘oh no is he one of those dogs that doesn’t know how to be a dog?’ But no, we played fetch for the first time last time. I guess he just has a really serious work ethic, and I can learn a lot from him.