I did it! I haven’t done the background and I’ll do that later. So here you go, a drawing from a scene in R9kelsa is Suffering(Chapter 34) by the genius, kate—kane

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Kate Moss’ Latest Turn at British


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Alongside appearing on two covers shot by Mario Testino — in one close-up portrait, the model sports a fresh-faced look complete with freckles across her nose, while the other is a soft focus shot with the model in vampy eye makeup — Moss has had a hand in several editorials in the magazine. The model has assembled the men in her life — among them husband Jamie Hince and collaborator Sir Philip Green — who have been shot by David Bailey.
Anna Kendrick Dishes On Her Latest Short for Kate Spade
“I was definitely the girl who dressed weird in elementary school,” says Anna Kendrick backstage at Kate Spade’s Spring 2016 presentation. I was really living for it.” Make no mistake, Kendrick is still living for it, albeit more sophisticatedly dressed in a chic black Kate Spade frock.

Anna talks about her new Kate Spade campaign video!

Some highlights:

“I was definitely the girl who dressed weird in elementary school,” says Anna Kendrick backstage at Kate Spade’s Spring 2016 presentation. “I wore crazy stuff. I was in 4th grade, wearing halter-tops and purple high-tops. I was really living for it.”

“I think there are actresses who even though they’re really talented, they’re known for being great beauties and that’s not really what I was ever known for so I’ve never really stressed about [my appearance],” she says.

“As long as you’re supporting women, whether you are a man or a woman or a girl who is into fashion or a girl who is not into fashion, then you’re a feminist,” she said. “All it ever has to be is supporting women. The idea that there are rules to being a feminist beyond that is hard to take.”

“I love working with that little dog,” said Kendrick. “He’s the reason the movies work so well, if I’m honest. He’s the chillest dog. He’ll do whatever you want, to the point where I’m like ‘oh no is he one of those dogs that doesn’t know how to be a dog?’ But no, we played fetch for the first time last time. I guess he just has a really serious work ethic, and I can learn a lot from him.”


A comiXologist recommends:
Power Up #1

by: Kara Szamborski

To quote Shakespeare/Channing Tatum in She’s the Man, “Some were born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” and it’s the latter we’re in for with Power Up, the latest from Kate Leth (kateordie) and Matt Cummings (eiffelart) .

Our heroine is Amie Bloom, a 23-year old woman working in the local pet shop, a typical 23-year old in many respects, except all of a sudden a cosmic event maybe gives her superpowers and she has no idea what’s going on. No one seems to know what she’s talking about when she describes what happened to her, except for a mom and a dude in a baseball cap (and possibly a goldfish).

Let’s be real here. I’m on board with this series because it’s Kate Leth’s addition to the magical girl subgenre (If you’ve seen, read, or heard of Sailor Moon, you have a pretty good idea of what this subgenre entails—a team, usually all girls, is granted cosmic/magical powers to defeat a great evil. They have amazing uniforms and hair that inspires you), and I’m dying to see the uniform transformation sequences that Matt Cummings will come up with.

Consider this first issue to be the pilot episode of what promises to be a hilarious, sweet, magnificently fun series. I’m already captivated by the cute details (Colorful Canadian money! Puntastic shop names!) and need it to be next month like now so I can see what happens next.

[Read Power Up #1 on comiXology]

Kara Szamborski supervises the International Production team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comic recommendation podcast The comiXologist. She is the proud owner of an alarming number of nerdy dresses.

I'll Wait - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Request : Hey could you an imagine about Liam and the reader break up? Can you do the break up like Scott and Allison in season 2. Thankyou x

Being Stiles younger sister meant that you had to be involved into the werewolf business as well, whether you liked it or not . Many a times you had to be dragged along with Stiles and Scott because your dad worked late nights at the station and your over protective older brother and his best friend didn’t think it were safe to leave you alone . Because of this, you’ve snuck into a gay club, been paralyzed by a kanima , gotten in trouble several times with your father because of the law and almost been killed by Peter and Kate .

The latest was having to keep and I.E.D werewolf under control and dealing with a supernatural hit list. Whilst helping your idiotic brother and his equally idiotic friend break the news of the bite Scott’s new found beta you couldn’t help but fall for him along the way.

Liam had also felt the same way, and the feelings were proved to be mutual when you were revealed as his anchor . Stiles was a bit shaky on the fact that you were dating Liam due to the fact that he was a were wolf with I.E.D and could explode on you any minute but let it go when he realized how much you both loved each other and how much he had cared for you.

But things weren’t always meant to be perfect. You loved Liam deeply, and besides the fact that someone was willing to pay people to kill so much of your friends and other supernatural creatures things were going great. But you didn’t want this anymore . All you wanted ever since they freed Jackson from being the Kanima was to have a normal life . A normal life like the one you had before Scott was a wolf. The only fear of getting hurt was if a boy broke your heart.

That’s why you had to end it. End the fear of being hurt, so that you could live a normal life for as long as possible even if you had to lie to yourself to live it. End things with Liam. The only person who has kept you sane, happy and made you feel so loved .

Explaining everything to Liam, your voice couldn’t help but crack in between. You dared not look him in the eyes knowing that you’d cry even more . “ I can’t-” “Its okay” he soothed rubbing your back “How is that okay? Liam I’m trying to break up with you” “I know ” he hummed gently grabbing your hand an interlocking his with yours , his thumb rubbing small circles on yours “I know , but I can wait” Shaking your head no you pulled your hand away from his and stood facing him “ I can’t ask you to do that for me . I can’t make you wait . ” “Your not asking me , it’s my choice . I choose to wait on you Y/N . You want to live a normal life for now, that’s fine . I can wait, because I love you. ” He murmured standing up and placing a hand on your cheek and looking down at you lovingly . Breaking into a small smile you leaned in and kissed his lips softly and shortly resting your forehead on his “ I love you to Dunbar” you whispered, breaking away from him and walking away .

A/N i hope it filled your expectations somewhat ! Thank you for the requests . Please leave some more (: