7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet and Eating Habits: If you’re like most adults, you are a creature of habit, shopping at the same stores, following the same basic group of recipes, and repeating your daily routines. But when you’re ready to change your lifestyle and lose some weight, that same old routine could be your downfall. If you’ve become stuck in a rut, […]

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The Latest on the “Houston Flood Disaster 2K15″…

  • The death toll in Houston is at 2, raising the number of deaths in TX/OK to 8
  • Houston Schools canceled classes, HISD make up on Friday, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, University of Houston-Downtown gets a delay opening
  • People still stuck in the Toyota Center following the Rockets’ victory over the Warriors in Game 4
  • Transportation Services Closed. If you ride a METRO bus, sorry. 
  • Freeways in Houston shut down due to flooded roads
  • Thought the rain is over, lol, more is coming in.

Style Obsession Effortless Sophisticate Chic

Summer may be in full swing, but not all of us have the luxury of beach bumming the days away. Fret not, city girls. Even if you’re heading into the office instead of the ocean, you can still take a bit of tropical scenery with you. Add some palm trees into the mix via accessories or embrace Hawaiian shirt prints. The look is quirky and fun, but also quite bold, so avoid going overboard by limiting the island style to just one piece and keep the rest of your look simple and chic.

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I just wanted to say I was a little nervous about posting my latest chapter of Five Veils because a certain someone is mentioned.  I actually had visions of people messaging me stating they would no longer read the story. Isn’t that sad?  I was relieved to wake up this morning and find zero hate and zero snarky comments. Yay! 

A new chapter will be up fairly soon (hopefully).  This latest chapter was a bridge chapter which was necessary to set stuff up, wasn’t as “juicy” as some people would like.  The next chapter will be more savory, heh heh.