This is incredibly long, but I honestly never thought people ACTUALLY behaved this way. I just started my first retail job at an accessories store that does ear piercings and whose main demographic is 12-17 year old girls. I came in right before a management change and for the last month our acting manager has been one from another store an hour away, and she’s “only a available to us on Tuesdays.”
She scheduled me to come in from 5 am (six hours before we opened) to noon on Sunday to do monthly markdowns - which wouldn’t have been a big deal except she never told me how to actually do markdowns, she just left a note that “walked me through it.” That morning itself was a complete mess, but that isn’t even the worst part of the day.
Just before I was suppose to get off we had two families come in wanting to get their, incredibly young, daughters’ ears pierced, but they wanted both ears done at the same time to prevent them from having meltdowns and I was alone in the store - I had been all morning. I told them to come back at noon when my co worker got in and I’d stay an additional half hour to help them. Through some stroke of luck people kept wanting ear piercings so I was stuck there until almost 4.
I finally finish the last piercing and I’ve clocked out and am basically running for the door, when a woman stops me and tells me I’m being incredibly rude by not ringing her out. I tell her that since I’m clocked out I can’t help her, but my coworker is currently at the register and will help her when it’s her turn. I go to walk away and this woman actually puts her hands on me and says that I have no right to leave my job “early,” and I’m being rude and disrespectful. When I tell her to take her fuckin hands off me she shouts that she’ll report me for swearing and neglecting my duties.
At this point she still has her hand wrapped around my wrist and I tell her that none of my duties have been neglected since I’ve been there for almost 11 hours with only on 15 minute break, when I was only scheduled for seven and I don’t give a damn what she thinks and I don’t owe her anything because I’m going home, and if she doesn’t take her hands off me I’ll start shrieking right here in the mall. At this point she lets me go and I honestly run all the way to my car.
The following Tuesday my manager, when she was actually here, pulled me aside half way through my shift and actually told me that “can’t act like that with customers,” even when dealing with that kind of confrontation. So I quit right there, in the middle of my shift.

I did a little investigating today because I was curious and found out that Bex is of Cuban and Jewish decent. I might be the last person to figure this out but oh well. Yes, Scream doesn’t have a lot of POC and they should fix that. But Bex technically is a POC since she’s of Cuban decent, she just has white-passing (like Halsey, she’s white/African-American and a lot of people assume she’s white). No one has really said anything about Bex’s ethnicity or anything and I haven’t seen anyone say she was white but I thought this was a piece of information to share. I mean, I can’t really talk on behave of Bex or anything. But she’s of Cuban decent which makes her a POC.

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I actually love lance so much. I couldn't stop laughing at how he favourited a couple of the tweets relating to toms butt routine. I just imagine him smiling gleefully whilst smirking whilst reading the innuendos people made about Tom and his butt aha. I feel like lance is just a really fun guy and whilst he is 40. He has his moments of 'immaturity' which matches with toms age. I really hope they live a long and happy life with heaps of kids together

He’s very funny, I love his sense of humor (what I’ve seen of it in his social media). I always remember when someone commented on one of his pictures “I’m sure Tom was the last trouble he got into” and Lance replied “ha. Behave yourself” idk why i find it so funny but i do. 

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Thank you for your last request! (Dae biased *fans self*) I've got two ideas for you, so I'll send you another one after this one. How would the BigBang boys react to your having grown up with two alpha male older brothers and it shows in how you behave and how you just don't have any shame about belching like Homer Simpson whenever you needed to for example? And how you just don't get intimidated. X) Please and thank you!

Hello!! <3

I am so glad that you liked the last request! I must admit, Dae has been creeping as one of my bias wreckers as of late because he’s such a damn cutie I can’t. Anyway, you can find your request here.

I hope it’s what you wanted and I will get to your next request tomorrow! Have a lovely day!

- Livvi