First day of teaching rant

Was slightly bordering on insane. It felt like Kenya but… Longer and more draining and more lonely? They all feel like little middle schoolers to me. Not sure if it was because it was the first day of classes with me but almost no one brought a pen let alone paper to class. And these are high school freshmen- 15 year old teenage boys. But they behaved like… the middle school kids in Kenya. It was a mission to get them to listen to anything I said. I asked their teachers how they get their class to listen and they said to just yell louder. I’m not yelling loud enough apparently. My voice was going by my last class. Brutal.
The only thing that kept me going and smiling throughout the day was just Gods voice reminding me that I’m not here to teach English primarily but to allow these kids who have nonstop classes from am to pm with minimal sleep, hardly any time with family, and tons of daily pressures, to have an encounter with Jesus at least for one period, and that no matter how much I was bombing my first day, they were still getting an encounter with Jesus through me. I am not going to allow one exhausting frustrating day to get in the way of that.


Too poor to buy actual merchandise? No problem for Kuku.

You know I´m in too deep when I put it on the t-shirt.

Also if you´re an idiot like me and you accidentaly use a regular marker instead of a textile marker and then wear it outside in this hot weather, guess what´s gonna happen. So I´ll have to fix few letters on the back.

And also the crown is going away, I´m making another one, because this bitch just won´t behave the way I want it. You can see on the last pic how fucked up it looks.

Anyway, 100000000000000% satisfied with Richard himself, that face just worked out soooo well. Yay for me.

(And final disclaimer: this was not made for money purposes, only because I am a hopeless fangirl. Galavant naturally still belongs to ABC and so does king Richard.)

Habits for living a more rational life #1yrago

From the Center for Applied Rationality, a “Checklist of Rationality Habits” intended to help you spot when you’re tricking yourself. One of my favorites is the next-to-last: “I try not to treat myself as if I have magic free will; I try to set up influences (habits, situations, etc.) on the way I behave, not just rely on my will to make it so.”

The CFAR promotes research on cognitive biases to help improve evidence-based decision-making, a favorite subject of mine. Their FAQ sets out a project aimed at figuring out, essentially, what kind of dumb mistakes we habitually make because of the weird way we’ve been wired by evolution, and figuring out how to catch ourselves while making those dumb mistakes so we don’t feel dumb and sad, later.

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Do you OQ shippers ignore half of what Robin did and how he treated Regina or what? Because that's the only explanation I can think of that Regina fans still ship this and actually like Robin.

I won’t speak on behalf of everyone, but no, I  don’t ignore half of the things he did. I am just willing to understand his POV and accept that he behave in a human way. Also I don’t try to misinterpret or twist or enlarge his actions in in order to prove how horrible and unacceptable they were. AND also I don’t try to infantalize Regina, and protect “poor little heartbroken cinnamon roll” from evil Robin. I love the fact that she is a great badass woman who wouldn’t ask this kind of protectiveness. 

And to your last sentence, just because you can think only one explanation for a thing, does not necessarily mean that there is none. 

Idk the best thing about hook is that in the last half of season three, he gives up pretty much everything for Emma, for her to get her memories back and to reunite with her family etc, like he gave up his ship, the one thing he holds most dear…

And he doesn’t ask for anything in return. Not once. He just wants her to be happy and to succeed in stopping zalena.

For someone who started on the show as a selfish, egotistical, arrogant character, he behaved very selflessly. And I think that’s the first time we see him behave like that to that extent, you know?

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Any reason in particular you ride Mary with a crop? Not calling you out or anything like those psychos who claim to be for animal welfare but mostly just talk out of their asses, I'm just curious

Thank you for asking nicely :)

I don’t normally ride with my crop, the last two rides (which are seen in the photos.) I had to carry one, since miss Mary thought it would be, a great idea to be a pain. I don’t use it, unless I actually need to but thats rare, once she sees that I have it there she behaves a bit better. After awhile though I end up dropping my whip, even if she still is being a pain. I remind myself that she is also still learning, and if I start stressing I drop my whip as well. Sometimes I ride with it, if I do again it’s because Mary can be a real ass sometimes. But 95% of the time I don’t ride with it, or I drop it later on in the ride. But I never use it, unless I actually need to, if I do end up using it it’s normally a tap. Usually it just takes one tap for her to understand, so I never gone harder than that. 

We ate breakfast together for the last time today.

I had to be strong, so strong. I need to be strong. Because she cried as she embraced me, telling me she would be coming home to an empty house, and that I wouldn’t be there anymore.

“No one is going to make me lunch and pack me food to eat anymore,” her sadness spoke through her tears.

I just hugged her and told her I’ll miss her and that I would behave. They left and I walked back, hiding everything back inside my deepened chest.

Home from parent’s house, glad to be home at last. Though I miss having the dogs around me.  Its nice that they behaved for my benefit though it could of done with my mother explaining things to dad cause so far it seems like he’s the real worried one while my mom is just like ‘eh’. I think it’s because she works in a mental health clinic or something but from I’ve noticed dad has been the one taking charge of stuff. Like he’s the one who told my mom to give me money and also for her to take me shopping for food and stuff and was even worried when I was having a low while there.

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Maybe for a prompt Maris and Sup, along with Itall (Possibly) get some time to them selfs? if possible? OwO

“Okay, you’re gonna stay with Aunties Asher and Kate, while we go on a date. Have fun and behave!”

Sup looked up at Maris ‘Where are we going, person?’

Maris looked down at Sup. ‘I’m not quite sure Sup.’ She looked to Itall. “Honey, where are we going?”

Itall gave one last wave to Asher and Kate, then shut the door behind them, before shrugging at Maris. “I was going to play random directions.”

“Random directions? Is that a game I should know?”

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Okay so I was tagged by itssassydanny thank youuu sweetie!
name: Hanna
time and date: 5:01 pm and  August 29th
hours of sleep: It depends sometimes it’s 12 sometimes it’s 4
last thing i googled: Tumblr (I deleted my history so I had to)
birthday: June 22                                                                                                   gender: female                                                                                                       height: 5'2

fave color: Blue and Purple
one place that makes me happy: Libraries and my bed
amount of blankets i sleep with: 1, sometimes 2
fave movies: Alice In Wonderland (1951) (any Disney movie tbh), Taken and just a lot of movies idk
what i’m wearing right now: A black tank top and Georgia print pajama pants    last book i read: Do fanfics count?
what i last said to a family member: “Yes I’m behaving mama”
fave beverage: Sprite and Dr.Pepper
fave food: Cheeseburgers and anything really
last movie i watched: Tracers
dream vacation: To go to the UK                                                                                   dream wedding: Wed in a cute little church
dream job: Probably like a singer or psychologist or criminal profiler
So I need to tag 10 people I’d like to know more but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

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hello, sorry if this offends you but you always ask if your reactions are bored for us, in my case i don't really childrens and almost all your last reactions where about them so idk i like when they are like more realistic(?) bc i feel that they would behave like that well i just my opinion and your reactions are still amazing btw i love your blog and it's like one of the first pages i go whenever i turn on my computer

I didn’t know that you guys don’t like kids. Okay I understood 

So my computer is actually really bad off, pretty much on it’s last legs. Took seven hours (no joke) just to make a back-up tonight. 

Because I rely so strongly on Word for Windows (it sucks on Mac) I have to get another Windows laptop. This sucks because I can’t buy one in Japan because the OS will be in Japanese and, even though I can fix the OS, any Word program will still behave differently because it is a Japanese computer and the needs of the Japanese-language version of Word are totally different from the needs of the English-language versions. If you know anything about the Japanese language and Japanese office needs, it makes more sense.

Therefore, I have to resort to buying one via Amazon. Which brings me to hurdle number two: transferring money to America. Hahahahahahgdhgljharg…! I won’t get into that. Suffice to say that Japanese banks are xenophobic in the extreme and for good reason; they have shit interest rates. 

And this also means dealing with the mark up in the American market plus the import fee I will have to pay. 

But it has to be done, because I can’t live off my phone.

What Will You Do In Your 24?

Birthday is something that I always look forward to. In every birthday I always have particular questions to be reflected.

What have I done the last one year? Was I good behaving? Did I live my life well? Did I keep the promise(s) I make last year? Do I make something better? What will I do in the next year? What should I pursue next? Have I live the life I want to? Am I satisfied enough? Am I thankful enough for what I got?

From those are, I’m figuring out how I will do in the next year, in a new age. Well, age is indeed just a number yet a key point to behave that equals with the number itself.

Those questions above also appear again today, in the phase –what people called– quarter life.

Did I live my life well? I still don’t know how to define live well.

Am I thankful enough? Well, at least years back then, I tried not to complain much for things I got.

So, what will I do in my 24?

Enjoying the ride because I know I have a beautiful journey ahead. God has prepared it.

30 December 2012

Jim took us on his “Revolution Tour” of Bucharest today, and standing in Piața Revoluției , he told us about the massacre in Timisoara and the violence in that square where we stood. Now, I just feel tired and sad.

And last night, Sandel, Florin, and I stayed up late, and coming up to midnight, Florin wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” for Ciara (one of the girls on the team), and I asked, “Îți place Ciara?” and Florin got all embarrassed* and decided to go to bed. He told Sandel and me to “behave” with a smile, so I realized that I needed to go to bed and make sure Florin knew that I went to bed so there would be no question about anything going on between Sandel and me.

*That’s the phrasing to ask “Do you like [something]?” But I later learned that it’s suggestive to use that phrasing about a person, and that’s why Florin got so embarrassed.

Lesson 8/21

Such a good boy, and he felt great after his massage this past Monday. Despite all the mud and having not been ridden since last Sunday, he was well behaved, minus one attempt to rush into canter. He’s getting much better with his leads and bending, so that’s always good. I finally was able to loosen up at the canter so he could really reach down instead of fighting against my hands. I’m just always so tense in my shoulders that it restricts my hands from moving with his head as much. As soon as I let my shoulders really move, he immediately put his head down into a nice natural frame. Amazing what happens when you actually work with the horse and relax lol. The only not good part was that this was my last lesson with my trainer. I’m really going to miss her because she has helped bring both of us from train wrecks to a functioning team. I cannot thank her enough for all she’s done.