No but I just had a thought, kinda based on the last thing I reblogged.

Right, so, in an AU where certain dwarf kings and his heirs are all okay and Thorin remains King Under the Mountain, we have the newly re-colonized Dale in a bit of a precarious position. They need assistance before they can rebuild and recover from the combined efforts of a dragon attack and one clusterfuck of a battle. So Bard, somehow having been elected king (and he’s so fucking confused as to how he got here, but someone’s gotta lead this rabble and he’s starting to feel like one of the only sane ones around here), is tasked with requesting aid from the neighboring kingdoms of Erebor and The Woodland Realm. And we all know Thranduil has a…thing with Bard, so aid is freely given on his part, but post-dragonsick Thorin is all “no, this is unacceptable, I can’t be outdone by stupid elvenkings!” So not only does he send gold but (more importantly) he sends craftsmen and carpenters and stone workers, because by now Erebor has a bunch of dwarves streaming in, and they’re already rebuilding Erebor, why not help their neighbor as well?

So Thranduil, determined to shine even brighter in King Bard’s eyes starts sending in elven healers to help with the wounded and the sick (because winter is still going strong btw). Thorin sends furs and finely woven blankets. Thranduil personally visits, elf guard in tow, to strengthen the city’s defenses. Thorin personally visits, with the entire Company, to help with the rebuilding. 

Basically I just want to see Thranduil and Thorin getting super competitive over who helps the humans most, and Bard’s in the middle just completely confused over how this whole thing got started, but hey, they really need the help, so he’s not going to say anything. But then Thranduil starts “cheating” and giving Bard gifts to sway him (also for personal reasons, but it’s not like Thorin is going to see it that way), like “oh no I insist, this scepter was just lying around unused, yes I’m aware those are diamonds and rubies, your point?” and “I have thousands of wine casks, what’s twenty to me, go ahead and take them.” 

So Thorin gets in on that deal. Bard’s his damn ally, alright, the kingdom of Dale has always been Erebor’s friend and trading partner, they all fought against the orcs, okay? So he just commissions a kingly suit of armor, something strong but lightweight, something an archer can use without impediment, and he just gives it to Bard all “oh yes we found it in the treasury, maybe you can have it? It’s about your size after all.” See, Thrandy? Two can play at your game.

This all culminates with both Thranduil and Thorin designing and making Bard’s crown. Thorin’s is all gold and black iron and has arrows on it and is all dwarven geometry and looks very fierce indeed (very punk rock, if Thorin knew what punk rock was). Thranduil’s is fine silver and bright gems and looks like a combination of stag horns and tree branches (think Thrandy’s battle crown but at least twice as big and twice as ornate). And they basically go to deliver it to him in person at the same time and glare when they see each other and notice that they both had the same idea at once. So they try to make Bard choose.

“One crown would have been too much. As it is, two is extravagant, but I see I will have another war on my hands if I refuse. They are both equally magnificent, and I will accept both.”

I mean, Bard has kids, he knows not to play favorites, and that’s basically the line he has to walk for the rest of his kingship: can’t favor the elves over the dwarves or the dwarves over the elves, despite his personal feelings on the matter. So he wears Thorin’s crown when meeting with Thorin, and Thranduil’s crown when meeting with Thranduil, and no crown at all when they all meet. 

More than once he wonders how his life choices brought him here, mediating between two children, for all that they’re both centuries older than him.

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Don't you think that when Crowley switched the paint with bullets, it was a bit ... evil? 'Cuz this is the one scene that reminds me that Crowley really is a demon, but it looks like it is considered just a mischievous thing, but all my "guns are dangerous" senses are tingling, but this is Crowley the Dweeb we're talking about ... You what I mean?

It’s classic Crowley, and it’s also probably the closest thing he does to actually behaving in an evil fashion (short of dousing Ligur in Holy Water as a desperate last-ditch effort at self-defense). It really toes the line, because, yes, real guns and real bullets are serious business. However, there’s a nobody-is-actually-going-to-get-hurt clause attached, which is a circumstance that both Crowley and Aziraphale are apparently powerful enough to enforce without misfire (pun intended, much to my shame). Do I think it’s straight-up evil? Not really. Do I think it’s bloody terrifying? Kind of. I’ve taken notice that Crowley only tends to resort to such measures in extreme circumstances or when he’s incredibly stressed, and I’d say his descent into an agitated mental state has already begun even at that early point in their search for the Antichrist.

Fic rec we were all waiting for :D

These are in no particular order and are all accumulated but these are the fics that i would go to my grave reading so enjoy <3  

A Friend in Need by Writcraft:

Summary: In his final year at Hogwarts, Draco is just trying to keep his head down, win the House Cup, get good exam results and stay out of trouble. Most of all he wants to ignore Harry Potter completely. Which is easier said than done when Potter is everywhere and behaving very strangely indeed…. 

This one is hella fluffy and features harry and his awful flirting skills and loads of Draco being confused by harry. Very cute. 

Last (Friday) Night  by juwel_fic

Summary: The boys wonder what the hell happened last night. And more importantly, what happens now? 

OH LORD this one is soo cute and a little angsty because DRACO but when is he not angsty. But i love Luna in this one she’s so well portrayed and it’s just all around good :) 

Sew me back together again by xenadragon_xoxo

Summary: After the war, with his father in Azkaban and his mother on the run, Draco is lost, broken, and scarred by the mistakes he has made. In an effort to make things right, Draco participates in the rebuilding of Hogwarts, but he finds himself completely shunned. That is, until Harry Potter, Wizarding World’s Golden Boy, shows up to save the day. Again.

ANGST AND ANGST AND MORE ANGST. its so lovely though and it’s exactly how i would see Harry and Draco getting along and being cute like wtf. I’ve literally read this more than 5 times. It’s gooood 

Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day  by Faith Wood

Summary: Even though he’s unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky.

Anything by Faith Wood is amazing so i recommend all her fics :D but this one is so adorable and it’s very much like the books and how everyone sees Draco as a precious little flower and how Draco sees himself as a thorn.10/10 would read <3 

 The Potter-Malfoy problem by who_la_hoop

Summary: The room of requirements gone mad — at least, that’s what Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy ‘requires’ him, of all people, but why does it keep dragging Harry there like he’s some kind of furniture, every time Malfoy enters it? Throw in Pansy the pervert and a clipboard-wielding Hermione, and things can only go from bad to worse. And that’s not even mentioning the pirates …

Oh this by far one of my favourite fics!!! It’s so well written and it’s just so good with a lot of smutty loveliness. Pansy is so key in this fic and shes so funny i love her. 

Harry Potter and the Magic of Mistletoe by November Snowflake

Summary: A secret holiday gift precipitates fierce snogging and fiercer confusion. 

This one is very cute and chrismasy. It’s kinda light in my opinion and it’s just very cute i recommend reading it as a feel-good fic :) 

Family Of Sorts by Juliet’sEmoPhase

Summary: This didn’t have a clear summary, “AU with reclusive heir Draco and au pair Harry.”

OH ITS SO ADORABLE. another feel-good fic and it’s a little angsty but eeeehhhh. NARCISA IS SO BOMB, shes written so beautifully and so is scorpius like so good. 


[Gallery update] Last week was the great return of coldrain​ in Paris (a band that I love shooting, you’ve probably noticed), and with nothing less than Papa Roach​! I was really happy to be able to shoot them again, and with a pit for photographers, FINALLY *praise the Lord*!

coldrain gallery:
Papa Roach gallery:

My joy didn’t last though, as apparently the photographers who were there didn’t know how to behave in a pit. That was just unreal, the majority of them was just rude and selfish, I hadn’t experienced that before, and it kind of disgusted me.

As a beginner, one of the first thing I did was finding on the net/in books “the rules” in the pit to respect the people who were with me. I didn’t want to be a bother. However, I was among the few who tried to respect those unspoken rules (but so obvious when you think about it, like not staying on the same spot all the time, not being glued to the stage all the time, don’t pushing people etc.) and struggled to get some decent shoots. I nearly regretted to not be in the crowd haha.
Why am I writing this? Not to complain of course, life is life, I should be prepared to every situation and I learned a lot about this one. However, it has always been for me to respect my partners in crime. We’re all in the same boat, and even if being a photographer is a constant struggle, I don’t find this very fairplay to just don’t give a shit about the basic rules of concert photography.

The first time I got the chance to photograph coldrain was in nearly the same conditions, but that time, with people respecting each others. I got some of my favorite shoots to date, so I feel a bit sad about missing that new chance. Let’s hope that it won’t be the same next time the boys will be back in Europe!

Kingsman prompt

Somethings short and sweet today cuz my inner masochist is sleeping, must be sleeping. I forced it to go to sleep.

Casino!AU in which Eggsy and Harry meet outside of a casino in a dark alley where Harry saves Eggsy’s ass from a bunch of gangsters.

Just to find out that Eggsy’s stepfather, who is an obsessed gambler with the dream of becoming millionaire in one night, left him with a horrendous dept and eloped into thin air. Harry, in the other hand, is proffesional in the game who enjoys turning the table at the very last minute. He is both the gentleman and the maniac who loves to behave politely and plays with people’s head and heart while keeping his smoking hot smile on.

Realise that Eggsy is the son of one of his old friend, who used to accompany him when he started the special career on the poker’s tables, Harry decides to help Eggsy pay the dept, and starts teaching Eggsy the tricks in the game.

At first, it’s just something Harry does for the old friend, whose death taught Harry a lesson of play safe and be careful with basically everything in his life (including getting his ass too deep in an affair with a boy). And this is like a ‘little experiment’ for Harry, too, seeing how far this boy can go. But it slowly, wildly, gets out of Harry’s hands when Eggsy’s talents arise and the only thing Harry knows is that he can’t get his fucking eyes off the boy everytime Eggsy gets into the game and shines.

The matter gets harder for Harry because they live in the same house (Eggsy probably is homeless when they first met) and he sometime can’t resist the urge to stare at Eggsy unconsciously for like 15-long-as-hell-minutes. Especially after bath time, and the boy have no fucking idea.

Like I said, Harry has a maniac inner self, and he just love to tease Eggsy, who is surprisingly hothead, blunt and easy-to-read before Harry’s eyes, although he came from the slumdog and learned to keep distances and question every human being that tries to get close to him. For Eggsy, Harry Hart is totally different. Even Harry’s existence is special to him. He acts so natural beside Harry, just like how Harry shows himself completely to Eggsy. And both of them don’t even realise.

SO they get stuck in the chasing game blowing their own heads up just to find out how the other is thinking.

Bonus scene:

“Listen, Eggsy. Distraction is the key of the game. Try your best to distract me.”

“Uh… How?!”

“We shall start with easy steps. Use your body.”

“ ‘Kay.”

“…I’m not telling you to touch me. Consider me as stranger, your rival on the table, someone you want to beat and defeat in the mind game, and that kind of physical interaction is not what a gentleman would do in the situation. Use your body language and facial expressions, focus.”


“No, Eggsy. You’re not in a famine and I’m not a marvelous meal. Stop staring at me, Eggsy, you looks pathetically hungry. Your target would consider you a cannibal who wants to eat them alive, and this is not the kind of distraction that I’m talking about.”

“Christ Harry! Will you at least tell me what the fuck to do before asking me something I have no fuckin’ idea about?!”

“Fine. Then let me show you how to start this game.”

Well, at least I manage to come up with somethings not angst.

I may have made them a little bit OOC, but in my eyes, Harry is a gentleman outside, and inside he’s definitely not a total maniac (even though I would love to fantasize about Maniac!Harry) but he’s surely sassier than what his look shows.

Just my idea though.

wheretheeastwindblows said: Is there any way you could bring your old therapist (the one who went on maternity leave) in to the loop here? It sounded like you had a better rapport with her and she sounded like a better advocate. Could she help you out here at all?

I was actually thinking about that earlier, and I might do it. For some reason, I’m scared to call her. Part of me is scared that she’ll be an asshole, even though I have NO reason to believe that. It’s just that I feel like I’ve entered the Twilight Zone, and everyone is behaving strangely and they’re acting like I’m the one who has done something wrong. I can’t talk to anyone from there because they keep saying REALLY ridiculous things. I like her, I don’t want to get angry with her. So, I’m scared to call her, but I probably will.

I’m not even sure if she still works there. Last I heard, she moved to an office in a different part of the city, but she was still with the same organization.

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exactly. I had no problem with emma being worried, but it was too over the top and only makes people think SQ is forced. It didn't feel natural to me at all. And she was acting cray cray like that till the end. I'm inclined to believe this is for a reason. It might be the beginning of her turning dark. She might be frustrated with people lying to her and wondering why her superpower isn't really working

I hope it’s that last one? Because it’s the only thing that makes sense. And Regina DID lie to her. Her superpower is working just fine, she’s just suppressing it because of the “seeing the good” garbage that Charming was spouting last week.

I hate when they make characters behave ILLOGICALLY for a plot to work.

9.20am standing on the garden path, watching a 98% solar eclipse ....

….. which was luminous through thin cloud. The world should stand still, and for the most part, it does, because it can in the north of England. There’s a buzz of distant traffic, and behind us, Morag is standing similarly, squinting through a colander.

“The last one I saw was in South Africa,” she says, “and the next one will be in 2026.”

“Where’s Alan?” I ask after her husband.

“He’s in his shed. Says he can’t see it. He must be going blind as well as deaf.” 

The birds behave strangely, flitting excitedly, erratically about, chasing each other. 

And we get a second dawn chorus or an early dusk chorus, eerie and echoey somehow, a strange acoustic, or maybe just my imagination.

image by Katrina Bews

April Fools

You know what it is a new month, and I need to stop wallowing in self pity and all that shit. So here are some personal reminders:

1) Start being less negative about myself.

2) Stop letting other’s comments affect me so much. After all I am my own person.

3) Stop letting people step all over me and stand up for myself.

4) Grades are important, so stop procrastinating so much because if I want to leave Singapore, I need a scholarship.

5) Start living in the present and stop thinking too much about the future.

6) Treasure the friendships that you have because those who have stuck by you thus far are the ones that matter.

7) Stop letting temporary people define or restrict how you act and behave. Just be yourself, because if they don’t like you , they can go screw themselves . 

8) Wear less make up to school. Or maybe less often. 

9) Make the most out of G.DOT ‘s last show because those guys were 1 out of the 3 reasons that made school bearable this semester.

10) Drink more water, tea and coffee because that is what makes me happy. And maybe more Mango Juice as well. 


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-different anon. for the whole dobie and mystery breed video, aside from it being v cute, the mystery breed is def not stressed. it looks very stoic. sometimes dogs just.. exist, to put it strangely, where they're very stationary and have not a care in the world! I work at a doggy grooming company in the west coast, and some dogs def act like the mystery breed one. they just kinda linger, and are under no stress!

all pups behave in different ways, which sometimes makes it difficult to interpret their behaviour. however, i agree with what you say and genuinely don’t believe that the pup was distressed, and so i won’t be taking down the vine in question. again, this is simply the way that i’m interpreting the dog’s behaviour. if anyone strongly believes otherwise and is genuinely bothered by the fact that i’m leaving it up, then i apologize for that

(this’ll be the last post published regarding the mystery dog. i’ll still answer posts privately though, but i’d like to avoid clutter on the blog)

Here is my problem

It’s not really MY problem, but more so…my solution is a problem for others.

I have attention/attachment issues…
There will always be someone else..

Even if I’m not slightly interested….there always is

Simply for the fact that, when I am not in the mood to be by myself or if I get into one of those moods where I desperately want to be around/involved with someone…if my first choice does not comply…there will always be someone else

In my last relationship, I behaved myself and just went to sleep, or went to my mother’s house…yeah, it was that bad lol

But idk….just saying.

And I’m one of those overly clingy people when I’m in a relationship, not like all over you all the time, but I make myself available to you/around your schedule so if you ever wanna be in my presence or talk to me without interruption, you got it.

And then I expected people to do the same, lol. Silly me.

Anyhow, just saying.

This pisses me off.

Why is Castiel here instead of Sam? Last time I checked, Supernatural was about Sam and Dean driving around the country in the Impala “saving people, hunting things, the family business.” I probably wouldn’t care too much if there was one available with Sam and Dean, but there isn’t. Yeah it’s just a windshield visor, but it also shows how Castiel has become more important than Sam. Recently I feel like Supernatural has become the Dean and Cas show. This is not the SPN I came to know and love.

Castiel used to be such a great and interesting character with him trying to understand humans, behave like them, and sometimes not getting it quite right. Now his character serves no purpose to the show or the brothers, and when his character does have “purpose” it is thought out and executed so poorly, it’s unbearable to watch.

I haven’t watched SPN since “There’s No PLace Like Home” and even then I skipped a few episodes before that. I can’t keep watching Sam being constantly replaced with Cas and all these terrible and awful storylines that Castiel brings (Claire, the angel storyline, etc.).

I’ll start watching SPN again when Castiel leaves and the show becomes about Sam and Dean Winchester again. Cas doesn’t have to die, he can go back to heaven and live a good, happy life. He can even visit the Winchesters for a few episodes a season, but his character has got to go… just like every past beloved character such as Ellen and Jo and Bobby.

This show has been my everything and to see it become what is now breaks my heart and leaves me feeling pissed, sad, angry, frustrated, and disappointed.

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so last night i realized that even though the d.ragon age franchise has had sixteen love interests (seventeen if you count dlc), they’re all humans or elves or that one qunari.  there has never been a dwarf love interest.  which i find really annoying and vaguely insulting

so, anyway

petition that in da4 you can finally romance varric, and your reward when you unlock a certain milestone in the relationship is that he finally tosses his crossbow he named after his fucking ex-girlfriend into the fireplace and turns to you with a grin and says, “let’s go get dagna to whip me up a real instrument of war”

so  the next time you see him he’s carrying, like, a fucking shoulder-mounted trebuchet that sits atop a lightweight but nearly indestructible metal crossbow (because dagna discovered composite metals, fuck off, dwarves can be smart and loved), and varric names his new crossbow trebuchet after whatever your player character’s name is

actually, while we’re at it, petition that you can romance dagna in the next game, too, and you build favor with her by bringing her new rune designs and crafting materials and books about magic.  bonus, if you play as a mage, is a cutscene with your player character conjuring little magic things for her to play with, like glowing energy orbs or a ghost kitten or some shit, girls love kittens

also p.s. dagna is biromantic and asexual and all of her romance cutscenes are just her being like “do you need a back rub after your long day of adventuring?” or “let’s curl up with a book together” or “let’s take the ghost kitten outside to play, it’s a beautiful sunset despite [whatever catastrophe lies at the center of da4],” and your player character is totally cool with this because why wouldn’t they be, don’t be a dick, dagna is choosing you over her studies and you know what that means coming from her

pilllowman replied to your post

“I’m doing this OTP meme for Valerie & Richard just because I feel like…”

About the last one - I can see Valerie being more up to rules and Richard as more rebel tbh, but in their relationship it probably might work just like you said :)

Ooooh thanks for replying to the OTP meme post! I love to discuss things like this <3

At first glance I thought too that Richard would be the rebel (because he’s the blunt “asshole”) and Valerie the one who sticks to the rules (because she’s well-behaved, gentle and quiet). But if you look closer, I really think it’s actually the other way round. Despite his big mouth, Richard has only be shown as very dutiful and reliable (at least regarding his job), and I think he dislikes John’s rebellious “gunslinger” behaviour at work a lot. (He probably keeps a list in his head about all the times John did anything that goes against protocol and the rules.) I don’t think Richard would ever hang up on Captain Maldonado, for example - let alone shoot an MX a.k.a. deliberately destroy police property on a whim. I also think Richard wouldn’t keep alcohol in his desk drawer at the precinct - unlike Valerie! And it sure was very “rebellious” of Valerie - as a chrome - to become a Detective at all, basically.

So these were my thoughts when I tried to approach the question of who would be enough of a daredevil to actually initiate a little secret lovemaking session during work. (Though I don’t think Richard would need much persuading from Valerie to change his mind and be all for it, lol!)

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I actually have this idea that Valerie is a total slob, she’s not a morning person at all, and Richard is in awe at how much Valerie can sleep and eat.

And yes, Richard is the mushy one, and Val totally tops, no matter where she’s at the moment.

Valerie looks as the more daring to start a quickie, but when Richard feels like surprising her, you wouldn’t believe all the naughty things that can happen in a quickie session.

Ugh, my bbs

Omg Valerie as a slob!! That’s so cute hahaha! Tbh I have difficulties seeing it, but it’s definitely the sweetest idea ever! I think I might have problems seeing her as someone who sleeps more than average and eats a lot, because I would assume that chromes don’t usually do this? Like when they mentioned on the show that chromes don’t get addicted to drugs as quickly, because any possible inclinations to addictions are erased from their genes or something? So I would just assume that chromes are also engineered/enhanced in a way that prevents them from having a biological (or psychological) need for higher-than-average sleep, or ‘cravings’ for lots of food and also unhealthy food like sugary stuff etc. I don’t know if this makes even sense lol!

And yes Richard can be very naughty, I’m sure! :D 

(I hope it’s ok I copied your addition! I put the link to your reblog! Thanks for adding your thoughts <3)

So I’m on the train headed home and I run into one of my 8th graders from last year who is now a freshman at the O’ Bryant and she was telling me about all her struggles. She’s been overwhelmed with homework but also not behaving well in class. She told me shed been kicked out of English and instead of coming back like her teacher said just skipped and worked on other projects. I was telling her how she can do better because I know she’s smart and a hard worker so it makes no sense why these things are happening. She got off a stop before mine and after he left a passenger across from me speaks up ands tells me I’m such a nice guy. I explain my relationship with her and how I used to coach and teach her and we were just catching up and I just wanted to help. He began to talk about how he thinks he’s a douche bag because he would’ve told her she needed to try harder and needs to be more disipline. He said that’s why the Chinese are doing better because they are always being pushed to do better, tht if you get a B why didn’t you get A? He said he was from Nigeria and his family was the same way. He said American kids expect so much for lilttle bit of effort and they aren’t pushed hard enough. I told him my student probably already hears people to tell her she needs to do better and my approach was just to listen and he noticed that. He said he saw how I didn’t judge her as she was telling me her problems but he would have been tougher on her. As he finished a couple moms came up to him to shake his hand in agreement that American kids have it too easy these days and arent pushed hard enuff. I personally couldn’t tell her she needed to get her shit together, not when I haven’t seen her in such a long time. It made me think I’m soft , tht I couldn’t tell people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. But I know its not true. There is a time for everything and at that time tough love wouldn’t work. This urked me the whole walk home , I didn’t even listen to music. Writing this out helped me get my thoughts right. Dont let anyone make you doubt or second guess yourself cuz he made me feel like I should have shat on her life but then I remembered he dont know her like I do ! I was really mentally drained this shouldn’t have gotten to me the way it did

Always Something

Aside from laying around complaining about heartburn (neither 2 Zantacs nor pepto bismol could get rid of it), JD and I cuddled, binge watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and somehow found ourselves arguing over marriage. 

It was not the ideal conversation, especially for that night, but it was inevitable.

Something made him say that he doesn’t believe in marriage and definitely doesn’t believe that any one relationship will last a long time. He considers marriage a scam.

He’s not wrong.

Despite all my emotional baggage from David and having slept with unhappily married men, marriage is my end game. I want it badly at some point in my life. I absolutely need a huge, obnoxious, expensive engagement ring and to have a forever Sunday brunch partner.  

I’m not wrong.

We just have very different opinions and life plans. 

What is wrong was the way the conversation about it went. He behaved like a jackass by repeatedly telling me to give him good reasons for getting married and to explain why I want to. He also did the you’re-being-psycho-I’ve-only-known-you-two-months-and-you-are-pressuring-me-to-marry-you argument along with the I-enjoy-your-company-for-now-isn’t-that-enough?

He wasn’t able to see the big picture. 

I wasn’t saying I want to marry HIM. I wasn’t saying I want to get married NOW. I just want to get married. We aren’t kids anymore. When I say I will never have children, it’s not because I’m too young to see that far ahead. I don’t want children and while there may be a 2% chance at most that I will change my mind, I cannot date men that know they will want to have children. It’s the same thing. When JD says he doesn’t want to get married, he means he will not be open to getting married and that will more than likely not change, for anyone. 

We haven’t been dating long which means it’s the right time to figure out that we want different things and move on. I like JD so much but I can’t knowingly set myself up for another horrible breakup which is what this feels like. David was much too recent and I need an emotional break. JD’s longest relationship has been 3 months. And he openly says he doesn’t expect a relationship to last. He’s probably not even capable of the type of relationship I expect. Yet he expects me to be exclusive with him for whatever time we are together. I was quick to tell him that would be the worst investment of myself and my time.

We haven’t officially called it quits yet. He wants to be with me for now and I think I will give it more time (I feel guilty, indecisive and I really like being with him)…but there’s no way I’m being exclusive. I’m not attaching myself to the point of feeling destroyed later on. 

I already have a WYP date lined up for tomorrow night. I’ve missed carefree cash. 

donegal-rose asked:

I'm sorry but from your post about the boyfriend it is VERY easy to tell that you will never have a boyfriend. I've had boyfriends since age 14 when I started going with a rock musician. I dress for the men in my life, I talk for them, I behave for them, I do what they want, I would never do something my boyfriend wouldn't let me do, and I am extremely feminine. i have a man. Do you? No. Just face the face you are a lesbian and get it over with.

Your ask was very reasonable and logical until the last sentence that made me laugh out loud.

It’s nice that you’re happy with your guy(s) and yes, you’re right, I never had a boyfriend and it’s not very likely that I’ll have one in the next few years. If you’re okay with limiting yourself for the sake of some dude then go ahead, I’ve done too much to please a male in the past and it got out of control and damaged me a lot, so before I risk any of that happening again I’d rather be alone and by now I’m perfectly fine with that, I’ve always been single and I can do everything I have to, while other girls I know go “oh wait, I can’t do that, my boyfriend will do that for me”.

So thanks, I don’t need a man. I’m not feminine either. Being a lesbian would probably make things a lot easier tbh, but unfortunately I’m not attracted to females at all and I wonder where you got that impression :D I mean okay, M. has long hair and he’ better at shrieking like a girl than me if he tries, but I’m pretty sure that he’s a guy. I checked.