completely different coloring style from the last pic but I REALIZED THAT ONE OF THE BRUSHES IN THE WATERCOLOR SET (labeled ‘3’) LOOKS AND BEHAVES JUST LIKE COPIC SKETCH MARKERS??? HOLY CRAP. not just that they LOOK like copics but it really FELT like I was coloring with them!! i left the colors kinda sketchy and messy because I feel like it really shows off how much alike they are?? wahh

I love copics but a lot of mine are drying out so this is exciting *____*

No but I just had a thought, kinda based on the last thing I reblogged.

Right, so, in an AU where certain dwarf kings and his heirs are all okay and Thorin remains King Under the Mountain, we have the newly re-colonized Dale in a bit of a precarious position. They need assistance before they can rebuild and recover from the combined efforts of a dragon attack and one clusterfuck of a battle. So Bard, somehow having been elected king (and he’s so fucking confused as to how he got here, but someone’s gotta lead this rabble and he’s starting to feel like one of the only sane ones around here), is tasked with requesting aid from the neighboring kingdoms of Erebor and The Woodland Realm. And we all know Thranduil has a…thing with Bard, so aid is freely given on his part, but post-dragonsick Thorin is all “no, this is unacceptable, I can’t be outdone by stupid elvenkings!” So not only does he send gold but (more importantly) he sends craftsmen and carpenters and stone workers, because by now Erebor has a bunch of dwarves streaming in, and they’re already rebuilding Erebor, why not help their neighbor as well?

So Thranduil, determined to shine even brighter in King Bard’s eyes starts sending in elven healers to help with the wounded and the sick (because winter is still going strong btw). Thorin sends furs and finely woven blankets. Thranduil personally visits, elf guard in tow, to strengthen the city’s defenses. Thorin personally visits, with the entire Company, to help with the rebuilding. 

Basically I just want to see Thranduil and Thorin getting super competitive over who helps the humans most, and Bard’s in the middle just completely confused over how this whole thing got started, but hey, they really need the help, so he’s not going to say anything. But then Thranduil starts “cheating” and giving Bard gifts to sway him (also for personal reasons, but it’s not like Thorin is going to see it that way), like “oh no I insist, this scepter was just lying around unused, yes I’m aware those are diamonds and rubies, your point?” and “I have thousands of wine casks, what’s twenty to me, go ahead and take them.” 

So Thorin gets in on that deal. Bard’s his damn ally, alright, the kingdom of Dale has always been Erebor’s friend and trading partner, they all fought against the orcs, okay? So he just commissions a kingly suit of armor, something strong but lightweight, something an archer can use without impediment, and he just gives it to Bard all “oh yes we found it in the treasury, maybe you can have it? It’s about your size after all.” See, Thrandy? Two can play at your game.

This all culminates with both Thranduil and Thorin designing and making Bard’s crown. Thorin’s is all gold and black iron and has arrows on it and is all dwarven geometry and looks very fierce indeed (very punk rock, if Thorin knew what punk rock was). Thranduil’s is fine silver and bright gems and looks like a combination of stag horns and tree branches (think Thrandy’s battle crown but at least twice as big and twice as ornate). And they basically go to deliver it to him in person at the same time and glare when they see each other and notice that they both had the same idea at once. So they try to make Bard choose.

“One crown would have been too much. As it is, two is extravagant, but I see I will have another war on my hands if I refuse. They are both equally magnificent, and I will accept both.”

I mean, Bard has kids, he knows not to play favorites, and that’s basically the line he has to walk for the rest of his kingship: can’t favor the elves over the dwarves or the dwarves over the elves, despite his personal feelings on the matter. So he wears Thorin’s crown when meeting with Thorin, and Thranduil’s crown when meeting with Thranduil, and no crown at all when they all meet. 

More than once he wonders how his life choices brought him here, mediating between two children, for all that they’re both centuries older than him.

Nena is in training.  Not just to run a marathon (but she’s done that too!), but training so she can find a wonderful family who will take her home.

Her workout buddies are at 911 Dog and Cat Rescue in Morristown, New Jersey.  Her regimen consists of snuggling, hanging out with foster humans, playing very nicely with her dog foster brother, and perfecting her doggy smile.

We definitely think she’s nailed that last one.

Nena is a calm, well-behaved lady who is good with dogs and cats. She is a little shy with strangers, but warms up quickly once you show her some love.  

If you want to make Nena your Valentine, call (908) 763-2040 or email!


I’ve seen some stuff in the community yesterday I wish I didn’t. I want to make a couple things clear.

Markiplite blogs SHOULD

-post markiplier content
-be there for their followers and the community
-have a good time
-make friends and bond (if they’d like. It’s okay to be shy)
-be at least somewhat of a good example in the community
-protect other markiplites.

What Markiplite blogs SHOULD NOT do.

-attack other markiplites until they feel terrible
-use their follower status as a way to tear other blogs apart.
-think that because they’re popular no one can say anything against them
-try and get hate sent to another user because they disagree
-think that Mark likes them better because they have a Markiplite blog.

These are all things I’ve seen in the community. Not just from one person but multiple. What I saw last night is NOT how someone in the community should behave, in fact I don’t even view them as a Markiplite because they lost that title. Be the person Mark knows you can be. It’s not hard.

I know this community but what I’ve seen almost made me leave for good. If it wasn’t for the messages I received reminding me that there was still good, I would have left. I love you and I love this community. Let’s try and keep it as clean and wonderful as we can.

This here proofs that Naruto can be just as Shy, as Hinata. 

Tell me, because I know I have asked this before, was he ever this shy with Sakura? Because if I can remember it clearly, Naruto was always very confident that he would win her over.

With Hinata, Naruto is out of his element and he doesn’t really know how to behave, a common and very normal way to behave when we are in the presence of the one we love/like.

Stiles and Malia getting inspired from each other

I think its absolutely adorable how Malia and Stiles seem to behave like each other I mean just look at them!!

The way they hold their stationary XD

How they pay more attention to highlighting notes than to what’s happening around them

They’ve both had lapses in control over themselves and have used their dark moments to help the other recover from theirs. This has got to be one of the most significantly adorable and amazing thing about their relationship. 

They accept each other for what they are cuz they’ve been thru something equally horrifying

Then there’s ofcourse the colour scheming

And saving the best for last…

They won’t leave the other behind

That’s Stalia bitches!! Not the fact that they slept with each other in the first few scenes that they were together but everything that came starting from there (or even before). It’s their trust, their love, their care and their support for each other that we ship

I just thought of something

Remember how, in “My Friend Dahmer”, Backderf said that one time he looked out of the window during class and saw the man himself in the bushes, waiting for him to notice him? And how Dahmer bleated at him, then apparently vanished? The entire book is full of incidents where Dahmer just so happened to perform his “funniest” stunts in Backderf’s presence.

Basically, Jeffrey Dahmer stalked a classmate

did stupid shit just to impress him

hung around him whenever possible

and never blamed him for excluding and ignoring him during the last few months of high school.


To be fair, that’s how I behaved around MY first crush, too.

Of Kings and knights

An AU idea….

–where Ciel and Sebastian are best friends for a long time now, but slowly it is Sebastian who starts falling for the two years younger male. They are spending the last year that Sebs is there in High school, together and are just hanging out, doing stupid things like playing video games, cooking together and playing chess!
  When the day of saying goodbye comes they are both behaving awkward, Sebastian still holding back his feelings, not wanting to risk their relationship. So when he moves over to France to become number one pastry chef, he and Ciel skype every day, it was all getting alright until the younger male confesses that he is dating this one girl that he always saw as ‘nothing special’. Sebastian, of course, can’t say anything against it, but the jealousy in him makes him act a bit like an asshole, so their calls grow shorter…more distant.
  It continues like that for two years, until one night Ciel calls Sebastian all in tears…telling how he broke up with the girl since it was all more of a mask he wore to ensure his family that he will one day get a ‘girl’, get married. After all of it Sebastian  decides to visit his now ‘long over crush’ and somehow help him…….. how funny then only that when they see each other again the old emotions bubble up again and it is so hard for him to keep from hugging, kissing his 'friend’.. They even see that they got the tattoos that they always were talking about, Sebastian wearing the chess symbol for the knight (black horse) and Ciel the symbol of the (black) King symbol. It was a joke that they shared many times when Sebastian was still around, but it seemed that both of them felt more about it than it was shown.  All of it until the night they go out for a drink, the older of the two saying that maybe his little friend just need to let out all the stress and all the anger, sadness…..
    Ciel is of course having a glass too much and Sebastian brings him home, he himself a bit under influence of the alcohol…..they just sit on the couch and Ciel moves to cuddle with Sebastian,tracing the tattoo on the inside of his finger while whispering : “You were always my knight….always protecting me…Sebastian.”
Making the raven haired male reply with: “And you were always my King, my one and only one….King.” having a little slip of words. What he did not expect then was to feel his love’s interest lips on the place where the tattoo, accompanied with a small pink tongue making his breath hitch and body shake.

   “Ciel…Ciel don’t  do that….please…”

   “Sebastian….you are shaking….is…is it because of me…"His cobalt blue eyes looked up into those of carnelian that he knew for so many years, but never before did he see that pleading look that greeted him now.

  The older of the two wanted to pull away,  ut the feeling of Ciel so close, pressing kisses against HIS skin, left him frozen with only lips parting to inhale and exhale. "Don’t….” Even if he had uttered those words he started to lean closer, until their foreheads were pressed together, the fingers intertwined in a strong hold.

  “But..I want to…"was the last thing that Ciel said, claiming Sebastian’s lips with his own, leaving both of them breathing hard through their nose as the kisses grew more desperate, passionate. Bot wanting the other, the King craving the closeness of his strong knight, and the knight wishing nothing more but protect the boy from everything, even himself if he needed to. But it seemed that at the end of the day when both figures removed the heavy clothes, they differ not in much. Both just two humans desiring other by body, heart and soul.

Things that different MBTI types have told me

ESFJ: “Wow, you’re cruel”

ISFJ: “Awww, you’re so cute when you’re happy ^^”

ISTP: “Wow, that DOES look painful… At first, I thought that you were just faking.”

ISFP: “You know what, I also have a crazy friend… YOU!”

INTJ: “The one thing that I learned about you within the last 10 minutes is that you love to set things on fire”

ENFP: “If you say ‘bou-lan-ge-rie’ one more time, I’ll rip your head off!”

INFP: “You remind me of a hyperactive little puppy”

ENFJ: “You really don’t need to behave so borderline-like”

INFJ: “Please don’t do that…”

We live under the impression that we get what we deserve in this life

No. No one deserves anyone. People are not prizes that you get to own at the end if you behave and be good and all that shit. 

I don’t understand why so many NH fans argue that Hinata “deserves” Naruto cause she’s supported and rooted for him (from fucking afar) and became strong because of him. This “deserving” argument comes up just so it can be thrown against NS (cause yeah, Sakura deserves jackshit cause she’s useless and annoying even though she ends up being the strongest kunoichi and med-nin by 699).

All of NH arguments are Hinata-centric. Does Naruto factor here at all? Hinata-hime put him on a pedestal without knowing about him that suggests depth. She knows no more than the average Konoha shinobi in the village because there was never any interaction between them except for the big moments (Pain sacrifice which Naruto would have survived either way, Neji’s cupid death, etc.). And no, off-panel interactions don’t count (I don’t think there was any anyway). Naruto never became human to Hinata. He was this god ninja jesus to worship and obey and bear children to. 

I hear arguments against NH for sexualizing and objectfiying Hinata, but what about the damage it does for Naruto? He suddenly (and I mean suddenly, in the span of a few days of mission in The Last) falls in love with a girl who was an importance acquaintance at best with some lame ass rivalry reason to dismiss his feelings for Sakura.  

Both Naruto and Hinata are casualties of this highly illogical and doomed to end in divorce marriage. Naruto gets his character destroyed and Hinata proves to have no character at all, and I’m supposed to be okay with it, and I’m not okay with it. 

Imagine wanting to go to prom with your boyfriend. But he, how always, refuses to, wsaying it was just a stupid foolish party for people who want to feel like grown ups though they behave like children the whole time. “But I want to go! Am I childish because of this wish? I just want to be part of the class for one time. And this is gonna be the last time I get the chance, you know I am going to the university next year, so, why can’t you just do me the favor??”. Sherlock quietly looks at you with his perfect lips closed. His deep blueish eyes looking through you. Nearly crying of anger you turn around and leave the flat. Walking to the park. Angry. Thinking of all the things you did for Sherlock, going to murderer, helping him to solve cases, helping him to get socail networks. And he won’t even do this for you? Honestly? You decide to go back and tell him exactly that! You storm into the room, ready to shout at him as you see what he does: He is standing there, dancing without music.”What are you doing here? Wanting to tell me what you did for me, and tell me that I should be able to do you this lile favor? Well, as you see, I am sorry! I will go with you! And now come here!”. Ugh! All this knowledge and this deducing you.. but hey, he changed his mind all on his owne! THat truly is great! And so you go to him, he takes your hand, lays one on your hip, and begins to dance with you. Humming his favorite walz!

It wasn’t just the fight scene, if you can really even call it that, that broke the mold this week. Perhaps the most enjoyable scene in the episode was one in which nothing really even happened, per se: just Jack and the Pazzis having a friendly conversation during dinner. Watching Jack refer to being widowed as if it’s something he’s genuinely processed and made peace with, hearing him laughingly practice his Italian Rs, generally spending time with him as he does normal, happy stuff — what a treat! All of these people have lived in Hannibal’s world of murder and manners for so long that the chance to behave in some other way feels like more than just a respite, but a rebirth. It didn’t last, but hey, no guts, no glory. Right, Inspector Pazzi?
Kylo Ren Imagine

Imagine Kylo caught a cold and he tries to hide it from you.

Originally posted by kvlord

It was early in the morning when you woke up in the bed of the Commander. Just like yesterday he already left your quarters which was unusual for him. Normally you had to wake him because he slept until afternoon if no one interrupted his sleep. Generally , he behaved strange the last few days. He only showed up in your shared quarters when you already slept and he left your quarters before you were awake. Also he didn‘t took off his helmet in your presence and it seemed as he tried to avoid you , so you decided it would be the best to confront him with your problem. You thought about all the places where Kylo could be at the moment but you were almost one hundred percent sure that he‘s yelling at General Hux on the bridge. You freshen up a bit and then you went to the bridge. When you arrived you were surprised because Kylo didn‘t yelled at Hux , Hux yelled at Kylo ! And he didn‘t even tried to defend himself , he just looked at the floor while he crossed his arms , he looked like an pissed child. You walked over to them to stop Hux.
„General , I think it‘s enough. I don‘t know what the Commander did this time but it‘s not a reason to yell at him like this. By the way what did he do this time ?“
While you stood next to Kylo you could hear that he breathed heavily , it sounded extra awful through his voice changer. Also you‘ve heard little sniffles but they were very quiet. Kylo didn‘t looked very fit in general.
„Your boyfriend tries to imitate Darth Vader again with his heavy breathing and it annoys me to death !“ he turned his head to Kylo „The poor man burned , Ren , he sounded like this because he weren‘t able to breath and to live without life support machines ! Don‘t you want to say something !?“
Kylo didn‘t wanted to look pathetic in front of you so he tried to yell back at Hux but instead he squeaked really high pitched. Hux looked confused at Kylo and you had to giggle.
„Oh , this sounds like as if someones hoarsely. You caught a cold when you visited Hoth , didn‘t you ? I told you to wear warmer clothes ! Anyway , you should go to our quarters and get some sleep. I‘ll bring you some soup and medicine later then.“
Kylo hesitated a moment but then he left the bridge.
„General , please inform the Supreme Leader that Kylo isn‘t able to go on missions until next week.“

Later that day you visited Kylo in your shared quarters to eat some soup with him and to give him some medicine. Also you thought he‘d feel way better when you cuddle with him. At first he refused to come too close to you because he was afraid he‘d infect you and that he‘d bother you but you insisted to cuddle with him. After a short time you sat in his lap and petted his head while Kylo nuzzled his head in your neck.

My opinion is, if they can be together.. just be together. I feel as if that is when everything goes well for the two. Justin stays out of his immature ways, and Selena can finally start feeling more confident again. She needs a man in her life– not a little boy like Justin was behaving as last year and early this one.
—  Wendy Williams on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Still sulking?!

When have you eveeeeeeeeeeeeer seen romantic development in SHONEN MANGA?! If you want romantic development, go read Shoujo and embrace Sailor Moon. DEAR GOD. You should be thankful we even got any pairings at all. Shonen has never and never will be focused on pairings. You are really behaving as dumb fangirls

That Kishimoto even gave us The Last, as a romantic story, just proves how strongly he feels about Naruto and Hinata falling in love, and how important it is to him that we KNOW how they felt in love. 

Did you see any romantic development between Chichi and Goku or Bulma and Vegeta besides the 2 or 3 times they spoke in all of Dragon Ball? Somehow, they had a family and we all accepted it and the world didn’t end and no one was the worst writer ever… and DB is still the best shonen of all times!

A message to anyone going to see Darren during his run in Hedwig...

Please, please, please try to be considerate of everyone else in the theater. Please do not scream at Darren how much you love him. I understand that Hedwig is anything but a typical musical but it is not a concert. That means no cameras/phones, screaming, or singing loudly. As main stream as going to the theater has become for some people it is still a luxury. They may only get one chance to see the show, please do not be the person who ruins it for them. Some people are already refusing to see the show because of how a select few acted during his run in How to Succeed. His fans should not be scaring people away from seeing him perform. Can we please show the other theatergoers that his fans are actually wonderful, polite, and well-behaved people? I think it is the least we could do after all he has done for us. I mean he is constantly the last one out signing, taking selfies, and talking to his fans. Let’s try to make this a great experience for everyone involved. 

Also, I just wanted to say a few things about the stage door. I realize a lot of this has already been said but I feel it is worth repeating. First, the stage door is for the people that paid to see the show that night. Please do not push or shove your way to the front of the crowd. Next, if the order stays the same it will be the band, Rebecca, and Darren will be the last one out. Please do not ignore the rest of the cast. They deserve just as much love as Darren. Talk to them, let them know what you thought of the show. 

P.S. Please at least give him a chance to perform before deciding not to see the show. Hedwig is a completely different character then Finch. Not only that but the shows are completely different as well. 

Tour Bus Mornings (Ashton Irwin One Shot)

“Sssh, she’s sleeping, don’t wake her up!” Ashtons gentle giggle interrupted your dreams, you were awake but your eyes refused to open.

“How do you two sleep in a bunk like that without kicking each other to death?” Michael’s drawl reached your ears.

“Because it’s actually really comfy now go away before you wake her,” Ashton replied.

You were both curled up in his bunk on the tour bus. He was on the inside, one elbow propping him up while his other arm was draped protectively over your waist.

Your back was pressed against his chest, your knees almost pulled to your chest as you snuggled your cheek into the soft pillow.

It was obviously morning time but you weren’t ready to wake just yet, partly because you were tired and the other half of you never wanting to leave your safe enclosure with Ashton.

“At least you two behaved last night I was almost afraid to pull the curtain back,” Michael chuckled, you cringed slightly to yourself.

“Calum are you keeking this!?” Ashton asked in disbelief. You could hear the giggle on his face. The thoughts of thousands of 5sos fans seeing you in this state made you groan aloud this time.

“Aww you woke her up,” Ashton cooed as you turned in the bunk, burying your face into his chest and tangling your legs with his.

“I hate you all,” You grumbled making the boys laugh as they knew it was far from the truth, you loved Ashton and his three brothers more than anything.

“Let’s go wake up Luke!” Calum chuckled ripping the curtain open of the bunk underneath yours and Ashtons.

“Sorry about that, babe,” Ashton cooed, brushing your hair out of your face.

“It’s okay,” you grinned up at him, opening one eye. “you can make it up to me,“

Ashton chuckled and nuzzled his face into your neck as you giggled.

"Guys I just congratulated you on behaving yourselves,” Michael groaned, shaking his head as he walked away.

“We’re only human, Mikey,” Ashton called after him, reaching over you and pulling the curtain closed once more.

anonymous asked:

Why is it okay for Rumple past actions be totally dismissed (and you have justified everyone one) but Captain Hooks past actions aren't? You go on and on and on about something Captain Hook has done in over 4 seasons ago to justify the hate of the character but you then justify Rumple doing evil things last season!! Why don't you just say look I hate Captain Hook but instead you just look like a fucking idiot justifying Rumple and condemning the actual heroes

What evil did Rumplestiltskin do last season? He took back the DO power? He’s more trustworthy with it than Hook or Emma, they had it for a couple weeks and they literally raised hell. He “killed” Milah in the UW? She was already dead- literally couldn’t get any deader. He was blackmailed into trapping her in the UW, but no one judge’s Charming for behaving similarly with his twin. He let Hyde come to SB? Snow told the guy who to target to get to Rumplestiltskin, I wouldn’t risk my family out of loyalty to those people. I don’t count last season’s behavior as evil.

Hook on the other hand pissed me off many times in S5. He dumped Emma when she wanted him to accept her as the DO. He attempted suicide for attention. He murdered Merlin. He used Emma’s deepest insecurities to verbally bash her. He tried to murder her whole family. “But he was the Dark One,” you say. If Rumplestiltskin doesn’t get a pass for all his deeds as the DO neither does Hook. In 5B he was nothing but a jackass unless he had his tongue down Emma’s throat. Hook has had ample time to have developed into a fully redeemed character, but the writers have been too lazy and too enamored with Hook’s fuckboy character traits to make that happen. I dislike him and the writing has given me every reason to.