The Final Final 📝

I have one more final and another damn paper before I’m done with school and I figured, “maybe I should try to not fail?” 🤔 So a group of my friends and myself met up earlier to study (and talk shit) and I gotta say, it kinda helped. Let’s hope I feel the same way when that test hits my desk tomorrow morning 😂


march 19, 2017 | 3:30 pm | 16/100

one of march’s weekly spreads and a summer spread 🌍🌈🌺 i’ve successfully used my bujo since february and i’m verrry proud of myself! also, i got so excited for summer that i started listing ideas, plans, and tv shows to watch! (message me what tv shows or movies i can watch and books to read please i’d appreciate it!!!) i have finals this week so please do wish me luck 🤓📖 one last push until summer break 🙌🏼🌴🌸🌤


Lithops! 😄

Save A Life


A/N: So I’ve spend the past three days writing this (for) my friend Nat, because she really wanted a story to foucs on this, because well, she’s been in a situation alike this. Babe, you know I’m proud of you. I’d love some feedback on this. 

Word count: 4,271

Toronto, Canada – 2017

“Okay, wish me luck” Shawn stuttered, running his shaking fingers through his curly hair.

Why was he so nervous? He was so used to big crowds.

You pulled Shawn into your arms, before planting a tender kiss on his already burning lips.

“You don’t need any luck” you whispered into his ear, softly stroking his flushed cheek.

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Feed the Belly

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and Dean’s being super caring. Sadly, this also means he’s cooking healthy, nutritious food for you and the baby. All the healthy food, for months. Until you’ve had enough. 

Word Count: 1100+

Munch. Munch. Munch.

You were stuffing your face with cookies, and ice cream, and pizza. Yes, all three of those. Yes, at the same time.

Sure, a few months ago you would have judged something like this as disgusting, super unhealthy, a great recipe for a heart disease… But, after countless weeks of kale, cabbage, spinach, carrots, lean meat, and lentils… you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted all the junk food, now.

The pregnancy book was staring at you from the table, and you stared back, glared even as your lips wrapped around a spoon of chocolate ice-cream. Take this, you stupid book.

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Imagine Chris sending you off at the airport.

A/N: You could read this as a one shot, or as a sequel to the ‘Imagine face masks and pillow talk with Chris’. I just thought I’d write one final fluff piece before I venture to Japan myself and disappear from your dashes for a while. I’ll be back, so stay with me. ❤️

You and Chris walked hand in hand as you made your way to the departure hall. You’d checked in and spent the last two hours hanging out at Starbucks with Chris, just talking about small nothings as you savored your last moments with your ever loving boyfriend. You looked over at him as he quietly walked beside you, deep in his own thoughts, and smiled. The next nine months weren’t going to be easy, but hey, at least you knew Chris wasn’t going anywhere.

“Are you okay?” You squeezed his hand to get his attention and he turned to you with a nod, smiling. “Are you sure?” You chuckled softly. “Because you look a million miles away. What’s wrong?” You asked, gently brushing your thumb up and down his hand.

“Other than the fact that the love of my life is leaving me today?” He quizzed rhetorically and you chuckled when he did. “Nothing,” he shook his head. “I’m just- I’m thinking about work, Infinity War is approaching and- that’s my last ride as Captain America. Saying goodbye to him will be as hard as saying goodbye to you today,” he joked with a chuckle filled with limited humor.

“You know Marvel’s going to offer you another contract if you want one,” you told him and he pressed his lips together, nodding. “But you don’t, you want to pursue something beyond that and that’s okay. You don’t have to feel pressured by anyone to do anything,” you assured him with a light squeeze of his hand. “Yes, saying goodbye will be hard, but- sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing you can do.”

“Whoa,” he chuckled. “Are you trying to break up with me?” He joked and you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Yeah, I know what you mean.” He took his hand out of yours and wrapped an arm around you instead. “We’ll see when the time comes. Thank you for always being so supportive,” he kissed your hair and you smiled. “You really are my rock, aren’t you?”

“I’d like to think so,” you grinned at him and he chuckled. “Let’s hope you don’t crash and burn without me,” you teased him then kissed his jawline as a laugh erupted from his throat. “And vice versa, because we all know I’m not very good at surviving without oh Evans, my Captain.”

“You’ll be fine,” he planted another kiss in your hair.

“As will you,” you smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist.

The gate was now in sight and you knew it was time to say your goodbyes, which neither of you wanted to; it was evident from the way the two of you slowed your paces. You tightened your grip on his waist, as he tightened his around you. There was nothing else to be said, you both knew you loved each other and were going to miss each other like crazy; your phones were always going to be on so the other could call, text, or FaceTime at any point in time; Chris was going to use both the Snapchat and Instagram accounts you got him to keep you up to date and to keep up to date with you; and he’d get you a plane ticket if ever you needed to see him in person, and vice versa. Everything had been planned and talked about, now you just had to let go of each other.

“You sure you have everything?” Chris asked as he passed you your handbag; you nodded and pulled your arm away from him as he took his off you. “Okay, if anything goes wrong- I want you to call me immediately. I don’t care what time it is, where I am, or what I’m doing- I’ll find someway to get out of work to fly to you and bring you home safely,” he told you and you chuckled at his protective nature. “I mean it, Y/N. Do not hesitate to call, okay?”

“Okay,” you smiled.

“Please be safe,” he cupped your face in his hands and rubbed small circles into your cheeks. “I know you’re well-traveled, but still.” You chuckled and nodded in response. “Take lots of photos, okay? I want to see what you’re up to, and I’ll do the same so you can see what I’m up to.” You nodded again, knowing if you spoke- you’d somehow break down crying. “God, I love you.” He said as he pulled you into his arms for a warm hug.

“I love you too,” you fought the urge to cry as you hugged him back as tightly as you could. You felt him plant a kiss on the top of your head, squeeze you tightly one last time before he pulled away. “Good luck with Infinity War, Captain.” You placed a hand on his face, brushing his cheek with your thumb. “I’m sure you’re going to nail it as always.”

“Thanks, baby.” He placed a hand over yours then dipped his head to meet your lips for a tender, yet incredibly passionate kiss. It was such a pure moment of utter affection that you wished there were paparazzi lurking around to capture it, so you could have it with you while being away from him. “I’m going to miss you,” he whispered as he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours.

“I’m going to miss you too.”

He pecked your lips the pulled away, adjusting your scarf for you before beckoning his head at the departure hall gates. You took a deep breath and nodded with a smile as you turned away from him and walked towards it. When you glanced back, you saw Chris hold up a hand and smile. You noticed that his eyes were watery, like yours were; both your hearts ached simultaneously.

“I love you,” he mouthed.

“I love you too,” you mouthed back.

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Bye, my loves! I hope you all have a fantastic April! ❤️

winglessrobin  asked:

Write me a ficlet about Stiles finding random love poems/notes written on little scraps of paper stuffed in weird places, like between the seats in the Jeep, in the pockets of hoodie he swore he just washed so how could there be intact paper in there, in his shoes, under his pillow. Who is writing all these notes and how do they keep randomly appearing on Stiles person!?!?!

This is unbeta-d, and I am subjecting you dear reader(s?) to poetry written by me masquerading as English!Major Derek Hale. BASICALLY I’m SORRY ABOUT THE CRAP POETRY OK. also im really fuckin pissed off about the spacing of the poems but tumblr is adamant about pretending to not know what the fuck im trying to do when i try and reformat it i need to stop before i just delete this whole post in a fit of RAGE

For RachelBBY


The first time it happens, Stiles doesn’t think anything of it. He figures he just wrote it himself in English and then forgot. It’s just a neglected scrap of paper hiding amidst other papers under his desk, sacrificed on the altar of a weekly allowance with everything else he throws out as he cleans his room. He only really glanced at it anyway, he was preoccupied with being pissed off at Derek for being Derek, thinks it said something about heartbeats and irregular spaces. So that was the incident, he supposes.

The second time he’s got his hand stuffed in the crease of Roscoe’s passenger seat in a desperate search for just one fucking quarter, just one, and withdraws a crumpled piece of paper instead. “How long has that been there?” Stiles asks himself as he de-crumples it to read it. He snorts. Obviously quite a while, it’s a poem, and Stiles knows he didn’t write this one, which means it’s circa the Scott/Allison Era.

you laughed

it was Tuesday

you didn’t know I was there

“Not half bad Scotty,” Stiles murmurs, not bothering to finish the rest of it as he tosses it aside and resumes the quest for one measly quarter cause he just wants a burger. Out of life, all he wants is to eat a burger right now. It’s not so much to ask? Right?

He bitches and moans to Scott about his inability to find a quarter and thus eat a burger, but forgets to ask him about the poem thing. The next time he sees Derek, Derek flips him a quarter with a smirk. “Oh, fuck you,” Stiles says, but pockets the quarter and eats him that fucking burger later that night, after they have all managed, miraculously, to not die. “Victory comes in all forms,” Stiles informs Scott sagely in between mouthfuls. So that’s the coincidence, in all its glory.

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I don't-I'm sorry

@stary-puppy @sanders-sideblog @prinxietyhell @obviouslyelementary @prinxietytrash @velocifoxy

I wrote abetter fic BUT TUMBLR RELOADED I HATE AKSDJFASKJF. apparently tumblr thought you couldn’t handle my last fic so good luck with this one.

trigger warning: angst, rejection

prince took a deep breath, it was now or never.

he knocked on Anxietys door waiting for a response. after a few minutites Anxiety finally opened his door

“i thought I smelt an egoist prince at my door, whats up?”

“just wanted to check up on you hot topic,” Prince smirked. Anxiety rolled his eyes

“could be worse, it would be better if you were a mile away”

“are you implying I’m too hot to be near you?” Prince asked.

“I’m implying it’s time for you to move so I can leave.”

“I’ll let you leave-on one condition.” prince said. anxiety raised his eyebrows

“whats that?”

“a kiss.”

Anxiety look confused and then horrified.

“wait do you-do you think I have a crush on you?”

prince looked at him confused, wait he wasn’t flirting with him?

“prince… I was just flirting with you, I never meant anything by it.”

prince could feel a lump in my throat, he was surprised when he managed to make himself sound normal.

“gotcha!” prince smirked. Anxiety looked confused;


“you thought I was serious! I can’t believe you thought that!” Prince said, trying to keep his tears from  forming in his eyes,

“prince I don’t-i’m sorry”

“no its fine! I was just teasing you.”

“uh, can I go” he was obviously uncomfortable-why did Prince do that to him. Why couldn’t he have done something more subtle like killing a dragon? prince snapped out of his thoughts,

“oh yeah definitely! sorry, I just psh, I can’t believe you thought I was serious. As if! am I that good of an actor?” Prince couldn’t hold it back longer.

“no youre not, Prince-”

“no its okay, uh-I’m gonna go now.” prince turned around and closed his eyes walking towards his room, almost falling over a couple things on his way, “oh ha, I better watch where I’m going.” he could see pitty and guilty in anxiety’s eyes.
how could be he so stupid thinking that his crush would like him back.

he managed to keep his tears from pouring out until he got in his room.

now he let himself cry.

Some things never change...

Request: A quote request for Sirius and reader! - “I almost forgot that you did that.” “Well, some things never change.”

A/N: Hello my loves! This is my second to last request, and I should be able to post the final one tomorrow, and the first part of my fic the following day (but I will be making another, more detailed post about it tomorrow). This also means I will be opening requests back up soon, probably the first week of April as that’s when I’ve finished both, mock exams and prom (again, a more detailed post coming soon). Thank you very much for bearing with me, I have so much love for you all! xoxo

Chatter fills the corridor in front of the Great Hall, nervousness clinging to each word that sounds through the air. The few minutes left until the beginning of the N.E.W.T. exam are brimming with the rushed reading of notes and hasty exchanges of questions and anxious answers.

In the crowd, Y/N spots Sirius Black, his slim frame leaning against a marbled wall, dark hair falling over the defined edges of his jaw. She expects to see the same frenzied expression on his face that seems to stick to all the others surrounding her, but a flip of black hair reveals a dazzling smile, filled with an unexpected confidence.

“You don’t look nervous,” she states, her brows knotting into a confused frown as she tilts her head to the side.

“That’s because I’m not,” his grin widens with his response.

“You do know what’s happening here in like 5 minutes, right?”

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Study Buddy//Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by menqlu

Can I have a stiles imagine please? I would really appreciate it I don’t have an idea in my head really other then I want it to be super cute!

(Y/H/C = your hair color)


I had always been a good student, but as soon as I hit high school the studying I had to do was ridiculous. It is currently 1 am, and instead of sleeping like a normal person, I am wide awake. Book are strewn across my floor, papers and highlighters and pens scattered around the floor. I had to get a good grade on my calculus test tomorrow or my grade would drop about 20 points.

With music playing, and the mess of numbers running through my head I almost didn’t hear my phone go off or the knocking of pebbles at my window. I checked my phone only to find multiple text messages from Stiles. Stiles was the cute boy next door and I had done everything in my power to not let my mind wander into thoughts of him while studying.

His text read “Come to your window”.

I released myself from the textbooks and binders as I walked over to the far wall of my room and opened the window, and there was Stiles, looking cute as ever. I motioned for him to come up, and watched as his body maneuvered its way through the tree that sat draping towards my window.

“What are you doing here?” I half whispered as he climbed through into my bedroom. My heartbeat is so loud that I was afraid he could hear it too.

“I saw your light on and assumed you were studying. Walters for calculus right? I had him last semester. Totally kicked my ass, but I got a decent grade. I figured I would ask if you wanted some help, or at least a study buddy..” He rambled, almost looking nervous. “I brought twizzlers!”.

I accepted his help, not only because I needed it, but because who would turn down such a cute face (plus, I mean, candy). We sat on the floor, his knee touching mine, as he explained one of the problems on the page. I couldn’t help but stare as his lips moved perfectly as he spoke every word. I tried to snap out of it and focus but it was so hard.

We both unconsciously moved closer and closer to each other until our faces were mere inches apart. The way his eyes stared into mine, it felt like an eternity, I wanted to stay there forever. His eyes dropped down to glance at my lips just as a sharp breath entered my lungs. Stiles dropped the pencil in his hands and it came up to push a strand of Y/H/C hair behind my ear. As he came closer, our lips met, perfectly aligned. His lips were soft and tasted faintly like strawberry candy. I could’ve kissed him for an eternity.

When our lips broke apart, we both sat there stunned for a second until we said “I really like you” in unison. A giggle left his mouth as my heart swelled. I glanced at the clock, and the large numbers read 3:30 am. He realized the time and said goodbye as he climbed and sat on the tree branch leading up to my window. “And Y/N?” he asked, as I turned back to him. Our lips met one last time before Stiles said “Good luck on your test tomorrow” with a wink. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing my study buddy again really soon.

Writer’s note: Hi! Sorry this is so short anon, but I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! Requests are open!! -M

Uno: The Movie: The Sentence Starter Meme

  • “Oh what the Christ?!”
  • “It’s not great that that’s still going.”
  • “I only have fifteen.”
  • “You know what? Here’s looking at you, kid.”
  • “These rules are so stupid.”
  • “There are no friendships in Uno.”
  • “Maybe this game will last even longer than the last one.”
  • “Good luck using it, bitch.”
  • “It’s weaponized Uno.”
  • “Can I have my hand back?”
  • “If we played this game like two hours a day I’d have a six pack from laughing so hard.”
  • “If you say ‘here’s looking at me’ one more time…”
  • “We’ve made an unwinnable game.”
  • “If you had to choose between yellow and blue, what would you choose?”
  • “That’s a bad color?”
  • “You just doubled my hand.”
  • “Oh my god, we’re going to be here for the rest of our lives!”
  • “That was cool, let’s do it again.”
  • “You feel like hurting? Because I can hurt.”
  • “Is that a thing we can all agree to do?”
  • “And I am the recipient of your fuckery.”
  • “Just fucking do it.”
  • “Stop what you’re doing because I’m about to ruin your life.”
  • “I have a feeling that things are going to get salty really fast.”
  • “I feel like we should skype _____ in just so he can’t get away from the misery.”
  • “I lick every one I pick up.”
  • “Everyone has to play all the way to the end.”
  • “If I win this one, I’m leaving.”
  • “I’m gonna come atcha hard.”
  • “Just go ahead and get fucked, right there.”
  • “Hopefully that does some damage.”
  • “We are going to die here!”
  • “That was a load of bog.”
  • “Don’t return the favor.”
  • “It won’t end!”
  • “There’s nothing more important than this.”
  • “We did not anticipate this, and it is entirely my fault.”
  • “Don’t stack it on me, please.”
  • “We’re never playing this game again.”
  • “I fucking–oh god.”
  • “Always go for the mouth.”
  • “Who are these people?”
  • “When I envisioned this joke, I envisioned it being about forty-five seconds long.”
  • “We were in Poland?”
  • “That was the worst theater mode ever.”
Binary Star (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,282

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

Originally posted by jae-en-beom

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