Not my usual polish, but I wanted to [very roughly] spruce up this doodle a bit by throwing on some color/effects to the scan.

(Just another doodle I made in the last several weeks of regularly getting to/from that facility I go to for groups. In case you wanted to see the other two sketch dumps, they’re just nameless characters: there’s this and there’s that.)

Sorry about my last submission, I dont name things well on my computer so i selected the wrong Onion-san thing, To make up for it, heres a Collage of the outertale pixel art I have done so far, (Random note, I have been using MS Paint for all of my pixel art so far, but I will be making a switch to Aseprite, so I wont be making as much for a bit while I learn the software, but when I get good at using it, there should be some good sprites for Outertale happening, (Battle sprites maybe?))


Explosions and Spikes (WIP)

It’s 2017 and first of all I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you had a good one and everything went fine for you during the past weeks. 

I’ll just continue like in the last year – showing some sprites and so … ;)
To complete all sprite assets for level two I had to create – among other things – some explosions. The explosion for the research centre building was a bit tricky, since its bigger size compared to the other assets. I added some cracks like for the breakable walls - also the behavior is very similar to them: you need to shoot at this building a lot of times to destroy it. To give the player a better visual feedback, these cracks will show the progression.

Again, I couldn’t resist to mock up a new enemy type: spikes. I’m not sure if this enemy will be integrated later, but I was wondering how to realize spikes from a top down view. The showed GIF at the bottom is the result of the test. 

narniatherebel  asked:

Perhaps a snow brush for Litten and an 8 bit brush for Houndour please? ;>

((I hate myself I did the wrong Pokemon so you get both. Snow Litten was done just before this one.))
((I haven’t sprited…in ages…I can’t believe this…last pixel art I’ve ever done is under the cut, it’s not ns///fw or anything it’s just not within the theme of this blog.))

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Tomb Raider: 30 Day Challenge

Day 21: Favorite location(s) Lara has adventured to.

1. South Pacific Islands (TR III). TRIII is one of my least favourite classics, but has some of the most beautiful levels in all the series… OMG. I could be staring at that beauty all day. I remember wasting a lot of time walking and running around without doing actually nothing because I had to admire and enjoy the landscape, ahahahhaha.

2. India (TR III). Also in TRIII, pretty much the same happens to me. I liked it a bit less than South Pacific Islands because I expected more temples and less jungle, but anyway, it was a beautiful place too :)

2. Egypt (TR I and TR IV). And particularly, Egypt at TR The Last Revelation, because in TR I the thing is too much pixelated and edgy yet, haha. I’ve been loving Egyptian culture since I was a child and that’s why TRTLR is one of my fav classics. And the best about this game is that you actually explore ALL the sides of this beautiful country: ancient Egypt mostly, but also Ptolemaic Egypt, Islamic Egypt, and so on. It’s perfect. It’s flawless.

3. Tibet (TR II). I said previously that Barkhang Monastery is one of my favest level ever, and of course, Tibet is my fav location of Tomb Raider II. No matter the game is too old to catch perfectly all its beauty, it’s still beautiful and still athmospheric. Here’s other place where I liked to wander for a while without doing nothing, because I needed to stop and feel… as if I was there :)

4. Ancient China (TR II). The Great Wall, the Temple of Xi’an, the Floating Islands and all the levels related to ancient China in Tomb Raider II. Pretty much the same. Fantastic. Amusing. Creepy at times. But sooooo athmospheric.

5. Scotland (TR III Gold). The levels in Scotland from Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact are absolutely fantastic. I know the Gold editions are not made by Core strictly but this one is my fav and I loved it so much. Beautiful envinroments, for sure!

6. Cambodia (TR IV). I loved Cambodia levels in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation not just because we got to meet teen Lara and her true origins, but also because Angkor Wat is just one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I enjoyed every little minute here and I made Von Croy to wait for me a lot, because I needed to stop and see, as always.

That’s why I used to lose the Race for the Iris, lol. How I hate to run.

7. Tomb levels in Paris/Prague (TRAOD). Last but not least, to those idiots who like to repeat like parrots “TRAOD has no tombs”, “TRAOD is no real Tomb Raider”, the tomb levels in TRAOD are also enjoyable. 

The Tomb of Ancients, the Hall of Seasons - and all its adjacent chambers: Wrath of the Beast, Breath of Hades, etc. - in Paris and The Vault of Trophies in Prague ARE tombs, no matter what haters enjoy to insist. And they’re so beautiful and athmospheric too. And hell, I miss that Castle Kriegler level SO MUCH.

Well, as you can see, here’s the History teacher in me. My fav locations in TR are what defines me :)  Core Design’s seal of quality: the isolation, the grandeur, the primal silence, the cultural background.

What Should We Play?

This week we are streaming Friday, January 6th, at 7:30 pm, and seeing as we’ve been on a bit of a horror kick the last few weeks, we decided to do something a little more lighthearted and fun this week. The issue is, we can’t decide! 

We have it down to three:

The Adventures of Pip: We will play as Pip, a character that we must change from one pixel to many and back to one to solve puzzles and complete different platforming levels. 

Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark: A ridiculous amount of science puns shoved into a fun platformer where we will use different particles to save the world!

Deadpool: …It’s Deadpool. Shooting, lots of shooting, some platforming, killing, dirty jokes, swords, guns, pancakes, stabbing, and ridiculousness. Did I mention shooting?

So what would you like to see us play? Let us know either on this post or in our ask box. Or go vote over on our Twitter Poll! See you Friday!

Humble Beginnings

As mentioned in my last post (which was also my first post), I’ve been tinkering with GameMaker Studio for almost a year now as my choice of game development tool. This was largely due to the overwhelming amount of videos and documentation around the software, along with the ease with which someone unfamiliar with programming can dive right in and get some pixels jumping around the screen.

While I’ve learned quite a bit in that time, and have completed many, many tutorials, I have yet to release a game (or finish one for that matter). This has been something that’s really bothered me lately. The ability to finish a game is a skill on its own, and one I have yet to acquire.

While I’m still hesitant to divulge my amazing game idea, I will say that it is a platformer style game.

All of my previous work in GameMaker has revolved around the idea of making a top-down 2D game (think old school Zelda), so the decision to switch to working on a platformer (think old school Mario) required new learning and rework to my existing code. For example, now I have to worry about allowing the player to jump and account for things like gravity. Not a big learning curve, but a hurdle to jump (much like in a platformer) nonetheless.

So, as a sort of development update, the gifs below show what I’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

As you can see, I am using very simple placeholder assets in order to test my code - as I’m still in what’s called the “prototyping” stage. No need to create art assets yet until I’ve proven the concept first. Regardless, I’m happy with this progress.

Below: Basic player movement with shooting.

Below: Local multiplayer with a split screen view.

My next focus: Improved player movement controls.

Thanks for reading.

anonymous asked:

Hello I have a question (: I'm kind of new to photoshop and everything but when I try to go in and edit my sims then post them on tumblr the quality comes out lookin like crap! And I don't understand it's like when I try to post a It on Tumblr the picture is blown up so the pixels are stretched and that's what makes it blurry your pictures are so crisp and pretty can u tell me the image size u use in ps? I've tried everything and nothing has worked thank u!

hi! maybe your file type is a bit dodgy with tumblr, i always use the png file type so if you don’t use that, in photoshop save your image as a png file. everytime i use photoshop i crop the pictures resulting in a different size each time, for the last picture i posted, the image dimensions are— width:1485 & height:1076 both using the pixel format the document size is in centimetres and the resolution is in pixel/inch. my image size may be drastically different to yours depending on what program you use, i don’t use the in-game image capture, i prefer to use fraps and when you use that the pics will be saved as bmp files unless you have the paid version. depending on if you’re talking about sims 3 or sims 4 you could try editing the image capture settings if all else fails. im not too good at photoshop it’s actually very annoying sometimes so if this doesn’t help be sure to ask other simblrs. goodluck!

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NICKNAME: Sophie, Everett, Sapphire

STAR SIGN: Scorpio

HEIGHT: Probs 5'4" but idk really


LAST THING GOOGLED: flights to Europe price

FAVE BANDS: owl city, monster rally, dodie Clark, OK GO

SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: Pantyhose by TV girl

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Sliding Doors (I think)

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WEARING RIGHT NOW: comfy pajamas

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HAVE OTHER BLOGS: @pixels-pixels-pix

WHY THIS URL: my friend would randomly say “it’s an electric blueberry!”

GENDER: bigender probably but ugh Idk



FAVORITE COLOR: green or blue




# OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: 4 including sheets

DREAM JOB: artist


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nickname: Bella
gender: female
zodiac sign: aquarious
hogwarts house: huffelpuff
favorite colour: blue (subconciously pink) 
time right now: 4:50pm
average hours of sleep: 7 and a half
lucky number: 12
last thing i googled: “how to create 8 bit pixel art in photoshop” for a graphic lmaooo
blankets i sleep with:
favorite bands: bangtan, shinee, bigbang, twice, snsd, trouble maker, exo, red velvet, kard (lol i really like kpop)
favorite solo artist: taeyeon
dream trip: south korea (for like a year so i can improve my language skills)
age of blog: like 3 years (maybe)
following: 39
posts: 47,205 (geez)
what i post about: bangtan (and my thirst for jungkook), memes, and like other kpop stuff i guess
when did my blog reach it’s peak: when i made my hp minimalist graphic like 100 years ago

the one person who i’d tag tagged me lol, so anyone can feel free to so this!!!

Annabel Lee. (Yes, she’s named after the poem. It’s one of my favorites, and I couldn’t think of anything else.) She needs quite a bit more tweaking, but I created her last night instead of doing a Pixel Rust update so this is all I have to post right now. I might work on some story stuff later today, though.

However, I do have a long, lonely weekend ahead of me with nothing much planned so I’ll probably get a lot of simming time in. Maybe even upload a followers gift? :D (If I can decide which of my three million WIPs to finish, lol.)

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Friday! <3