SVTFOE sketches that I supposed to digitalize but…things going on and…*cough* anyway..last episode was “heart stabbing”…😒…
I might digtaliz one of these in the future.

I could noooot focus on projects last night so I took the time to doodle some Taakos. I strongly recommend The Adventure Zone podcast; even if you don’t know jack diddly about DnD (like me) it’s a really fun time!

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We should start a StarCo emotional support circle after that last episode :-(.

I agree! I wasn’t prepared to be in so much pain after seeing Star sacrifice her own happiness for Marco. Look at that face:

And here she looks like she’s blinking to hold back tears…

Just a friendly reminder...


Stop acting like the writers of the show are out to get you and treating your ‘ships’ badly. THEY AREN’T. I’m 110% sure they thought these last few episodes would be P O S I T I V E. Stop causing unnecessary drama just to try and prove a point. It’s getting old now. Stop spreading negativity and start spreading positivity!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited for the next episode. They keep getting better! 😊😊😊😊

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that I can say “k so I literally dozed off for a few minutes but it wasn’t the worst bucklemming ep ever”

Yet another set of Rocknaldo predictions

Due to the new image that Cartoon Network blessed us with I have a few new predictions:

Most Likely: The gem we see is just Ronaldo’s gemsona. He wants to be a rock person after Steven explains how great it is.

Less Likely: Corrupted monster appears randomly in the last minute of the episode and only Steven and Ronaldo are there to poof it.

Extremely Unlikely But you never know with the Crewniverse™: Steven heals a corrupted gem, A gem comes seeking refuge from homeworld, a random gem living on the earth.

Not Possible: A fusion between two gems we’ve seen. Gemstones don’t just randomly change shape during fusion, even when Steven fuses with a human.

  • An actual conversation with my coworker:
  • Her: (seeing my anti-possession necklace) oh yeah I was thinking of you last week during the episode -
  • Her: - because we saw the colt again and I remembered us talking about it.
  • Me: ..... oh. Yeah. The colt. Sure. That's totally what I focused on.

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hey what is this show with the lady and the sword?? looks really cool? Would you be willing to give a brief primer on it and should I watch it?

if you come to my blog to ask me that… you gotta be more specific  

Fucking Lucifer

So while I’m freaking out (and you guys probably are too) about last episode, there’s one thing that I will forever love about this episode.

Crowley said that the vessel Luci is in, he can’t get out of.

Which means that Mark Pellegrino will forever and always be the last actor for Lucifer in the show, which I find incredibly exciting, as he is my favorite.

Seeing that BTS photo of Mon-ew SHIRTLESS…just proves to me that the CW does not give a rat’s ass about the kids watching the show
BECAUSE APPARENTLY from what we were told…the only reason they wouldn’t over sexualize sanvers was because of the underage kids watching…ALL they have done is some pecks and yet that is already enough
BUT when it comes to this hetero couple well then they get everything. EVEN indicating that they slept with each other the last episode and now its a morning after scene….Like yeah this isn’t bad for kids to watch…WRONG.
BUT apparently if its a hetero couple it’s OKAY HUH? 
My 10 year old cousin watches this show and even asked me why the hell they would show that last scene in the last episode…she said it was too much…LIKE if a 10 year old thinks this then the supergirl writers need to fucking correct this shit. 
The only thing i have going for me right now is that I know Sanvers has the most healthy relationship on the show…that is the only thing keeping me going honestly.
Supergirl isn’t making my monday’s worthwhile anymore and that sucks :(…i need this to change and soon.

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