Episode 4: On Beginning, Middles and Ends

The gheyness intensified and it threw all of us off axis but wow the feels in this episode also had to step its game up and slap the fandom on what this series is all about (what wasn’t this a story of how Yuri and Viktor fell in love lol I kid). It was really the last minute of the episode which punched me in the gut.

This season means so much. It’s a beginning, it’s a middle, and it’s an end.

For Yurio, it’s the BEGINNING of his senior career in the sport. Like Yakov said, he’s been complacent as there was no one who could outbest him. But he saw how Yuuri skated. Yuuri beat him before their idol’s eyes. So for Yurio, this is where he shows just how he’s matured. Also, I like how Yakov commented on him being away from Yurio. Yes. Yurio cannot live in Viktor’s shadows forever. He’s idolised him for so long that what he wanted more than anything was for Viktor to choreograph his debut in the senior division. So him taking the path of being a ‘prima ballerina’ of the ice skating world, it’s a deviation from a path where probably, he wouldn’t be able to discover what his own skating is.

And then this. These were the scenes that really got me RIP ME IT HAD TO GO ALONG WITH A SCENE OF VIKTOR SKATING:

Cause this is the reality. When figure skaters skate on ice, the moment looks so beautiful and eternal but the amount of training they had to undergo the wounds and injuries they have to taste to make those spins and jumps so easy this sport isn’t really fancy.

Viktor will eventually retire. Yes, Viktor has achieved so much perfection, and with perfection comes the question of what comes next? So yeah, for Viktor, it’s the ’MIDDLE’. Whatever happens amidst this season will determine his career. Retirement? Continue competing? We’ll have to wait.



Time is running for Yuri. He knows it more than anyone. For this, he has to give it his all and battler his no. 1 enemy: his self. He has to get that confidence. He has to get it right this time. He has to make this his most memorable season. He now has Viktor by his side and he can’t afford to waste all those trainings. All these pressure he has to battle–Viktor’s right. Yuuri is no weakling. Which is why I’m just so loaded with feels my heart might as well do 100000 quads because for Yuuri, this is his ’FINAL’.

But well, when you put it all together. A beginning. A middle. A final.

It all makes a story. Of finding confidence, the self and chasing dreams.

Which eventually becomes a history.


I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol. And I’m glad that I stayed, yeah. But if the opportunity ever presented itself again I… I just want you to know that it would be the best decison that you ever made. To have me be a part of your unity. That’s all.


In case y’all haven’t figured it out, I have a new ship. 

I may or may not be uploading a Joecile cut from last night’s episode…

I hope Iris doesn’t hate her too much…

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[About episode 4] I thought Victor was actually an asshole because of the last episodes, but he's been SO kind in this episode... Maybe I judged him too fast? What do you think of Vic now?

I know??? now i’m questioning myself too LMFAO

but honestly I’m so glad he’s had this turnaround and is now treating Yuuri with respect and love!!! that’s exactly what I wanted, for my boy to be showered in affection and understanding!! SO IM REALLY GLAD….. i hope this continues!!

Never Give Up” as performed by Spongebob and Squidward

It’s a shame this song number is often overlooked because it’s post-movie, especially since it’s one of the most heartfelt scenes in Spongebob’s history. Makes sense, considering the episode was written by Aaron Springer (who has worked on Spongebob since season 1 and is responsible for “Band Geeks”) – it was his last episode before he left to write for Gravity Falls.

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I loved last nights episode but I still want more for Iris. I’m just wondering if the writers will give her an arc this season that’s independent of westallen. If they’re not going to give us a consistent journalistic arc, they should at least give iris a season long arc. Idk shouldn’t every character have at least a storyline smh?

Every character should, but most don’t. (Notice that Cisco hasn’t done anything for two episodes, and Wells just left and was replaced with a doppleganger. Not to mention that the only thing Joe does is react to his kids and now turn down a hot date.) 

Berlanti did say we should be getting more reporter Iris this season, so let’s cross our fingers and toes that it happens. It looks like there’s a hint of it in 3.05, and I think we can count on Zack Stentz to have ensured that there’s some good material for Candice next week:

I think Iris’ “season long arc” is her relationship with Barry, but I absolutely expect and will continue to demand episodes in which her journalism comes to the forefront. 2.12 is a good example, in my opinion, and probably something we can hope for this season. I also see no reason why we can’t suggest that Iris be instrumental in tracking down either Alchemy or Savitar. No idea if the resolutions to either of those arcs have been written yet, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!
Arrow: Ragman's Reaction to Felicity's Confession Will Be 'Unexpected' - CBR

In the last episode of “Arrow,” Felicity had a lot to get off her chest. Following a chat with Curtis, she made the decision to confess her part in Havenrock’s destruction to Rory “Ragman” Regan, who lost his parents — and gained his mystical abilities — in the nuclear blast. Felicity tearfully admitted to him that she had redirected the missile in an effort to save millions of lives at the cost of thousands, only for Rory to walk away from her without a word.

At the celebration of “Arrow’s” 100th episode, Joe Dinicol — who plays Ragman — weighed in on Felicity’s confession as well as Rory’s response to it, teasing, “I will say his reaction is fairly unexpected. I think it’s very interesting how he reacts. It’s very specific. It’s a real window into the kind of guy he is.”

“Even from him walking away when she told him… he’s a very thoughtful guy, very introspective; he doesn’t take things very lightly, sometimes in a good way, sometimes a bad way,” he added. “When it comes to this, I don’t think his reactions are ever knee-jerk. He weighs things very carefully. He will certainly do that with this, and then what side he comes down on, we’ll see.”

“After his family was killed, he’s at a point of reckoning. Like I said, things weigh on him, and… he wants to live honorably in the eyes of his father, and he doesn’t quite know how to do that,” he continued. “At first, he goes after the people that were sort of responsible in a sort of haphazard way; I think what Oliver does is offer him a way out of this, or a way through it, and that — and also Felicity telling him that she’s a part of it — he’s really being faced with the decision of how he’s going to move forward, of how he’s going to move through this stuff. He’s got a lot of tragedy, a lot of devastation to work through. I think he knows that he can’t do it by flying off the handle. I think he knows he needs people; he needs a family… This team is offering him something that I think he desperately needs.”

Gabe and Daisy are going to meet up again for the first time since their last great conversation in episode 3!