Hiiro Kagami (Toshiki Seto) is a surgeon at Seito University Hospital with a strong sense of responsibility. Using the Follow Quest Gashat, he transforms into Kamen Rider Brave. Brave is quick on his feet and commands the power of fire and ice through his Gashacon Sword.

Taiga Hanaya (Ukyo Matsumoto) is an unlicensed doctor who will use any means to win. Using the BangBang Shooting Gashat, he transforms into Kamen Rider Snipe. With his trusty Gashacon Magnum, he’ll put down anyone who’ll get in his way.

Another Kamen Rider will make an appearance too! He’ll first be seen in the last episode of Kamen Rider Ghost fighting against the Ganma. This mysterious Kamen Rider uses a prototype of the Mighty Action X Gashat to transform. He rides around on a pink and green bicycle. Who is this Kamen Rider?

The two Bugster executives are Pallad and the Graphite Bugster. Pallad is an intelligent member of the Bugster who is trying to change the human world into the game world. Graphite Bugster is a hunting game software with more power than Ex-Aid.

While at an arcade event, the Salty Bugster emerges from a boy’s body. It then begins to destroy the arcade game machines. The Aranbura Bugster has incredible thunder magic and restoration magic. The regular grunts are simply called Bugster Virus until they infect a host body and become more powerful Bugsters.

Okay, so I’ve just begun to watch Shadowhunters and I don’t get why Alec freaked when everyone got to know that the person he loves most is Jace, when They summoned the demon.

Jace and Alec are parabatai, and brothers-in-arms. And parabatai.They’re supposed to love each other more than practically anything. So that shouldn’t be considered weird, and definitely nothing to break the circle over.

Also, in the series it’s ridiculously easy to kill. Clary just walked straight up to a Greater Demon and stabbed it and WOW, it’s dead.
And don’t get me started on the vampires…

Otherwise it’s really good. I love both the books and the show now. They’re both great.

3x12 thoughts

Meh. Not really to my tastes.

Liked the silver boxing gloves callback.

Zaya is #friendshipgoals. =P

The fraction jokes were kind of fun.

Don’t understand why Farkle’s allowed to add things to his scrapbook and grow but Maya was “turning into Riley.” #stillsalty

The Rilaya moments at the beginning and the end were nice.

Mostly though, this one just didn’t appeal to me very much at all.


I have talked about this before, and even link to it on my resources page, but Steven Universe has helped me tremendously on my journey to recovery. 

This song features Garnet helping Stevonnie, as well as Steven and Connie individually, focus on working through hard moments and bad thoughts. Since this episode aired last week I have been playing this song on repeat. (Part of this is because I absolutely love Estelle and AJ Michalka who was a part of Aly & AJ back in the day.)

If anyone has seen some of my “#eliza speaks” posts today, you know I’m having a hard time. I start a new therapist in a few days, and new medications next week. A friend of mine just died in a freak accident. My FP’s are ignoring me and my repeated cries for help.

And this song is really helping me through it. 

I hope it can help someone else. 

If nothing else, go on and watch some Steven Universe :)

(also s/o to this post for being so incredible!!!)

Danganronpa 0 Summary

Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc just released its seventh episode last Thursday. Now, the events of that episode immediately precedes Danganronpa 0. Y’know, the novel that fans translated a long time ago and you can pretty much find online anywhere (buuuut if you want the .pdf, then you’ll need to find someone who does have it). So naturally, that means that you need to read Danganronpa 0 for you to catch up to Despair Arc before episode 8, right?

Thing is, Danganronpa 0 isn’t that good, or at least I didn’t like it. I don’t recommend it, but since it is essential, it might very much be required for the episode. So here’s a quick summary of the thing that shouldn’t be too much to read.

Note: I will be summarizing this assuming that you have played the first and second games (Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair) as well as have watched up to episode 7 of Despair Arc. It’s pretty important that you’re caught up on those first.

If you still don’t want to take my word on Danganronpa 0 being bad and still want to read it for yourself, here’s the page for it on the Danganronpa Wiki. You’ll find all the chapters posted online there:



Now the story starts off with Junko kicking a body and getting a kick herself out of another one of her ideas. Whatever it is, we don’t know.

Anyone who’s seen pictures of the novel knows that this here is our protagonist, Ryoko Otanashi. She’s a member of Hope’s Peak Academy who’s lost her memories, and has trouble retaining memory to the point where she may even immediately forget what you had just told her five minutes ago. So what she does is hang out at the lab with Yatsuda Matsuda, whom she has developed a crush for due to him being the only person she remembers. They were also childhood friends. Yatsuda is trying to help her regain her memories. To help remember, Ryoko has a notebook which she writes in every bit of new information she gains in order to be able to look back to it at any time.

Yatsuda Matsuda is the Ultimate Neurologist. If anyone here read Danganronpa IF after finishing Danganronpa 2, he’s the guy mentioned at the end to have been responsible for the memory-loss-retaining device thingy that Junko used to make the students in the School Life of Mutual Killing forget. Also, the reason he’s the Ultimate Neurologist is because his mother died to a neurotic disease and he excelled in studying that because of it.

What he does is spend time at the lab trying to help Ryoko with her memory issue with his devices, and during the progress of the story, he’s called upon by the council for help with the investigations. He is told that there are two survivors from the event: the Ultimate Hope, Izuru Kamakura, and the Ultimate Student Council President, Soshun Murasame. The former went missing, whereas the latter is in a state of coma and it’s up to Yatsuda to try and interrogate him to find out what had happened. Soshun also made a cameo in Despair Arc.

You probably know this, but I will repeat it just in case. Since this all takes place after episode 7, this is immediately after The Tragedy. It’s when Junko pits Izuru Kamakura and all the Student Council members against one another in a death match. Y’know, all the people in the picture above. They all kill each other as Izuru just watches them all kill one another and does nothing, only to have Junko pin it all on him by leaking the news to the Reserve Course whom then start the “Parade”. Our story begins immediately after this event.

Early in the story, Junko encounters Ryoko and tells her that she had stolen her other notebook responsible for her more “long-term” memories, that even have information on her past and whatnot (she remembers nothing from it). So Ryoko is baited into a location where she gets to talk with Junko, whom constantly annoys her with weird questions and ideas. The party is eventually crashed by this guy down here.

Isshiki Madari, the Ultimate Bodyguard. As a fellow classmate of the Student Council, he was absent during the Tragedy, or “first mutual killing”, and is doing investigations on his own over what at happened. All he knows is that Junko Enoshima is involved and that’s who he’s searching for. He traded blows with Junko before she made like a tree and fucked off.

Anyways, Isshiki later turns to Ryoko. Since she was just talking with Junko, he immediately assumes that she has something to do with her. Ryoko gets a jolt to her brain where she remembers her ability: the Ultimate Analyzer (if you’ve been paying attention to the first game and Despair Arc, you know where this is headed), so she manages to trick him into getting a bookcase fall onto him and pin him down, but she loses conscious immediately, not before Junko comes back and snaps Isshiki’s neck. She wakes up in her room again.

After some time, Ryoko meets up with Yuto Kamishiro, the Ultimate Spy. He’s so short that people can easily miss him unless he makes himself apparent to them (making it easy for him to sneak around and spy). Immediately before her meeting with Junko, she made a lot of noise looking for her notebook, and he happened to hear her. So he would like to help her for the cost of, well, sex. He constantly keeps making advances at her throughout the novel so perverted that the translators couldn’t even properly translate it. Also, he really likes pastries if you couldn’t tell. This isn’t really relevant but he got a small cameo in episode 5 of Despair Arc.

As the story progresses, Jin Kirigiri, the principal, eventually calls Kyouko Kirigiri, the Ultimate ??? whom we later learned was the Ultimate Detective, to do some background investigations on what had happened. Just to save time, in the end she finds nothing and Jin tells her not to investigate anymore.

For the rest of the story, Yuto Kamishiro finds new information every time about the events. Sometimes, the students. Sometimes, Izuru. You know. He reports back to Ryoko every time. Isshiki somehow came back from the dead and hunts Ryoko, only to be defeated every single time. Junko keeps bothering Ryoko without anyone knowing, and near the end she tells Ryoko that she will kill “her beloved Yatsuda”, which puts her in a frenzy mood.

At some point during the story, Ryoko is taken to this secret shelter in the Reserve Course building after passing out after a meeting with Junko, where she meets this maid here. She walks around and finds other kids with Monokuma heads glued to monitors, all of them playing footage of the Tragedy over and over again. This is where we learn that the students all killed themselves, and that Izuru was not the one who killed them all single-handedly. She then passes out again and the story continues as normal.

Speaking of the Tragedy, Yatsuda Matsuda manages to get Soshun Murasame to regain some of his consciousness. Yatsuda is then tasked to ask him about the events, but the moment he mentioned Junko Enoshima’s name, Soshun goes into an angry frenzy where he continues to shout her name. Yatsuda then suffocates him until he dies (which seems contrary to what Yatsuda should be doing). Yatsuda says something about keep Ryoko safe and that’s it.

Around the end, Naegi Makoto makes a cameo only to have Isshiki show up again and threaten to kill him if Ryoko doesn’t answer him, only for Mukuru Ikusaba to intervene and put Isshiki down. Ryoko makes a run for it only to be surrounded by four Isshikis. They then reveal that the reason they’ve been popping up again and again is because their actual talent is that they are all twins (there are eight twins), all of whom can all easily communicate with one another with ease. They all just pretend to be one person. Eventually, Mukuro comes crashing the party again and beats all five of them single-handedly. It’s not really relevant, but here’s the picture displayed in the book because it’s actually one of the few cool things here.

After that, Ryoko gets a flash where she believes that she must go to the old school building to find Yatsuda Matsuda and save him from Junko. Yuto Kamishiro, the Ultimate Spy, goes with her. The old building by the way is the one where the School Life of Mutual Killing took place in. They find an elevator that takes them down to where the class trials usually took place (before it was refurbished for the class trials). Yatsuda is there, whom takes Yuto by surprise and snaps his neck, killing him.

Yatsuda then reveals that all this time, he was not helping Ryoko regain her memories. What he has been doing is keeping her forgetful as much as possible so that he could “protect her” all this time, and by doing so he has been keeping her safe from her memories. It is here that Yatsuda decides to kill her to “help her”.

Then Ryoko regains all her memories at the brink of death and slashes Matsuda’s sides with a knife she pulled from god-knows-where.

You’ve probably caught on but Ryoko is in fact Junko Enoshima herself. Junko made herself forget everything as a test to the memory-releasing device Yatsuda created. The Junko running around was Mukuru Ikusaba all this time, and that too was another test.

So Junko kills Yatsuda after telling him that she was the one who killed his mother. Then keeps stepping on his corpse until he turns into a pile of fleshy mush. Y’know, casual Danganronpa.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So it turns out, this whole book were a serious of several tests rolled into one big test for the soon-to-be School Life of Mutual Killing. That’s it.


That’s Danganronpa 0. You should now be caught up on the events that Despair Arc might eventually omit from the story (hopefully they don’t for all the newcomers from the west but it’s unlikely). I’m sorry if this took way too long, or was way too abridged but these are just the main points that I needed to emphasize. Any other details I omitted you already know from Danganronpa 2.

Monokuma said that the Future Foundation’s killing game was being broadcast worldwide, but Byakuya and the others have said that isn’t happening. This suggests to me that either the Mastermind cannot broadcast things worldwide despite their desire to or that the broadcast was never their intention in the first place.

With that being said, Despair Arc’s last episode had Ryouta reveal that his animation techniques have a mild brain stimulating effect when viewed, which undoubtedly Junko shifted into brainwashing for the DR2 cast.

With all of that being said, my theories are as follows:

  • Junko brainwashes the DR2 cast + Ryouta. The latter might just be a sleeper agent rather than an active RoD.
  • Ryouta works on a “sequel” anime to the one that brainwashed he and his classmates during the aftermath of DR1 and during Despair Girls and SDR2.
  • The Monokuma broadcast in the break room is the “sequel” anime and was meant to expose the members of the Future Foundation to the hypnotic effect.
  • The reason a number of people were behaving so irrationally is because of the anime? (Not sure about this one. FF seems like dicks even in Despair and Killer Killer.)
  • Chisa was killed by the attacker during the blackout period before the broadcast. This was meant to trigger whatever effect the animation was meant to have on them.
  • The attacker is not Ryouta, but someone else. Ryouta is just a manipulator.