They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

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It’s so true! Mary mentioning that to Dean was absolutely amazing. It still falls into the “people mention wrongdoing (though, technically, Mary really was as much a pawn as any of them were and couldn’t have known what would happen) to other-people-who-are-not-Sam but never discuss it with Sam” category, but I HAVE HOPE. I just really need Mary and Sam to talk about that. More than anything, I need that. Here’s hoping!

2 a.m. and I’m screaming in my room because at the end of the newest BdB Vetto was like “We should definitely do an episode with Max, he plays in acoustic…”

And for goodness sake I don’t think I could handle all the three of them - especially Max talking in Italian - for more than 10 mins bc I would be dead.

That was a fantastic episode.  Heart-wrenching, with a great look at the end of the war and some important inferences that can be made.

Monster Reunion comes in at my new #4 for Season 3, between Gem Drill and Super Watermelon Island, and my new #8 overall, between Keeping It Together and Super Watermelon Island.

That was awesome.  Wow, that was refreshing after the last few episodes.  Reminded me why I watch this show.  Anyways, we’ll be doing the next episode, Alone At Sea, sometime within the next few days–Monday at the latest if I don’t get sick, but possibly over the weekend.

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This is my problem with Liz right now:

I’ve always rooted for her, and try to understand the situation she is in. But sometimes she is just such a passive bystander in the story I cannot believe she is supposed to be a leading character on the show.

Take last episode for example. Tom is the one that does something ANYTHING to find Agnes, and he is the one to find the DNA test, after four years! She says she looked for some answers all her life but honestly she didn’t really look for them that much. When we first meet her she just wants to have a family and a normal life and don’t get me wrong that doesn’t bother me at all but she is never actively looking for the answers, she then later claims to want. She just asked Red a bunch of times and she tried to talk to the russian but not much more. 

Of course by this episode she completely forgives Tom and understands his royal fuckups because like a good and perfect submissive wife that she is, she understands that everything is HER fault. Remember in S1 when Tom told her everything bad that happened to them was because of her? Well she definitely agrees with him now. 

Remember back in S1 when she didn’t trust Tom so she went to the back of the house waited for a train to pass and shoot the gun to run a bullet test? Boy do I miss that Liz. She is such a passive girl by now, she hasn’t even TRY to investigate what happened to Mr. Kaplan. 

She is always caught between what Red tells her, what Tom says, what Kirk wants. But the most she actually did was fake her death because, oh right Mr. Kaplan told her to. Is anything she does based on her own reasoning any more? It doesn’t really look like that to me. Hey I would love for someone to point out how wrong this is to me!!!! Please feel free!!!!!.

It’s the last episode of GMM ever. Link goes to spin the wheel as Rhett tells everyone how grateful they are and always will be, and how they will miss everything.
What the boys don’t know though is that the crew rigged the wheel to end on a certain spot. The final spot will have everyone either laughing, freaking out, or surprised.
The wheel ends, and Rhett goes to read it. “Rhett and Link confess their love for each other and kiss…”
The two men look at the crew, confused and maybe even a little pissed off. How were they suppose to confess now? After years of hiding it from each other, they’re suppose to confess it now? What about their wives?
“Look, man…” Link started. Rhett stopped his best friend by grabbing his shirt collar and pulling him as close as possible.
Without saying a word, Rhett closes the small gap between them and kisses Link with all the love in the world. Right when Link kisses back though, the video cuts out.
That’s the end of GMM.

“I know lots of people were disappointed with the last episode of ‘cheese in the trap’ but that was the most realistic end to a turbulent relationship I’ve ever seen in a kdrama. When they passed each other on the street, I cried my eyes out. It hit way too close to home and I think that’s why I liked it so much. “

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Honestly knowing how Total Divas advertisement has been in the past, that clip where they seem to be arguing could very well be not even a fight but rather just a sound bite taken out of context. Regardless, I'm damn excited for this season! Renee was such a treat to watch when she was in a couple of episodes last season and of course it'll be great to see some Deanee and Blue on the show!

Yes yes yes!

Rebels and it's episode length


I feel like Rebels should have longer episodes. 30 minute episodes would go down much better with me. Last Battle would’ve allowed more time for actual fighting between the Droids and the Empire, and could’ve included more time to develop Rex and Kalani (though they did some great Rex development ngl)

It would benefit episodes like Antilles Extraction too, giving Sabine more time undercover. We know they can pull off 40 minute episodes, and they do it really well. I just think they should extend the runtime of the episode by ten minutes to get some breathing room, so that the episodes don’t all feel so rushed. That said, The Last Battle was still great and hit me hard with that Clone Wars nostalgia. I feel like Ezra negotiating the peace between them could’ve lasted a bit longer.

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Can you do a prompt about the lutteo dance scene from last nights episode ? Like what was going on in my son Matteo's mind before he gestured to Luna to leave the room 😁 and maybe him confessing his feelings to her and her telling him she needs time to figure her feelings out. And maybe a separate one about them going on a date afterwards or writing "mi otra mitad" and her realizing that she loves Matteo ?

So here its is, after ten thousand years, sorry. It’s not very long but I hope you like it, also I have a question would the date and writing mi otra mitad( still love this more than qué más da) after this,right? or i the songwriting thing  like in universe? Please let me know if not I’ll just do the going on a date one as continuation of this and the song one “in universe” c: Also this is set on the second part but doesn’t really have any spoilers on it that I can find…except for the fact that I stole some line from Matteo’s actual love declaration from ep 78. 

Part ½

Matteo is really liking how the day has turned out, not that it is a surprise or anything because for some unknown blessing he actually managed to spend most of it with Luna Valente and these days that seems to be all he needs to have a great day. It is kind of pathetic, but he is way past the point of caring, he is too gone, or eclipsed, as Gastón would say.

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