I actually really really love the new season of Mr. Robot. The way it picks up the story lines and the drama and guides us through it with so much suspense, it thrills me right to my bones. And yes we lost Joana, an amazing Character but this is not the first time we lost a Character in this Series. Let’s think back to Gideon for a second. But it suddenly is much more critical, because it is a woman? Her being gone is going to have a huge impact on the story and not everything can be downplayed to “She was in disadvantage for being a woman”.
Sometimes it is just: This is the story we want to tell.

Not everything is immediately an attack.

lance’s frustration with not being listened to in the last episode of season 4 is not casual and it’s something he’s been holding in for a long time. he’s starting to realize something’s wrong with shiro and he’s gonna be the one to figure out he’s fake and then he’s gonna immediately alert keith and they’re gonna have an heartfelt moment where he’ll convince keith to come back thanks for coming to my ted talk