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820 Days until Episode IX

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The best part of tonight’s episode was Raven (and a little bit of Murphy). All the things I usually love to see in the rest of the main characters wasn’t there. Clarke had her usual “everyone hates me because I’m the leader who has to make the hard choices” thing going on. Bellamy was only there for like one minute, and he was a prisoner that whole time. And we had to watch him think his sister is dead (not cool–that ten second crying scene destroyed my heart). ECHO IS STILL FREAKING ALIVE. Echo “killed” Octavia. Octavia survived but barely, and Roan is still on his “I over-compensate in my kingly rule because I’m practically useless” (I hate echo and roan).


Something I forgot to mention in my review of Supernatural 12x12, “Stuck in the Middle (With You),” because I was super tired last night…

This episode gave us one of the most interesting plot twists in the Destiel love story we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something.

In real life, the only commonly recognised way for someone to suddenly acquire an adult “son” is via marriage, as a son-in-law. Or, if there has been no marriage yet, they might still be called a son or son-in-law (or in Aussie slang, an out-law :) to acknowledge the seriousness of the relationship.

Without that romantic tie, a close friendship between one of your children and someone else (the “brother from another mother”) does not usually translate to being openly acknowledged as another son within the family as a whole. I’m not saying that never happens, I’m saying that in our common understanding of families, “in-law” is the recognised way for an unrelated adult to enter a family. In fact, pretty much the only publicly and legally acknowledged way an unrelated adult can join a family is via marriage, which is one of the reasons marriage equality is a core concern for many queer people.

So when Mary protectively co-opts Castiel as one of her boys in that final scene, after he just confessed his forbidden love for the Winchesters, and all the special things he’s shared with Humanity/Dean… when it’s pretty clear he had to give up his original Heavenly family in order to become a Winchester (and, I might add, in a way that works as a heartbreaking thematic parallel to the homophobia and disowning that still often follows a gay union)?

Yeah, the show downplayed this subtext as much as it possibly could while still making it a central part of the episode, because of course it did, but in real life, the most obvious implication to this kind of dynamic is that Mary thinks Castiel is her son-in-law.

That is the unavoidable conclusion the (sub)text is offering us. If it can really be called subtext. As I doubt mainstream audiences recognised the implication, despite its obviousness, I guess it still is.

(Whether Dean, Castiel, or for that matter, Sam, think Castiel has married into the family is a whole other post. But whatever they think, the implication is unavoidably offered to us in this episode – Mary considers Castiel her son-in-law now.)

So I’m sitting here crying over the fact that Aaron is going to prison tonight and it’s going to break my heart but at that same time I am so excited for this SL and I am so glad that Emmerdale are doing it. 

I know that it’s going to be hard to watch but the development for the characters is going to be so worth it. The pay off at the end is the reason that I am so looking forward to this. 

The fact that we are already seeing Robert being accepted more by the Dingles and becoming one of them. Without Aaron around he’s going to have to rely on other people to get him through this, and that is going to be so good to see. Robert opening up to people and accepting help, from whoever it may be. 

The same goes for Aaron, even in the last couple of episodes we’ve seen some major differences in Aaron. The fact that he immediately opened up to Robert in the scene outside the pub, letting him know that he wasn’t okay. He’s being more open with his affection too, there’s been a few times now that he’s been the first to reach in for Robert, not the other way around as it so often is. 

The fact that Aaron is going to be away from Robert too means that he’s going to have to find his inner strength to get through this, because I know he has it. But he’s always had someone to fall back on before, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s going to handle this by himself. 

Being apart from each other for a while is going to be so good for them because it’s going to force them both to look at themselves seperately and not just as part of a couple. They balance each other out when they’re together, and seeing them apart is going to mean that they’re going to have to find their own equilibrium, which is going to be so interesting to see. 

I can’t wait to see them both going on their own journeys over the next few weeks, I’m sure that this whole ordeal is going to make them both so much stronger as individuals, which means that together they’re going to be amazing. 

I can see this being the turning point for them, leaving behind their stormy, rocky relationship for a happy, settled family life with Liv in the Mill. 

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Hello! I've been following your bughead AO3 stories, and I love them! Could I request a Jughead fic? In the show he seems constantly exhausted, like he doesn't sleep well, he spends all his time at Pop's, and he's totally shameless about asking for/straight up taking other people's food. He also seems like he has little regard for his own personal safety. Could you write a fic where he has a difficult home life that reaches a breaking point, and Betty sneaks him into her house to look after him?

Man how right you were. Since we now know that Juggie is homeless, I wrote this one as if it were after the last episode.

“Jughead?” Betty was half asleep when she answered the phone, but even then she was concerned as to why he was calling. Jughead barely ever used his phone even to text, so what reason could he have to be calling now?

“Hey Betts…”Jughead sounded reserved, sheepish even.

“What’s wrong?” Betty sat up straight in her bed, not liking how off he sounded.

“Don’t worry…It’s nothing really.”

“Juggie, there is something going on. Tell me” Betty was on her feet now and the only thing that kept her from shouting the words was the thought of her parents asleep down the hall.

“Can I…” Jughead sighed on the other end of the phone. “Can I crash at your place tonight?”

“Absolutely” Betty said without hesitation. She would find out the details later, if Jughead needed someplace to sleep, she was going to give him one, no matter the reason. “There’s a garden trellis that you can use to climb into my room. Polly used to use it to sneak out at night, mom never figured it out because she never imagined Polly would come through my room.”

“Okay” came the small reply. Betty hung up the phone and turned on the light by her window. Then she opened the window and leaned out. She could just make up Jughead down below, illuminated by the street lamp. A sense of dread filled Betty as she saw the huge pack that was on his back. Jughead smiled and waved up at her when he saw her, Betty waved back but was unable to return the smile. Jughead nimbly started climbing the trellis. When he reached the top he handed his backpack up to Betty who marveled at the heaviness of it. Jughead pulled himself through the window and shut it behind him.

“Here” Betty handed him back his pack, which looked like it had most of his belongings inside.

“Thanks Betty.” Jughead regarded her seriously, probably wary of her questions. But Betty simply looked back, inviting him to share as much information as he wanted. She knew how tight lipped Jughead could be, she would never be able to force information out of him.

“You can sleep in Polly’s bed if you want.” Betty said after a few minutes of silence. Jughead dropped his backpack and sat on her bed, still not saying anything. Betty sat on her bed and scooted so her back was against the headboard. Jughead sat with his head bent low, picking at his fingers. After a little while he looked up and met her gaze.

“Can I just stay with you? I’ll sleep on the floor” His tone was soft but his eyes pleaded with her.

“You don’t have to sleep on the floor Juggie.” Betty said with an eye roll, patting the bed next to her. Jughead gave her a small, kicked off his boots, and sat back next to her. He took a deep breath and finally started to tell her what happened.

“Remember when my parents split, and I chose to stay with my dad instead of my mom and Jellybean because they were leaving Riverdale?”

“Of course I remember.” It had been the only time she had seen Jughead cry. First finding out that his parents were getting a divorce, then finding out that his mom was leaving town and that Jellybean had chosen to go with her. “I remember how impossible that decision was for you” Betty put her hand on his arm.

“It was hard, but Riverdale had you and Archie, plus I worshipped my dad, and Riverdale was my home.” Jughead turned to look at her and Betty was shocked to see a tear slip down his face. She immediately reached up and brushed it away.

“Juggie, you don’t have to tell me anything that you don’t want to.”

“I know” Jughead leaned slightly into her hand, which was still resting on his cheek. “I want to tell you. I’ve…I’ve been keeping something from you…from everyone for a long time. I think I was just too stubborn and proud and ashamed to tell the truth. But I can’t keep running from it.”

“Juggie, whatever it is, you can tell me.” Betty sat up straighter and turned to face him, sitting crisscross. Jughead was scaring her, but she was determined not to let it show.

“Okay…So, I lived with my dad happily for three and a half years. Then I found out the main reason my mom had left both my dad and Riverdale. Betts…my dad is a part of the South Side Serpents.” Jughead bite his lip as he looked at her intently. Betty couldn’t help but give a little gasp of surprise.

“You’re dad’s a part of that biker gang?” She asked incredulously.

“Yeah, when Archie’s dad fired him, he claimed to have gotten a new job, but he was being really vague about the whole thing. So one day I followed him and watched him spend the entire day drinking with the gang. When he came home that night I confronted him about it, he told me everything. He said that he had been part of the gang since high school, but back then it was more for fun and less violent. As the years passed the gang grew increasingly more volatile. Apparently my mom wanted him to leave but he felt too much commitment to his old buddies. My dad chose his gang over our family.” Jughead scoffed in disgust. Betty reached out and took his hand, needing to comfort him in some way. She knew that no words would be enough. Jughead gave her a small smile and gripped her hand back tightly. “I tried to live with it, I tried to pretend that I didn’t care, but knowing where he went each day and knowing that he cared more about the gang than me was driving me crazy…so…about a year ago I moved out.” Jughead said the last part quickly as if that would take away some of the shock. It didn’t. Betty probably would’ve fallen off the bed if Jughead didn’t have her hand in a death grip. He was holding her hand like he thought this information would make her want to run away.

“A year?” Betty said slowly, attempting to process the information. “You moved out a year ago…where have you been living?

“Well at first I slept in my tree house, but eventually the weather got too cold for that. Then, I realized that I was the only person who really ever went into the film booth at my job at the drive in. So I moved in there. I told my boss that the cot was for times when we had double features until the early hours in the morning, so I could just sleep there instead of going all the way home at 3am.”

“Jughead…” Betty shook her head.

“No, no, no” Jughead released her hand and launched himself off the bed. He stood over her with an angry expression. “Don’t you feel sorry for me. It was my choice and actually the drive in was a nice little home. But that look of pity you are giving me right now, that is exactly why I didn’t want to tell any of you!”

“Shhhh Juggie, my parents” Betty whispered in alarm when his voice raised in volume. “I’m sorry, come back and sit down.” Jughead sighed, but returned to his spot next to her. Betty cupped his face in her hands, wanting to make sure that he understood what she was going to say next. “The look I was giving you wasn’t pity, it was empathy. It was me feeling pain knowing that my best friend is going through something awful, and had been going through it and I never knew. I’m upset you didn’t tell me, or anyone and I hate that you went through it alone, but I don’t pity you. You are too strong of a person for me to ever pity you.” Betty said her piece and went to move her hands away, but Jughead reached his hands up and lay them over hers.

“I’m sorry, that was an overreaction…it’s a touchy subject.”

“I can see that” Betty teased with a small laugh, earning a smile from Jughead

“Thank you Betts, thank you for being here for me.” Jughead grew serious again

“We’ll figure this out Juggie. I know Mr. Andrews and Archie would not want you to be homeless. Or maybe Ronnie could get her mom to hook you up with a room. We’re your friends, we are here to help.” Betty stroked his cheek with her thumb.

“Betty, I don’t know…”

“You can stay here for as many nights as you need, but you need to tell them Jughead. This isn’t a permanent solution and my mom will kill both of us if she ever finds out. I will help you tell them and we can wait until you are ready, but we do need to tell them. You know that right?” Betty said gently but firmly. Jughead sighed and closed his eyes, still holding her hands against his cheeks.

“Yes, I know. I didn’t even think about the situation I was putting you in by coming here. I just knew that you were the one I wanted to go to. I feel safe with you Betty, but maybe I shouldn’t stay. I don’t want to be the reason you get into trouble with your mom.” Jughead moved to release her hands and stand up, but Betty grabbed his hands and held fast.

“Then I guess we’ll just have to be really sneaky.” She whispered with a wink. Jughead looked down at their joined hands and then up into her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, now change into your pjs and let’s go to sleep.” Betty said, pointing to the closet. Jughead dug around in his backpack, pulling out sweatpants and a tshirt and headed into the closet to change. Betty switched off the light and climbed into bed. Shortly after she heard Jughead exit and get into bed next to her. There was a slightly awkward moment where they both lay on their backs, not touching, and barely breathing. Betty knew that Jughead had absolutely no idea how to act in a situation like this. She decided that it would be a whole less awkward if they were cuddling. She hated the weird trying not to touch each other thing that was going on. So Betty rolled over on her side and threw her arm over Jughead’s stomach, cuddling up to his side. Jughead made a surprised noise, but she felt both of his arms go around her.

“Night Juggie” Betty whispered, settling her head on his chest.

“Goodnight Betty Cooper” Jughead’s body rumbled at the words.

With a contented sigh, both closed their eyes and pushed away all of their troubles. Those were problems for the morning, but for right now, they both were going to enjoy the present.

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As much as I loved the last episode, this one by far is best. I love the action, the politics and angst. Give me more Jason! I need the next episode like right now. It was so good Rosy, my feels are exhausted now. Sad that Nyko is dead though. I loved him. :(




I’ve used a lot of caps tonight.

This was so flipping exciting. 

Sadly we have a whole 7 days to wait to find out what happens when Bellamy learns Octavia is alive and we find out how Clarke loses her shit (or stays cool) to get her Bellamy away from Roan.


But yo, Clarke met them on the road with armed guards so that means either Octavia or Indra made it to Arkadia to warn them before, just like Bellamy said she would. 

I am exhausted with the feels. Where is my fainting couch. Peeps. I told you to prepare your fainting couch.

I need a fainting couch.

Lies. I’m laying in bed reclining on my fainting pillows. 

Wine. I need my wine. 

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The last time we cosplayed the Pines together was, like… definitely, probably over a year ago. Ra is such a great Mabel, tbh. 

This reminds me that I STILL haven’t watched the last two episodes of Gravity Falls. I need to… go do that, haha… 

ok but like……. dennis’ weird reaction to mac’s gift kinda sums up how he’s been acting with mac in the last few episodes??? if that scene would’ve taken place in season 6, dennis would’ve reacted completely differently i feel. like its obvious they’ve grown distant but, as mac said, its probably due to mac being out now?? dennis used to almost constantly interact with mac in.. A Gay Way™ up until mac actually came out in 12x06 hmmm……..

Hey guys. I still don’t have a computer and my search for a phone-friendly link of last week’s episode has been fruitless. Anyone able to help? I really need to see the episode. :’(

…same goes for tonight’s ep. I have no idea when I’ll ever have a computer again and I’m showing serious withdrawl symptoms.

Please help.


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Have you watched Scarlet Heart: Ryeo? I'm contemplating whether to watch it or not.


*war flashbacks* 

its a great drama!!! honestly, its an emotional rollercoaster with great characters… the writing gets very shitty in the last few episodes though and not many people were happy with it lmao

i’d still recommend it though lols

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In the preview we see Cricket talking to Dennis and Charlie about the stripper show from last week's episode, so I think next episode will be about what he's been up to this season. And he had a cameo today. It would not suprise me if Cricket witnessed a macdennis moment that we didn't see. Especially since it was the first time Cricket becomes aware that Mac is gay. I didn't even think we'd get any mac and Dennis moments today. Rcg has really pulled through with this.

yeah maybe!! the screwy timeline hasn’t really gonna come into play so it would be interesting if cricket’s tale is like the thread tying everything together so far

i’m so glad that while rcg was deciding to make mac out for good they apparently also took the time to read Gaybaiting 101 and decided to not do that

Spoilers/Answers to season 4

Okay I thought after last weeks episode that TPTB were going to bring things full circle. C@rol’s arc after all has done an absolute turnaround. She went from being the person killing to protect everyone else she loved (Karen and David) to the person who was being targeted by the killer trying to protect everyone else they loved (Richard). Now I’ve seen the spoilers for this Sunday and I am absolutely certain that every season 4 arc that was started is finally coming full circle. Dwight is absolutely intended to be a representation of Daryl and Sherry is absolutely intended to be a representation of Beth. These two pairs of people are being directly paralleled as Sherry utters to Dwight one of Beth’s most iconic lines to Daryl with the exact opposite meaning.
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My exact reaction to last episode “Just Friends”.

WHY are you playing with ours Starco feelings!?!

By the way, my creation thanks to and windows movie maker.

And of course

sorry for previous post but I had problems with the gif and tumblr, HOW DOES IT WORK!?