Superman can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, has ice breath, and once destroyed an entire galaxy by sneezing (Google it, it happened) but the second Godzilla or literally anything large takes one step on land suddenly every nerd pulls that fucking square cubed law out from their asses and complains that it’s “unrealistic” and “makes the story unbelievable”.

Fuck you, science fiction was built on unbelievable shit, that’s what the word “fiction” means you morons.

Palaeoblr welcomes people of all colors and ethnicities, whether Rromani or Black, Latinx or Desi, East Asian or Indigenous. 
We welcome you and your culture, and we stand with you.

Palaeoblr welcomes Muslims and Jewish people, and anyone of any religion.
We will defend you. 

Palaeoblr welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, nonbinary, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, intersex, and any other LGBTQIAP+ people.
We admire your identity. 

Palaeoblr welcomes women (including trans women, who are women).
We honor your courage. 

Palaeoblr welcomes neurodivergent people. 
We take joy in your uniqueness.

Palaeoblr welcomes disabled people in mind and body. 
We praise your strengths. 

Palaeoblr welcomes people of any size, shape, and complexion. 
We think you’re radiant. 

Palaeoblr welcomes poor people.
We understand your struggles. 

Palaeoblr welcomes incarcerated people.
We know that your past should not limit your future. 

Palaeoblr welcomes survivors of abuse and assault. 
We protect you however we can. 

Palaeoblr welcomes you. 
We love you. 

Have a Dinosaur

(By @iguanodont)

Welcome to the land of Nerds. 

A change

Summary: Tony thinks of how you can be a change in his life.
Pairing: Tony x Short!Reader
Word counting: 457 words.
Warnings: References to nakedness, sex and a lot of thinking. Fluff. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome. Gif is from google.

Tony x Short!Reader Masterlist

Originally posted by varied-marvels

Tony watched your naked body curled beside his, peaceful and silent, a small smile decorating your lips a you resonated softly.

He remembered the day you two met, months earlier during a mission. You caught his eye instantly, maybe because you were the shortest agent he had met, or maybe because of your glow and the innocent smile you had given him when your eyes crossed. Either way, you had gotten him without a word.

Tony wasn’t one to romances. He never stayed with a woman for more than a week, never let any of them sleep in his bed after sex, never even had a date that didn’t end in mind blowing sex.

But you were an exception to his rules, even not trying to be.

You two didn’t step in a fancy restaurant while together. You took him to walks in the park, to places with homemade food, to a fun land and even to a nerd event with a cosplay competition where you got the 2nd place in your 11th Doctor costume.

You were young and, even though he didn’t know your actual age, could very much be his daughter, but you didn’t even seem to care, treating him like he was anyone you were seeing, and not a millionaire or Iron Man. He missed being treated like that.

“Tony?” You asked, sleepy and adorable enough to make him smile a little.

“Yes?” He looked down at where your face rested against his chest.

“What time is it?”

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Characters from Hamilton as things my friends have said

Hamilton: *is drawing a map* see this is where i live- in cool kids land. Over here is where you live- in nerd land 

Burr: Just breathe not see

Eliza: How do you burn something? This looks to much like a weapon 


Lafayette: *in french accent* You stupid Americans. Don’t know anything


Washington: Do you have the keys to the mental asylum I need to put everyone in it 

Angelica: femINISM 


Madison: i cant im broken 

Peggy: i may seem smol and precious but deep down im a petty female dog

Phillip: I always seem to forget the number 7 when I’m counting- one two three four five six eight nine ten un deux trois quatre cinq six huit neif dix uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis ocho nueve diez- see! i always forget seven 

King George iii:  *smacks someone* YOU PEASANT

Maria: if I get naked will all my problems be solved

anonymous asked:

Just wondered if you had any opinions on this... I saw that Ice King picture you reblogged (in which he has returned to being Simon and the crown is broken) and began wondering that since the crown is (as far as I know) the thing that has kept him alive for more than 1000 years, then what would really happen if he were to return to normal? (yeah, I just need someone to assure me that he is going to be all fine and happy ;_;)

Well, the episode Betty showed what happens if the ice crown’s magic is taken from Simon: he returns to his original Simon form, but without it, his body weakens and he dies.

The episode also shows how much Simon dislikes being the Ice King. Throughout the episode, Simon only wanted to say goodbye to his beloved fianceé and Marceline and then just die in peace. 

He had already accepted his fate, and decided that it was better to die than to stay alive as the Ice King (as he described it, in true Simon-fashion, it’s like ‘ living with eternal diaper butt’, he can’t take it anymore).

Still, when Betty found out about this, she promised that she would find a way to fix this; that she would to break the crown’s magic on him and his body’s dependence of it to stay alive. He agreed to live on as the Ice King because she promised that. Because of her, and their relationship.

So, yeah. The end game for the Ice King’s story that everyone is expecting is one in which Betty succeeds, and they live on the rest of their lives in the Land of Ooo being the nerds they are.

Some people would say that it’s too ideal and maybe that’s not the route they’re going with Simon’s tragic subplot, but hey, it makes sense. Simon’s story was pretty much wrapped up at that point. It only served as flashback material. There was no actual hope of Ice King finding a way to get back to normal.

And then they introduce Betty, a character that most people took for dead (or only as some freudian explanation to Ice King’s fixation on princesses), and that has real chances of curing him, considering her studies on scientific/magic elements that were proven to be right.

I personally don’t think they’re going to waste this plot.

tl;dr: betty will save simon and they will ride off into the sunset on a flying carpet and live happily ever after with a bunch of penguins and/or kids


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