So did anyone watch until the end of the Nerd HQ panel ...

…after Stephen, Emily and co left, where Zach basically told everyone to go give Emily and Stephen a tremendous amount of love for doing the panel - mentioning that Emily just landed, got in a van and came straight to Nerd HQ, “and that’s how much she cares about you guys, and that’s how much he cares about you guys, and that’s how much everybody cares about you guys.”

Lance Lance Lance

Okay but imagine Lance being a major weeb
And when he’s alone he tries to practice his ‘transformation sequence’ which to him, looks very dramatic with all this magical girl or heroic music in the background, he then thrusts his arms out and does some weird poses and then does a leap into the air and then finishes with some sort of dramatic pose as he lands

But in everybody else’s eyes he looks like a massive nerd until one day Keith has enough and takes a video to “blackmail him” - in his own words
But really Keith just finds it adorable and keeps it to himself, watching it once a night before he goes to sleep

y’all know I’m not into praising men for being decent human beings, but I am grateful that all the dudes Charles knows from work are decent human beings

minor case in point: they are all nerds and so far one of them came back from Ghostbusters with a positive review, explicitly seconding mine, and several others are excited to see it

again, not to say they deserve medals or anything but I’m imagining how much it would suck if Charles worked with, like, gamergaters or MRAs or alt-righters. thank you Nerd Jesus for landing us in a social group where that shit is not acceptable. if anyone is fuming over girl cooties, they’re keeping it to themselves.

importantly, I’ve never been subjected to any gatekeeping.

tonight a bunch of us are getting together because one of our friends has never seen either Alien or Aliens, somehow, and I’m excited about it. also there’s a little scruffy dog with an underbite, he has the best face and his name is Barley, good times

remadra  asked:

Land of Melody and Shade B33 Try that, nerd.

“Extra challenge if you’re not done and want it: make it based around a Heart Player.”

What is this, a challenge? I could do this one in my sleep, geek.

This Land is designed for a Heart player. The land is a vast, expansive desert, and is oppressively bright, similar to the Land of Wrath and Angels. Not bright enough to burn, but enough that sunglasses are required in order to navigate effectively. In spite of the extreme brightness, hail is constantly falling, approximately golf-ball sized. Tall mountains are placed in notable areas around the land, and each is topped with an oversized instrument: A vibraphone, a snare drum, a kick drum, a hi-hat drum and several others. Vital pieces of the instruments must be collected and affixed to them. However, due to their extreme size, normal measuring methods to tune the strings will not work. In fact, they don’t follow any sort of rhyme or reason to how they sound, and simply cannot be played by a human-sized being. In order to put the sounds together, the player needs to ignore any need for logic or reasoning, and play with pure emotion. Only when they can let go of their need to understand, and only feel, will the hail bend to their will and play the instruments. Once the song is complete, the light is snuffed out and the hail ceases, replaced by a comforting darkness. Only now can the desert be explored and navigated to find loot, more powerful monsters, the Quest Bed, and most importantly, the Denizens’ Door.

Added bonus: The song played sounds like this, only much more expansive and louder.

(This is for the ‘Fanlands’ Ask Meme I’ve organized. Send a request!)

dunnedinsniper  asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications - on or off anon!

dawww! *feels special* 


 - My fellas count as one ;D I’m stupidly lucky to have a pretty swell boyfriend and a pretty swell husband. They’re amazing, especially when my brain insists that I myself am not. /sap

 - Copious amounts of black tea

 - Being a nerd who has some pretty amazing nerds to nerd with in pretend pixel land

 - Scary movies

 - A really good makeup contour