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Sorry Scratch the two I sent, my nerd friend took my phone. I'm so so sorry!! Could I get a Page of Doom with the Land of Night and Mists quest? (Denizen is Erebus if that helps). Sorry for the trouble, love this blog!!

You are the Page of Doom, hero of the Land of Night and Mists.

We can cover this part pretty easily, your planet is mostly primordial wilderness, it’s always night, and it’s cloaked in thick mists that obscure vision. While the seasons don’t change either, it’s never warm. Not cold enough that you would freeze to death if you slept outdoors, but never warm. Your house appears situated on a pillar of stone that rises above the mists, and to access the surface of your planet, you need to use the first Gate.

The Three Towers
The Three Towers are exactly what they sound like, three smooth black towers that rise above the mists. No matter which way you’re facing or which direction your travel in, they always appear just over the horizon and no one ever gets any closer to them. Some theorize they’re an ancient temple to your Denizen, while others believe they’re a stronghold for a minion of the Horrorterrors or a defunct game construct.

The Dark River
The Dark River flows around the equator and bisects your planet in two. There is no rhyme or reason to how it flows, in places the current reverses, flows uphill, or turns back in on itself. Touching the water erases memories, though it quickly loses potency if it’s carried away from the source. A simple touch can erase a day’s worth of memory, while being immersed can erase a whole lifetime.

Here are some quests you might go on:

  • A consort claims to be selling bottled memories from the Dark River.
  • Assassins have dumped a prominent consort chieftain into the Dark River, erasing her memories. Your consorts ask you to help pick her successor, while her family hopes that you can heal her somehow.
  • An alien boy in a ragged God-tier outfit claims to have escaped from the Three Towers and asks you to protect him.
  • A group of Dersites become stranded on LONAM and are set upon by monsters from within the mists and come to you seeking sanctuary. Your consorts believe they are liars and assassins and insist that you turn them away.
  • A hermit claims to have a map that will lead to the Three Towers.
  • Whole groups of consorts have started wandering into the wilderness and disappearing without a trace. Their distraught families beg you to investigate.

Mother gets mad at me because shes worried about my well being when i go to hang out with friends.

She knows she’s talking to Me right. The person who barely trusts anyone. The most suspicious Person on the planet. If i didnt Trust them with my well being i would not go to hang out with them. like never ever.

So, if anyone cares to know about my pets on my main account…

Clover (Clovershy) is the head of the gang, a battledome powerhouse and hard worker. She tends to be the team mom, and is very protective of the other pets.
She also loves girls. She really, REALLY loves girls.

Barkblaze is a dashing scoundrel who makes up for a lack of brains or skills with athletic prowess. Despite not being the sharpest nail, he’s generally a good-natured fellow.

Maurienna is an underwater mage whose ultimate goal is to be able to fly, thus making her mobile in and out of water. She’s only thus far managed to briefly travel from one body of water to another nearby- if it’s not close, she soon runs out of juice and lands with a flop! She’s a nerd.

Xoriz (Zor-eez) is my brand new lab pet, and a brave, if slightly unhinged darling. She’s happy to experiment with different forms and sexes, and will respond to any pronouns.

I have another, but I’m transferring his character from one pet to a similarly named one in progress. I’ll introduce you when he’s ready!


    Even after landing on the ground it still took the blond many moments to realize what had happened. He slowly rose a hand to his face where he felt a strong burning sensation below his left eye. He could already feel the area start to swell. ❝You…❞ Devastated blue orbs flickered up at them, ❝You hit me?❞
    His stomach dropped and he felt tears brimming at the corners of his eyes. They hit him. They hit him. The small male scooted back several inches. He was frightened but more than that he was heartbroken. This wasn’t the first time he’s been punched by a significant other but… This was Hanji. They’ve never hit him before. Yes, there had been that one time they slammed him against a wall during that storm but this was different. When that had happened they hadn’t been in the right mind. They hadn’t even realized they were attacking Armin back then.
    The blond clumsily scrambled to his feet and took another step away from them. ❝You hit me! I know how these types of relationships work out Hanji! They always play out the same way! It starts with one punch but it never ends there! I-I can’t go through this type of relationship again I just can’t….❞

          Hanji hadn’t realized they’d struck him until their fist connected with his face, suddenly looking horrified with the realization. They held their hand, almost as if their body had betrayed themself.

          ❝Oh my god, Armin… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to hit you…❞They backed up, clenching their fists. They knew what they did was wrong. They were having an awful day in the first place, having gotten absolutely no sleep, being groggy and irritated and having their mental issues triggered on more than one occasion. Now, when Armin was bothering them and telling them to go and study, they had just blown off steam and hit him. They stared at his swelling, bruised cheek where they’d packed a strong punch, horrified.

          They watched as he stood up and raised his voice, eyes widening. They backed up, tears instantly coming to their eyes. ❝So you’re leaving me…? You’re going to leave me, aren’t you…?❞ They questioned, choking. ❝I didn’t want to do that… I didn’t mean to swing at you…❞ They suddenly found it hard to breathe, their throat closing in on them as they backed against the wall, crumpling to the floor. They held their knees, realizing that they’d just wrecked their relationship that had nearly lasted for two years. All by hitting him, all because they were fed up by everything else…

          They felt the panic set in instantly, wishing they could make themself disappear. He felt scared. He felt betrayed. He felt angry… He wanted to leave them. He thought that they would do it again. They suddenly couldn’t breathe, choking on tears and sobs.

Song of Southron County

Read it on AO3 here.
by cherubicwindigo

Sheltered home-schoolers, sophomore Sansa and freshman Arya enroll in Kings High after moving to Kings Landing with their father. First crushes, burly jocks, muscly nerds, creepy teachers, skinny dipping, underage drinking, and even some DnD! What’s not to love?!

Words: 388544, Chapters: 112/?, Language: English

Read it on AO3 here.

((there are too many nerds in one place in the land of omegle tonight (not really, only half of them were actually cosplaying, the rest were being kind of creepy and not homestuck safe in a way)
guess Im going to get off of that and out of cosplay))