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I need to follow some more cool blogs so reblog for a follow if you love:
The Who
The Jam
The Kinks
Small Faces
The Beatles
The Animals
Northern Soul -the music, dancing, everything
David Bowie
Scooters -Lambrettas, Vespa’s
The Stone Roses
The Ronettes
The Rolling Stones
The Libertines
The Specials
Toots & The Maytals
Ska music in general
Miles Kane
The Charlatans
Mod culture
Smart clothes
Tame Impala
The High Numbers
Cult classics, good films (A Clockwork Orange, Quadrophenia, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, SoulBoy, even Svengali etc etc)
Brighton's Ace Face - Remember how you loved it? Quadrophenia
Mr Smithers is back in the Man cave and working away on this wet weekend, but the kids are finally back at school (yes they survived the Summer), Smithers is busier than ever and the memory of a rather marvellous…