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(1) While we might not be able to say with 100% certainty that Lady Stoneheart will be in the show (maybe she'll turn up in the last episode, for all the show has in the way of consistency), it's unlikely. Why didn't they bring her back? It has all the elements of shock television: It brings back a character from the dead for a !shocking twist!, it could have seeded the way for Jon's resurrection without making seem like such an ass-pull, and it would have given a critically acclaimed actress ->

Sorry, I don’t think Part 2 sent? But to answer what you started, according to Alex Graves it was because Lady Stoneheart is soooo stupid and it would have been an insult to Michelle Fairley to play her.

But really, who knows. The need to reduce plotlines? They were worried it’d undercut Jon’s resurrection? They already knew Brienne’s wonderful plotline would involve staring at a window because she was soo busy on the SW set playing a role she could have skyped in?

Creatively it made sense because they didn’t want it to happen. They base their entire show on “wouldn’t it be cool if…” so I’m sure they thought the other stuff we got instead was just that neato.

Interestingly though, Julia and I aren’t the hugest Stoneheart fans in the books, though I do love her role for Brienne. Which I’m not sure is fair?

“…homosexual behavior onscreen, as almost every other defined “type” of behavior, has been cast in male terms. Homosexuality in the movies, whether overtly sexual or not, has always been seen in terms of what is or is not masculine. The defensive phrase “Who’s a sissy?” has been as much a part of the American lexicon as “So’s your old lady.” After all, it is supposed to be an insult to call a man effeminate, for it means he is like a woman and therefore not as valuable as a “real” man. The popular definition of gayness is rooted in sexism. Weakness in men rather than strength in women has consistently been seen as the connection between sex role behavior and deviant sexuality. And while sissy men have always signaled a rank betrayal of the myth of male superiority, tomboy women have seemed to reinforce that myth and have often been indulged in acting it out.

“In celebrating maleness, the rendering invisible of all else has caused lesbianism to disappear behind a male vision of sex in general. The stigma of tomboy has been less than that of sissy because lesbianism is never allowed to become a threatening reality any more than female sexuality of other kinds.” -The Celluloid Closet

As I’ve pointed out before, misogyny and homophobia/heterosexism have always been intertwined and inseparable. 

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im confused, what happened with taylor and selena? whatd they do this time? lmao

Lady Kim of House Kardashian first of her name, wife of Kanye Lord of the West exposed the Oathbraker, Lady Taylor of House Swift for Lady Taylor agreeing with, allowing, and approving Lord Kanye of using insulting lyrics about Taylor in his song Famous. Lady Selena of House Gomez attempted to save her friend by saying the commoners should talk about things that really matter. The public requested that she speak on black lives matter but she stated she did not need to take a “side”. Both Lady Taylor and Lady Selena have been brutally murdered by the public and commoners for their actions.

Lady Katy of Perry, Lady Demi of the Lavotos, Lady Zendaya, Lord Harry of Styles, and others have also turned on House Swift
Okay. I work at a small petstore. Not gonna say which one, but it's not petsmart.

Ok. This man comes in. He’s gotta be in his late 40s early 50s. He’s trying to return an item from petsmart. I politely say “I’m sorry sir, but this <petstore> he looks me dead in the eye and says "how dare you insult my intelligence.” My manager just happens to be walking by at this exact moment, and he comes over slightly confused because I am really good at dealing with bs and not upsetting people. Anyway he goes “what seems to be the problem here sir?” And the man responds with “this /young lady/ is incredibly rude and insulting.” My manager responds, a little confused, with “can you explain?” And he goes “well I just want to return this stupid toy, but she’s so lazy and doesn’t want to do it, so she decides to ten me that this "isn’t petsmart.”“ And my manager responds with "I’m sorry sir but this is <petstore> and points to the logo on his shirt.” The man replies with “you’re all bastards” and storms out, leaving behind his stupid toy. He got out side realized he forgot it and punched his car hood.

It was amazing.


CW for ableism (using blindness as insult)

Queen Latifah with Monie Love: “Ladies First”

“I break into a lyrical freestyle
Grab the mic, look at the crowd and see smiles
‘Cause they see a woman standing up on her own two
Sloppy slouching is something I won’t do

Some think that we can’t flow stereotypes, they got to go
I’m a mess around and flip the scene into reverse
With what? With a little touch of ladies first

Ladies first, there’s no time to rehearse
I’m divine and my mind expands throughout the universe”

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Grell reminds me of those men from little britain who dress up as Ladies. Just that Grell is more cinvincing. Not meant as an insult, I just think since Grell has a slightly humerous role, that him/her running around proclaiming "I'm such a lady, with my lady hair and my lady make-up. Oh my fragile lady health, I must be careful, otherwise I could hurt my beautiful lady head." isn't such a far fetched idea. Maybe not th that extreme extent though.

Hmm, I think there’s a difference there besides the fact that Little Britain of course overdoes it for humorous means. Those guys from Little Britain are transvestites, iirc. So they are male but enjoy dressing up as women. Grell, however, is transsexual, being born as a male but feeling female. 

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Re: all these bad reviews by anti-feminists with agendas... You are doing the gods' work. <3

I try. 😆

Usually if people don’t like a movie, it’s about one of the essential elements not working in universe. A character doesn’t fit, bad setting for the event, poor storytelling. If someone says they don’t like the new GB because of one of these and explains, and it’s the same thing you could say if dudes were in the roles, that’s fine.

But to either do verbal somersaults that end up being “cause it’s girls” (and after a lifetime of being put upon as a gender, we can tell, LOL - it’s amazing how clueless some anti-lady types expect us to be about being insulted), or to outright say such a thing, pisses me off. You know how many male characters we’ve watched in our lifetimes by the time we get to, say, almost 44? By averages I would guess a solid 7 or 8 times as many female. At least.

So shut up, anti-lady types, sit back, and come to a final understanding that Ghostbusters 3 was not fucking usurped by Feig & Co. because A SECOND SEQUEL WAS NEVER GOING TO BE MADE. THEY HAD TWENTY SOME GOD DAMN YEARS AND THEN A PRINCIPAL DIED. The loss of your preferred penises was the actors’ own choice; they didn’t lose the property to McCarthy in an arm wrestling contest. Learn to deal with your upset feelings like every little girl is taught to.

And if you’re spouting this nonsense as a woman to impress some anti-lady dude, I’ve got news: They still don’t respect you any more than they do me.

The blog has been dead lately so i’m insulting everyone to get the ball rolling.

Invel is a stuck up ice princess who just needs to chill (pun intended)

Dimaria is a sadistic control freak who throws tantrums when things don’t go her way

Wahl is crazy and doesn’t understand basic social concepts (I had to give him a two hour lecture on table manners and he still eats like a pig)

August has a pathological need to be dramatic and vague about everything and needs to stop

Brandish is a passive aggressive pervert

Ajeel has literally asked to be punched in the face on multiple occasions, just to see if it hurts

Jacob you are not cool, you act serious and don’t do much. All bark, no bite

I’m smart enough not to insult lady Eileen

Serena is just TOO DAMN FABULOUS

Bradman is a precious cinnamon roll and I don’t want to insult somebody who has a puppy and bakes brownies



     Lyanna Stark was as UNDEMANDING as any queen could be — and a great deal easier to please than Alys could have ever expected. She asked next to nothing from them save their absolutely necessary duties, and didn’t seem the least bit curious about what they were up to. It was more FREEDOM than Alys could have ever asked for in a place like the court. And yet… she would have had to blind and deaf to not sense the UNEASE which seemed to have hung over the castle like a dark cloud. Everywhere they went, Alys could feel the disapproving eyes following the queen — and by extension, herself. The Dornish at court were ESPECIALLY cruel, and she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of admiration upon witnessing how the Stark queen seemed to handle it all.

     “Why do you let them speak about you that way — even if they do it behind your back?” Some lords and ladies of the court were NOT SUBTLE in their insults, even when they tried to be. “You are the queen. Surely you could silence them if you wanted to.” Perhaps it was GUILT that stopped the Lady Lyanna — though it wasn’t something Alys was about to suggest out loud.

plotted starter.

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thanks for ur unnecessary addition to my post about the ladies of poi :-) but next time u wanna randomly throw dumbass insults at fictional women make ur own post about it , sweaty <3

thanks for your harmful praise of a rapist and a NeoNazi :-) its great when people invalidate real traumatising experiences and deny the impact of fiction on the real world