Beyond the Hitchcock 9

Double Feature

THE 39 STEPS (1935) / THE LADY VANISHES (1938)

Tonight - 7:30PM Aero Theatre

Presented by the American Cinematheque and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles

“What are the 39 Steps?” And why is a network of foreign spies so desperate to stop stalwart hero Robert Donat from uncovering the mystery of this most cryptic of Hitchcock puzzles? And will lovely Madeleine Carroll really come to trust that Donat is an innocent man and not an escaped criminal running from the law? With its nonstop suspense, breathtaking setpieces and brain-twisting plot turns, THE 39 STEPS set the pattern for nearly all the great Hitchcock thrillers to come.

THE LADY VANISHES - No one believes witty playgirl Iris Henderson (a fine Margaret Lockwood) when she claims the elderly “governess” Miss Froy has mysteriously disappeared from a train en route from the fictional country of Bandrika to Western Europe. No one, except for charming Gilbert (Michael Redgrave), who joins forces with Iris to expose the foreboding magic trick of a woman vanishing into thin air on a moving locomotive. Featuring mesmerizing overlapping camera work by cinematographer Jack Cox and a script loaded with can’t-believe-that-slid-past-the-censors political doozies, THE LADY VANISHES is so much more than its usual branding as “light entertainment” - it’s Hitchcock at his pre-Hollywood best, a perfect blend of suspense and screwball.Watch for Naunton Wayne and Basil Radford as two cricket-obsessed fellow passengers - their pairing here was so successful, they co-starred in a further 10 films playing essentially the same characters!


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In Alfred Hitchcock’s movies always someone is watching…

A voyeurist supercut by Jorge Luengo Ruiz.

Films than appear:

The 39 Steps (1935)
Young and Innocent (1937)
The Lady Vanishes (1938)
Rebecca (1940)
Foreign Correspondent (1940)
Notorious (1946)
Strangers on a Train (1951)
Rear Window (1954)
To Catch a Thief (1955)
The Trouble with Harry (1955)
Vertigo (1958)
North by Northwest (1959)
Psycho (1960)
Marnie (1964)
Topaz (1969)
Frenzy (1972)
Family Plot (1976)