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Since Linette (the knight) and Constance (the witch) were so popular on my last sketchdump, I decided to clean up the sketch of these silly babus– and Bee was nice enough to line it for me! Her lines are always a blast to color. These two sillybutts are so cute, I need to draw more of them Psst, you guys should check out Bee’s Valentines Day drawing (it’s PT, you’ll like it) These sillybutts and this drawing © me and BeeThis is also on dA

Although Wu-Tang Clan has made 10 references to Star Wars, Eminem is the one rapper for whom MC stands for MidiChlorians. Thanks to the Yoda of Rap—that’d be producer Rick Rubin—Marshall Mathers has grown from a young padawan into a Jedi Knight. His 12 references mention ewoks that pop Reeboks and cast himself on both sides of the Force, once as Obi-Wan and many times as Darth Vader.

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What’s it Gonna Be x Busta Rhymes feat Janet Jackson

In the opening scene of the “What’s It Gonna Be” music video, Busta Rhymes materializes from the element water that originated from a glass cup that fell over the edge and shattered. The water was extracted from the fragmentation that resulted from the cup falling into something that is “other-worldly”. Busta Rhymes dons a metallic silver alien-esque space suit as he raps in a room composed of cubed structures that move to the frequency and vibrations of Busta Rhymes’ voice. The spilled water transforms into Busta Rhymes as a knight in this futuristic armor suit. He moves robotically and intentionally to evoke the idea of his new found mechanistic demeanor. 

During her contributions to the song, Janet Jackson is wearing a royal purple space suit that is reminiscent of a dominatrix with leather and spiked details (I also believe she is wearing a cock ring). As she continues to sing, metallic drummers reincarnate from the metallic water area that comprises Busta Rhymes’ essence. He then becomes the conductor/leader of this band as their forms have become more defined (becoming apparent that they are clones of Rhymes). The background is forever in motion moving fluidly and freely while Busta Rhymes and his band morph and shapeshift into different forms whether that is rain, the ground, the walls: they comprise the space. They have reclaimed the space as their own because everything that makes up the space and environment makes up their physical forms as well. Near the end of the video, all forms seem to spontaneously explode becoming a different form of the same element: water.

While Jackson and Rhymes were both in this liquid tunnel (the same liquid that Busta Rhymes and his band mates are made of), Rhymes morphs into a sperm-like creature and floats towards Jackson. It is possible that this video is critiquing the notion of fertility and sex as Jackson dons this provocative, sexual outfit. The marching band of miniature Rhymes walk through the tunnel also transformed from the liquid. Rhymes morphs into a band member as well and begins to rise through the tunnel’s ceiling. Electric sparks fly as these miniature versions of himself pour onto Jackson’s breasts. The video ends with Jackson and Rhymes morphing together and combusting into this silvery liquid. 

It is quite obvious that this video is mainly talking about sex as seen in the lyrics and the sexual imagery (re: Rhymes/sperm, Rhymes/pouring onto Jackson’s breasts, etc). I found it very interesting., however, the idea that the material that made up Rhymes is the same material that formed the walls, the floor, the ceiling, etc. The idea that Black bodies are able to transcend their physical bodies and cosmically take on many other forms. This music video was (I assume) set in an alternate universe which would make these things possible. 

It begs some questions that came up in Dawn by Octavia Butler. Why are they in space? Is this an idea as to how the future for Black people will be? Experimentally, this video highlights complexities laden in coded language speaking to movement, confinement, and power. How do we as people of the African Diaspora transcend our physical representations in order to blend utility, movement, and language?

When in the chronicle of wasted time
I see descriptions of the fairest wights,
And beauty making beautiful old rhyme
In praise of ladies dead and lovely knights,
Then, in the blazon of sweet beauty’s best,
Of hand, of foot, of lip, of eye, of brow,
I see their antique pen would have express’d
Even such a beauty as you master now.
So all their praises are but prophecies
Of this our time, all you prefiguring;
And, for they look’d but with divining eyes,
They had not skill enough your worth to sing:
For we, which now behold these present days,
Had eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise.
—  Sonnet 106 by William Shakespeare

14 Years ago today =(  August 31st 2001 - Aaliyah’s Final Journey. 

Friday August 31st a white casket with the body of Aaliyah was taken from Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan and placed in a glass carriage drawned by white horses and adorned on top with white and pink roses towards St. Ignatius Loyola Church in New York City. It was followed by the stars family and close friends, including her fiancé and Damon Dash, and one of her “Romeo Must Die” co-stars, Delroy Lindo to St. Ignatius Loyola Church in Manhattan.When the procession reached the church Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Mya, Lil Kim,Usher, Gladys Knight (Aaliyah’s Aunt), Timbaland, and many other celebs were among the mourners.While on the streets thousands of fans screamed I love you, and cried, as the horse drawn carriage passed by.

Fans expressed their grief in losing such a talented artist, and their sympathy and prayers for the family and friends of Aaliyah.Some fans said that this tragic event had opened their eyes to the harsh reality, that tomorrow is not promised to no one.

They have started to call loved ones and thank them, along with showing their love.Twenty-two doves were released at the end of the private service at the church.

The first dove being released by the star’s Mother and than twenty-one more, to signify each year of the star’s life.She may be gone, but she will live on, in hearts all over the world.

With this tragedy has come the realization that never go to bed angry at a love one, never forget to say I love you and that life is too short to live it as if their will be a tomorrow.

The Erotic Adventures of Young Brendol Hux II

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(Takes place in the same fictional universe as Savages


“This better not be your idea of a joke,” Hux says, sliding into the narrow gap and pushing the refresher stall door closed behind him.

His minion’s face is impassive: Cadet Knight wouldn’t know a joke if it was staring him in the face; which in this case, it is. He gestures with a tilt of his head. “Look.”

Hux follows his gaze to the grubby wall panel where someone has scrawled “BRENDOL HUX FONDLES COX.”

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