Who the Bloody Hell is Will Scarlet? (A Wonderland Crash Course in 10 Parts)

So, this is Will Scarlet:

And he's been added to the season four line up of Once Upon a Time!

Many Wonderland fans were extremely excited to see him show up in Storybrooke. But for many of of you watching at home, his introduction probably went something like this:

[From thelast-thingido’s hilarious 4x03 recap.]

So I thought, since a lot of people who watch OUAT didn’t watch OUATIW or only watched the pilot, I might be able to help some of you become a bit more familiar with his character.

This is going to be a sort of "Crash Course in the Life and Times of Will Scarlet" if you will. I’ll be breaking down his actions before, during, and after the events of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. And if you have any additional or super specific questions, feel free to send me an ask.

Disclaimer: I’m trying to condense a thirteen episode mini-series into one essay, so please bear with me.

Ready to travel down the rabbit hole into Wonderland? Then follow me!

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As excited as I am for Once Upon a Time‘s Frozen storyline, I’m curious as to how The Knave (played by Michael Socha) is going to fit in in Storybrooke. Know anything about that? – Sarah

Do I! Just seconds before publishing this week’s Inside Line, I got off the horn withOnce creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, the former of which said that The Knave’s “background as Will Scarlett, who was one of the Merry Men and a thief, comes into play very early.” Kitsis then added that for Wonderland fans, “We will be explaining why he’s in town. I can also say that he fits rather nicely into Storybrooke, and his introduction is a really fun one.”