KNK Reacts: “stop teasing me! I fucking need you!”

You don’t really know how limits work. Especially with your boyfriend. You haven’t seen each other in weeks, and he desperately needs your body. Instead though, you decide to tease him. Not letting him go all the way.

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“I’m not playing these games tonight.”

“If you don’t want to play nice, I won’t either.”

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“Jagiah please”

“I can’t take it”

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“haha oh kitten… you’re so cute when you think you’re in control.”

“I hope you didn’t like this outfit. It’s about to be in fucking shreds.”

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::silently sits back and watches. glaring at you::

“I’m just waiting for you to realize how serious I am right now. Cut the shit.”

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“I’ve been waiting for longer than I can possibly handle… PLEASE”