This thing is so damn gorgeous. It has the texture of a painted canvas and looks like one, too. I’m obsessed. This is the Still Life Alchemy Train Case and it retails for $110 at Sephora, by the way.

And it fits everything. That is literally my entire makeup collection (minus liquid products, i.e., foundation, lip gloss, concealer, etc). The large bottom compartment is filled to the brim with palettes (my favorite kind of makeup), second tier is lip products, liners, and a few miscellaneous things I couldn’t fit elsewhere, and top tier is blush/bronzer/highlighter and my Naked palettes (and mascara, but I probably won’t do carry-on with that since it’s liquid).

This is it! This is working! This is how I’m getting my makeup collection to college! This may sound silly but it makes me feel good to know I’ll have all this stuff with me, it’s my hobby and a constant and it’ll all fit into this beautiful compact carry-on box that I can put in my dorm. Yay :) 

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last: so camper and counselor (3 years of age diff) become wicked close and the last night of camp they accidentally kiss and are like "WHAT THE HELL NO" cause like camper and counselor shouldnt ever happen but then like 3 years later they bump into each other or something


  • Ooki Bishop:as soon as you get here cris im going to seduce you with my gaping hellhole mouth and sanguine legs then take you back to my hump cave where i will feed you pineapple and laxatives, then ill lick all along your viscous body with my satiny creamy tongue, slowly entering your shit parade and up to bakers street, then you will plead for my Jane Fonda stick barrage. i will then show you my jarring texas-style dance of seduction, twirling my hefty meat chunks at your succulent breast piles, then up to your glorious ear holes. we then come back to the hell kiss while i slowly and tenderly enter your hot, juicy bread bowl with my spiked Jake-Long-dong. you will cry out in ecstasy and epilepsy while i grind at your stratosphere until we both passionately explode into a million GLORIOUS doves
  • Rebecca|Nuclear Sean Connery:oh my fucking god

—Tch, what a flirt!

Happy Birthday Sasubby! ♥
↳ Dedicated to Shirley; another cutie patootie who shares this special day. (◡‿◡✿)

  • Dearest Shippers,
  • Do NOT imagine Daichi kissing the moles on Suga`s neck after a long days practice
  • Do NOT imagine Hinata seeing them and then eying Kageyama in a curious manner
  • Do NOT imagine Kageyama trying desperately not to notice Hinata`s staring
  • Do NOT imagine Hinata taking initiative and jumping to kiss Kageyama`s cheek only to accidentally headbutt him in the jaw instead
  • Do NOT imagine Kageyama losing his cool and attacking Hinata with kisses until they`re both in a fit of giggles and kisses
  • Do NOT imagine Daichi kicking them out of the gym claiming that it was because it was late when it was actually becasue he wanted the gym all to Suga and himself for a while longer so that things could get…intimate
  • Do NOT imagine any of this for the sake of your poor unfortunate souls
  • Sincerely, the Devil incarnated

A little quick doodle I whipped up after getting today’s work done b/c I needed some fluff after a long day ^_^;;

I like to think that, when she’s at Skyhold, Celyse pops into Cullen’s office throughout the day to give him little encouraging kisses while he’s working ^__^

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