How to Treat a Stroke in the 17th century — The Treatment of King Charles II of England.

On February 2nd, 1685 King Charles II of England suffered a fit of apoplexy (had a stroke) while being shaved by his barber.  He fell into convulsions, at which point the court physician was called immediately.  The court physician quickly performed the emergency treatment for a man who had just suffered a stroke.  He took out a penknife and bled out 16 ounces of blood from King Charles to “balance his humors”.  After the bleeding he was given an enema, which was re-administered 2 hours later.  When the King came to he was weak and could not speak.  Upon word of his stroke, 14 of the finest physicians in London arrived to treat and cure the kings illness.  Each doctor had his own theory of medicine and his own special treatment for stroke.  The following treatments of King Charles II are well recorded, and closely details the methods and methodology of 17th century medicine.

  • As well as the 16 ounces of bloodletting at first, King Charles was bled another 8 ounces daily.
  • “To free his stomach of all impurities”, he was made to drink strong emetics (drugs that induce vomiting) containing heavy metals such as antimony and zinc sulphate (both are poisonous).
  • His head was shaved, and covered in blistering agents such as mustard and camphor.  The theory behind this was that the blisters would force bad humors lower into his body where they could be bled out.  A red hot poker was also applied to encourage more blistering.
  • He was given daily enemas containing “sacred bitter power, cream of tartar, syrup of buckthorn, rock salt, and orange infusion of the metals supplemented by antispasmodic julep of black cherry water”
  • He was made to sniff sneezing powders made of cowslip flowers and spirit of sal ammoniac.  It was thought the sneezing would relieve pressure on his brain.
  • He was given numerous laxatives.
  • A mixture of pigeon droppings and burgundy pitch were applied to his feet.
  • He was given a tonic containing 40 drops of the essence (ooze) of a human skull “from a man who had died a most violent death and was never buried.”
  • He was fed powder from a crushed stone taken from the stomach of a goat from East India.

On February 6th, 1685 King Charles II of England died of the age of 54.


Aboveground Jareth is like a fish out of water/Jareth learns how NOT to use a microwave. Strategic censorship in place because I can appreciate those of you that would rather not be inundated with images of the Goblin King doctoring his burnt dong over a kitchen sink

I was hesitant to even post this. All “uuugh, REALLY,” and “was this really necessary” is to be directed entirely to @thebeetlequeen. This entire trash post was wholy inspired by her lovely “Boys Keep Swinging” fic (After being dethroned, Jareth is reduced to stripping Underground for a living. Sarah saves him and brings him Aboveground to live with her). Go read it. Oh, and YES - he is most definitely wearing gloves but no pants

…with that said, I actually do have an upcoming full-color comic in the works that does not involve Jareth burning his crotch on overheated oatmeal. Stay tuned for THAT if you’re not completely put off ;D

Title: As the world falls down.
Fandom: Star Wars Sequels.
Pairing: Poe Dameron/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
Rating: M
Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha!Poe Dameron, Omega!Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Alternative Universe - Royalty, Alternative Universe - Arranged Marriage, Mentons of M-Preg, Non-explicit sex.
N/A: I had a lot of fun doing this story, I knew I wanted to write it since I read the first paragraph of the assignament, and I didn’t stop storming with ideas until I sit dawn at the third day after reading and started writing. Two days later, here it was. To be honest, this story passed many states: it was longer (way longer) and it started different. The ending was always the same. But I actually attempted to write absolutely everything the prompt said, I mean… put it on scene, in real time, not only talking and showing it throught feelings and conversations on the story. At the end, it got better than I thought and I’m proud of it. And yeah, I know it’s kind of long.

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I can imagine the mad king being really polite to his doctors in the mental institution
“Good day, doctor. How’s the family?”
“Is that a new haircut, nurse? Suits you very well indeed!”
“Well if you wanted me to sit still you needed only ask. You don’t need these straps.”
“Why thank you very much, I’m sure this medication will do nothing but make me sleepy but still, thank you!”


King George III was crazy.  His doctors were even crazier.

From Horrible Histories.