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Kevin Day #02

“Let Riko be King,” Kevin said, with the exaggerated enunciation of the thoroughly sloshed. “Most coveted, most protected. He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?” Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. “I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.”

“The King and his Queen”

Drew this about a week ago. Minnie’s costume redesign is still in the development phase, but I like what I’ve got so far. I really like to imagine her joining Mickey in the fight against the darkness with her epic light magic. They would be unstoppable.

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anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, what type did Fork and Spoon think Knife was? Or did they know he was an E-type? (I'd imagine they didn't but still)

Spoon maintains the opinion that Knife is a D-type, Knife has never corrected him. Spoon also initially perceived Knife as a female because of his eyes (and boobs), Knife corrected him. D types are generally the most unknown of the Hekaton species and Knife’s regeneration ability seems to fall in line with something a D-type could do. Knife is also very mysterious and quiet, just like D-types. Spoon still kind of thinks and assumes Knife’s muteness is a product of choice rather than a physical handicap. As, it Physically doesn’t make sense for him to not be able to speak. This has been something that Knife still cannot fully correct Spoon on.
Fork is only “vaguely aware” of hekaton types and is mostly.. uninterested in those classifications, as he only really learned about them during his first exposure to Prison (when he was younger. Fork has been to prison multiple times at this point in his life.) Learning about these distinctions as well as the culture of pre-determined opinions of what these ‘types’ meant really bothered and made him uncomfortable. He did not appreciate being judged by other inmates as destructive, stupid + inherently more “dangerous” than the other Hekatons. Especially because he believed that he was a very empathetic and understanding individual! who preferred to avoid conflict and just wanted to have fun. 
He also felt vaguely betrayed by Knife for never instructing or warning him about this aspect of Hekaton society. He felt a sort of ‘wake up’ call about how incredibly sheltered he was about his own species (and still remains to this day.) He also wondered if this was part of why Spoon always treated him with a particular distaste and disinterest. Suddenly, a lot of past experiences had context and it made him realize that he was being judged and perceived in a way he was totally oblivious to. On top of being unfairly incarcerated and completely disconnected from his guardian that he has always relied on his entire life, it was a somewhat… traumatizing experience. What made it worse? Is that other C-types in prison actually WERE the most violent and unstable inmates to deal with. So it was very difficult for him to want to associate with them. It made it frustrating because he felt like he was also judging C-types the same way as everyone else, but he couldn’t avoid it because he had to think of his own safety before anything else. So, he had to kind of quietly sacrifice some of his moral opinions and conform to the flow of the very depressingly toxic society around him. Whenever he is out of prison he tends to reject anything he learned while in it. It just doesn’t feel like something he wants to carry on while he’s on the outside. This also helps with the fact that he doesn’t interact with many Hekaton’s, as Thumb agents are mostly Cyborgs and Worms.
So.. Yeah I don’t really think Fork has even ever fully attempted to “ID” Knife as any particular type, but as Knife is very famous he is usually rumored to be/associated with being a D-type. Many debate on this though. Especially D-types. D-types all generally do not think Knife is a D-type but they are unable to figure out what he is exactly. I think to the D-types instead think Knife is an A-type because of his light colored hair. (A trait commonly associated with A-types.) B types would disagree, and say Knife is likely also a B type because of his skin color and short height, and they assume that his patterns are probably under his clothes where you cannot see them. B-types tend to think other Hekatons don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Knife is a B-type because B-types are generally regarded as the weakest, most disposable hekaton. And, Knife is easily the most famous and feared Hekaton in all of society. Depending on the B-type, they can either admire Knife as a hero or also regard him as a betrayer to their own type, as they don’t understand why he is so ashamed of the type that he is. Also well, theres plenty of other reasons why Hekatons generally hate Knife, that’s because most Hekatons are put into prison and Knife is part of the force that drags them there.
The legend of the “E-type” has mostly of faded away over the hundreds of years, although it hasn’t been erased.. completely. Even with as famous as Knife is, even when this legend is brought up no one would even remotely suspect that Knife would be that the E-type. Cause.. the E-type would be dead by now, of course. Most Hekatons don’t even live past 10 or 20 years old. That was like, who fucking knows how long that was… Its not like anyone’s keeping track of this shit. no one gives a fuck about documenting Hekaton History.

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“…I see.” She was probably catching on by now, he thought. But all the same, he couldn’t feel his nerves dieing down just yet. 

And staying silent for a few seconds, he put the nervousness aside and looked at her.

 “In that case, I’d like for you to date me, Maya: because I love you and…it’d make me happy if you were the one that I could happily call my girlfriend.” 

Short and sweet, he kept it: and honestly, it made him feel so much better to have finally got it out, a smile forming on his face as he looked at her, wondering how she would respond.