Request: could you do a damon salvatore long imagine where the reader is jeremy’s biological sister and she and damon get into a fight so she goes to jeremy about it and he gets super mad and overprotective but damon comes to apologize and it’s really angsty at first but sweet at the end?? thank you so much!! <3

“No Damon! I am not going to sit around and watch my friends fight without me! I need to be there for them,” I shouted, tears streaming down my face at this point in the argument. “Well too bad Y/n! I refuse to let you go out and get yourself killed,” he screamed back. “Are you saying that I can’t protect myself,” I asked, instantly becoming offended. “Well, considering your past of being put in the hospital seven times over the past four months, yeah I would say that you can’t protect yourself,” he shot back. “I was put in the hospital because you insisted I needed to go! Plus, the only reason I was put in a compromising position is because I was trying to protect my friends. I get that you don’t care about anyone, but don’t bash me for trying to be a good person!” “Get out,” he whispered. “Gladly,” I hissed back. I ran out of the front door and started my car, speeding away. I took out my phone and called my brother, Jeremy. “Hey Jeremy, change of plans. I’m spending the night at home. I’m driving there right now,” I told him, sniffling and wiping the tears away from my cheeks. “What? Why? I thought you were spending the night’s at Damon’s,” Jeremy asked. “We got into a fight,” I explained quietly. “What did he do,” he questioned, so quiet I could barely hear him. “It’s nothing Jer, we just need some time to cool off.” “If you say so. I’ll see you at the house. Love you, bye.” “Love you.”

I got back to the house in fifteen minutes. Parking my car, I silently got out and walked to the door. Too tired to get out my keys, I knocked on the door quietly. Jeremy opened the door and instantly pulled me into his arms. “Damon is an asshole, okay? Don’t worry about him,” he whispered in my ear. I nodded my head and buried my head into his chest. I felt tears start to fall down my face. “I’m really tired Jer, I’m going to go to sleep,” I whispered. He nodded his head and let me go. I trudged upstairs and laid down on my bed as soon as I entered my room. Soon enough, I was asleep.

A few hours later I woke up to Jeremy yelling at someone. I tiptoed out of my room and to the top of the stairs. “Jeremy I can hear that she’s up, please just let me see her,” Damon begged. “No! You hurt her! She came home crying Damon, you can’t keep doing this to her,” Jeremy yelled. I saw Damon’s face fall and my heart rate increased. He instantly looked up at me and I gave him a slight smile. “Y/n,” he trailed off. Jeremy turned over to me. “Don’t worry Y/n, I’ll handle this,” he assured me. I smiled and started down the stairs. “It’s fine Jeremy. I can handle it, go upstairs,” I told him. He reluctantly nodded his head and walked up the stairs. 

“Maybe we should sit down,” I whispered. “Yeah,” he whispered back. We sat down on the couch and I turned to face him. “I’m sorry,” he rushed out. “Hey, it’s okay. We both said things we regret and we both are sorry,” I told him. He pulled me into his chest and I sighed in content. Wrapping my arms around him, I snuggled into his chest. “Do you want to come back to my house? I can’t sleep without you there,” he admitted. I nodded excitedly and grinned at him. “Let’s go baby,” I exclaimed, jumping up. He smiled, shaking his head and getting up. He got out his keys and grabbed my hand, pulling me out the door. “Bye Jeremy,” I yelled and closed the front door. I wrapped my arm around Damon’s waist and pulled him closer to me. “Let’s go home.”


Embry: You know if you wanted things different you should have become alpha.
Jacob Black: Turning it down seemed like a good idea at the time.
Seth: Jake, you really think you could kill Bella if she comes back a vampire?
Leah: No. He’d make one of us do it and then hold a grudge against us.
Jacob Black: Shut up, Leah.
Leah: Would you just get over it? It’s not like you’ve imprinted on her.
Seth: At least they seem happy.
Embry: Yeah, some people are just lucky I guess.
Jacob Black: Lucky? None of them belong to themselves anymore. And the sickest part is their genes tell them they’re happy about it.
Leah: At least if you imprinted on someone you’d finally forget about Bella. I mean, being any kind of happy is better than being miserable about someone you can’t have.

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Ask-piratehunter-javier: DUDE MY DAMASCUS STEEL! *unsheathes sword* you messed with the wrong officer of the Spanish Royal Navy!

“Please. You’re no match for an old, powerful vampire like me. I’ll kill you easily unless you back off.”

The First Paladin of the Platinum Dragon

My first Paladin didn’t start as one. Jaka Scarmortus was initially a disgraced guard out to reclaim his honor and get revenge for the royal family of his clan that was assassinated on his watch.

Over the course of his adventure, he was killed, but brought back to life. While dead, Bahamut spoke to him and gave his quest new purpose. He dedicated himself to his faith and swore an oath of vengeance.

He eventually bonded with a sentient sword called hasirawn and used it to exact revenge on the dragon cult (the true perpetrators of the assassinations).

The sword filled him with great unrest and nearly caused his death on multiple occasions, but he was unable to break the bond between them. Eventually Bahamut intervened on his behalf and broke the bond, also granting him the title of First Paladin of the Platinum Dragon for his many deeds in his name.

Now he has reaffirmed his devotion with a new oath, and uses his faith to defend the remnant of his clan.

There’s a relentless pounding in his head. Silver opens one eye very slowly. The sun is shining brighter than gold and the pounding is still there.

He rolls over on his stomach and buries his face in his pillow. The pounding still doesn’t stop.

Silver pushes himself up and stares blearily around the room. It takes him a moment to realize it’s not just his head. There’s someone rapping at the door of the shack. Someone he has every intention of killing so he can go back to bed and die in peace and quiet like he’s meant to.

Chapter 4 of Reunion is now up.

Chapter 18

back at it again with these idiots

 - (pg. 184) I still have an issue with the Darkbringer thing, especially as SJM used Fire-bringer in TOG.

 - (pg. 185) Isn’t it great how Mor’s opinions and points are already being disregarded again and again? ahahaha

 - (pg. 187) Having Azriel be the one to teach Feyre how to fly was, I admit, a very good idea. It makes sense, both story-wise and character-wise.

 - (pg. 189) “If you want his killing blow, girl, it’s yours.” Man, Mor and Nesta’s interactions disappointed me, but Nesta and Amren’s did not.

 - (pg. 189-190) I am not the biggest fan of Nesta by any means, but her not wanting to share her story was, in my opinion, absolutely her decision to make. I have heard women share stories of their trauma/etc. - I’ve done it myself - and it is hard. as. fuck. Feyre doesn’t get to make that decision for Nesta, High Lady or no.

 - (pg. 191) Food mention:  “delectable, rich spices, garlicky meat, simmering tomatoes…”

 - “I should have considered that telling strangers what happened to her in Hybern might… might not be something she was comfortable with. My sister has been a private person her entire life, even amongst us.” (pg. 191) Yeah, you should’ve, Feyre.

 - (pg. 192) Feyre and Rhys talking about a “unified front” makes me uncomfortable, partly because that is the exact wording Lucien used when he was telling Feyre why he acted the way he did towards Tamlin, why he didn’t push too much. Probably unintentional, but…

 - “I think you should be careful - working with Keir. Not for how despicable he is, but because… I think you could truly wound Mor if you don’t play it right.” (pg. 193) (((((((((:

 - “We’ve been working with Keir for centuries. She should be used to it by now.” (pg. 193) fuck (: this (:

 - (pg. 194) Ah, the cease-fire spell that actually didn’t exist.

 - ““His talent was wasted in the Spring Court. There was a reason he had that fox mask, you know.” His mouth tugged to the side.” (pg. 195) Okay BEFORE I TALK ABOUT RHYS’S OPINION OF LUCIEN this also has MAJOR Rhycien vibes IN MY OPINION. But now on to the next part. It’s… weird. What Rhys is saying implies that Lucien is sly, untrustworthy, and a traitor, working only for himself. And yet Lucien’s primary characteristic is loyalty. Like. How does he miss that? I don’t really think Rhys (or maybe SJM, lol) understands Lucien at all. But that may just be me.

 - (pg. 196-197) Cute Feysand moment, admittedly.

no but can you imagine?

the first night with zevran, the warden tries to cuddle up to him only to have zevran tell them that he is not comfortable with cuddling, he is used to not being able to trust his bed mate and to always be prepared for attacks

the warden can respect that, and every night afterwards, they sleep apart but always being comforted by the sheer presence of the other

and then zevran starts to realise that what the fuck, he is starting to feel something for the warden, something much more powerful and terrifying and wonderful than he ever expected and what is wrong with him? love is a luxury reserved for everyone else but never him, so why is he feeling everything he never deserved?

and then that day with taliesen in denerim, who tries to get zevran to kill the warden and go back with him and zevran can’t breathe at the mere thought of the warden actually dying and so he tells taliesen that no, he will never let that happen

and a few days later when the warden questions him about why he won’t sleep with them and he just feels this anxiety slowly crushing him bc he knows now what he feels but what if they don’t feel it back? what will he do then?

but the warden does. the warden loves him too and in that moment he can’t think he’s just so relieved and happy and amazed that someone like them would love someone like him

and then the following day, the warden wakes up to someone wrapped around them, and turns around to see zevran, sleeping with a peaceful expression for the first time

and so it continues, for every morning to come

zevran, after years and years of being starved of love and affection, can finally sleep in the arms of someone who loves him for who he is

and zevran is just so damn happy

My 11 year old brother reacts to Hamilton (act 1)
  • Alexander Hamilton: "im Canadian, why do I need to learn about American history?"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "ooooh, I like Hamilton, he punched someone and is proud."
  • My Shot: "IM ONLY 11! I DONT KNOW FRENCH!"
  • The Story of Tonight: "is this the only non-rap song?"
  • The Schuyler Sisters: "I ship Burr and Angelica"
  • You'll Be Back: "killing friends and family to remind them of his love? Sounds like me."
  • Right Hand Man: "Burr should've been his right hand man."
  • A Winters Ball: "are Burr and The Angelica going to start dating?"
  • Helpless: "Aarelica isn't canon, but Hamilton and Eliza are?!"
  • Satisfied: "sounds like someone's jealous!"
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): "did Martha Washington actually name her tom cat after him?"
  • Wait For It: "Burr is willing to wait for it."
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "general dude is dead, rip"
  • Meet Me Inside: "meet me inside? More like meme me inside my son!"
  • That Would Be Enough: "awwww, now I ship them!"
  • Guns And Ships: "I'm ta-kifndjwkdjrjdroejcnwkjdndkcjsmekducjwkwkdk. I don't understand what weird French guy is saying."
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: "oh"
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): "this would make a very good video game."
  • What Comes Next: "I'm getting bored, can I have my fidget spinner to distract me?(me: NO!)"
  • Dear Theodosia: "I want a Girlfriend like Theodosia, and a brother like Philip."