when i think about the killer clown / the crying blood paintings / the short man dressed up like a girl to scare mycroft and sherlock going “hey BRO” im like, wtf, y’know?? obviously this is fake

but then no matter how hard i try i just can’t come up with what motivation mofftiss could possibly have for a prank this magnitude

People complaining that the gunshot at john wasn’t explained: its explained within the first 20 minutes… Euros shot him with a dart. he reveals this when Sherlock John and Mycroft are in Mycrofts home after the killer clown set up. Seriously guys, its a detective show maybe be more perceptive :P

Also what’s with all the disappointed johnlockers? A whole season is moot just because the boys didnt bang? i feel some fans rate the show entirely on the gayness and how much fanservice they get for their ships.

People complaining about plot holes without giving any examples, arguments or logical reason for their comments.. if you genuinely think there are plot holes in the episode then lets discuss them, don’t just bitch aimlessly.  If you have something worthwhile to contribute then do. 

My experience with S4 E3

Two minutes before airing:

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Mycroft is being.. haunted??

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A friggin killer clown shows up:

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It was Sherlock:

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Mrs. Hudson telling Mycroft the kettle is over there:

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Mycroft telling about Eurus:

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Drowned Redbeard:

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The bomb appears:

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Mrs. Hudson dancing to iron maiden while vacuuming:

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“John has a daughter”

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John Sherlock and Mycroft tricked the leader of the Asylum:

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Sherlock meeting Eurus:

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John about to kill the leader in the cell:

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Mycroft being oddly… human?

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Eurus forcing Sherlock to solve the murder:

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And then killing all the suspects:

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First thinking the coffin was for Mrs. Hudson

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Eurus forcing Sherlock to break Molly:

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Sherlock screaming and smashing the coffin:

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“You have to kill either John or Mycroft”

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Mycroft trying to ease Sherlock’s pain by making himself repulsive:

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Sherlock not shooting anyone:

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The way Sherlock speaks to the little girl:

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Realizing John is tied to a well:

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Redbeard. was Sherlock’s. best. friend:

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Watching Sherlock break:

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drowning John:

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Sherlock.. comforting Eurus:

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It just skips to where John is out the well:

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John and Sherlock cleaning baker street:

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But Sherlock and John don’t do anything:

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When they pass Rosie to each other:

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*rolls credits* and still no johnlock:

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Then realizing there was no cliffhanger:

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Overall feels:

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What I’ll be doing for.. God knows how long:

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Me with this community:

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God help us:

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Nothing made sense, nothing was explained from ep 2, so disjointed, didn’t even feel like a detective show but rather an awful sub-par action/crime/horror/comedy. But hey it was atleast a pretty good Saw/Ring parody with an IT (killer clown) cameo 😂

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it was one of the best, seriously? what about the killer clown, swordgunumbrella, explosion? the ring/saw/shutter island copy? it was also ignoring so much stuff in the previous episodes and had many plot holes? bad writing? "the plane was a perfect metaphor for eurus"?

hmm idk what about all the comedic parts that made me laugh? the sad parts that made me cry?  the creepy parts that made me shit my pants? the thrill and the excitement the huge what-is-going-to-happen-next feeling? the “IT’S ABOUT FAMILY THAT’S WHY JOHN STAYS”? all the amazing mycroft? the shivers that ran down my spine while eurus was being fucking creepy? soldiers today?  all the moriarty that had me fucking scared? the fact that mycroft wanted to sacrifice himself for john? the fact that sherlock chose john over mycroft? the amazing deductions? the whole airplane thing that had me fooled until the last minute? the twists and turns that had me gasp in disbelieve? the fact that sherlock finally realized he is better with emotions and with the people he loves than without? or that he and john are stronger than ever? that they are back together at bakerstreet? where they  belong and that this is how it is going to be forever?  yes. seriously.

can you seriously not fucking take it that some people have a different opinion than you? the world is not about you, newsflash

genuinely nothing of this episode makes sense like i could handle it up to the end of the killer clown episode but after that… like what does any of this have to do with any of the rest of the series

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soooo people are so sterssed just because Sherlock and John do not fuck eachother? or what? they proof for us that they are soooo much everything for each other. something more than friendship, they ARE family...

at least i’m a lil stressed because i think this episode has been pretty shitty so far (killer clown? umbrella swordgun? the explosion? and it’s apparently about to be a saw/the ring/shutter island copy and if the rest is the same, they are ignoring all the weird things in the previous episodes and everything they have said) and i legitimately believed in the fake episode theory because everything was so so suspicious. for example, why the fuck did they advertise the leak to six million people on facebook??


John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (17 Mar. 1942 - 10 May 1994), also known as the Killer Clown, was an American serial killer who sodomized and killed 33 or 34 young boys in Cook County, Illinois from 1972 to 1978. These young victims were strangled to death, and 29 of the confirmed 33 were found buried in the crawlspace beneath his property. The remaining four were found in the Des Plaines River, nearby his home. His initial execution date was set for 2 June 1980. However, after multiple appeals, his execution was pushed out to 1994. On 10 May 1994, Gacy was executed by lethal injection. His last words were “Kiss my ass.”

*sarcastic Lance voice* wow Keith, I might just let you cradle me in your arms again

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