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Black Ink Revenge - Automatic Loveletter

So I’m writing you out of my dreams
and you’ll miss me, I swear, when I leave.
Yeah I’m writing you out, I’m crossing my T’s,
and I want back the necklace that I said you could keep.

And you miscomprehend and I scorn you till death,
my words are as strong as my last gasp for breath.
Leave nothing behind, not a trace or a crumb,
and no clues to unlock how painful this was.

So I’m writing you out of my dreams,
you’ll miss me I swear when I…

Honestly, the big reason I’m not upset about the Pete’s Dragon remake is that the original pisses me off. You see the the same basic character arc in a lot of media from that era, and it’s just as obnoxious every time: the kid has a secret monster friend who’s compulsively mischievous and destructive, and the resulting mayhem always gets blamed on the kid because nobody else can see the monster - but if the kid ever tries to take the monster to task for it in any way, the story frames the kid as the one who’s being unreasonable. The resolution typically involves the kid learning to take the rap for the monster friend’s mischief with good humour; this is treated as character development

Sure, it’s obvious why it’s set up that way from a Doylist perspective: the whole thing is an allegory for a mischievous, destructive child who initially tries to blame their misdeeds on their imaginary friend, and eventually learns to come clean. But that only works if you’re evaluating the story from a parent’s perspective; looking at it from a child’s perspective, the message becomes something more like “accept whatever the adults around you decide to blame you for, regardless of whether you actually did it, because you’ll never be able to convince them otherwise”. Is this the message we want to send?

Ok. I am here to tell you all about a wonderfully amazing woman. So shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, because it’s story time mother fuckers.

This is Juliet Nicole Simms. You may know her from her time on The Voice. Or in her band, Automatic Loveletter. But she is most famously known, as Andy Biersack’s girlfriend. And I am here to lay down some facts.

Juliet’s Music:

I personally, an a HUGE fan of Juliet’s music. I love her voice, her style, and her sound, I can honestly say, I love everything she’s ever done. She has a lot of music out, her album Truth Or Dare, her single, Wild Child, her acoustic album, The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On, and her out of print EP, Recover. Juliet also has studio recordings of songs she sang on The Voice. She also was featured in All Time Low’s Remembering Sunday, Black Veil Brides’s Lost It All, and 3OH3’s Carless Whisper ft. Alex Gaskarth. Juliet has a shit ton of unreleased stuff. I can name these off the top of my head:

Air, kiss, salute and aim.

End of the world.

A heart doesn’t beat on it’s own.

To love is to die.

Suburbian Hell.

Ring around the boys.


View from below.

Old Movie.

Dream with me.

Can’t move on.


Symphony of freaks

Cocaine masquerade


Goodnight neverland.

Juliet’s Looks:

I am a huge believer in not judging a book my it’s cover, but DAMN! That is one gorgeous cover! Juliet has changed so much and in so many ways it’s amazing. She is a truly beautiful woman. She can rock anything! She has had long hair, short hair, brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, pink hair, and blue hair. She is gorgeous! And she has an amazing body too!

Juliet and Andy:

This is often a touchy subject. I didn’t know about Black Veil Brides when Andy was with Scout. He was with Juliet when I discovered them, so I don’t really know much about Scout. But I think Andy is really happy with her. And as long as they’re happy, who gives a flying fuck?

Discovering Juliet:

I discovered Juliet and Black Veil Brides separate. A friend told me to check out Remembering Sunday, and I just fell in love with Juliet. And then I found the Rock Forever interview with Andy and Juliet and found out they were dating. I was so happy!

Juliet Haters:

Off is the direction in which I’d like you to fuck. Don’t like her? Fine. Make blogs and Facebook pages and twitter accounts about how ugly she is and how much you hate her? Please don’t. wehatejulietsimms. That is not cool. It’s not, “freedom of speech” it’s you being an asshole. Just shut up with your negativity. We don’t want to hear it.

Personal Experience:

What do you know about Juliet? Have you ever met her? Shut the fuck up.

I first talked to Juliet on a verified account on her birthday. I sent her a message wishing her a happy birthday. She responded and struck up a conversation. We talked regularly l. She gave me advice that helped me through hard times and didn’t ever judge me. She live chatted me to make sure I was okay. She is one of the sweetest nicest, most sincere people I have ever met.

All Or Nothing EP:

I personally can’t wait for her EP. I can’t wait to hear what she’s been working on and how her music has grown as she has. I’m sure it will be awesome.

In Conclusion:

Juliet is amazing, and continues to be one of my favourite people. Haters, kindly fuck off, and run a blog for something you like. Juliet fans I LOVE YOU. For anyone who wants to know more. Juliet’s tumblr is julietsimmsofficial
Her twitter us julietsimmsall and her Instagram is @thejulietsimms.

Shoutout to Juliet blogs for being awesome!
















thats all. Thank you for your time.

When the Water Rises

A/N: this is basically just the episode 1.03 with a little twist

Summary: you go on a case to a beach and make a bet with Dean

Warnings: water, drowning, spirits, language

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

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“I found a case in California” Sam announced walking into the library with a manila folder with files

“didn’t we just leave Texas like…yesterday” you responded

“yea but people need our help” Sam assured

“you and your people need help shit” you muttered under your breath walking to your room to get your still packed duffle

“what’s her deal?” Sam asked Dean who still hadn’t said a word while sitting there silently 

“we finally got home you have to make us leave can’t you just let us take a break” Dean answered in annoyment

“dude you seriously think we should take a break” he scoffed 

“I just got back from killing things and you want me to kill more things”

“well yeah” Sam said bluntly

“whatever we leave in 30″ Dean got up and headed towards his room to grab his half unpacked bag 

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her passion when she sings <3