It’s powerful. It’s heartbreaking. It’s true. 

Kids like her make Black people go out and speak up. Kids like her deserve better environment. Kids like her can’t even understand reasons of RACIAL HATE, POLICE VIOLENCE, TERROR. Kids like her are our present and future… 

People just have to see this. 



hey this kid is pretty great [x x]

there are two important pieces of information in check please that I never really put together before

1. Eric Bittle is a camp counselor during the summers (and babysits)

2. Before Samwell, post-rehab, Jack coached peewee hockey

in other words, both of these characters are good with and like children, so much so that their jobs revolved around kids. Do with that what you will.

i really don’t wanna spend over 70 dollars(with SC) on albums.. but i know i will, this is fucking bullshit! BUT i’m not even gonna purchase until i’m sure every damn photo is different on each album! BigShit release SOMETHING AT LEAST! This is what i like to call, blind spending! 

Our Perfect Disease - The WombatsFuture Starts Slow - The KillsKiss Me Dead - Magic WandsWhich Witch - Florence + The MachineThe Great Collapse - The Zolas | Gun - CHVRCHES | Choices - The HoosiersMasterpiece Theatre III - Marianas TrenchBad Dream - WildlifeI’m Not Sorry - The Pigeon DetectivesBang Bang You’re Dead - Dirty Pretty ThingsArms Tonite - Mother Mother

shitty hamburr playlist


Consider me getting really carried away about something because I love having plans set for life and all. Me and Bren are going to try and have a baby, and well I know you love kids and all. How would you feel up for being my future son or daughter’s godmother?

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what are ur top baby names for ur future kids??

Allison, Blake, Morgan, and Alex are favorites right now but honestly? I reevaluate every few months and literally have an Evernote note with baby names I like.

Random Future Au Yang idea

(with the kids from my future au)

Imagine Yang telling stories of Summer to her daughters, telling them just how great their grandmother was. She teaches them Summer’s recipes and show her photos of Summer. Li, Yue, Heather, and Akiko grow to love this woman they have never met. 

One day, when the girls are old enough, Yang takes them to visit Summer’s grave. She watches them talk to their grandmother, saying how much they wished to know her from the stories Yang told. Yang smiles as watches her daughters talk and tell stories. 

She then is taken aback when her girls start telling Summer about how great a mom Yang is. Telling her how she cooks the best food in the world, how she tells the greatest bed time stories in the world, that they love when she kisses their wounds, etc, etc. They just tell so many sweet and nice things about Yang, who does sometimes worry about being a good mother since her two mothers left her (willing or not) at a young age), and is brought to tears by the kind words. 

When the girls come back to her, Yang just gives them a big hug when they ask why she is crying and just says ‘You are the best daughters a mom can ever ask for’.

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Love??? Justin heard the word live??? Can Timmy explain this 👀👀👀

Well okay so *deep breath* WDA or my Mics ( @housewifekiki ) wrote me yesterday while I was at work and I was asked to wait outside the club I was at at that moment and then a few minutes later he came running down the street, hair flowing in the wind, looking flawless. When he finally reached me he stopped for a second before-.. He told me that he loves me and that he wants three dogs and two kids with me in the future and it still makes me tear up because I love him so much as well. I never thought I’d ever feel like this, but god do I love him and I don’t want to ever let him go. We talked and I kissed him and he kissed me and then he lifted me bridal style and carried me to his car. He’s seriously strong and I feel so safe when he holds me. We just drove to my house and cuddled and kissed and I don’t even know what to do with myself just talking about this. He’s the most beautiful and amazing person on earth and I’m going to meet his family this Saturday as his actual boyfriend and I’m just so excited!! We drank some hot chocolate but eventually he had to go home because he’s still in school. I’ve been thinking about him all day today and I can’t wait till I get to see him again.

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The LGBT representation that’s coming up in cartoon shows is good and all, but notice how they’re mainly all adults. And not saying that’s a bad thing cause young kids do deserve to see that they can have a happy future. But there needs to be more representation of young lgbt kids for young lgbt kids. Show an 8th grade girl crushing on another girl in her school and working up the courage to ask her. Two teenage boys going to a school dance. There are teens who have been in more than one relationship throughout middle and high school, so write a bisexual 15 year old. Show young trans girls and boys without relying on stereotypes,i.e the boy in the dress joke. Same gender parents and married couples are great but that’s only something achievable in adulthood. Young kids and teens should be to see themselves in characters their age so they can relate more.


Maxie: This Kid Has Moxie

She arrived looking like a stuffed animal, and that is how she’d been treated: like a cute stuffed animal who would make an adorable mascot.  

Day one, arrival, after a few grueling days spent at frat house. Nobody asked to be the mascot. 

Three years ago, the Tompkins County SPCA was contacted by the house manager of a fraternity whose members had purchased this tiny baby; he was concerned for the kid’s future. Baby goats need bottle-feeding, warmth, and constant care.

Maxie loved looking out the window at our onsite Melrose Small Animal Hospital and into the other pen to check out her chicken pals. 

They also need plenty of sleep, and frat parties and frat houses are no place for little baby goats (or any baby). So thankfully, the SPCA agreed to help, and thanks to enforcement of zoning laws, Maxie could be picked up and brought to our New York Shelter. 

No friends yet, but this tiny stuffed pig will due for right now. 

She was not being abused, but again, she was not being seen for who she was: a newborn baby who needed a suitable home and place to grow up.

“Check out my new digs and this great bale playground.” 

And Maxie did need care. Arriving with pneumonia, she needed treatment (which of course she got). 

Maxie’s tub.

She also needed more feedings than she had been receiving in order to gain some weight.

Maxie’s early days at Farm Sanctuary.

She immediately feel in love with all of her caregivers and spent hours playing with them.  

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This means so much to me.