He’d heard Ventus think of moving to the Keyblade Graveyard. Moving
             away from him, from their home. The very notion of such a thing happening
             frightened the raven in a way he couldn’t even begin to describe. Life 
             without Ventus… there wouldn’t be a point to it anymore. He wouldn’t have
             a reason to exist anymore.

             He couldn’t let that happen.

             Quickly, the raven moved to find Ventus and once he had, arms locked
             themselves around his fiance, keeping him close as the raven fought to
             keep himself from breaking down in front of him.

Birth by Sleep: Ven's Story: The Keyblade Graveyard

This world is filled with a lot of pain no matter which story you are playing. You see the same scene each time for a part of it and each time you see the same emotions. Pain, hurt, betrayal, loss. The three of them feel their little family being torn apart, but yet, at the same time, they are ready to do anything to hold what is left together. They all made the same promise to each other, and they are determined to keep it.

The reunion between the trio is sad, but also sort of symbolic of their relationship. Everything that has happened has lead to this. They have basically had their lives ripped apart. They have hurt each other, they have made mistakes, and they have all the right in the universe to be upset. But they still care about each other and aren’t going to let anything change that. All families go through tough times, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a family, and nothing is going to change that.

When Aqua says that Terra will go astray again, we see just how much faith she has lost in him. At the start of the game, Aqua believes that Terra can do anything. Now, she is so hurt and upset about what happened to the Master and feels betrayed by Terra that she doesn’t have nay faith left in him. So why doesn’t she fight? Why does she forgive him? Why does she try to save him? Because in her heart, Aqua knows that he hasn’t changed. He is still the same person she grew up with. He is still her friend, her brother.

Ven’s request to his friends is heartbreaking. Seeing this boy who was so full of life throughout the entire game asking his friends to end him is so incredibly hard to watch. This whole last section of the game is sad just for the simple reason that you know what is coming.

Now I want to say a couple things about Braig. First, when he is taunting Aqua and Ven, he is really only talking to Aqua. MX needed Ven to helpforge the X-Blade and he needed Terra as a new vessel. Aqua has always been in the way, always been expendable. The only thing she was ever really used for by MX and Vanitas was to torment her friends and to keep her from interfering. I find in this part of the game, we see everything tie back to Sora, Riku, and Kairi. In the other games, MX other incarnations needed the boys for different purposes, but Kairi was only needed to create the keyhole and use as bait. So Braig’s taunts to Aqua are fitting of her part and her successors part in the story. Next, I want to touch on the fact that Braig seems to feel some guilt, even as Xigbar. Later on in the series, when Xigbar looks at Xion, he sees Ven giving him the same look he has during this part of the story. Even as a nobody, Braig remembers this and possibly feels guilty about it. My last point on Braig is this: no matter how many times he reminds himself “don’t mess with keyblade weilders” he never seems to learn…

Ven is able to get his strength back after being frozen when he sees Vanitas about to destroy Aqua (again, she was the expendable one, so he probably would have tried to kill her even if hadn’t been trying to coerce Ventus). Losing his friends is Ven’s worst fear. He is able to fight again because he needs to save Aqua. This is a lot like Sora gaining the strength to fight the possessed in order to save Kairi.

Vanitas Round 1: I did not find this fight as easy as I have found previous final bosses. I was a little out of my element since Vanitas moved so fast I couldn’t use any shotlocks, so that basically nulled my usual strategy. However, since I was leveled up so much I still easily defeated him on the first try.

Again, Ven’s courage is so similar to Sora’s. We are meant to see how everything he says and does is so similar to Sora because this story is meant to show us how Sora came to be a part of the story. Birth by Sleep is meant to show us everything started.

Vanitas Round 2: This fight actually took me three tries. I easily beat the first part, but the second part where you had to do the finish command took me a while to get.

The ending of Ven’s story is both sad and hopeful. Seeing him disappear makes me sad. Even though I knew this was coming, it is hard not to come to love these characters and want them to succeed, even though you know that can’t happen. Even though the ending is sad, it is also hopeful. Ven going into the warm, bright light that is Sora’s heart is can also be symbolic of the future. Sora is the future, and, like his heart, the future is warm and bright.

Void ~ Emptiness

Precious sinnamon roll Vanitas. 

Was in a KH mood, needed to get something done before continuing with commissions, haha… Vanitas is by far my favorite ‘villain’ in the KH series what with his badassery and let’s not forget that voice of his :’) Anyway! I had a lot of fun drawing Vanitas (Even if his hair is a pain) but I gotta say that the left side was my favorite to draw of the two, and I even tried to give it a tentative background!! 

All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out, and now I can finally go to bed XD


Only moments earlier had Terra discovered a mysterious portal, unsure of where it would take him. The last thing he remembered was defeating Master Xehanort in battle, followed by a blinding light, and before he knew it, he waken up to find himself in the Keyblade Graveyard alone, Master Xehanort nowhere to be found, only a bright portal. Noticing that there was no one else here, including Aqua and Ven, he figured his best choice was to investigate and see where this portal was going to lead him. Travelling to different worlds was nothing new to him, making walking through a strange portal easier.

After travelling through the portal, he found himself in a rather large yard. The grass looked like it hadn’t been cut for quite some time, broken pillars scattered across the lawn and uneven hedges surrounding the premises. Before him was a rather large home which he could only assume was a mansion. It looked quite old, and by the looks of the yard alone, perhaps it was some kind of abandoned mansion. With curiosity getting the best of him, he decided to carefully open the large doors and explore inside the old mansion.

As with most old buildings, the doors creaked open fairly loudly before Terra stepped foot inside, his footsteps echoing as he walked across the floor. As he thought, the mansion inside too looked as though no one had lived there for several years. Several smashed objects were scattered across the room, crooked paintings on the wall along with many that had fallen. Plenty of chipped paint was visible on the walls, and feelings of uneasiness stirred in the pit of his stomach something felt…wrong. 

Not a moment too soon, he heard footsteps in the room directly ahead of him, nearly giving Terra a heart attack. It looks like he wasn’t the only person here. Could this whole mess have been Xehanort’s doing? He had to know, and he had to know now. Seconds later, his Keyblade materialized in his hand, before taking slow footsteps towards the room, his breathing becoming increasingly heavier.

“Who’s there!? Xehanort!?” he yelled, before slamming the door open and entering the room, ready for a fight. However, he had not expected to see the person standing before him. Aqua? Just what was she doing here? Maybe she had found this portal before he did. He then quickly withdrew his Keyblade and became at ease, his uneasiness now turning into relief.

“Aqua…? Didn’t think I’d see you here. There was this portal at the Keyblade Graveyard, and Xehanort was nowhere to be found, so I followed the portal here and… What’s going on? What is this place?”

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Face claim: Konoha Kokonose

Name: Bee (Book of Prophecies)
Age: 19 (appearance) 1000+ (actually)
Gender: Male
Nationality:  None
Birthplace: Daybreak Town
Birthday: July 18th
Sun Sign: Cancer
Residence: Keyblade Graveyard
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Lawful Good


Drink: Water
Food: Anything
Day or Night: Both
Snacks: None
Song: Stay with Me -  Diamond Eyes & Christina Grimmie
Quote: “ The war in that place will lead to the defeat and destruction of the Light.
The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness.”

Historical Character: None
Pet: None
Book: Dante’s Inferno
Color: Snow, twilight, daybreak
Flower: White Spider Lily
Sexuality: Pansexual


Body type: skinny ectomorph
Eye color:  Heterochromia iridum (Blue and Green)
Hair color: Snow white
Body reference:  Yuzuru Hanyu


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I’m still slightly confused about some of the time travel that was introduced in DDD. Specifically, I’m wondering if we’re going to see Org members like Xemnas and Xigbar again in the middle of KH3 or if that’s going to be impossible for them to time travel again until the final scenes at the Keyblade Graveyard. I’m probably just forgetting something DDD explained since it’s been awhile since I’ve played it.

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“–Xion.” He frowns, staring down at his hands. He wonders if they look the same to her as they do to him. He didn’t think so. Not many things looked right, any more. Is this dusty clearing they’re sparring in really the training ground, or the Keyblade Graveyard, where so many fought and died, again and again and again-?

“What’s wrong?” She recalled Ocean’s Glory, laying a hand on his arm. She’d been so worried for him lately, even he’d been able to pick up on it. Such a good master to such a hopeless pupil. He frowned, curling his hands into fists before allowing them to fall open again. 

“You… You trust me, right?” 

“Of course, I do!” There it was. No hesitation. He frowned, shivered once, then swallowed. 

“–Wrong?” The word swam through his muddied perception, and he blinked.

“Braig.” She was frowning, now, and so was he. It was hard to remember, sometimes, that that was his name. He looked down at her, arching a brow in a silent question.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Her tone was firm, and he looked away just in time to miss her pulling him into a hug. 

“I’m your mentor, it’s my job to help you.” She reminded him, before stepping an arm’s-length away. “You’re not alone, any more, and you don’t ever have to be, again.”

“–I know.” He agreed after a pause, then nodded. “Yeah, I know. It’s just- So ridiculous, is all I’m saying.” 

“What is?” Her brow furrowed, and she tilted her head to the side. Genuinely concerned…

“That you idiots never saw this coming.” 

Genuinely pathetic. 

Before she could react, he grasped one of her shoulders, pulling her into his keyblade as he drove it through her chest. A strangled gasp, a choked cry, and she fell, the light of her heart blooming above her. Braig watched, keyblade hanging at his side, as a shadow passed over her for just a moment. She stirred, and he grinned, propping his keyblade over his shoulder and his free hand on his hip. 

“Rise and shine, old timer!”

Her eyes fluttered open, a bright, brilliant gold.

“You and me, we’ve got a lot of work to catch up on.”

I had a dream last night I was finally playing KH3 (again) and it was in those really good CGI graphics and Aqua was back with a similar but new outfit and Terra was there and I was feeling so happy cos they were there together but the area was also pretty cloudy so I guess they were in the Keyblade Graveyard again and I’m getting all hyped thinking I’m near the end of the game when I wake up to realize it was a dream in a dream. So I woke up in another dream.

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hello hello! on prior reserve, here is Terra from Kingdom Hearts! the application can be found under the link located near the top titled as such or at /app !

welcome, terra!

your coming has registered THE BADLANDS within the STARGATE. your access portal to the stargate will be located in THE KEYBLADE GRAVEYARD.

when entering another canon you will be allowed to retain DARK FIRAGA, as well as perform THUNDER. you will retain your KEYBLADE: ENDS OF THE EARTH.

happy world traveling!

★ mod sagitta.