I Want To Write You A Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 1)

You had some of the biggest hits on the radio. You could turn on any pop station on the radio and hear one of your songs playing, you were that popular. Your songs were being performed in sold out stadium shows and winning awards after awards. 

However, there was a catch. You weren’t some chart-topping mega artist that was traveling all over the world performing for their fans and heading off to the Grammy’s in a designer gown. You were simply a songwriter. 

You grew up around music and loved it. You loved playing your guitar or your piano and singing, as long as you were hidden away in your bedroom. You loved singing and you were pretty damn good at it, but when it came to performing in front of other people, your legs would shake, you’d feel like you were going to throw up and your voice always ended up sounding out of tune and shaky. 

Your dream was to be involved with music and to make something that reached out to people. You knew that you could never be a performer, so you decided to work behind the scenes. It took years for you to finally get noticed, after trying since you were eighteen to get a job as a songwriter, and now at the age of twenty-five you had written or co-written almost every song in the top 10. 

You were close friends with a few of the artists that you wrote for and they agreed to keep your identity a secret. You wrote under a pen name because you didn’t want the fame that might come with working with the biggest artists around.  You would still hangout with your famous friends, but since it appeared that you were a nobody, it was easy to blend in with the crowd. 

You had rented some studio time to work on your newest demo. You were tuning your guitar in the booth before you put on the headphones. You open your journal to the page with the lyrics of the song. Your producer was on the other side waiting for you to give him the signal that you were ready. 

Once you were ready, you strum the guitar and singing the first note. You sing a few takes before finally agreeing that you liked the last take and your producer finished up the cut and handed you the cd and digital copy. 

“Thanks, Nathan.” you smile. 

“You’re welcome.” He smiles. “So, do you have an artist in mind for this one or are you finally going to keep this one for yourself?” 

“Why would I keep this to myself?” You laugh. 

“Cause you never know when you might finally want to be the artist behind your own songs.” He tells you. 

You shake your head, “Yeah, that’s never going to happen.” 

“You wouldn’t have to perform them if you didn’t want. You could just record them and make an album. Or be like Sia and not show your face or look at the crowd.” He suggests. 

“If I just recorded the songs, what’s the difference then what I’m doing now. At least when they go to other artists, they can perform them for their fans and they can enjoy it. And it’s not just showing my face or not looking at the crowd. I could perform with a bag over my head, with my back turned away from the audience in pitch black room and still be nervous. It’s not seeing them, it’s knowing that they’re there and listening to me.” you say. 

“Plus, if I was the artist then my name and face would be out there and I would rather not be apart of the whole paparazzi following me everywhere I go or having to do some shit publicity thing.” you add. 

“I get that.” He nods. “But just know that you’re extremely talented and if you ever wanted to give it shot, you would kill it.” He smiles. 

“Thanks.” You smile. “I better get going though. I’m sure you have other people to work with.”

He gives you nod and wave before you walk out of the studio. You put your guitar in the trunk of your car. You get into the driver’s side and drive away. 


Harry was headed to the studio to work on his solo album. He was excited to bark on this venture, but he was also nervous. He had most of the album finished, but he still needed to write and record a few more songs to make it complete. He pulls into the parking lot of the studio just as another car is leaving. 

Once he parks, he turns off the car and heads inside. He goes into the studio that he’s rented some time for. He walks inside and sees one of his producers sitting at the soundboard. 

‘Hey, Nathan.” He says. 

“Oh, hey, How’s it going man?” Nathan says standing up and giving Harry the one armed hug. 

“I’m doing well. Yourself?” Harry asks. 

“Same. I’ve been busy. You know its that time of year again where we’re pretty much booked full.” He laughs. 

“Sorry, mate.” Harry jokes. 

Nathan laughs. “So, what are we workin on today?” 

Harry sighs. “No fucking clue. I’ve been working on a few songs, but they’re not finished yet. And when I say not finished, I mean not finished. I just need this album to be done well, cause I wanna prove that I have what it takes outside of the band, you know. But I just can’t come up with three fucking songs that would make this album great.” 

“Well, have you tried looking at some songs from other writers?” Nathan asks. 

“I did in the earlier stages, but not recently. Why? You got some in mind?” Harry asks. 

“Weellll, now that you mention it. I did just cut a demo with songwriter. We could give it a listen, if you want?” He says. 

“Sure. Why not?” Harry nods. 

Nathan smirks and presses a few buttons before playing the song that you just recorded for Harry. Harry perks up when he hears your voice and reads the lyrics that Nathan had given him. Once the song ends, Harry sits back in his chair. 

“Wow. That was great, amazing actually.” He says. “Who’s the songwriter?” 

“A little friend of mine.” Nathan smirks. 

Harry rolls his eyes. “Are you fucking with me?” 

“No, it’s just she likes to remain a bit anonymous until she meets with her artists.” He says. 

“Okaaay.” Harry says. “So, how do I go about meeting with her then?” 

“I could set up a meeting in a few days.” Nathan says. “But only if you’re serious about the song.” 

“Well, maybe we do a few takes with it and I can see if it fits with my sound first.” Harry suggests. 

“Sounds good. Why don’t you head into the booth and I’ll work on changing the key a bit to fit you.” He says. 

Harry nods taking the paper with the lyrics with him into the booth. He places it onto the stand and grabs the headphones to put them on. 

“Okay, I’m gonna loop the melody a bit so you can get a feel for it and then you can start up with the first run through.” Nathan says through the speaker. 

Harry gives a nod and listens to the acoustic sound flowing through the headphones. After a few seconds of listening, Harry looks down at the lyric sheet and sings the first note. 


A few days later, you were back at the studio. Nathan had called you saying he played your song for someone and they really liked it. He asked to set up a meeting with you and the artist. You didn’t know who wanted to meet with you because Nathan was being secretive about it. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you thought about it. 

You get to the studio and head back to the booth. You see Nathan sitting there at the soundboard and you sit down. 

“So, what’s with all the secretive shit?” You laugh. 

Nathan laughs. “Because I knew if you knew who it was, you might have freaked out.” He says. 

“Why would I freak out?” You ask. “I’ve never freaked out with an artist before.” 

“Well, this isn’t just any artist…” He says. 

You look at him completely confused when you hear the door to the studio you were in open. You look behind you and see Harry Styles walking in. Your eyes widen a bit and you look over at Nathan. He smirks at you before greeting Harry. 

So, this is what was different. You had been a huge fan of One Direction for years. You had went to everyone show they’ve had in LA and you’ve met a few of them in passing when you were hanging out with mutual friends. 

“Are you the songwriter?” Harry asks, taking you out of your thoughts. 

You shake your head a bit before looking up at him. “Oh, uh, Yeah. I am.” You say. 

“It’s a phenomenal song. I really loved it.” Harry smiles. 

“Oh, uh, thanks.” You say. “So, are you wanting to be the performer of the song?” 

“Yeah, Nathan and I did a few cuts of me singing it last night to see if it fit, do you want to hear it?” Harry asks. 

You just nod looking over to Nathan. You could tell he was smirking and you made a mental note of him being a little shit about this. Harry sits down in the chair beside you, giving you a small smile. You return a smile of your own and hoped that he couldn’t tell that you nervous. 

A few minutes later, the sound of Harry’s rough cut of the song fills the room and you were shocked at how well his voice fit the tone of the song. 

“So, uh, what do you think?” Harry asks. 

“It sounded great. I think your voice really fits it. This was just a rough cut?” you ask. 

“Yeah, he just did a few takes on it. I’m sure once we really start playing around with it, it’ll sound even better.” Nathan says. 

“Yeah, I agree. Are you still wanting to keep with the same tempo?” You ask. 

Harry nods. “I’m not really looking to change all that much.” He laughs. 

“I do have an idea though that I think will make this song sound even better.” Nathan says. 

“Do tell?” You say looking over at him. 

“What if it was a duet?” He suggests. “You said you wanted something that would stand out and a duet would do just that. It’s something you’ve never done before, what do you think?” 

Harry looks like he thinks about it for a bit before nodding. “That could work, but some of the wording would probably have to be changed a bit.” 

“Yeah, I think since the song is about lost love, it would be good to maybe have like the guy’s point of view and we could keep some of the verses that I wrote as the girl’s?” You suggest. 

“I could maybe write that? Or we could just rework it together? Since you originally wrote the song, I would really love your input.” Harry says. 

“Really?” You ask. 

“Yeah. I really love your song and if we do it as a duet I wouldn’t want to rework it and it not have the same vibe that it has now.” Harry says “I think if we were to work on it together, it would better. But I mean if you’re busy…” 

“No, I’m uh, I could work with you. I’m free most days.” You say. 

“Great. Could I have your number? I’ll need to look at my schedule and then I can contact you with some days that work for me.” He says. 

“Oh, uh sure.” You say grabbing a piece of paper. You quickly write down your number along with your name before handing it to him. 

Harry smiles before typing it in to his phone, while he’s doing that you look over at Nathan who still had a smirk on his face. You kick his leg and he glares over at you. You smirk back at him. 

“This is awesome. I’m looking forward to working with you Y/N.” Harry smiles. 

You look over at him. “Same here, Harry.” You smile. 

“Well, I better get going.” He says standing up. “I’ll call you soon.” He says leaning in to hug you. 

You smile giving him a hug in return before he waves back to Nathan as he heads out of the studio. You look over at Nathan and shake your head. 

“Really? You couldn’t have given me more of warning?” You groan. 

“What? You did fine. You didn’t come off as that nervous and on the bright side you get to work with exclusively now.” He smirks. 

“I’m not talking about who he was, I’m talking about dropping the duet bomb on me.” you sigh. 

“Oh, that. Look, I didn’t exactly come up with that idea last night or anything. It was this morning actually, and before I could even talk to you about it. I got bored in the studio this morning and just start intwining a verse from you and a verse from Harry and then laid over both of your voices for the chorus. It sounded sick, so then I thought I would just suggest it. I didn’t think he would like want to work with you to rewrite some of it.” He says. 

You sigh. “This is nerve wracking. I’ve never done a duet before. I’ve never had to sing with someone for a demo before…” 

“You’ll be fine, I promise. It’ll be like any other recording session, we’ll just be added Harry into the mix.” Nathan says. 

“I hope you’re right.” You mumble. 

“You know I always am.” He smirks. 

“And on that note, I’m out of here.” You laugh grabbing your things. 

You head out to your car and drive off, wondering about what this new venture would mean to you. 


Anonymous prompted: Kurt handcuffs Blaine during sex and afterwards loses the key. Cue either the NYC crew or Burt & Carole (or maybe all of the above lol) arriving at the loft while Kurt is frantically searching for the key.

Changed the prompt a bit, as I tend to do, warning for a little d/s stuff and some embarrassment. Both are mild. NC-17

Kurt’s hair reeks of cigarette smoke and his shoes are sticky from the beer and liquor and god knows what else was layered on the floor. The club had been so hot the walls were actually sweating, and Kurt’s ears are ringing so loudly still that he’s pretty sure he’s shouting at Blaine, and a drunk guy even tried to rush the stage and grab the mic from Kurt before a bouncer tackled him to the ground. It was the best gig ever.

“Oh, and the back room was all black, like floors and ceilings and furniture and I don’t even want to think about the debauchery that backstage has seen and-” Kurt pauses, open water bottle sloshing a few drops onto the floor from all his exited gesticulating, standing at the counter while Blaine sits at the table, chin resting on his fist, sweet smile on his face and his eyes trained right onto Kurt’s crotch.

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