He wanted to be here tonight. I’d like to read something that he wrote:

‘I Love Lucy’ had just one mission: to make people laugh. Lucy gave it a rare quality. She can perform the wildest, even the messiest physical comedy without losing her feminine appeal. The ‘New York Times’ asked me to divide the credit for its success between the writers, directors and the cast. I told them, ‘Give Lucy 90% of the credit. Divide the other 10% among the rest of us.’ Desi concluded: Lucy was the show. Viv, Fred, and I were just props. Damn good props. But props nevertheless. PS- ‘I Love Lucy’ was never just a title.

-Desi Arnaz’s tribute to his ex-wife Lucille Ball, read by Robert Stack at the Kennedy Center Honors on December 7, 1986, five days after Desi had passed away from lung cancer.



The Kennedy Center Honors pay tribute to Barbara Cook

The Best Laura Osnes Gagged Moments

In honor of tonight’s Opening Night of BANDSTAND, we’ve put together a list of our FAVE Laura Gagged looks! 

That time she wore Easter Basket in a pic with JOSH GROBAN…WHAT?!

Oh yeah, and when she ROCKED that jumpsuit and wore Cider with TOMMY TUNE!! 

And, again, while singing with Santino!

And SLAYED T Swift on the red carpet at The Kennedy Center Honors!

Not to mention, when she wore Paramour to a fellow Princess’ birthday party! 

Just a casual Audrey Hepburn moment…

And when she made a wish in the Trevi Fountain sporting Pumpkin Pie!

Last but not least, repping Gagged on her vlog for, “With the Band!”

Well, in case you can’t tell, we LOVE us some Laura! We’re so thankful that she has been such a huge supporter of Gagged since the beginning! So, now it’s our turn to support her: Go see Bandstand at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre!