This month there will be 4 slots available chosen by lottery. Commissions are set to close at 12:01pm Sunday the 23th!

There’s four available choices this month, but colors and sizes are completely up to you! Prices are as follows:

Voltron Paladin Armor (any color): $180 (Link to Shiro, Link to Keith)

Pokemon Go Team Valor: $60(Link to post)

Miraculous Ladybug Volpina: $95(Link to post)

Miraculous Ladybug Chat Noir: $80(Link to post)

In order to enter the lottery, simply send me an ask stating what hoodie you’d like to commission for!



Tales of Voltron AU that ive been thinking way too damn much about

An empire built on magitechnology, a lost kingdom dedicated to the spirits. Five brought from the protected realm to guide the spirits’ hands and purify the world

Keith, Paladin of Efreet
Lance, Paladin of Undine
Pidge, Paladin of Sylph
Hunk, Paladin of Gnome
Shiro, Paladin of Maxwell

world-builder  asked:

I think Matt will be revealed first. When he does come back into the picture, I can see a reunion between him and Pidge, but I can also see the other Paladins (specifically Lance and Hunk) joining in on the hug, just like "oh! Okay, we're hugging now! ... Who are you, exactly?"

I totally agree. Keith’s reaction is similar to the Arusian hugging him like ‘Uh. I don’t usually do this but okay.’ Hunk and Lance are thrilled, Shiro’s so happy to see Matt, Coran joins in because he’s happy everybody’s happy, Allura gets dragged in by one of the others (preferably Shiro or Hunk).

And then Matt and Pidge discuss their plan to destroy the Galran Empire and save their dad. Those two could definitely do it. If anyone is going to defeat an empire on their own, it’s Pidge. Matt can only help the situation.


twitter doodles

- Keith and Lance wearing outfits I wore on my trip to Canada

- Sorey in a skirt bc I got tired of ppl only drawing Mikleo in one

- fleshing out a Zesty!AU for Voltron. Shiro is a semi-tainted shepherd and Lance is a water seraph that he encounters. Bouncing a lot of ideas back and forth for this one since it’s been a while since I’ve ever thought up an AU for a fandom before

Shiro stared at Keith, fear and disbelief in his eyes. “I should have known you would do this….I gave you all the colors….”

Keith held the paper, staring at it. He knew what he’d done. He didn’t regret it at all.

The entire rainbow was drawn on it. The gay pride flag. Well, half of it at least. The other half was the bisexual flag.

And in the middle, was him an Lance kissing passionately, fireworks everywhere flying off of them. All drawn out in that beautiful 12-year-old-I-just-started-watching-anime style.

“If you tell Lance ill personally kick your ass, Shiro.” said the fucking piece of gay shit.

“Oh, I already know.” said the shit meme, who was next to Shiro.

Keith blushed like an anime school girl who’s titties bounced when she blinked. (i have 69% lol)

The instrumental for Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys blared in the background as Lance walked into the room, recreating what Keith had drawn in real life.

Shiro watched, tears in his eyes, as he experienced their beautiful new relationship’s first steps.

He no longer regretted giving him the whole pack of crayons, for Keith had found happiness among the c o l o r s. 

“Crayon Fic” by: @combinationpizzahutandtacobell 

Truly a moving story… 

We were talking about voltron and this was shat out of hell 

Some extra stuff under the cut! 

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