Chan Jam Pixels!


Kat commissioned me to do her seven characters from Chan Jam as pixels and welp. Here they are! Xingo is personally my favourite because her colors are the easiest to pixel with, lol.

Kat if you see anything you don’t like, lemme know and I can fix it before you pay for them. (◡‿◡✿)

I tried to find a collar that reminded me of Ashiji and this was the only one I could find. I even had the tag engraved! I hope you like this present Ashiji!

And for Cteno, I just found a really cute and comfy looking pair of panties. I know she likes to go out and buy them herself so I got one for her so it’s one less for her to buy!

And I know that Xingo really really REEAALLLY likes Cteno, so I did my best to make her a plushie! It’s very.. floppy… but you can bend the ears to do whatever you want them to do! They can be hearts if you want them to be! I hope she likes it.

Merry Christmas guys!