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Scott Pilgrim au where someone has to defeat Alex's 7 evil ex's

john is scott, alex is ramona, jefferson is matthew patel, lafayette is lucas lee, gwash is todd ingram, maria is roxy richter, eliza and angelica are the katayanagi twins, and burr is gideon.


So… mostly through the process of working on my ‘Ask IRL Ramona’ Blog, I’ve been able to skate through and answer questions using the people I’m friends with who cosplay characters from Scott Pilgrim making guest appearances as needed.


Now it’s happened.

One of the few times I need to openly call out to the abyss of tumblr and ask for it’s aid.

Someone has asked a question relating to the Twins. I know no one who actively cosplays them. If anyone out there who does, or knows anyone who’d be down with it, I’d love to include them in an answer on my blog. ;^; <3


((I’m also impartial as to what variant you cosplay, Movie, Game, Comic, doesn’t matter. I’ll smother you with my love!


the signs as the seven evil exes
  • matthew patel: cancer, virgo
  • lucas lee: aries, sagittarius
  • todd ingram: aquarius, scorpio
  • roxy richter: gemini, pisces
  • the katayanagi twins: taurus, libra
  • gideon graves: capricorn, leo
Things that are wrong with the Scott Pilgrim movie

1. The removal of certain character development moments which takes away the graphic novels’ moral, which features both Scott and Ramona getting over their hang-ups in order to be together, and leaving us with a “good guy beats up badguys and gets the girl” plot.

2. The reduced screentime and lack of lines for the Katayanagi twins, turning them into effectively cameos with almost as little onscreen presence as Sandra and Monique and less than Comeau.

3. For fear of making the wrong decision over whether it ships ScottxRamona or ScottxKnives, the film ends up indecisive, which overall makes for either ship to be disappointing.  It would be better to make the wrong decision, be it keep the original outcome from the comics or change it, rather than make no decision either way.

4. Michael Cera never quite captures the character of Scott.

5. The overload of special effects inflated the movie’s budget so much that it was a financial flop.  Ultimately, given the story of the source material and the directing style, the film could have survived on a smaller effects budget.

6. Sex Bob-Omb signing with Gideon and replacing Scott with Neil ruins the dynamic, especially considering that there’s a running theme throughout the movie of Scott handing off his bass to Neil, so Neil almost gets more playtime than Scott does.

7. The interesting “casual fantasy” universe of the original takes a backseat to video game references, which is fine, but makes certain things (like Todd’s psychic powers coming from being vegan) feel weird.

8. By very nature of the movie, the second act feels like it runs through characters to cram them all in.  Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, and especially Roxy Richter run together very easily, without getting much of a plot and really not having more than a scene each.  It gets worse in act three; see the Katayanagies.

9: Unlike every woman I’ve ever known, it climaxes too many times.  While having Scott relive his fight with Gideon is a cute idea (especially the weird way it’s done where Gideon seems to know they’ve gone through it before), it feels a bit repetitive.


Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, a video done by the Pilgrimverse cosplayers of Toronto. (x)

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Scott Pilgrim sorting?

Scott Pilgrim: Gryffindor

Ramona Flowers: Ravenclaw

Stephen Stills: Slytherin

Kim Pine: Gryffindor

Young Neil: Gryffindor

Knives Chau: Hufflepuff

Wallace Wells: Ravenclaw

Stacey Pilgrim: Hufflepuff

Julie Powers: Slytherin

Envy Adams: Slytherin

Matthew Patel: Hufflepuff

Lucas Lee: Gryffindor

Todd Ingram: Gryffindor

Roxie Richter: Gryffindor

The Katayanagi Twins: Ravenclaw

Gideon Graves: Slytherin