mushroom/arugula/cherry tomato pasta!

i have discovered the one true mushroom flavor combo of my heart and it is this

WHY TO DO: it’s a food with Many Colors and Many Flavors that only takes as long as the noodles to cook

WHAT TO HAVE (quantities for 1 person):

  • pasta, whatever kind u like/was on sale, quantity Hunger Level
  • mushrooms, same, quantity A Handful (I buy the cheap plain ones)
  • arugula/rocket, if u don’t like the kinda strong flavor spinach works just as well, quantity A Double Handful
  • cherry/plum tomatoes, quantity A Handful
  • Something Greasy (oil, butter)
  • salt/pepper/garlic are good


  • start water heating for pasta
  • while it’s doing that:
    • chop up mushrooms into a good mouth size (u don’t need to wash mushrooms btw! rub them w a paper towel if they need it)
    • cut lil tomatoes in half
    • rinse Green Thing of Choice if necessary
  • when water is boiling, put in the pasta & turn down to simmer
  • pan on medium high, melt a lil oil/butter/both: quantity enough to lightly coat the pan & keep mushrooms from sticking, plus a lil extra to grease the pasta
  • add a lil bit garlic/salt/pepper if u want
  • add mushrooms! stir em around, get em nice & greased up. stick a lid on.
    • it’s pretty much impossible to overcook mushrooms so don’t worry about them!
  • when the pasta is allllllmost done, take off lid from mushrooms & add greens+tomatoes. stir around, the greens will deflate significantly which is why a double handful of them
  • drain pasta
  • put pasta back in pot if u drained with a strainer & not via sticking the lid on with just a crack open & pouring the water out
  • dump Pan Stuff in w pasta! stir around! add salt/pepper if u want! The World Is Yours
  • FOOD

AK Rare Pair Week (april) 2017: Day 1 - Rain (YoshiHara)

Guess who is testing her (newish) smartphone to take pics from her things?

I think this week I’m going to try to take it more easier and focus in two ships + RP maker (that is not really that random… but still kinda random). So yeah.

Not so much story behind this pic, though. It’s just a date or a random encounter in the soak sidewalk between Yoshida and Hara.

I would probably take a better photo w/better light eventually, while correcting some things too before uploading it again.

Fancast for the upcoming Mulan movie

1) Celina Jade, Jessica Henwick OR Chloe Bennet as Fa Mulan

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2) Lewis Tan, Remy Hii, Ludi Lin OR Harry Shum Jr. as Chen Honghui 

(codename for Li Shang???)

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3) Keegan-Michael Key as Mushu

(if Eddie Murphy doesn’t reprise his role) 

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4) Chow-Yun Fat as Shan Yu

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5) Lucille Soong OR Wai Ching Ho as Grandmother Fa

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6) Ming-Na Wen as Fa Li 

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7) BD Wong as Fa Zhou

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8) Jackie Chan as the Emperor of China 

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9) Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

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10) Benedict Wong as Chien-Po

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11) Stephen Chow as Yao

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12) Archie Kao as Ling 

(admittedly, I don’t actually have a pick for this role. Archie was just the first one who came to mind) 

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13) Ken Leung OR Louis Ozawa Changchien as Chi-Fu

EDIT: Chin Han would also make a great Chi-Fu

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14) Donnie Yen as the General / Shang’s father

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All that’s made me
Is all worth trading 
just to have one moment with you.
So I will let go 
all that I know 
knowing that you’re here with me.

For your love is changing me.


My humble contribution to Femslash February 2017.