-scp foundation K-9 units
-scp k-9 dogs being trained to seek out anomolous items and indicate specific anamolous activity to handlers
-scp guard dogs doing guard work inside the sites with the guards themselves to sniff out sleeper agents and bugs
-really fluffy, massive guard dogs on patrol around the outer grounds of Siberian sites
-dogs trained with specific task forces for specific duties, like guarding items in transport
-attack dogs helping in GoI busts and raids
-therapy dogs
-dogs trained to routinely escort specific humanoid entities
-the dogs in the site k-9 kennels starting to freak out and execute “uncertain activity” indication commands right before a breach
-patrol dogs indicating approaching vehicles and unidentifiable persons
-scp K-9 units

I’m loving how the mirror captures my beauty lol
Makeup used:
Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me! in Spicy Brown (338)
Eyeshadow: Shimmery Silver and Pink
(I have no idea what company sorry lol)
Eyeliner: Response Natural+ Liquid Eyeliner and L.A Girl Eyeliner in Smokey
Face: Nicka K Shimmery Loose Gold Powder
Lipcolor: Fashion Fair Laser Lilac and
Nicka K Matte Lipstick in Sky Blue (NMS10) with a bit of the shimmery pink stick

*Taken on my Samsung Galaxy On5**

Bookplate for the Carl von Rothschild Public Library, Frankfurt. Created by K. Ochs, 1897.

A foundation to establish a free public library in Frankfurt was established by Hannah Louisa von Rothschild (1850-1892) in 1887. Named in memory of her father, Mayer Carl von Rothschild, the library was modelled on the free public library system which Hannah Louise had seen in England, her mother’s birthplace. After Hannah Louise’s death in 1892, her mother, Louise, donated one million marks to ensure the perpetuity of the library.


The Klf: (K Foundation) - Burn A Million Quid (Part 1 of 5)


The K Foundation

The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid (1994)

Still one of the greatest ever artistic statements, in my opinion.

Part 2